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Thursday, February 20, 2014

You betcha ...

by Sam Huntington

Apparently, it isn’t enough that John Kerry has embarrassed the United States in his meeting with the Russians, nor even that he has completely destroyed any US credibility in his gallivanting around the Middle East (as if the US has ever had any credibility in the Middle East). Now he’s found his way to China where he met with Chinese president Xi Jinping and others of the Chinese hierarchy who haven’t had a laugh in a few days.

Obama Praymate
Why is John Kerry meeting with the Chinese president, you ask? There are several possibilities. They may have wanted to discuss the good old days when both of them fought on the same side during \the Vietnam War, or they may have been joshing with one another, telling prisoner-of-war jokes. One old favorite is, “How many Navy pilots can you get in one 3x3 cell?” Maybe they were discussing whether or not John Kerry should attend the next People’s Liberation Homecoming, or what Barack Obama would really like for his next birthday from the Chinese people —who, after all, owe him a great deal. They no doubt also discussed esoteric topics, such as unicorns, climate change, and curtailing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Officially, John Kerry asked to talk about human rights in China, and Xi told him, “Oh sure—you betcha we talk plenty about human rights. We can fit that in after our trip to the GM factory, where we are making more Chevrolet’s than you round-eye Americans, ha ha ha.” Kerry became so excited he wet himself, but this was not a problem because the Chinese anticipated that something like this would happen.

According to the State Department (the people who actually killed Chris Stevens), “Kerry’s visit to China is part of an Asia trip meant to reinforce the administration’s commitment to rebalancing its foreign policy focus.” No one knows what that means, exactly, and the State Department spokesman wouldn’t take any follow-up questions from Fox News.

Kerry also found time to visit Seoul, South Korea where he could do some shopping for Teresa Heinz-Kerry — at the taxpayer’s expense, of course. They call such trips “junkets” for a reason. So in conclusion, everyone should know that all is well in the Land of Oz; the Obama administration has our back; the American people can turn over now and go back to sleep.

You betcha …


  1. Great article, Sam. I have never understood how John Kerry could think that people really believe what he says. He is nothing more than a caricature of a stumbling idiot, and looks like Lurch on the Addams Family, or Skeletor. There is no getting around the fact that he is just plain ugly.

  2. We have entered a phase I like to call "global anarchy." This is what happens when there is no longer a world leader. And of course, George Soros convinced the thimble-headed president of the United States that we do not require "world leadership. We only need a bunch of socialists jockeying for position. As a consequence, we can see a sharp decline in peace throughout the world. And this, I think, is the result of the American people voting for a complete idiot to serve in the White House. More than this, voted for the same idiot twice.

  3. I never realized how much Sam misses the Cold War.

  4. And I never realized how closely Ducky's bizarre behavior mirrors that of Albert DeSalvo.


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