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Monday, February 22, 2016

Quotation Of The Day: Anti-Obama Rant

Bocopro, wordsmith par excellence, posted this priceless rant to this thread last week:

What aggravates and disgusts me most about the illicit Obamanacy is that after

eroding American international influence,

destabilizing the once-robust American economy,

tainting the already polluted American political system,

utterly destroying American free enterprise,

adding millions of non-taxpaying foreigners to the American social benefits systems,

saddling every American citizen with a 6-figure component of the national debt,

further aggravating relations between the various American ethnic groups,

and accomplishing virtually NOTHING positive,

the alien fraud contaminating the American White House will one day leave the job as a millionaire and hit the lecture circuit with assurances of huge appearance and speaking fees, all while basking in the fame, the stipends, the health care, the Secret Service protection, and the emeritus status for which he by no means is eligible or has in any way earned.

The grinning, posturing, lying, hypocritical, racist popinjay will write slanted books, make controversial speeches, allow staged interviews, provide biased commentary, promote Islamic law and culture, and give disastrous advice while having streets, airports, buildings, schools, libraries, and programs named after him. Like a con-man who has stumbled upon the password to the Teamsters’ Retirement Fund account, he will live the good life at the expense of racial loyalists, white apologists, academic quixotics, and anti-American socialist merdistes.

When time comes for the US Mint to produce his coin, it should read “Africa Princeps” on the front in a ring around his grinning face and “Thanks, Suckers” on the back where he is mooning the viewer.


Meanwhile, we the peasants beyond the moat try to keep our heads above water and — wonder if the President elected in 2016 will be any different.


  1. The salient point of "......will one day leave the job as a millionaire and hit the lecture circuit with assurances of huge appearance and speaking fees, all while basking in the fame, the stipends, the health care, the Secret Service protection, and the emeritus status for which he by no means is eligible or has in any way earned.".......gets lost in the implications that he's a "Kenyan Muslim Socialist.

    ....wonder if the President elected in 2016 will be any different.

    Judging by the cast of contenders.....it won't be.

    1. And that, CI, was my point in my very brief commentary at the end of the body of the blog post.

  2. Eloquently stated, but eminently depressing.

    I think I'll go back, and listen to Schubert's C-Minor string quartet again. Great music, architecture, literature, art, and horticulture are the only sources of encouragement and cheer about human accomplishment and potential.

    I cling to the hope that if a small number of us did it before, a few may continue to defy the odds and do it again.

  3. Another screed from someone who thinks history began in 2008.

    It's a completely irrational statement that manages to do absolutely nothing about delineating the real problems the nation faces.

    I particularly like the alien fraud reference.
    Yup, the Kenyan Muslim communist usurper really put one over on us.
    Rant has everything but Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi .

    "Utterly destroying American free enterprise".
    Yup, he dismantled it in only 8 years. I'm troubled that someone who can make that statement has the franchise.

    The country is broken and Trump will get us a new one that will be really great. Or maybe the rather slow witted Rubio who people like because he's smart (LMAO) will ride in to save the Republic.

    The conservative movement in the country today is intensely sad.

    1. Dear, Canardo,

      Your non-stop SNEER CAMPAIGN never ceases to be as tedious as it is noisome.

    2. You must forgive the Duck his sentimental Marxist rodomontade...

    3. I don't see anything Marxist in rejecting the warmed over Southern resentment at losing the War of Northern Aggression that is the center of these anti Obama rants.

      Next comes the part about Obama tearing us apart using a quote from the Bloviating Gasbag Limbaugh or maybe Michael Savage.

      The right wing today has lost its moorings.

    4. ...quacks the advocate for a Socialist candidate.

    5. Which greatly reduces Duck's credibility.

    6. "Liberalism is a mental Disorder," as the Beantown Bolshevik reminds us daily.

    7. The mind set of the hard core liberal socialists amazes me. One only had to read the one's book to see in his own words that he is in fact a Muslim loving hard core socialist and worse a racist of the worse kind.

      Of course, the facts in the eyes of a liberal, if they do not fit the narrative of their screed are to be ignored or worse thrown back at us as "hate speech' lies or worse", anything to keep one's eyes from the truth as to the cancer that is Barak Obama and the Marxist Democratic party.

      That is fact and if we don't stop it now, our country is in fact doomed. Sadly, watching the morons line up to back the old lady, Bernie and even the RINO establishment hatred towards any conservative or patriot, one can not help but to feel it might be to late.

    8. Aggie Doody said

      Faith and Gomorrah, Mr. Brandon! you sure told it like it is, bless your sweet irish heart.

  4. What difference does it make at this time ?February 22, 2016 at 9:19:00 AM EST

    This is only going to get nastier as the Demorat primary approaches. The Hildabeast will likely win the party's nomination, and then things will get even uglier as she faces off against Trump I
    . God help us all.if that Beast named Hillary wins the election

  5. Barack and Michelle's Global Obama Foundation will make the Clinton's Global Grift look like roadside taco stand.

    They will rake in billions, and watch for Michelle to make her political move. The lust for power to punish is right up there with money for those types. Just look at Mikhail Bloombergovitch.

    1. Maybe they should become partners in the Carlyle Group like most of the Bush administration.

      I was devasted to find out those creeps own Dunko's.

    2. Ducky,

      It certainly isn't confined to any one party, is it?

      See? There is bipartisanship when there is billions to be raked off...

  6. These Libs are getting a Bit Testy aren't they!

  7. Friday, the President spent about two minutes at Justice Scalia’s casket. Saturday, he hid from the media under the guise or reviewing SCOTUS replacements. And now we know why he skipped the funeral instead of pushing that off until Sunday.

    Our glorious President had a golf game scheduled for Sunday at Andrews. But guess what, Karma showed up instead and opened the skies on him. Poor baby had to cut his round short because of rain!

  8. If the president of 2016 is Trump, we've exchanged one narcissistic avoider of constitutional restraints for another.

  9. I've gotten through much of the second term of Obama relieved that America didn't go way way way left-wing and elect Mitt Romney.


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