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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post. For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Obama biography, required reading, tells fourth-graders that white Americans are racists

Strange consequence of illegible penmanship?

The Hidden Marriage Penalty in Obamacare: Childless couples and empty nesters pay more. Much more

Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million

Revealed: Obamacare plans will cost MORE 'in many cases' even with government subsidies, officials admit for the first time

Company White House Awarded No-Bid Contract To Build Obamacare Exchange Previously Mishandled More Than 20 Government IT Projects

FCC to police news media, question reporters in wide-ranging content survey

Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects giant middle finger statue [spotlight included]

Toddler Taj Mahal: City spends $40,000 per student to build pre-K school

Germany: Babies can be registered as neither sex

Obama Admin Illegally Pays Out $29 Million For Prescriptions, $91 Million For Other Healthcare For Illegals

Sebelius Exempts Health Exchanges from Anti-Fraud Standards

List: The 27 Senate Democrats Who Lied To Americans About Keeping Their Health Plans Under Obamacare

Private consultants [in March and April] warned of risks before HealthCare.gov’s Oct. 1 launch [WaPo]


  1. Democrats just proved themselves the biggest freaken hypocrites on the planet. Back when Bill Frist was Senate majority leader some were urging him to change the filibuster rule to get Pres Bush's judicial appointments through. The Dems were stalling appointments of very good choices simply because they were Bush's. Frist refused. All the Dems gave big speeches about how the filibuster protected the rights of the minority etc etc. One of them went on to be the first mulatto president.
    Fast forward to today. Dems change the rule. Minority rights? Who gives a crap?
    Dems are the biggest freaken hypocrites on the planet.

    If democrats weren't total ftraken hypocrites, they'd police their own better, too. If you are so truly concerned about integrity and character, you'd denounce the liars, cheats, pedophiles, and other assorted perverts, as well as drug abuses in your own party. Hey, why don't you demonstrate your integrity, start at the top, call for the impeachment of the unqualified, lying sack of crap you all managed to put into the White House? Go on, show us how it's done

  2. The Gallanwarrior is right. It just makes me want to barf.

  3. Reid is a moron if he believes that Republicans won't change filibuster rules the minute they win a majority. But then again, Reid id a moron anyway!

  4. "Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million"

    I've been asking this question for a while now.

    (1) Our unfunded liability alone is around $125,000,000,000,000 and mounting.

    (2) Our annual Gross Domestic Product is around $15,000,000,000,000.

    (3) Our annual tax revenue is around $2,500,000,000,000 and is exceed by spending

    Now, to put this in somewhat of a perspective; if the Federal Government ever wanted to set reserves for such liability and, in so doing, used every dollar of annual tax revenue , at the current rate of collection it would take 50 years . That means, of course, all other Federal spending would cease.

    Now, the question: Since this liability will do nothing but increase, with little hope of being paid down and no hope of ever being paid off, how will the American Dollar remain the World's Reserve Currency? It is reported that in 2008 the United Nations valued the United States @ $118,000,000,000,000. Our National Debt + Unfunded liabilities = about $ 142,000,000,000,000. Most any other organization would be looking at receivership!

  5. Do you think that Martin Luther King would be happy with Barack Obama as his president? I doubt it!
    But then again, why is that Commie Martin Luther King so respected, worshiped, adores and idolized?
    Every January, the media go into a kind of almost spastic frenzy of adulation for the so-called "Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr." King has even had a national holiday declared in his honor, an honor accorded to no other American, not Washington, not Jefferson, not Lincoln. (Washington and Lincoln no longer have holidays -- they share the generic-sounding "President's Day.") A liberal judge has sealed the FBI files on King until the year 2027. What are they hiding? Let's take a look at this modern-day plastic god.
    Born in 1929, King was the son of a Black preacher known at the time only as "Daddy King." "Daddy King" named his son Michael. In 1935, "Daddy King" had an inspiration to name himself after the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. He declared to his congregation that henceforth they were to refer to him as "Martin Luther King" and to his son as "Martin Luther King, Jr." None of this name changing was ever legalized in court. "Daddy" King's son's real name is to this day Michael King.
    There comes a time when you just get sick of it all. Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan are two more race pimps similar to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton...

    And why isn’t Ben Carson a Black Role Model ?
    Why? Why not? I should ask: why isn't he accepted, and promoted by black leaders ? The man came from humble beginings, and through perseverance, and application has gained national recognition - no doubt benefitting many of lives along the way! I think he is a great role model for all, and represents the best of America.

  6. Germany: Babies can be registered as neither sex

    I think this is a good move. It only pertains to children born with sexual organs of both sexes, male and female. Too often parents are pressured by physicians (or the physicians are pressured by the parents), to choose whether the child is male or female. This means that surgery is often done on the baby/child early in life.

    Too many lives have been ruined by this haste. Time should be taken to do proper testing etc. so the right decision is made.

    There is a lot of pressure, because the first question people ask is "is it a girl or boy".

    Right Truth

    1. Debbie,
      Do you happen to know the rate of such births? I've heard of such situations, of course, but have never personally encountered anyone having to make the decision that you mentioned.

  7. sometimes I would rather not know what is going on in this insane world AOW!..God help us all.............

