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Friday, December 6, 2013

Personal Update: Sick!

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

I have been felled by a head cold — just in time for the approaching winter storm.

The pitch of my voice has dropped to basso profondo.

Charming, just charming.

Until I'm feeling better, blogging will be light.

I will, however, be co-hosting this afternoon's edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show. Our guest is Duck. The topic for discussion: the surveillance state.


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  2. Hope you get well better, an old grandmother remedy: hot wine , sugar and Egg joke. If anything it makes you sleepy. :)

  3. Amid the wave of Liberal/Progressive/ Communist grief over Nelson Mandela’s passing, and President Obama’s words of historical tribute and all the outpouring of “greatness”running amok. Let’s not forget he was a communist.
    Yes, thers’s going to be a lot of “tributes” and there already are, Bit lets not forget so easily. There’s is a lot of other things to remember about Mandela, but MOST OF ALL, we should not forget that he was a Communist. Just keep remembering the facts as you hear all the praises. He wasn’t sitting in a prison cell all those years for nothing.
    While President Obama said very forcefully that his very first endeavor as a political activist, was that of opposing apartheid. Wow. That was just plain difficult to watch - it really was. And the final slice of the cake was when Obozo ordered flags fly at half staff until Monday at dusk for this piece of sh*t. I will fly my flag at half staff on Dec. 7th only in honor of real heroes who died at Pearl.. Was there ever ANY FOREIGN person that was given that honor before? I can think of foreign more than a few leaders worthy of this honor and it́s not Mandela, most recently Margaret Thatcher for example.
    I for one have never revered this racist Mandela. for the crimes he committed no matter what his justification was.
    When someone plants bombs to insure that black people go to school, was it a terrorist action? Or was it a communist action? Who cares, both or either is pathetic, not heroic! So I guess that Obama supports terrorism as long as they are Black? Nelson Mandela was a Commie and a Murderer , He went to prison for planting bombs for a attempted coop on the government of South Africa.
    For Marxist terrorist scum around the world, subjugation to Apartheid or any other repressive regime was a convenient cover to seize power for their own sick ends. Mandela, Guevara, Castro, Stalin, Pol Pot - all birds of a feather. Communism murdered 100's of millions of people worldwide.
    But this is the kind of person the left likes to prop up. The man was no saint, and because of him South Africa is but a shell of it's former self. I couldn't bear to listen to the fake in chief slobber over this communist-of course he had to pander to his base. Maybe Obama will take down the statue of George Washington and put a statue of Mandela in the White House.

  4. Omigosh! You and MEGYN KELLY!!! I felt so sorry for her on her broadcast last night. I winder if she will go on tonight. Her voice almost gave out altogether.

    So sorry this has happened to you, but it AIN'T surprisin' cosidering the amount of stress you've been living with -- both the good AND the bad kind for so long. Stress weakens the body's resistance as you know.

    MY favorite palliative (there is no "cure," ALAS!) is a possett made the juice of a lemon, grate lemon rind, a few cloves, 1/4 Tsp each cinnamon and ginger, sweetened with two or three TBS of honey, pour in boiling water let steep a bit then add and a jigger or two or two of RUM

    Repeat every hour on the hour, until you drift off to dreamland. §;-}

    Have all your food delivered for the next three days. STAY in BED as much as possible. Get off the grid, unplug the phone, and just READ your KINDLE for amusement.

    REST! REST!! REST!!! REST!!!! REST!!!!!!

    1. FT,
      I caught a few minutes of Megyn Kelly's show last night.

      I don't sound quite that bad. Yet.

      No rum on hand here. But I do have brandy!

      I won't be doing much of anything online until I start feeling better.

    2. Hmmmm, FT' s remedy sounds good! Get well, AOW.

  5. I differ with the post about hot wine. A quart of Jack will take care of your ills, actually it won't cure it but you won't care.

    Get well (which of course you will)

  6. Replies
    1. FJ,
      Yes, a chat with Duck this afternoon.

      I'll be croaking my way through the show.

  7. Get well soon, my friend. Christmas will soon be upon us!

  8. A cold is nature's way of telling you to drink hot toddy, sit by the fire, watch corny Christmas movies on television, and take a nap! When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade, but with a shot of good whisky added for when you have a cold.

  9. Headache. Sinuses, of course.

    Sore throat -- especially my right tonsil.

    I haven't taken my temperature yet.

    Yesterday, one of my blunt students said to me, "You look like you've been run over by a dump truck."

    Must've been this cold coming on. I do look as if I've been run over -- or something.

  10. Didn't go too badly, AOW.

    I still wonder if it's possible to answer the question of how left/right

    I thought MW did a good job as the sensible middle.

    1. Duck,
      It went better than not too badly.

      Thank you for an excellent interview!

      I wonder who the other callers were?

    2. Hey, ducky, I highly resemble that remark! LOL! As for being in the middle? Like I said, I left the republican party in the 1990's because they had left their roots(like Lincoln) and become enamored of political power. They forgot, I haven't. Also, being an evangelical Christian(non-denominational neo-charismatic) I remember why Yeshua came at Christmas, to save...though HE was known to blast the leadership that forgot GOD and HIS people. And that HE loves them all...but also applies discipline.
      I think it's called maturity.


    3. TMW,
      So glad that you phone in to the show yesterday!

      And you commented here, too! It's been a long time since we saw you in the blogosphere.

  11. I'm listening now, but I wish I had called. It's so good to hear you all!

    TMW, you are missed.

    Jen, aka Pinky

  12. You didn't sound too bad, AoW.

    ...and ducky, please know that contrary to your statement, we REALLY do appreciate your contributions, even if we often use you/them as a foil and excuse for expressing our own rather strong and firmly held opinions.

    1. FJ,
      Lots of hot coffee and water helped to loosen up my voice and restore it to a more normal sound.

  13. And I almost forgot... we MISS you, tmw! If you should ever change your mind and return to blogging, we'll always be here for you!

    1. Thanks, FJ and Jen, I found that I was addicted to the computer and was ignoring my family...it was a bad situation. I won't get myself into that place again. But AOW and I talk just about daily...so I have a clue as to what is happening.
      I love my work as a CNA in a diversion program(helps the elderly stay in their homes), very rewarding! I now have a kitty, as of June, I adopted a 5 yr. old part Maine Coon from the local shelter...he is spoiled rotten! I love it!!!! Yeah... Firewolf, my son, is possibly going to take on being a house-father at a halfway house ministry in the northeast...daughter has gone prodigal...life is, well, interesting.
      To say the least.
      Love and miss ya'll!


    2. Sounds like you are doing well for both yourself and many others, tmw!

      As for myself, I'm still rattling around the blogosphere, preaching the narrow virtues that have fallen from Grace. I can't say as i ever make any headway though, except in my own head. ;)

      Take care, and give out love to firewolf and your daughter, should you be able. i have many warm remembrances of our former joint adventures!

    3. To TMW,
      Thank you for your honesty about your addiction to the computer. I, too, lose track of time when I'm online, and I can tell that I'm not present for my family, or life in general.

      I appreciate your bringing it up.



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