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Monday, December 9, 2013

Personal Update: Still Sick (But Enjoying Christmas Blessings)

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

It's going to take a while to get over this miserable head cold.  Until I'm feeling better, blogging will be be light — if I blog at all. Thankfully, the classes that I teach will be on Christmas Break as of Thursday at 2:50 P.M.

Despite this misery, I ventured out to Hair Cuttery on Saturday to get my hair colored. As of Thanksgiving morning, I have no more bubbles in my eye, so I could finally tip my head back to access the shampoo bowl. I had to do something with my hair after a student's comment to me last Thursday: "You look like you've been run over by a dump truck."  Indeed!

I'm glad that I got the interior of the house decorated for Christmas before this head cold struck.

Decorate A Vet took care of embellishing the outside. Our house has never looked this Christmas-y!

Decorate A Vet embellished our house for Christmas on December 7.
The above picture doesn't begin to show the many blessings that Decorate A Vet has bestowed upon us to thank Mr. AOW for his service (US Army, 1971-1973)!  The entire front yard, the front fence, the porch, and the wheelchair ramp are decked out. Decorate A Vet also created a driveway for us and built a walkway/scooter-way to the grill area.   It even snowed a bit yesterday.  We are in a Christmas mood here!

When I'm feeling better, I'll be posting a photo essay about our Christmas 2013.


  1. Sleet and freezing rain last night. We didn't lose electrical power, so we're enjoying the view outside. Once daylight arrives, we can see how those outside decorations have fared in this winter blast.

    It's an ice crystals wonderland here and brutally cold for this time of year. See this photo of the crystal wonderland (from WTOP).

    Sick or not, I'm going to try to venture out for a brief grocery run today -- IF I can get down the wheelchair ramp and to the car, that is. This afternoon, it will warm up briefly until temps drop again tonight and stay there for a few days.

  2. Replies
    1. Oops! You have to be registered with Google -- perhaps Google Plus -- to see the graphic. Oh, well.

  3. So glad they decorated before the storm hit! We finally got out yesterday after being iced in for four days.

    I'm looking forward to your photo essay!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, AOW. Your student needs a lesson in tact!! I have been lucky -- no colds or flu so far.

  5. Geting back to the subject of Islam with its Quran. An important question: is the Quran the Word of God or is it a fabrication of a man. Thus, is the Quran the truth or a fiction and a hoax? The jihadists use many verses from the Quran as the Main source of justification for their violence, mayhem and murders. There, the question is clearly given on pages 145 through 157 in THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey in which he wrote a section on the Quran with its self-contradictions. Just two of the many he cited are the following “The Quran differs on whether a day is a thousand years or fifty thousand years in God’s sight’ and “Who was first to believe? Abraham or Moses [Sura 6:14 versus 7:143]? The above is inconsistent and illogical. Further, Morey wrote about “The fact that Judaism and Christianity broke up into different sects was used in the Quran to prove that they are not of God [Suras 30:20-32. 42:13, 14]. Yet Islam has broken up into many warring sects and therefore cannot be true if the Quran is right.” Moreover, Morey in his book shows many more contradictions and absurdities in the Quran, there are and how Muhammad incorporated extra Biblical and Jewish folklore along with pre-Islamic Arabian myth and parts of Zoroastrian and Hindu stories into the Quran. Furthermore, the Muslims claim that “the Quran is the direct, literal word of God unmodified in any way by the Prophet who uttered them at the bidding of God.” Nevertheless, in the book UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet and Eethi Caner has shown that the Quran was modified in the following account on pages 45. “Muhammad felt the need to improve on the words of Allah, since he changed Allah’s wisdom for his own on several occasions. A hadith tells of the nonchalant emendations of Muhammad:’ On a number of occasions he [a scribe] had, with the Prophet’s consent changed the closing words of verses. For example, when the prophet had said ‘God is mighty and wise ‘ Adbollah b. Abi Sarh suggested writing down ‘Knowing and wise’ and the Prophet answered that there was no objection. Having observed a succession of changes of this type, Adbollah renounced Islam on the grounds that revelations, if from God could not be changed at the prompting of a scribe such as himself. After his apostasy he went to Mecca and joined the Qorayshites.’ Other writers reveal that later Muhammad and his people did go war with the Qorayshites and he personally killed Abdollah. Obviously Abdollah knew too much and Muhammad wanted Abdollah’s knowledge to die with him.” In conclusion, the Quran is not only a fiction, it’s also a hoax.

