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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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The UK pushes back against Islamification. See Converts to Islam jailed for terrorising streets as 'Muslim Patrol' are banned from promoting Sharia law for FIVE YEARS at the Daily Mail. Excerpt:
Three religious vigilantes who terrorised innocent members of the public as the self-styled ‘Muslim Patrol’ have been banned from promoting Sharia Law in Britain.

Jordan Horner, 20, Royal Barnes, 23, and Ricardo MacFarlane, 26, were jailed for a total of two years and ten months for touring East London harassing people they deemed to be ‘non-believers’.

The three men were today also slapped with a five-year Asbo banning them from distributing material about Sharia Law to the public, or even meeting each other.

The trio are also banned from associating with controversial preacher Anjem Choudary.


The leader of the gang, white Muslim convert Horner, who has declared he wants Sharia law in the UK, attacked people drinking in the street and demanded: ‘Remove yourselves now. Muslim Patrol.’

Barnes is a pal of Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebolajo, and last week admitted making a string of sickening videos celebrating the deadly attack on the soldier in Woolwich....
Read the rest HERE.

It's way past time for a push back; fundamentalist Muslims are colonizing the West. Apparently, a beheading in the streets of London last year has awakened some in the UK to the threat of Islamification. How long will this awakening last?


  1. I'd read the book, but I've already seen the movie; bought the tee shirt; gone to the play and played the board game... I don't need to be stirred up anymore than I already am!

  2. It's way past time for the push-back to begin. Only fools could believe that the Muslim culture can live compatably with a Western culture. Vinegar will adulterate wine every time.

    1. More like CYANIDE in the WATER SUPPLY, if you ask me.

  3. All converts, a group that has been at the root of a great deal of the trouble.

  4. I am so sick of this nasty business. Please bring back the 1950's. All I had to do was practice duck and cover.

    1. AMEN!

      But the FORTIES were even better. I was there, so I know. ;-)

  5. Is this the so called "no go" area?

    A handful of punks running around till people got fed up?
    The legal system seems to have this in hand.

    Seems decidedly more benign than the gang areas locally.

  6. ASBO. Can we give one of those to Glenn Beck?

  7. "Can we give one of those to Glenn Beck?"

    An anti-socialist behavior order?


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