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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Egypt: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber behind bus blast; victims were Korean Christians visiting holy sites

Dem Candidate Alex Sink Says Americans Working Fewer Hours Because of ObamaCare Is An “Exciting Prospect”

Norwegian mass shooter [Anders Breivik] cries ‘torture’ over outdated video game console

Sandy Hook Shooter, Adam Lanza, Had a Movie About ‘Man-Boy’ Love, Documents About ‘The Rights of Pedophiles’

‘Kelo’ Revisited: Properties were seized [via eminent domain] and a neighborhood razed in the name of ‘economic development’ that never came

Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa Calling For Baby Girls To Wear Burqas To Prevent Rape

FLASHBACK: Pelosi Says Obamacare Will “Create 4 Million Jobs, 400,000 Almost Immediately”

Woman jailed for trolling HERSELF: 24-year-old bombarded her own Facebook page with fake abuse in a bid to incriminate her estranged family

Automakers continue to quietly void warranties if you use E-15 gas

School Apologizes For Serving Fried Chicken, Watermelon At Lunch On Black History Month

U.S. adults think using their smartphone is more important than having SEX

EPA Bans Most Wood Burning Stoves In a Corrupt Scheme, Fireplaces Next

[Hawthorne, CA] Cops tasered deaf man and knock him unconscious while he was attempting to use sign language

Colorado county wants to seize land over unauthorized ATV use

[In Wales] Dead left unburied as floods submerge graveyards - and relatives banned from visiting tombs in case coffins bob to the surface

Liberal Cities Lead Nation In Income Inequality

Over 250 Anne Frank's Books Vandalized in Tokyo Libraries


  1. AOW, Your would have to put this in the you just can’t make this stuff up Category!
    What lunacy this sort of stuff is.. Do we have serve Blacks a special lunch for Black History Month now?
    African-American's LOVE Watermelon and Chicken, so whats the freaken problem!

    1. Rottweiler,
      Lunacy abounds!

      This morning, however, I did find an interesting bit of information that doesn't qualify as nincompoopery: February is International Typewriter Appreciation Month.

    2. As for watermelon and fried chicken, those delicacies are standard fare on white Southerners' buffets too.

  2. Always On Watch Said:
    "As for watermelon and fried chicken, those delicacies are standard fare on white Southerners' buffets too.:

    Despite the perception, Fried Chicken is special, and very common dish in the African-American community, and it is, and always has been a top and popular choice for "Sunday dinner" among both blacks and whites.. Fried Chicken is and always has been associated with White Southerners as well as being associated with Blacks, or as they say, “African- Americans”.

    As for me, I plan to honor the month by having my breakfast, most likely eggs on a English muffin, ( I hope I’m not insulting or disturbing the “English” and going to work like I always do. I don't waste time thinking about the Fairy Tales these Race Baiters say! But to tell you the truth, I’ll be very happy when This stupid “Black History Month” is over.

    1. When we have my birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant before this month ends, we'll be dining at a restaurant that advertises itself as Asian Inspired Modern American Cuisine -- clearly not celebrating Black History Month.

  3. FACTS
    Most black consumption of chicken is classic fried.

    Black people love fried chicken. Do yourself a sociological experiment and you will see the data in your black demographic neighborhood fits the trends with this poll survey conducted in Atlanta, Georgia.

    President Barack Obama get down to his Kenyan roots during his stop in Los Angeles, taking time from his busy schedule to eat some delicious friend chicken from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Pico, California.

    And Just in case you are wondering if Barack Hussein Obama eats fried chicken.


  4. The Brookings Institution used 2012 Census data to determine the most income unequal cities in America — and their study found that from LA to Atlanta, cities with liberal governments are also the ones with the largest divide between the poor and the rich.

    Why am I not surprised?

  5. I wonder what the income gap is in Detroit?

    1. The drug dealers are doing well while the users aren't. It's unfair!

  6. "Egypt: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber behind bus blast; victims were Korean Christians visiting holy sites"
    In other words:
    "Man sends self to hell, others to heaven".

  7. Pelosi Says Obamacare Will “Create 4 Million Jobs, 400,000 Almost Immediately”

    Well, when she said that line "We have to pass it to know what's in it" was pretty much known that what she said was a complete fantasy, and that she had BS blowing out of her Behind!

    The Progressive’s should be proud of Nancy Pelosi, she’s is as bright as a 5 watt light bulb. Nancy Pelosi, along with Harry Reid and Barrack Obama, are all shameless, and blatant liars. Everything that comes out her mouth is a lie


    Every body that I observed in that video belongs in the 'Nut House' along with [anyone] who elected or, otherwise supports them!

  9. JB, There's a woman from Ann Arbor that we've helped in the past as she's been homeless, ill, medical degree but couldn't get an internship due to the illness.
    I've been storing stuff for her in my shed for a few years now.
    Last talked to her a year ago, and she'd hear nothing against Obama, for Obamacare's sake.
    She called tonight. She has cancer and instead of Obamacare, she got Medicaid.
    She is disappointed.