    1. so is the Bible and it is also responsible for countless deaths. just to be fair.

    2. Really? The Bible is responsible for countless deaths? Name them.

  6. Hope you feel better. TONS of my troops and my fellow Sergeants are on sick leave this week. Luckily, I'm doing well because I have so much Global Warming to shovel off my deck.



  7. No one needs a Reason
    To enjoy The Season.

    We have but just one Duty
    To see the Truth in Beauty.

    Time to rest, enjoy your home, read, pet cats, take naps, and nips of brandy, if there's any handy.



  8. The Progressives blogs have become essentially irrelevant! The subjects and the comments there are similar to a comic strip. Unjustly flaunting, and adoring the First Lady, Mocking every headline that Fox News makes, the mocking hostility of every comment made by Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Conservative newspapers . and parodies poking fun at prominent right-wing conservatives and Republicans, and the latest one being Bill O'Reilly. And other disgusting abuse that hey seem to think is funny. Never of course mentioning that the current president has now has something like a 60 percent disapproval rating. Never will they day that! Shall we go through the rest of this BS one turd commentor at a time? Naw, I think that you already get the picture very clearly.
    Say Fox News to the Wicked One , and she is eager scream and to make excuses for the latest decline in President Obama’s popularity, credibility, confidence, and of course his lack of leadership.
    Yes, I guess that it’s true, most radio talk shows come from the right, but virtually all of TV show, new, sitcoms, comedy, late night ralk shows, (excepting, of course, Fox) has bent over for Obama.
    The latest polls show Obama with something like a 39 percent approval and dropping like a rock in the ocean. In addition, Obama carries a huge weight of baggage when it comes to ALL of the recent scandals, led of course by Benghazi, and with Obamacare being a close second. The bottom line: forget the “Progressive Blogs, they are essentially…very irrelevant... The blogs of today are primarily GeeeeZ, and AOW’s! As Obama would say PERIOD!

    Merry Christmas and Get Well Soon Lady, We Need You Here!

    1. Political Junky,
      Thank you for your well wishes -- and the compliments.

      I have a Christmas post queued up for tomorrow, a brief political post queued up for Friday, and a Nincompoopery post queued up for Saturday. I did quite a bit of queuing up in advance because we may have a power outage.

      I will, of course, return to posting more about politics once I feel better and have my Christmas preparations under control. Also, now that Mr. AOW is better and we have a handicapped-equipped van, we have quite a social calendar for Christmas 2013 -- mostly the veterans' community.

  9. Snowing like a banshee here!

    I'll be spending the day digging out in stages before the very low temps arrive tonight.

  10. Wow... I would have never said THAT to a teacher in my day. I suppose that it goes to prove just how far our constitutive lies are falling away, and what was heretofore "public" spaces and behaviours are becoming "privatized".

    1. FJ,
      This particular student, who is actually a conservative and reads NRO every single day, needs to work on his social skills. He didn't realize that his comment, although truthful, was inappropriate and disrespectful. His father, who was present in the classroom at the time, was horrified and stated gruffly, "I will be speaking to him after class." The statement was followed by a glare at his son. **smile**

    2. Whether he is conservative or not isn't the issue anymore. It's that in our Post-Modern society, the Discourse of the Master (commercial advertising) is neither liberal not Conservative, it is a commandment to "Enjoy"!

      In summary (from the linked work):

      Social existence demands, for instance, that we inquire politely after the health of people we don't really care about, that we refrain from telling colleagues what we really think of their work, and that we listen to friends with an attentive expression even when we are bored to tears. The continued existence of the social bond is itself deceipt par excellence. The social bond exists only because we collectively believe that it does, and yet it exists with the pretense of being substantive. This lie at the heart of the social bond is the fundamental constitutive lie, the basis for all the polite, social ties that follow from it.

