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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ObamaCare Graphics (And Two Articles To Read)

Signs Going Up In Doctor’s Offices Across Nation: You Aren’t Covered For Us If You’re In Obamacare

No wonder that political cartoons are popping up all over!

Two more below the fold.

Some reading: Exchanges Will Raise U.S. Health-Care Costs by David Goldhill. The last portion of the article:
[T]he exchanges will fit into a long pattern of U.S. health-care policy: They will serve a constituency (a policy triumph) while driving up the cost of care (which will be blamed on external factors).

When Medicare was enacted in 1965, seniors spent about 10 percent of their income on health care and worried about the cost. Today, seniors spend almost double that -- about 17 percent of their income -- on health care and, of course, still worry about cost. Medicare exceeded its budget projections from day one, and its unlimited-entitlement structure led to an explosion in the volume of care. Nevertheless, the program is hailed as a great success in many corners, and its beneficiaries consider it irreplaceable.

The new exchanges will undoubtedly also be hailed as a success -- no matter how much havoc their perverse incentives cause.
Read the entire article HERE.

Also see New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals. The first two paragraphs:
High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/994951f8-5e71-11e3-8621-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz2myf6qw9H

Americans who are buying insurance plans over online exchanges, under what is known as Obamacare, will have limited access to some of the nation’s leading hospitals, including two world-renowned cancer centres.

Amid a drive by insurers to limit costs, the majority of insurance plans being sold on the new healthcare exchanges in New York, Texas, and California, for example, will not offer patients’ access to Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan or MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, two top cancer centres, or Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, one of the top research and teaching hospitals in the country.
Read the entire article HERE.

ObamaCare (aka Affordable Care): Possibly affordable, but curtailed medical care.


  1. I analogize the recent difficulties in gaining access to Obamacare to opening "Pandora's Box". With a reported > 2,000 pages of law and 20,000 pages of regulations the 'evil', contained therein, has yet to even begun to be realized!

    1. Jon: One of the outrages of this is legislators like John Conyers admitted he was too lazy to read what he voted on. He said it was too hard.

    2. Dmarks,
      So zmany in that particular Congress should be brought up on charges of political malpractice!

      Their JOB is to scrutinize, then carefully consider all proposed legislation. Such is that task for which they were elected!

    3. Typo alert! Ignore that "z" adjoined to word "many."

  2. Yet another pending disaster caused by ObamaCare (found via Kid's blog):

    Volunteer fire departments all across the U.S. could find themselves out of money and unable to operate unless Congress or the Obama Administration exempts them from the Affordable Care Act....

    Read the rest here!

  3. More news from the trenches:

    Some frustrated consumers are sending premium payments to insurers who have never heard of them. Others say they will pass up federal subsidies and pay full price through insurers, while still others have given up altogether on the promise of health insurance by Jan. 1....

    More information at the link.

  4. And don't miss THIS: "REALY?? DO they have ANY IDEA .. ANY IDEA, what they sound like?"

    What madness! And the link in this very paragraph that I'm typing right now is from barackobama.com/talk. Sheesh. What kind of governance is this?

  5. Fantastic Cartoons! MESS of a bill!
    I feel so sorry for so many people; and that could be my next year if my employer's insurance costs go up so high they can't afford to insure us employees. And to think of having to stoop to Obama Care because we MUST? Which is happening to a LOT of people. HOW hideous.

  6. A bit off topic, but please if I may.
    I would like to say a word or two about the lowest is the low on the left who have been harassing Free Thinke, only because they have been following the will and the audacity off their leader, the queen of slime.
    Free Thine , please know that WE love you no matter what those idiots say And that you are ALWAYS welcome on these Conservitive blogs.
    Love goes in both direction, and I know very wl that there is. NO love over there, but only hate.
    Thank you Geeeze for allowing this comment to stay .

  7. Thank you AOW, sorry bout that .

  8. The Racist Right always attacks Obama for acting like a President should! So What Else Is New!

  9. EzzZee is a black supremacist racist... or a white troll acting like one.

    Anyway, I strongly disagree that his destroying healthcare is acting like a President should.

    Anon said: "the queen of slime."

    Again with the obsession...

    1. Dmarks,
      EzzZee is a black supremacist racist... or a white troll acting like one.

      I know.

      Sometimes I let such comments stand for entertainment purposes. All that such comments is worthy of is derision.

  10. Hi Always I think more than enough Americans now think that obamacare is a disaster and that obama lied. Yet can you change course, is there any will to change course, let alone the means. I'm disappointed and sad at how things are going in your country.

    Hope you have been well and have a very merry Christmas.

    1. MK!

      So glad to see you!

      A lot of Americans want to change course, but I'm not sure that we have a majority of Americans dedicated to doing so. IMO, the 2014 mid-term elections will tell the tale. If things aren't turned around, the middle class will be destroyed.

      It's an Orwellian world right now.

      I had a bit of a medical problem this year, but the problem is better now.

      Mr. AOW and I are having such a Merry Christmas this year.

      Please stop by again, MK.

      And Merry Christmas to you!


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