  10. Things are going to get really ugly n this country.
    The good news is that eventually the bad news will get out. It's probably too late to do much good. Jobs, income and insurance policies are already lost -- even if there is a delay Blue Cross Blue Shield won't be able to say, "Come back to us at your old rates and deductions". Nor will employers be able to say, "Come back to work for us at your old hourly level for one more year before we have to let you go again". But at least the news will eventually be told. I hope.............So, ... isn't it wonderful how well Obamacare is coming along?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This is a great board, It reflects everything, everybody’s opinion on these boards, and therefor everybody in this country perfectly.
    Lets start with the fact that Democrats are continuing to give Obama a Free pass.
    Yes, while In my opinion I think Ted Nugent is a fool, who gets too much press, but why would anyone think that HE represents the republican party? Or in any way is a “Hero of the Party”? In my circle of friends, I have yet to meet anyone that thinks he is!
    But while the left is SO dammed focused on the remark make by Ted Nugent, who is nothing more than a rock guitarist, and not by any means a spokesman for the republicans, and on this trivial “Black History Month”, they somehow FAIL to focus on the failures of Obama, starting with Obamacare, and the many others like, Jobs, and all the recent SCANDAL’S! .
    Of course, lets not focus on the failure of a president, but on a traffic jam on a New Jersey bridge. We should remove the obstacle to the success of this great nation of ours, not simply hope for it to sit there and rot away, along with more of our rights and freedoms with it.
    The progressives seems to be ignorant of the fact that Obama's legacy is crumbling right before your very eyes and they’re too blind to see it.
    Lets not focus on the fact that Obamacare will double my monthly premium!
    Lets not focus on how did Obama's Illegal Aunt seemed to leapfrog over the other 30,000 LEGITIMATE Boston resident’s who applied for Public Housing?
    Or the FACT that Michelle Obama had to appear on a Late night Talk show and disrupt traffic for hours when folks were trying to get home and then has the GAUL, the STUPIDITY to call folks under 26 years old “KNUCKLEHEADS”! Is she for real? Maybe thats the people she knows! Most people that I know who are 26 years old are already married and holding some damn good jobs and are making a damn good salary! I wonder if she thinks of Sasha and Malia that way? Someone should tell the “Moocher” that drawing Red Lines have consequences! That may very well turn out to be a remark of a “KNUCKLEHEAD”
    Could it be that she is referring to the millions of young people who are suddenly realizing that Obamacare does not offer them the affordable health care. they were counting one, and now realize that it’s a lie, and they aren’t buying it, literally!!.
    And also, by calling people who express their likeness for the Confederacy "TRASH." you show how much you don't want them expressing their First Amendment rights.
    It’s painful to watch otherwise intelligent people lend support to something that’ s so obviously bad!
    Do these people understand how stupid and preposterous they sound?

  13. Did Ted Nugent cross the line when he called the Dear Leader as a subhuman mongrel?
    Also was his apology a real apology or not? Also is Obummer’s pissing all over the Constitution just as bad or not?
    Rand Paul, called for Nugent to apologize for his derogatory description of President Obama, saying that is was offensive and has no place in American politics. SO, should he have apologized, or not?
    Well, Ted Nugent may be outspoken, but his saying what most of us think in my opinion, he should not need to apologize. He was exercising his First Amendment rights as all Americans are allowed to do. Calling someone a subhuman mongrel, a subhuman mongrel not as bitter as calling people of the Tea-Party clingers, tea baggers, domestic terrorists, etc., as the people on the left do constantly and as the President, Vice President, and Pelosi, Reid do. Double standards? You bet! As for the people who blog on those Progressive blogs, they are lower than pond scum.
    I am so sick of the other side getting away with anything they want, yet the opposing side is always wrong when they do/say the same. We have become a spineless bunch, always apologizing when the Democrats never do.
    When do sleazy douchebags like Chris Matthews ever apologize? Or that sleazy douchebag Bill Maher, or Dave letterman! NEVER! Total Douchebaggery Ted Nugent is NOT an elected official representative of anything, so he need not apologize for anyone but himself, if he feels like it. Rand Paul, should STFU!

  14. I think it's about time that Ted Nugent quits giving B.O. so much credit! His existence as President proves to the entire World that we no longer garner or deserve any respect as a collective nation. Now, having said all of that, Obama is but a symptom of a much, much, greater problem that will take generations to fix if that is even tried. I believe the future of this, once great, country is clearly on display in Detroit!

  15. I may be a bit late for this topic... but may be not, so here it is, My thoughts on Sarah Palin’s view on Ted Nugent..

    If I see a group of teenagers walking down the street after dark throwing rocks or being loud... generally up to no good. I call them thugs. Regardless of race.

    Now, I've been told, that if I call a black kid a thug it is some sort of super duper code word for calling him / her a 'N' word. Seriously? I've been using 'thug' my whole life. Now.. all of a sudden because someone is offended I have to watch what I say because "it really means the 'N' word even though you don't think it does!!!!!!". Seriously? Give me a break.

    As for Mongrel... I have called my kids 'little mongrels' before. Do I have to change that too?

    Look, I am no fan of Ted. I could care less if he never spoke again but this double standard on language is getting a little stupid.
    So OK, Ill admit that Ted’s an idiot, but we could put Sharpton and Biden in that same category also. Just pointing out the out the rampant hypocrisy of liberals.


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