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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Bernie's Supporters Refuse To Understand

With a hat tip to Dinesh D'Souza's Facebook page:

Hot links from Bernie's campaign site:

Income and Wealth Inequality


It's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free


Getting Big Money Out of Politics and Restoring Democracy


Creating Decent Paying Jobs


A Living Wage


Combating Climate Change to Save the Planet


A Fair and Humane Immigration Policy


Racial Justice


Fighting for Affordable Housing


Fighting for Women's Rights


Working to Create an AIDS and HIV-Free Generation


Fighting for LGBT Equality


Empowering Tribal Nations


Caring for Our Veterans


Medicare For All


Strengthen and Expand Social Security


Fighting to Lower Prescription Drug Prices


Fighting for Disability Rights


Senator Bernie Sanders' Plan for Puerto Rico


Standing With Guam


Preventing a Global Race to the Bottom in the Airline Industry


General Electric Must Pay to Restore the Hudson River


Constitution Pipeline Must Be Defeated


Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities


Ending the Race to the Bottom


Fighting for the Rights of Native Hawaiians


Improving the Rural Economy


Fighting for Nurses


Reforming Wall Street


Real Family Values


War and Peace


War Should Be the Last Option: Why I Support the Iran Deal


Making the Wealthy, Wall Street, and Large Corporations Pay their Fair Share


How Bernie pays for his proposals


  1. E. Rosewater
    Ben Carson should pick himself for Trump's VP, Trump needs a brain surgeon in more ways than one.

    1. AHA! Yet another incarnation of The Internet's Very Own TOKYO ROSE who relentlessly tries to demoralize and psychologically castrate decent American Men once again, as she schemes day and night to exacerbate tensions and differences between the sexes, reopen and pour salt into old wounds, and ceaselessly agitate, denigrate, chastise, castigate and rudely condemn everything in sight in order to turn women against their husbands and children against their parents, and all of us against our Founding Fathers while discarding the core Constitutional principles that made us great in the first place. In short TOKYO ROSE is a MISERABLE, UTTERLY WORTHLESS SITE PEST.

  2. To be fair, Sandy, Mohammedanism, as it was called when I was a boy, is NOT a "RACE." It is considered to be a RELIGION.

    Of course, I insist on using these mottos to describe it in light of past and present performance on the part of Islamic nations in their relationship to Christendom.









    ISLAM is NOT a RELIGION, it is the WORST THING that has ever HAPPENED to its adherents and –– to the WEST.

    1. Sorry, I was replying to Sandy, when her comment was, apparently, removed.

      My assessment of Islam as a political influence on the West is relevant, because , of course, "Progressives" –– may God curse their diseased souls –– make a point of bowing down and catering to every deleterious influence and dement ed faction dedicated to the DESTRUCTION of the United States as envisioned and codified by our Founding Fathers.

      Progressives DESPISE tradition, patriots, despise Christianity, and ADORE our sworn enemies, and ardently EMBRACE anything and everything that thumbs its nose at those of us who would like to preserve, protect, defend and enhance OUR UNIQUE AMERICAN CULTURE as it developed before the days of the Cultural Marxist invasion and the costly, debilitating, and increasingly tyrannical power grabs that have culminated in this Age Of The Emperor Barack.

    2. FT,
      Trolls -- and off topic, to boot -- come flying in when I leave comments unmoderated. Sandy was one of those trolls.

      This blog will be, all the way till Election Day, on intermittent comment moderation. Sorry for the inconvenience to valid commenters, but I have limited tome for sorting through unwelcome comments already poste to a thread.

    3. What an absurd thing you say, Mr. Freethiner.

      Islam has a prophet, a holy book and a God who is the object of worship. It is practiced all over the world and enjoys deep religious scholarship, theology and a clergy.

      Of course it is a religion. Silly man. By the many arms of Vishnu, I don't know how anyone can argue otherwise.

    4. "... By their FRUITS ye shall know them."

      Allah is SATAN..

      Islam is a Satan Worshipping DEATH CULT, you foolish, ignorant, morally blind creature.

      Islam is the arch enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and so is anyone who supports Islam.

  3. Unlike Klintona the Kackling Krook, Bernie Sanders has the power of SINCERITY behind him. Again, unlike the Kackling Krook, Bernie is also astonishingly spry, energetic and charismatic.

