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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silencing Voices

(hat tip to Jihad Watch)

CAIR/ISNA spokeswoman:
Media in the US is very gullible...If you have something to say, especially as a Muslim, they'll come running to you. Take advantage of that!
If you have a few minutes, please watch the following video, which includes a panel with two anti-Islamist Muslims:


  1. The tactic of loudly defaming and discrediting critics and opponents is not unique to Islamists. It is a timeworn method applied by sneering cynics, dissidents, disaffected minorities, self-righteous would-be reformers, malcontents and revolutionaries of every stripe.

    It is the essence of Critical Theory as formulated and fostered by the Frankfurt School. It is the essence of Leftist Historical Revisionism, of bomb throwers, troublemakers, and self-styled Messianic figures. Saul Alinsky was, perhaps, one of its most successful practitioners. His "work" has had a HORRIFYING effect on our society.

    It is hardly UNIQUE to the Jews, but the Jews have had enormous success in using repeated, highly vociferous cries of "ANTI-SEMITISM!" to stifle and silence any discussion at ALL that might even tend to question the role Jewish Intellectuals and Show Business Entrepreneurs have played in bringing about our current decline as a people and as a nation.

    Today we call it POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and we enjoy ascribing these deplorable tactics to Radical Muslims, because we regard them as 'fair game," but there are so many OTHER self-identified splinter factions -- Jews and Negroes extremely prominent among them -- that one DARES NOT CRITICIZE or try to hold ACCOUNTABLE, because we have been virtually HYPNOTIZED into accepting the notion that Caucasian Christians -- particularly prosperous PROTESTANT Christians -- deserve to be relegated to the status of PARIAH in this Brave New Politically Correct World which has been predicated on vicious LIES, CRAFT, DECEIT, MANIPULATION of SELECTED "FACTS," and the full intent not merely to OPPOSE the Ol Establishment but to ANNIHILATE it.

    This is what happens when a people is persuaded to allow alien mentalities to be regarded as "equal," and be shamed into rolling over and playing dead for INTELLECTUAL AGGRESSION implemented via a COURT SYSTEM now packed to the gills with powerful representatives of ALIEN modes of thinking highly ANTITHETICAL to the established norms and cherished customs and mores of the vast majority.

    So, please bear that in mind while you fear Radical Islam. It is RADICALISM, ITSELF -- of ANY kind -- we must fear -- and FIGHT.

    We've been seduced and bullied into adopting a SUICIDAL COURSE of action.

    It not "bigotry" to stand up for yourself and your own kind. It's called MANLINESS, COURAGE, INTEGRITY and SANITY.

    Just let us stop letting these crafty, scheming, essentially vicious aggressors -- and the dupes who follow them subserviently -- STOMP all over US, as though we were VERMIN who had NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to stand in THEIR WAY.

    Remember THEIR way is OUR own BACK YARD.

    1. I do not think AOW fears radical Islam. Moreover, if she did, it would not appear to be an unwarranted fear. I am not certain that I understand the point you are making about radicalism. The founding of our nation was very much a measure of radical ideas, followed by numerous radical actions, and we might even suggest that giving up one’s life for someone or something he or she believes in is radical behavior —back during the revolutionary period, and now. I’ll even make the argument —for its own sake, that standing up for one self is a form of radicalism, as seen through the eyes of a leftist. And so I wonder why you view radicalism as the problem, rather than its opposite number, passivism. For it seems to me that our passivity has brought forth political correctness and timidity, and these combine to prevent us from confronting those with whom we disagree.

    2. I did not accuse AOW of being "afraid" of anything, but having been a frequent, long time participant at this blog, I am well aware that the perceived threat of radical Islam is often uppermost in her mind.

      My point, however, is that many OTHER forms of bullying through vilification, sneering condescension, unswerving insistence on the "righteousness" of one's (generally unpopular) cause, and a granitic refusal to entertain even palpable evidence that one might, indeed, be wrong, while characteristic of radical Muslims is a tactic often used used and shared by other dissident, undesirable, increasingly obnoxious, rebellious and aggressive pressure groups.

      One may be a "radical" and still be one of the "good guys," [most of the great artists were radicals in pursuit of perfection through the medium of their creative work, for instance], but whether the racialism is justified or not all depends in whose ox is being gored, as the saying goes -- and later by the results it has achieved.

      I think at present WHITE CHRISTIANS have a compelling need to "radicalize" THEMSELVES in defense against myriad forces, identified above, that have by stealth, deception, specious argumentation, shamelessly playing on the sympathies of bored, angry women, born or married into positions of wealth and privilege but little power, and sheer dogged persistence upended and overturned the Old Establishment and effectively bullied it into crying "UNCLE!"

      These pushy, incredibly presumptuous, formerly dissident elements, instead of providing "liberty, equality and fraternity" for all, have succeeded in becoming our "New Ruling Class." They are far more tyrannical, unfair, exploitative, self-serving and destructive to the best interests and future prospects of the Individual than King George III ever dreamed of being.

      The Founders were, of course, "radicals," but THEY fought for a noble set of Ideals and Principles designed to improve the prospects of all citizens -- a much greater cause than the politics of Revenge and Retribution indulged in by the vicious conquerors of old and the petty parochial concerns of the angry mob Mercy Freaks and Grievance Junkies who plague us today with their ersatz outrage, and their conjured up "issues" which they shamelessly exploit for the sole purpose of gaining political leverage.