      ..To refuse to accept the constitutive lie and to despise politicians for it is to disavow the power of the Other, insofar as the constitutive lie explicitly acknowledges the Other's hold over us. But this disavowal, like all disavowals, doesn't make that power go away. Historically, subjects have taken up these lies as a part of their social duty. Today, however, they occasion resentment in subjects, because in being forced to lie, we feel explicitly the demands of the Other - and we feel that we are betraying our private, imaginary enjoyment and thus betraying the imperative to enjoy.

      ...The society of commanded enjoyment does offer us the opportunity to realize this feeling of radicality in action, though few of us actually do. Instead, we remain content with our isolated, private enjoyment and the image of radicality. But the isolation of private enjoyment and its seeming radicality are never as isolated and radical as all that. Recognizing this is the incipience of a politics with more at stake than my private enjoyment, because politics as such can only begin when we realize just how radical we aren't. The command to enjoy does open up this political possibility. However, we don't engage in a radical political activity as long as we remain confident that we are already radical. Instead, we retreat into apathy, and as we do, the public world erodes.

      Welcome to the "Me" generation. I'm radical, I'm hip, and if I'm not enjoying myself, I feel either "guilty" or resentful. ;)

    3. Self Reliance left the building when the TV series "Gunsmoke" ended.

    4. Thersites,
      Whether he is conservative or not isn't the issue anymore.

      There is more to the story, but the rest betrays a professional confidence. So, I can't explain further -- other than to say that I was actually amused.

    5. I'm glad to hear that. In our times, it helps to have a sense of humour. :)

    6. Thersites, I have a question. As your writing is rather confusing (or I am really too tired), are you saying, in essence, that it is a good thing to lie to everyone? That the subtle manipulation of all around you is correct and should be practiced? Or did I miss-read?

    7. Wildstar,
      I look forward to Thersites' response.

      I think that the student might have been trying to express concern. But I don't recall his prefacing his "dump truck" remark with something like "Are you okay?"

      And you know what? I felt as if I'd been "run over by a dump truck." That miserable head cold was coming on, so it wasn't just the events of that morning that made me look disheveled.

      I'll try to look better for the next round of classes. At least my hair isn't gray now! **wink**

    8. i'm saying that all of what we call "society" is based upon a "constitutive lie", which causes us to lie, and others to lie to us in a similar way. I'm also saying that the current generation does not feel compelled to follow the same agreed upon convention (constitutive lie) with regards to social lying, they see it as a burden that detracts from their own ability to completely "enjoy themselves"... for the "Master discourse" of this generation consists of an injunction to them to enjoy themselves as much as possible and as such, does not resonate as loudly with the elder generation... as our "constitutive lie" was to "moderate ourselves"... and not to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. These two different conventions separate the Modern from post-modern ethics.

  11. Was that a Mack truck or a Peterbuilt? Don't worry, my friend. For you it is only temporary. For some of us, we were born that way.

  12. The Progressives are on the run , they can't take the truth

  13. A cold can make you feel so bad, and it seems to drag out forever. Not much you can do medically to get rid of it either.

    Feel better soon.

    Right Truth

    1. I've found that Zyrtek helps. Several months ago, my doctor told me that Zyrtek could help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. I can't take a lot of OTC medications because they raise my blood pressure, but Zyrtek doesn't have that side effect.

  14. How did I spend today? Not combing the web, that's for sure.

    But I haven't resting, either, even though I should have been doing so.

    I had no time whatsoever to rest today. Instead, I spent the day once the sun came up doing the following: shoveling snow for hours, cleaning the cars off (very low temps are arriving tonight), helping Mr. AOW with his bath, changing beds, doing laundry, taking a few photos (which I loaded onto the computer and backed up to DVD), cooking dinner.

    Oh, well, I have only two more days of classes to teach, then Christmas Break (except for giving piano lessons and doing some private tutoring).


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