    This might define him as a fool, because of his support of naked Marxism –– he comes after all from the Old Guard Disaffected Jewish Red tradition –– the kind of people we WASPS despised and lampooned mercilessly, but failed to take seriously back in the day –– BUT Bernie appears to be genuinely WARM –– kind, considerate and enthusiastic –– appealing qualities tragically rare in today's cynical, beetle-shelled, dumbed down world.

    Overt Commie or not, I'd MUCH prefer to see Bernie in the White House than Klintona the Kackling Krook and her Degenerate Konsort in Korruption, wouldn't you?

    1. Tell us more of this "naked marxism."

    2. Why don't you respond to my QUESTION instead of snidely asking stupid questions of your own designed to mock me and distract others from the points so elegant ly made in the body of my post?

      I'm ON to YOU, you lunatic Communist BASTARD.

      If you had half the sense you were born with, you would have realized that AOW's long list of links is a veritable restatement of the Communist Manifesto, you sputtering ignoramus.

  4. There are a few nuggets in Bernie's list, which is mostly larded with political panders.

    I agree with his aim to "get big money out of politics," but there are serious 1st Amendment ramifications that lefties blithely skate over. Details?

    We also have a serious jobs crisis in this nation as well as structural inequality.

    Of course, his means are what I find most disagreeable. One example: "Teen Jobs Corps?" Is he ignorant of recent history? past programs were barely more than social clubs where slouching teens got paid to hang out and play grab-ass, no gain to our economy or the communities where they were "working." Church groups did more good than these government giveaways.

    You incentivize companies with enterprise zones, etc to hire (and in many cases train) disadvantaged youth, who will then earn real paychecks doing work that contributes to the economy.

    If Bernie's tax structure and programs were put into place, it would be a historic shift of money and power from the people to the federal state. Unprecedented, unwise, un-American.

    It doesn't matter anyway. Bernie's under the tank tracks of the Klinton Panzer Korps and we'll get more sincerity from Trump that from Hillary on the important issues facing us, if they get discussed at all, which they most likely won't.

    This election will be the nastiest in history: Toxic dumps of salacious opposition research, wild accusations, mudballs and flamethrowers.

    The DemonCrap Party, by ceding to the Clinton Crime Machine and crushing Bernie Sanders, has done this nation a great disservice.

    1. If you ask me, Socialism/Communism arises out of and gains sustenance from desperation. Sanders' apparent popularity,if nothing else, proves the abject failure of the past 7 years. So like a heroin addict attempting to cure the problem with more heroin, this nut proposes to fix our economic woes, caused in no small part by government, by expanding government. I'd love to see him taken to the task of explaining the National Debt and unfunded liabilities his feckless proposals have already created and how his pie-in-the-sky crap will do nothing but exacerbate an already un-tenable economic catastrophe! On the positive side,he and his minions make advancing age bearable!

    2. Liberal's, I’m sick of them all, I tell you. SICK of them all

    3. To Bernie's credit, he does explain how he would pay for it all.

      Unfortunately, it would require an overall tax rate that would make the most democrat-socialist European nation blush.

    4. Taxing ourselves into prosperity is about as absurd as a serpent attempting to sustain itself by consuming its tail. To those who would require an explanation, you're too far gone to even comprehend it. Bernie is a complete nut and his minions are but grist for Watters World!

    5. There's truth to what you say, Silverfiddle.
      Sanders is often an advocate for a turbo social welfare state rather than an advocate for changes in the foundation of our economic system.

      Just as South American countries are discovering, you risk quite a bit when your social program is merely a welfare system without the commensurate development of infrastructure like schools and hospitals, improved social mobility and a progressive tax system among other items.

      The poor are still at the mercy of corruption and greed.

      A good socialist would advocate that workers take part in ownership and management as well as questions of distribution.

      You aren't going to change the shallowness of little pissants like
      Meanwhile I'll ask noted profound thinker JonBerg what we do about the tremendous excess of labor and accelerating concentration of wealth. I'm sure he has it all solved.

    6. Can the pseudo-intellectual communist drivel, you wearisome old redbot

    7. FreeThinke,

      The ground is shifting, my friend. Ducky and I are far apart on many things, but we can both see that our nation is being serially raped by DC types who cynically fly "Democrat" and "Republican" flag to rally the proles.

      If the GOP could tell me what they stand for, what they are going to do, or if they could even show some evidence they have the slightest clue what is going on in our nation, I might one day pay attention to them.

      Meanwhile, Bernie is saying what needs to be said, as it Trump, albeit with less specificity.