    3. FT,
      There certainly are many OTHER forms of bullying (for which I have less than usual tolerance for during the Christmas Season) besides what the sons of Allah do. Fortunately -- at least, so far -- these other bullies aren't flying airplanes into buildings.

      Even more dangerous than violent jihadists are the stealth jihadists -- much along the lines of cultural Marxism. Boiling a frog works!

  2. Indeed there are many kinds and forms of political correctness, all as dangerous as the others.

    Individuals, repeat, individuals standing up for themselves is manly and courageous. It is what ultimately will save civilization, if it has a chance at being "saved."

  3. We seem to have to reinvent the obvious. The Moslem right to religious freedom ends precisely at that point where my freedom to live my life as I see fit begins. I am heartened to finally see Moslems standing up against the extremist mantra (which seems to include CAIR), but there does remain one problem. Islam teaches that treachery is honorable when undertaken in the name of Allah. The Qur’an says this. Communities are established on the basis of shared goals and aspirations, on trust … so we must ask, how is it possible to trust people who believe that treachery is a viable behavior? Until the Moslems repudiate the radical tenets of the Qur’an, then we cannot trust those who live among us because they pose a danger to the security of the community.

    1. Sam,
      Islam teaches that treachery is honorable when undertaken in the name of Allah. The Qur’an says this. Communities are established on the basis of shared goals and aspirations, on trust … so we must ask, how is it possible to trust people who believe that treachery is a viable behavior?

      Aye, there's the rub!

      As I have blogged innumerable times, yearning for the caliphate extends to even "moderate Muslims," and they have often so admitted.

  4. Robert,
    I do not think AOW fears radical Islam.


    However, I am weary to the bone with the whitewash of Islam, Islamophilia, and "ostriching." Furthermore, such denials are expressions of weakness as far as Moslems are concerned.

  5. If you dare to do or say anything against muslims, you are an islamophobe. If you do or say anything against obummer, ghetto scum or any liberal, you are a racist. I have turned a deaf ear to all the BS. I actually feel honored when I piss one of them off.

    Political correctness is the REAL problem. Sweeping shit under the rug will never make it go away. I refuse to go along with the PC world. A spade is a spade. A lie is a lie. A liberal is an idiot. Same sex is NOT OK, and people that have that lifestyle are NOT gay, they are queers or faggots. Those words are still in my vocabulary. A nigger is NOT a person of any particular color. They are people with an attitude. Some like Jesse, Al, and Barack just happen to be black, but I can name off many whites that are just as bad.

    As far as I am concerned, islam is not so much a religion as it is a cult. The pervert that you aren't supposed to draw or talk badly about is still the cult leader even after being dead for hundreds of years--quite remarkable actually.

  6. Islam teaches that treachery is honorable when undertaken in the name of Allah.


    Taqiyya is a dispensation to deny the faith in order to avoid serious persecution or death and was primarily practiced by Shias to avoid persecution b Sunnis.

    1. Taqiyya is a dispensation to deny the faith in order to avoid serious persecution or death and was primarily practiced by Shias to avoid persecution b Sunnis.

      Fear not, Ducky … I will not attempt to prevent you from displaying your ignorance. Actually, Taqiyya is widespread throughout Islam to conceal one’s true intentions and beliefs. It is sanctioned among those who, in revealing their faith, place their safety into question or jeopardize the secret mission that they have been assigned. It is also regarded as trickery, cloaking one’s true intentions by half-truths as opposed to outright lies, and it is a technique of deception inherent to Islamic statecraft. Terrorism is an element of statecraft. That you do not know these things is not surprising to me, but that you continue to show your ass is mildly entertaining.

  7. The Moslem right to religious freedom ends precisely at that point where my freedom to live my life as I see fit begins.

    That can be said about most anyone. It's called a conflict of interest and is a universal feature of modern life with the resolution currently going to the wealthy and powerful.

    Your armchair Libertarianism is worthless.

    1. So is your brain, but we put up with it anyway ...

    2. Up this way it is pit bulls and armed halfwits, not moslems.

  8. I couldn't make it all the way through. RagHeads, in general, are stealthy, sneaky, unpredictable and are NOT to be trusted. I'd like to see them interdicted from infesting Western Society any further and while they're at it take their hatred and pseudo religion back to their miserable desert! I don't care what some "garden variety" Liberal might think of what I just said!

  9. The bogeyman and the unknown will ALWAYS be feared. If one does not exist for a time most certainly one will be constructed. Creating fear in the masses insures the master (the ruler or the state) will retain the power.

    It worked in 1930's and 40's Nazi Germany.

    1. I highly recommend your reading and throughly digesting the contents of my short essay entitled ENEMETICS. It was published at my blog in 2012. Shouldn't be hard to find with a little patience and perseverance.

    2. HERE is the direct link to your essay"Enemetics." We see all sorts of manifestations of enemetics!

      The problem with Islam, of course, is that the later verses of the Koran are filled with enemetics and, according to some schools of thought, abrogate the earlier, more peaceful verses. In many ways, this "new testament" of Islam is the reverse of the New Testament of Christianity.

  10. RN’s statement is 100% correct. On the other hand, if people really are trying to do you harm, then you aren’t paranoid. Even if there is a smattering of paranoia, then we have to conclude that it’s reasonable.

  11. It is those Moslems community (and other third world societies wanting attention all the time that is the problem.
    If the media just stop giving those pro-moslems and moslems all the unnecessary amount of attention, perhaps the world would be more peaceful again.


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