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Friday, June 24, 2016

Wow! What A Surprise!

Yes, I'm still on a blog break.  Explanation HERE.

But I just have to post a photo of what I found on my front porch this morning:

And a vase was enclosed, too. Good thing! I'm not well enough to go digging for a flower vase.

Two former students, sisters of Asian Indian descent, remembered their teacher of decades ago! The enclosed note read as follows: "Thinking of you and hoping a little sunshine and cheer will help you get well soon."

I've now arranged the flowers so that the lavender roses are in the front. Any shade of purple rules!


  1. How wonderful!. Hope you are on the mend. Sunshine and hugs to you this day.

    1. Thanks, Curmudgeon.

      I'm getting by because I have pain meds. Without those meds, I'm in agony. This is normal after the kind of procedure I had on Wednesday.

  2. What a sign of respect and affection!

    1. And I haven't seen them in ages!

      The two girls were among the few Hindu students I taught at a Christian school, where I worked from 1978-1996. The school closed in 1996 when the directors retired because of their age and age-related health problems.

      Best place I ever worked!

      And the things that I learned from the director ("J") and her daughter ("R"). R was my mentor for how to teach Composition.

      I still don't know how they obtained my home address.

  3. So thoughtful. A good day to bask in front of the T.V. and mellow out with a couple of wins that went our way politically. Glad the meds are working :)

    1. These flowers really lift my spirits.

      I think that the pain meds cause a bit of depression.

    2. What thoughtful students! Get well soon!

  4. Replies
    1. I'll reply, AOW.

      Give me a little time to scope thing out.

    2. Duck,

      Please use my gmail addy. I can't always get to the computer to access my AOL account, which is remembered on my iPad and iPhone.

    3. Ducky,
      I sent you an email from my AOL account yesterday. Did you not see my gmail addy therein? I will send another email today.

  5. Ed's right...respect, affection......they must have such wonderful memories of you! No wonder they lift your spirits!
    I'm so glad you got this boost...you deserve it. xx

    1. As I am with every student, I was strict with and academically demanding of both girls when they were in my 6th grade class way back when.

      The older girl was too chatty in class. I squelched that habit she had. Academically, she was above average.

      The younger girls was a superior student in every way.

    2. Each of the girls live close by, so I can call on them to run errands while my driving is restricted because of all these pain meds. I have so many pill bottles that I'm having a difficult time keeping the dosages straight!

  6. Very sweet. And a reminder to the rest of us that small acts of kindness can mean a lot.

  7. I'm still having a significant amount of pain -- to the point that, at times, I have to take to the bed.

    Not much appetite, either. Except for breakfast, at which time I'm so loaded up on pain meds that I am not in much pain at all.

    Sleeping a great deal.


  8. That is so sweet! It's wonderful when others remember us after so many years. I'm so happy they did this. Get well soon and know that we are all praying for your speedy recovery. Yours In Christ ~:)


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