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What do you think about Obama's bitch Harry Reid and fellow Democrats and the abuse of the filibuster a Washington tradition for over a 200 year Senate tradition?
    Liberals are traitors, they want to change the rules so that it fits their cause. It's not just obamacare it's been the whole obama presidency, in this latest case it’s Harry Reid Changing the Filibuster rules.
    So new we’ll see even more power for the inept Obama dictatorship.
    So, I guess the minority should just be trampled on whenever it suits you? Maybe my memory is just selective, but I don’t remember President Bush using the authority and constitutionally derived power of his office to attack the other party at any time during his time in office. Oh, I’m sure he said a comment or two that could be considered that way, but never as an active and concentrated policy. For some reason having the President act this way comes off as rather tyranical- isn’t this the type of stuff they do in poor improvised brutal dictatorships? Obama has no regard for the law, or our Constitution none! The Democrats crammed Obamacare down the throats of American citizens, by arm twisting, bribes, and whatnit behind closed doors, without a single Republican present.. Wait and see what the communists, pro-terrorists, socialists, and other misfits that will now be appointed to the courts by Obama. Obama already acts like a dictator, ignoring and bypassing federal laws at will.
    This out of touch President deserve to get fired.
    Why are the liberal socialist Democrats going to get routed in the fall?
    Ever notice how every crappy self serving president is a Democrat?
    Progressives are, at their core, self-absorbed bullcrap artists. They are convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, and above all, take whatever action they feel necessary to achieve whatever goal they decide needs to be achieved.
    When the Republican's take back the presidency in 2016, the new Republican President needs to repeal and overturn every executive order that Obama signed. Remember, paybacks a bitch and trust me, it will happen.

  10. Let’s pretend that you’re president and it is time to nominate someone for a federal judgeship. Remember, you are about to make a lifetime appointment (which, I think, only encourages assassination). You aren’t all that popular in the Congress, for reasons that are irrelevant to this discussion. You are thinking of nominating Sarah Palin to the 9th US Circuit Court. You were impressed by her final grade on a recently completed matchbook course, Paralegal 101.

    Since you mentioned your intention to nominate Palin, your Chief of Staff has been having serious attacks of gastroenteritis; his consumption of Twinkies is not helping his condition, and he’s even begun shoving meth crystals up his nose. In desperation, he barges into the oval office, sits down without being invited to do so, and says, “Listen to me. Why not ask the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Judiciary Committee to form a selection committee. You send them a list of 12 or 14 people, have them select three that they all could live with, and then you select one from the three as your official nominee … That way, everyone has a say, everyone is a plank owner, Sarah’s feelings won’t be hurt, and best of all … with nothing to report on Fox News, we can all turn our cable TV sets to Discovery and watch Cops engage in shoot-outs with the remnants of Jesse Jackson’s family on Chicago’s South Side.”

    It occurs to me that if you were president, even one as bad as Obama, and you took this advice, there would not be any gridlock in the Senate regarding judicial appointments and you’d be so popular that you might even be able to run for a 3rd term (since it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says anyway).

    1. Mustang,
      Do most Americans today realize that "gridlock" is actually one of the principles deliberately upheld so that the administration in power can't move too fast? Governance is supposed to include thoughtful deliberation and not the passing of a bill "so that you can find out what's in it." After all, we are living in a nation of people who adore and constantly seek instant gratification and endemic ADD.

      At more than one Leftist site, I have recently seen great praise for Reid and the Democratic Party because they are preventing "obstruction." Were the GOP to be putting a conservative agenda on the fast track, the Left's screams would fill the air.

      It's hard to watch what is America is becoming.

  11. Its funny how all of a sudden liberals start caring about the Constitution, so long as it benefits their guy. How pathetic is that?
    If I were Reid, I would be very selective how and when I used the N.O.
    The GOP WILL soon have a Senate majority, a House majority and the Oval Office. Whachagonnadothen, Harry?


  12. I am CERTAIN that the Liberal Media tried REALLY tried hard to find that these Pack of Thugs who were doing these “Knock Out Attacks” to Jews were White! But I’m sorry to report that they were ALL Blacks...

    And why has it been so long and hard to claim these needless attacks as "hate crimes."?

    Does that mean these thugs are equal opportunity degenerates?

  13. Sick Of All Of You Cons.November 24, 2013 at 9:03:00 AM EST

    Hey all you sicko’s. Mrs. Michelle Obama IS the First Lady of the United States (for a 2nd term). In that regard, your opinions really don't matter...Ugly or not you can NEVER take that away from her. Deal with that lol!

    The posting of obviously photo shopped pictures is just pathetic and tasteless. even in your silly, petty, childish attempt to humiliate the 1st Lady, you FAIL because her outer beauty and style is admired.

  14. Lol @ the douche defending an ugly worthless woman, who spends her days being an elitist. Thinking that she knows better than the rest of the country, spending more time on what kids are eating in school, when our country is in the shiter. She's probably the ugliest African American I've ever seen and really doesn't deserve to clean the white house floors. Then again Obama shouldn't be a president either.. But that's political isn't it. I love when people defend popular figures as if they have some kind of connection to them.
    Some people's beauty is on the inside, and some people have theirs on the outside. Michelle Obama has neither. She is a racist, and hates my country, she hates everything that America stands for. So I have nothing but contempt for her. Grow up . She's gross.

  15. Headline! Iran Nuclear Deal Reached At Geneva Talks

    So, OBAMA gave them sanction relief before a single facility was dismantled.
    For once the French were smarter than we were.
    And they’ll be back at this in six months? Isn’t that special?
    These politicians aren’t stupid in one way, they’re stupid and incompetent in every imaginable way.

    But….. So are the people who voted for him.

    This means that Iran is within six months of having enough weapons grade material to produce a bomb.

  16. "Headline! Iran Nuclear Deal Reached At Geneva Talks"

    I thought Neville Chamberlain died long, long ago!

  17. One portion from the above link: [The Saudi prince said that the Arab states would actually back an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities...

  18. "Arab states would actually back an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities..."

    And it's my understanding that Israel is, in no way, bound by the "Deal".


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