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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Break From Politics

The Most Beautiful Buildings in the World:


  1. g morning AOW..ah the cathedrals in Milan are exquisite...what a stunning display~!

  2. I am not a fan of "Supertitles"... but that video could have used some... for I couldn't place quite a few of those buildings and would love to know where they are

    1. My thoughts, exactly, Thersites. Also, it would have been much more meaningful if the images had not gone by so quickly, and we could have seen 25 words at least giving name, location, purpose why built, present use, and how it's maintained.

      While I'm being so critical, I would also say that this assortment, while agreeable enough, could hardly be considered "The Most Beautiful Buildings in the World." There are many who deserve that title far more than most of these.

      And I frankly hated the inclusion of the modern cityscapes. Tall buildings were aesthetically pleasing through the 1930's. After that they degenerated in style as they proliferated in number. Hong Kong is notably hideous architecturally.

    2. I, too, wish that labels had been provided -- or at least a blurb at YouTube providing the information.

      I've never liked a plethora of skyscrapers as the skyline. Just because one can build something doesn't mean that one should, IMO.

  3. Aaaaaaaaah!

    Actually, in most cases it was the aesthetic surroundings that please.


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