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Sunday, November 10, 2013



Proof positive of idiocracy — at Northeastern Illinois University:

More information HERE.

More proof of idiocray (hat tip to Bloviating Zeppelin):

"Mizled"? Are you kidding me?

At the University of Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Please take a moment to look at the list of distinguished alumni of Omicron Delta Kappa.


  1. Only goes to prove that Idiots rule America
    Because Americans are idiots. And I say that as an American.
    But we must stop blaming the politicians, and blame ourselves, we are responsible for who is ruling America, we put them in office.

    Obama Says He's “Sorry” Do you believe he's sorry? I surely don’t! I think that you would have to be absurd to believe anything that he says these days! I always try to be optimistic, and believe what someone tells me, but it is getting harder and harder these days, when our president gets the repetition of lying to the country more often then telling the truth.
    And now we have the election of another “progressive” Bill De Blasio as New York City’s new Mayor. Just how long do you think it’s going to take to see a rise in crime in New York, and all the usual problems that have afflicted other cities like Chicago and Detroit where people such as Bill De Blasio have taken over..De Blasio is a Communist like Obama and Dave Bing.. The term “progressive” is just another way of saying Commie. Does the name Rahm Emanuel come to mind?
    It’s obvious that the political demographics of the voters has changed in these big Cities, and the most serious threat that it brings with it is to open the doors for the millions of illegal aliens and grant amnesty these millions of illegal aliens. Obama has made it known that’s one of his major goals and his agenda other than the destruction of America’s economy That could and would elect Democrats or “Commies” for a long time to come.

  2. One day of nimcompoopery isn't enough, is it?

    1. Jim,
      These "bloopers" were just too hilarious not to post front and center.

  3. The poor woman cannot read a teleprompter.

    Myzeled? My first thought was that she meant to say "muzzled", not misled.

    *Reminds me of a friend of my parents who was a "Reverend Cobb". He had weekly radio program in Alice, Texas. One day, he signed off as "Brother Clobb". Did it to himself. His wife never let him live it down.



    1. Well, as you may know, I am something of a stickler for correct grammar, good usage, and correct pronunciation, but when I was young, every time I saw the word, I pronounced it MISSILED -- as in an attack by an ICBM. ;-)

      It's rarely said aloud in ordinary conversation, so it just never occurred to me it cold be pronounced any other way. This misconception sat in my head for years till finally one day I learned how wrong I had been to ASSUME that I knew the right way to say it,

      Needless to say I've never forgotten the lesson, and have made it a point to look up just about everything I have the slightest doubt about ever since -- a good practice I highly recommend.

      But -- like Dan Quayle's famous gaffe about "potatoe" -- it's a forgivable error and one which in the interests of fairness we shouldn't make too much of.

      After all, we still have George W's "stragery" and "misunderestimate" to live down in "our" camp.

    2. FT,
      GWB certainly has his share of malapropisms -- some of them Texas dialect perhaps.

      But surely the woman knows how to pronounce "misled." Surely! She got tongue-tied most likely. Why didn't she laugh it off with something like "What did I just say? I need more coffee" or even "The GOP is driving me so crazy that I can barely speak"? As one who speaks nearly all day long in the classroom, when I commit a blooper, I crack a joke.

    3. Tammy,
      Classic blooper from years ago: "And now the President of the United States: Heeber Hoovert!"

      Yes, that one came over the air (radio).

    4. As a chronic mispronounce-r, I do feel a little sorry for her- but really, she should crack a joke or something. Have people laugh with you, not at you.

      My worst blunder (that my family will NEVER let me live down) was calling the dragon from The Hobbit 'Smoog.' Sheesh, not even close...

    5. Wildstar,
      I can't feel sorry for her! At her level of play, such an egregious error should never have happened. Does she even know that she made that mistake?

      I fail to understand how she could read the word "misled" by uttering garble that is not even a word!

  4. Unfortunately I had just eaten breakfast prior seeing Debbie-
    Wasserman-Schultz, a couple of hours ago. It's taken all this time for me to clean off my screen and key board.

  5. I don't know which one of them bothers me more. I just cannot stand to watch them anymore.

  6. I had seen the 'Lincoln' one somewere before and Idiocracy takes care of that one.

    Unlike JonBerg, I couldn't bring myself to watch the DWS debacle because -- as Bunkerville pointed out -- I just cannot stand to watch HER anymore.

  7. Oh my word!! It's a good thing there was a warning about spewing!! E-gads! This is so shameful and downright embarrassing.

  8. I usually avoid watching Wasserman Schultz. But the video is less than 30 seconds long and hilarious. Really.

  9. Lincoln, the Democrat? I bet they think the KKK were a bunch of Republicans. Perhaps they believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a militia right-wing NRA guy.

    1. Jason,
      Don't universities have proofreaders? Are the proofreaders so dumbed down that they didn't pick up on the error (revisionism)?

      And what about the engraver of the sign? No sense there either?

  10. MIZLED? THAT IS HILARIOUS. By the way, is she on teleprompter, too? one READS it incorrectly...one doesn't SAY MIZLED unless one is READING IT; see what I mean? Seriously! You're led, and then MISled.........she knows that. She was READING..how is that? You get my point?

    By the way, I loved when Beamish called her Debbie WasserPERSON Schultz so's not to be too sexist :-)

    1. Z,
      It's a real "Sunday Funny," isn't it? A major leader of the Democratic Party can't read? LOL!

  11. I never cared much for Wasserman Schultz, I'm not sure Obama cares much for her either. They are too much alike.

    Right Truth

  12. @Jason --- I bet they think the KKK were a bunch of Republicans.

    I think they were a bunch of Dixiecrat crackers who split from the Democratic Party when the Civil Rights Act passed and formed the core of the "Southern Strategy".

    1. A Dixiecrat is a Democrat. Of course, the KKK was essentially dead by the time Nixon picked up the southern vote. Although Jimmy Carter won the south in 1976 and Clinton split the south. In any case, it's good to see you're still kicking around. Best regards ... J

  13. That's like some George Orwell re-education concentration camp stuff right there. I had read the story but not seen the plaque.



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