    8. The kind of substantive discussion I have, to my regret, come to expect from the right.

  5. Silver... Re jobs... Here's my questions. What if there just are that many new, sustainable jobs around to power our economy? Housing is a good example. If housing starts are up, the economy flourishes. But do we really need lots of new housing? Are there not enough houses already built in America for everyone?

    What if America has really decided we can do quite well with what we already have?

    Who's gonna hire people when robots are much more efficient? Even in housing robots can now frame an entire house, and people just bolt it together. And it's much more exact.

    1. Dave,

      I agree with you on robots and computers. The candlemakers were put out of business by coal oil, cars put the cartwrights out of business... But time marches on and so does human ingenuity and economic progress, if not trammeled by overbearing governments snuffing activity and handing out special favors that distort market behavior.

      Obsolete jobs were replaced by new careers no one had dreamed of. I know you know this, I'm just saying it to put us on common ground.

      I have no crystal ball and no specific answer to your question, so I will answer from a historically-verified general principle.

      When government takes its boot off the neck of the economy (which is, after all, owned by the people and consists of the people freely exchanging money, goods and services) people engage in beneficial economic activity and that ends up creating jobs, often in ways no one predicted, and most certainly in a more beneficial way than a government program.

      No body of people--even armed with sophisticated computer modeling--can beat the organic system of free people conducting millions of interactions a day in a free market.

      What the Ducky types so often call a free-market "failure" in not a failure at all. Overinflated bubbles must burst at some point. The trick drive out the government helium pumpers, laughing gas huffers, rent-seekers and monopolists, then a market has a chance to function rationally and self-regulate, as markets have in all societies throughout the scope of human history.

    2. "People" are being ruthlessly, systematically phased out. Don't you understand that yet? Technology has become the Sorceror's Apprentice. If you're not familiar with that famous opus –– a famous orchestral Tone Poem by Paul Dukas –– you need to familiarize yourself with it.

      Like most important art it has an important object lesson to teach.

    3. Dave,

      I also agree with you on housing. How long before some powerful congressboob--all greased up with real estate and construction industry lobbying money--decides to create a new government-funded construction boom?

      Obama fed the green goblins, and we've seen some spectacular robbery and company crashes as a result.

      Government politburos are notoriously bad a steering the economy.

      Having said that, we do need infrastructure improvements, but those are best managed at the local level. A federally-run mega-billion$ project would be a giant corruption-riddled honeypot attracting the worst elements and handing jobs to chinese companies and illegal immigrant laborers.

      State and local governments can also be corrupt, as Democrat Machine--Dominated Illinois and Chicago have shown us, but here in my conservative neck of the woods in Colorado, we have twice voted taxes for 10-transportation improvement projects, because the organization that takes our tax money and implements infrastructure improvements does what it promises.

    4. DOn't worry, it seems Obama will be trying , at least, to bring in enough refugees to fill a lot of housing?

      On the topic of construction creating a growing economy, I often think that when earthquakes or hurricanes happen and all the news talks about how it's "billions of damage"...I see "billions of money spent to replace and repair"...not that I'm PRO devastation, of course.

    5. Z: Go google "Broken Window Fallacy"

    6. Silver... I am just thinking about manufacturing jobs... Those jobs are never coming back. They've robotized or off shored. That keeps profits up so 401K's look good.

      And yet, politicians continue to talk about bringing those jobs back. Ain't gonna happen.

      The largely blue collar working force that once filled those jobs is effectively SOL...

      They don't have time to learn another trade, lack the necessary skills, and will never earn like they once did.

      How should we care for them? Or should we? The economy passed them by, never to return.

    7. Frederic, thanks...and I see the point except find this difficult to understand:
      replacing something that has already been purchased is a maintenance cost, rather than a purchase of truly new goods, and maintenance doesn't stimulate production. In short, Bastiat suggests that destruction - and its costs - don't pay in an economic sense."

      The store where plywood is purchased, for example, doesn't care if it's a new construction or repair, right? It makes its money.
      Otherwise, I really do agree with the basis of the explanation and really thank you for that input.

    8. Dave, Working at Harbor Freight beats no job at all. That is an unfortunate reality.

      I wouldn't be so pessimistic about manufacturing jobs. Of course, they don't come back as old 1970's assembly line work, but if you look at where they have come back, like North Carolina, they are robot-dominated, as you say, but those machines need people to monitor and calibrate them and to perform routine maintenance. In the North Carolina example I read about, they partnered up with the local community college to provide targeted skills training to workers since that type of work is a cut above the old assembly line work.

