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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Germany Today

Islam rising in Europe — er, Eurabia.

From One killed, three wounded in 'apparently Islamist' attack in Germany (dated today):
A man killed one person and wounded three others in a knife attack at a German railway station Tuesday that prosecutors said had "an apparent Islamist motive".

It is Germany's third knife attack with an apparent Islamist motivation since September. Police said they had arrested a 27-year-old German man who had slashed four people around 5 am (0300 GMT) at the station in the small town of Grafing, east of Munich.


The "assailant made remarks at the scene of the crime that indicate a political motive -- apparently an Islamist motive. "We are still determining what the exact remarks were." Local media reported that witnesses had said the man had yelled "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest) during the attack.

A police spokesman earlier said that "a political background cannot be ruled out", adding that the man arrested was "not very cooperative"....
The dhimmified, idiotic statement in the article — a statement in line with Angela Merkel's immigration policy:
"There is no longer any threat to the population," said another police spokeswoman, Michaela Gross.
Read the rest HERE.


  1. "A 27-year-old German man was eventually overpowered by police and arrested.
    Some witnesses said he shouted "Allahu akbar" ("God is great" in Arabic).
    But a spokesman for Bavaria state's interior ministry said that "so far we have no evidence for an Islamist motive".
    "We have found the man had psychological and drug problems," Oliver Platzer told AFP news agency. He said the investigation was continuing.
    The suspect has been identified as a German national, apparently from the Hessen area of central Germany."

    That's from the BBC report.
    This sort of thing happens in the U.S. constantly.

    You probably should have picked the story of the arrest of two Afghans over apparent plans to shoot up an Italian mall. That seems much more serious.

    1. It's also been confirmed that the attacker was not wearing shoes.
      Evidence of possible mental illness.

    2. ISLAM is a CANCER. 

Like any form of the dread disease it must be treated with AGGRESSIVE ATTACKS –– 




      Anyone who does not believe this is an IMBECILE.


CANCER cannot be dealt with DIPLOMATICALLY.


      And pseudo-intellectual imbeciles like Canardo, who like to think themselves "fair-minded" rational, –– but ONLY and ALWAYS in defense of our sworn ENEMIES ––, sit IMMERSED, HAMSTRUNG, and DROWNING in MYRIAD bits of DATA always trying to rationalize the DANGER and EVIL of CANCER away, instead of getting to the ROOT, DIGGING it OUT, and BURNING it.

      Any attempt to be "REASONABLE" about the dire THREAT ISLAM poses to DECENT PEOPLE everywhere in the WORLD is a complete WASTE of TIME and ENERGY.


When it is clearly a KILL or BE KILLED situation, only a FOOL would FAIL to mount as strong and vicious a COUNTERATTACK as may be mustered. 

If the WEST is to SURVIVE, __ I-S-L-A-M __ M-U-S-T __ D-I-E.


    3. Do Rag Heads actually wear shoes?

  2. Though this particular event may not be linked to Muslims or Islamic terrorism.....there yet exists a scourge of immigrants who not only have not assimilated, but patently refuse to do so...demanding instead that their adopted country assimilate to their goat-loving culture.

    Finland has the Sons of Odin.....where s the German equivilant?

    1. I believe the German equivalent used to be called, Nazis .

      Since Germans of intelligence and good will are a little touchy about that group it's hard to say what they are going by these days.

      It may also be worth noting that the assailant was a German national and mental illness is not unique to any particular group.

    2. I believe the German equivalent used to be called, Nazis.

      No, actually, they weren't. A better analogy would be Reichsbanner.

      But nice try Godwin.

    3. I get news every week from my stepkids in Munich; we're not hearing 1/12 of what's happening there, believe me.

      Not many of us have been told Austria elected a "keep Austria Austria" party not a month ago, either.
      Lest Germany be called the ridiculous moniker of NAZIs again, they can't do much. The healthier of their people have learned from the past, Jews are probably safer there than anywhere (except now with the Muslim invasion) and yet their culture, their amazing culture, may be gone soon because the less healthy mostly leftwing population just can't seem to give enough away, of their belongings or their culture....millions of 'refugees' will not learn the language and acclimate or work. Ever. Yet they're forced to build special muslim schools, special muslim everything....
      I know firsthand accounts of refugee men (they're mostly men by FAR) turning down a cigarette because they're not their brand, turning away a used bike gift because it's not new....
      This is a nightmare...we need to learn from it.
      It is this kind of situation which is making it more difficult for us to accept Muslims who don't have that kind of mentality, who are happy to work and assimilate...
      the Trust is gone and that's bad.




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


  4. Did you notice the media (and idiots like duck) going out of their way to distance another allu ackbar away from "terrorism ties". Who CARES whether he talked to ISIS on his iPhone. He is another moslem vermin who killed an Infidel because of his chosen "religion of violence" that being islam. Who Cares! When the next one stabs YOU or blows you up are you going to axe him if he talks to ISIS ? Geeezus.
    Can people (and media) get any more stupid and dysfunctional? Actually, I'm going to say Yes.

    1. What I want, bobo, is the facts.

      Was this a mentally ill man or not.

