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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Keystone Kops

(Follow-up to this blog post of February 18, 2016)

Mack Sennett Studios - Publicity still from 1914 film "In the Clutches of the Gang"

From FBI admits iPhone mistake that may have cost it San Bernardino evidence:
In the chaotic aftermath of the shootings in San Bernardino, California, in December, FBI investigators seeking to recover data from the iPhone of one of the shooters asked a technician in the California county to reset the phone's iCloud password....
Read the rest HERE.

It is now my understanding that the self-destruct passcode on that iPhone — the passcode which is leading to this conflict between the court and Apple — is not a passcode which Syed Farook employed but rather one put on that iPhone at the request of the FBI.

Did no IT specialist along the way issue a warning?

Did nobody say, "If this, then that"?


  1. Tonto Goldstein said

    It's all gobbledygook to me. Heap big weisenheimers take over world. Me soon happy to go to happy hunting ground, but not till after boy graduate Harvard law school.

  2. Imbecile? Thou would call me out as an imbecile? The talent pool which congregates at this blog is a good one.

    You, my fine-feathered friend, probably belong to a cluster. Or perhaps, a gaggle.

    Forget Obama and a FLOTUS who does rap videos. The WH is long overdue for a bit more class.

    1. Prince,
      I think that a blog administrator deleted the comment to which you responded. Sorry 'bout that.

  3. yeah, that was a screwup, and we're not talking rocket science here, but rather just understanding how Apple's devices, cloud and pins and passwords work.

    Still, if the terrorist had disabled backup, even doing this right would have yielded nothing.

    You have a locked phone that sends its information to the cloud, which is also "locked," by being password protected.

    They broke into his cloud storage by resetting the password. In doing so, they locked out his phone from the cloud, since it still had the old password. So, even if he had full backups enabled, his phone would not be able to log into the cloud to back up the data.

    At least that is how I understand it from the information provided. I don't own any apple products.

    1. Cheer up, Silverfiddle.

      These are the guys we are supplying with military grade arms so they can "keep us safe".

      Hunker down with a small circle of friends and accept the inevitable.

      Watching the wheels go 'round

    2. I don't know what any of that has to do with the technical discussion at hand...

    3. SF,
      Just another of Duck's red herrings.

  4. Presumbly they kept the cloud password?

    1. Beamish,
      That's what I've been wondering about!

  5. Hmmmm. Seems I remember somebody saying something about the IT guys having a way in.
    I guess they weren't volunteering they threw it away.

  6. There are a number of reasons to believe that the farook phone is merely being used to garner public support for the public favoring the FBI having into everyone's phone.
    Hint1: There is nothing of value on the phone of this spider brained homicidal moron - and hint2: The FBI has been after this back door long before these spider brained wonders killed 14 people. The situation is merely being used for 'public support'.

    1. Kid,
      It looks to me as if there are reasons to support both sides.

      What's driving me up the wall at the moment is that the FBI, warrants in hand, had a county employee to put a new iCloud passcode on that phone. The county employee did so.

      And why are one or more passcodes no longer available or usable?

      Or did changing the passcode trigger something else in the phone?

      Had somebody else already reset something remotely?

      There's also this mystery (from the article linked in the blog post):

      It is not clear why the FBI needed to reset the password if it was able to obtain the backed-up data from Apple.

    2. I don't think you have it right.

      I understood that they changed the pw on his iCloud to get the info from it, which they did.

      The unfortunate byproduct of that was that the phone, which held the old iCloud pw, could no longer communicate its information to the cloud.

  7. Do we all recall that at the time of the San Bernardino jihad some witnesses stated that there were three attackers?

    I don't recall any mention of a woman being one of the shooters.


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