      That's just one example. Other economic analysts see an opening up of providing services to others.

      My point is, something else always comes along when governments are open to free markets. Venezuela shows us what happens when government takes control of everything. Price controls and wage controls result in scarcity of good and jobs.

    9. I program robots, plc controllers, manage maintainence in our plant.
      We find it difficult to find people smart enough to drive hilos without crashing, or run our automated press cells.
      Lot's of unemployment, not a lot of employable.

    10. True, Ed,
      As I said above, I agree with you that you can't just grab any goomer off the street to do this work, but blue collar areas do have people with mechanical and troubleshooting skills who could be taught.

      The military did an excellent job at that back when we were in.

    11. Ed, I went back and reread your comment. OK, you're saying you can't even find people to do basic work?

      When I was a kid, I learned all the mechanical stuff, carpentry, how to run power tools and machines, from my Dad, uncles and my grandpas. I wonder if maybe that doesn't happen today?

      Our public schools should throw the computers into the city dump and get back to basics, that I think should include basic budgeting and teaching simple manual labor skills and they also need to offer heavy vocational and technical training in High School.

      Forget programming, technical welders make pretty good money, but the certification tests are tough.

    12. Ed, that's sad and very scary. SF is right, I'm sure the military was excellent for this kind of training.
      Brother, I feel like the more of the onion we peel into, the more we're realizing we are in BIG TROUBLE.

      Are those people teachable, Ed? Or not interested, or??

  6. So Humpty Trumpty is going to build a Great Wall!
    We all know there are narcissists and sociopaths everywhere, and the great magarity of that population consists of the idiotic supporters of Trump, the people who fall sucker to this crap, who let rage get ahead of reason, and who enable these self-styled despots. It's always the followers who give power to disturbed persons and then bring ruin upon us. Yup, stupid people are the bigger problem.
    And these are the same people that are calling Hillary all those disgusting names.

    1. Odd, how proud can progressives be when they'll allow themselves to vote for Socialists in America?
      I keep cringing and thinking "Man, I'd be SO embarrassed... don't they know it's never flourished anywhere? Don't they know we haven't the money to support it? Ugh...to be a progressive....scary stuff"

    2. Z,

      "don't they know it's never flourished anywhere?"

      It's hard to believe, isn't it. While I try to avoid using platitudes, their persistence in pursuing this folly smacks of the "definition of insanity"!

    3. Hillary Clinton is the Leftwing Progressive's Choice!

      Her stern lecturing, executioner's stare, her proven track record of international death and destruction, wanton foreign

      foreign firebuggery and callous disregard for human life makes her the Paragon of Progressivism!

      Hillary Clinton's crowning achievement was burning down the muslim world, ordering the anal rape of Mo Kadaffi and

      cackling at the footage.

      Hillary Clinton freed millions of muslim terrorists, rapists, misogynists and pederasts to flow into Europe to ply their

      foul trades on a whole new continent!

      Her record of international corruption, influence peddling and money laundering makes Michael Corleone blush with shame. She enjoys the tortured screams of her enemies as she squashes them like grapes.

      She even owns her own muslim slave girl!

      Yet, there is a softer side to the Hellahag. She can melt like butter as she disquises herself as a sweet old granny and panders to stupid voters, flip-flops like a fish on a hot deck, promises everthing to everyone, takes all sides of an issue, all the while maintaining her reptilian cold-blooded mein while betraying not a trace of shame.

      Hillary Clinton is the Progressive Choice!

    4. AF,

      SPOT ON! Never, Never have I seen anyone with such a history of incompetence, treachery, worthlessness and deceit; any and all of which would disqualify her from POTUS in a rational, moral society, garner the apparent support that she has. What does this say for contemporary America?

    5. Phyllis Angers-Rackley, PhDMay 18, 2016 at 1:36:00 PM CDT

      The level discourse in right wing fora is chilling and disgusting. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most qualified person for President of the United States. No one else comes close. Her only "problem" is that has a heart and a vagina.

    6. Wow... now talk about the level of discourse being offered by the Left, "hearts and vaginas"...

    7. Phyllis Angers-Rackley, PhDMay 18, 2016 at 2:09:00 PM CDT

      What is your point? I have utilized the correct anatomical terms.

      The deprecation of Phallo-centrism is in progress. Get on board. Old fossils will be left behind. If Hillary Clinton were a man, her merits would not be questioned.