      See the thing is we'll have a lot of fringe right trogs like yourself proclaim that Muslims won't assimilate when you in fact set up a self fulfilling prophecy.

      Can people be any more driven by their bigotry and fear? In your rather pathetic case, yes.

      I would prefer to be in more of a dialog mode but since you can't post without acting like your in grade school I'm afraid it isn't possible.

    2. Duck,
      First crack out of the barrel, you said:

      You probably should have picked the story of the arrest of two Afghans over apparent plans to shoot up an Italian mall. You went on to quote the BBC.

      What was stated in the headline of that article? Very early in the day, most news agencies -- including the BBC -- used the word "Islamist" or the words "apparently Islamist" in their headlines.

      Why must you always rush in to defend Islam (or Muslims)? And get nasty about it, too?

    3. Duck @ Kid,
      What I want, bobo, is the facts.

      Was this a mentally ill man or not.

      No, you don't want any facts which contradict your cognitive bias.

      Recently, a columnist in the WaPo stated: "Cognitive bias has become pathological." True dat!

    4. "Was this a mentally ill man or not."

      I say yes; Islam is, of course, institutionalized mental illness!

    5. Our dear Ducky, the proud leftist geek,
Emits shriek, after shriek, after shriek

      In tones hyper-bilious
And so supercilious
He comes off as limp-wristedly weak!

    6. What we have here are typical Americans who have been indoctrinated to believe that the history of Islam in Europe is extensive and didn't begin in the late twentieth century.

      You aren't likely to find a right winger who has bothered to give even a superficial look at the positive status of Islam in Europe after World War I, for instance and the reaction of European nationalists.

      You yourself admit you never bothered to look at Islam until after 9/11, AOW and don't seem to be able to admit that will severely compromise your view.
      In the case of kid, Jon Berg and Freethinke they haven't taken it as far as you have and are really adrift in that intellectual Sargasso sea of theirs.

      To say that I am the one that doesn't want facts is laughable.

    7. Duck,
      Not quite accurate regarding my study of Islam. As one who majored in The Literature of Spain, I extensively read Spanisn literature of the medieval period -- in the original language. The doctrines of Islam have not changed.

      I have had other exposures as well. You don't know what you don't know (about me).

      So, you see, I have more background than you think.

  5. CI "Though this particular event may not be linked to Muslims". Not linked to muslims? Geeezus, gimme an alternate of who or what it might be linked to. Good God, civilization is committing suicide by moslem vermin.

    1. We have confirmed reporting that the perpetrator was mentally ill...and unconfirmed reporting that he shouted Allahu Ackbar during the attack. It harms nothing for me to wait until the facts are released before doing unsubstantiated cheetah flips towards a predetermined conclusion.

  6. Replies
    1. No, Duck, it doesn't happen all the time.

    2. You'd have to move in pretty mysterious ways, AOW to demonstrate that random stabbings and shootings by the mentally ill aren't common place in America.

      The difference between us is that I will question when the mental illness is the prime indicator.

  7. My God. PS- the German Wings crash was an act of terrorism, not suicide. That spider brained monkey's act of putting the aircraft into a mountain was a well planned attack on the Infidels. Just like every other islamic inspired act of mass murder. Are people really this stupid? I guess so.

  8. Oh, for goodness sake...adults in Munich are not taking the subway anymore...what's that tell you? Does that tell us that things are normal, the 'normal' stabbings are happening?? Of course not.
    It's SO SO much worse than our media's telling us in Germany ... Why does anybody think that a fairly liberal country like Austria just elected a right leaning nationalist, because crime is continuing as usual? The fear in Germany is palpable, people don't walk unescorted in the night anymore (too many young girls getting raped from ballet class to their homes, for example)...think that's just German boys very suddenly acting out? And, by saying this, does anybody really think I'm suggesting there were NO rapes in Germany until this terrible refugee problem? The numbers are staggering; public pools are being defecated in, children are being raped in bathrooms...it's bad. Why bother to keep talking like this....
    What we should be asking is why our media's not telling the truth ...because we wouldn't welcome so many in were we to know exactly what's happening?

    1. Z,
      The media's lack of reporting this serves to promote Islamification, IMO.

      Eurabia is here.

  9. I contend that one day we will see a man with his legs blown off in an Islamic terror attack and the man will sit on the pavement with arterial blood dripping down and deny that Islam is a grave 21st century threat against the West.

    1. The power to deny is infinite. At this point, cognitive bias has become pathological.

  10. From HERE:

    They’ve discovered at least 369 folks wanted for terrorism HAVE ENTERED GERMANY.

    But they are running around.


    According to German federal crime office, a number of Islamic terrorists have entered Germany by hiding amongst recent flows of migrants from the Middle East, and since last year 369 people with suspected ties to the Islamic State have come into the country in this way.

    “German security authorities have indications that members and supporters of terrorist organizations are infiltrating groups of migrants in a focused and organized way, in order to launch attacks in Germany,” said a police spokesman, adding that there was no specific evidence of a planned attack at this time.

    Of the hundreds of suspected Islamic jihadists entering Germany, 40 cases are currently under judicial investigation at the federal and state level, said a spokesman of theBundeskriminalamt in Berlin.


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