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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Musical Interlude

Additional information below the fold:

The lyrics are from an oratorio, and they are latin. They have been used by Saint-Saƫns, Bach, and Schubert.
Tollite hostias,
et adorate Dominum
in atrio sancto eius.
Laetentur coeli,
et exultet terra
a facie Domini,
quoniam venit.
It is a Biblical passage, Psalm 95 (96):9-13.
Bring offerings
and worship the Lord
in His holy habitation.
Let the heavens rejoice
and the earth exult
in the presence of the Lord, for He comes.


  1. Worldly old Saint-Saens -- most often a showy, highly theatrical composer -- shows a tender, unexpectedly reverent side to his nature in this work. Just lovely! Thanks.


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