    8. "chilling and disgusting" is the way the left treated Tony Snow when he died so young of cancer...did you know HuffPost crashed from the weight of revelers? To the contrary, when Ted Kennedy died, I purposefully looked at a lot of Cons. blogs to see their reaction and I saw nothing ugly as celebrating...I saw "I didn't agree with him, but I feel for the family" When Dick Cheney has heart problems, the comments are so cruel "I wish he'd DIED" is one I see plenty of...
      What reaction is more "chilling and disgusting?"

      "Phallo-Centrism"??...The owner of this excellent blog is a women, I am a woman...neither of us would vote for Hillary Clinton for love or money. Her merits should be questioned, particularly when there are so few. "Stand by your man" and enable a serial philanderer to the detriment of the women he hurt? That's worthy of merit?

      We must stop voting for color or gender...you leftwingers are setting us back generations....

    9. @Phyllis Angers-Rackley, PhD,

      "Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most qualified person for President of the United States."

      Seriously, have you ever considered applying for a tuition refund?

    10. Odd, how proud can progressives be when they'll allow themselves to vote for Socialists in America?
      I keep cringing and thinking "Man, I'd be SO embarrassed... don't they know it's never flourished anywhere? Don't they know we haven't the money to support it? Ugh...to be a progressive....scary stuff"

    11. If she posted in bold font, I'd suspect FT.

    12. What is your point? I have utilized the correct anatomical terms.

      RW Emerson, "Conduct of Life" (On Beauty)

      The spiral tendency of vegetation infects education also. Our books approach very slowly the things we most wish to know. What a parade we make of our science, and how far off, and at arm's length, it is from its objects! Our botany is all names, not powers: poets and romancers talk of herbs of grace and healing; but what does the botanist know of the virtues of his weeds? The geologist lays bare the strata, and can tell them all on his fingers: but does he know what effect passes into the man who builds his house in them? what effect on the race that inhabits a granite shelf? what on the inhabitants of marl and of alluvium?

      We should go to the ornithologist with a new feeling, if he could teach us what the social birds say, when they sit in the autumn council, talking together in the trees. The want of sympathy makes his record a dull dictionary. His result is a dead bird. The bird is not in its ounces and inches, but in its relations to Nature; and the skin or skeleton you show me, is no more a heron, than a heap of ashes or a bottle of gases into which his body has been reduced, is Dante or Washington. The naturalist is led from the road by the whole distance of his fancied advance. The boy had juster views when he gazed at the shells on the beach, or the flowers in the meadow, unable to call them by their names, than the man in the pride of his nomenclature. Astrology interested us, for it tied man to the system. Instead of an isolated beggar, the farthest star felt him, and he felt the star. However rash and however falsified by pretenders and traders in it, the hint was true and divine, the soul's avowal of its large relations, and, that climate, century, remote natures, as well as near, are part of its biography. Chemistry takes to pieces, but it does not construct. Alchemy which sought to transmute one element into another, to prolong life, to arm with power, — that was in the right direction. All our science lacks a human side. The tenant is more than the house. Bugs and stamens and spores, on which we lavish so many years, are not finalities, and man, when his powers unfold in order, will take Nature along with him, and emit light into all her recesses. The human heart concerns us more than the poring into microscopes, and is larger than can be measured by the pompous figures of the astronomer.

    13. Ed...no way; I had that thought for a second but the syntax doesn't match. I'm far too familiar with it over far too many years!

  7. ___________ WARNING ___________

    "A PROUD PROGRESSIVE," better known in other quarters as "Miss Pee Pee," or "Mademoiselle Pee Pee," is The Internet's Very Own TOKYO ROSE who relentlessly tries to demoralize, psychologically castrate and otherwise abuse decent American Men, as she schemes day and night to exacerbate tensions and differences between the sexes, reopen and pour salt into old wounds, and ceaselessly agitate, denigrate, chastise, castigate and rudely condemn everything in sight in order to turn women against their husbands and children against their parents, and all of us against our Founding Fathers –– and each other –– while discarding the core Constitutional principles that made us great in the first place.

    In short Miss Pee Pee (TOKYO ROSE) is a MISERABLE, UTTERLY WORTHLESS SITE PEST whose perpetually snotty belligerence NEVER deserves ANY response but a quick metaphorical slap across the face with the back of a hand, a swift kick in the shins, and a well-placed, hopefully fatal, Karate Chop.

    It continually angers, saddens, and produce deep frustration to see so many of our more intelligent compatriots, who purport to be on the side of Conservative Principles, permit themselves to be inveigled day after day into participating in tedious, long-winded, utterly useless exchanges with LEFTIST OPERATIVES who haven't an honest bone in their bodies.

    PLEASE, I BEG of you, DON'T TALK with LEFTISTS. They have no intention of LISTENING to you, and will NEVER profit from your superior wisdom. ALL they EVER intend to do is WEAR YOU DOWN with increasingly obdurate idiocy, thus manipulating you into wasting precious energy in pursuit of an entente cordiale that will NEVER, EVER occur.


    1. She sounds like a handful, or perhaps two! By your description, it appears she's also somewhat of a sadist, perhaps with some excretory fetishes, based upon her name?

      I knew a Mademoiselle Pee Pee years ago in Gay Paree. Take my word, friend, she lived up to her nom de chambre!

      I so agree with you about mixing with politics. It soils all it touches. Alas.

    2. @ FT,


      I will when you do.

    3. I knew that this graphic would bring in the Leftists, who, I expected would, for the most part, not address the principle illustrated in the graphic.

    4. Jon Berg,

      I do NOT engage in conversation with leftists on politics. Music, Art, Literature, Movies –– maybe, but not politics.

      I make statements condemning them. I scold them. I make fun of them. Occasionally I curse at them, but I refuse to engage in anything remotely like a DIALOGUE with them, because I know it would be about as fruitful an exercise as a dog barking at the moon.

  8. They don't understand the Laffer curve either, which is so simple maybe even rn could understand it if he/she went back to school for a couple years. har-de-har-har.

    1. They understand it just fine.
      They don't accept the theory.

      Even a fringe right winger should be able to understand the difference. I don't know why you can't.

    2. THIS was your funniest comment yet....talk about ironic. How many times over the years have I, especially, reminded you that it's not that Republicans don't understand, it's that they don't accept a certain theory?
      Maybe it's starting to sink in? This was truly ironic.

    3. BINGO, Z!

      The PERFECT Squelch.

      You've him hoist on his petard.


    4. Hardly perfect, FT. In your case you are a predictable constant.

      Everything including the state of American popular culture is the fault of commies (i.e. any one who accepts any aspect of the social welfare state). I have yet to read a post of yours that describes your positions rather than just blasting everyone as a Marxist (something you don't understand). Of course there is your one standard position statement, D-I-D-A-D-I-N (sp?) which is sheer insanity.

      kid is quite free with his criticism of "leftards"(so cute) and needs to be a little circumspect. The so called Laffer Curve was first suggested by a Muslim philosopher in the Middle Ages. There is a point where additional taxes are counter productive. Whether there is a curve that can map an optimum tax rate is in doubt.
      What has been a total failure is the idea that grossly reduced taxes to the upper 10% would produce growth and employment. Didn't happen and it's time to accept that the reason is not that they weren't sufficiently reduced.

      You are much more polite and respectful Z but what you don't understand is that we can't go back to Leave It to Beaver . That world never really existed in the first place.

    5. Well duck, that must be because you are an idiot in imbecile clothing! Heh and Har dee har harr har! You don't understand the Laffer curve? Good God person of questionable sexual orientation, Nothing Simpler ! LOL!

  9. Bottom line, the Lying, Crooked Hillary is tumbling. 2 months ago Trump was down 11. Now he's up 2. A 13 point swing. President Donald Trump! Get used to it!


  10. Bernie Sanders was NEVER a Democrat, he is and was a lifelong Marxist and was part of Marxist Liberty Union Party, then he ran as an Independent. He supported every Communist Dictator who tried to overthrow their governments. He NEVER was part of nor ran as a Democrat. He should retire to Cuba with his communist buddies Barrack, and Hillary in their failed Socialist Paradise and get their one FREE chicken per month, and share it with their whole lousy bunch of supporters

    1. Yes, Michael, BUT in case you hadn't noticed Democrats ARE Marxists. They have been since the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, although there used to be a Conservative Democratic Wing, and there may still be a few relics who hold that position, but very few and dwindling rapidly every day.

      Although they refuses to own up to it, the modern Democratic Party IS to all intents and purposes the CPUSA.

      They are also the Party of Crony Capitalism or Corporatism. The merger of Marxian principles with Big Business has transformed our government into a monstrous hybrid –– a true chimera.

  11. I Am NOT a PROGRESSIVE (and I'm damn proud of it)


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