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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post somewhat shorter than usual as explained in my post of October 11 and my post of October 18. For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Exclusive [Reuters]: U.S. official in July feared HealthCare.gov 'crash'

Too Funny: DNC Praises Obama For Pledging To Protect Americans From Obamacare

Honesty doesn't pay off for ex-homeless man

[London] police arrest two over genital mutilation of baby girl who was only around FIVE WEEKS old

Muslim convert [in London] heard chanting that he wanted to kill non-Muslims before trying to kill policemen and firefighters in knife rampage

Woman who Helped UK Soldier Murdered by Muslims, Targeted by Muslims and Police

Larry Summers: Obamacare already better than expected

A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue: The devices would track every mile you drive — possibly including your location — and the government would use the data to draw up a tax bill

7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world


Washington University Students Hold “Racism And Islamophobia” Event After Student Dresses Up As Bin Laden For Halloween

With thanks to Jim of Asylum Watch for providing the link below:

After repeatedly criticizing senators such as Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) over their crusade to defund Obamacare, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called for the “total repeal” of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday. It’s a quick turnaround after the longtime senator, in September, proclaimed that it was “not rational” to think Obamacare could be defunded or repealed


  1. Exclusive [Reuters]: U.S. official in July feared HealthCare.gov 'crash'

    Political Correctness bites the Democrats squarely on the *ss again... but hey... if they don't punish disbelievers, who will?

  2. As we head into the holiday season, when families will get together and trade stories of the personal turmoil they’ve experienced thanks to the president and his Democratic allies. Very few will share happy tales of satisfaction with Obamacare or anything else the president is doing right now. What will be thr topic of conversation at your Holiday table? Will it be that Obama is the most over-rated man to ever hold the Office of President.
    Will it be that President Obama is the first U.S. president supported terrorism, especially in the Middle East? What happen in Syria, is only the beginning.
    Or will it be Obamacare? For me it will be that I just can’t wait for the total collapse of Barack Obama’s regime! This President knows very little and has few real life experiences. His education and work experience was due solely to affirmative action and rise to political power was due to multiple incidents of lying and cheating, PERIOD..
    This Marxists administration will never have this opportunity again to implement their vision of "transforming" America. This is their moment, their only chance, so don't expect them to ever give up Obamacare, because they won't. In fact, I predict they will double down on it, and attempt to turn the whole disaster into single payer, universal healthcare. So don’t expect the Miracle of it being overturned, it’s not going to happen. Obama is back to the old Marxist Game plan. , it's not new, everybody has already seen it before,
    Nobody but the Progressive moonbats are buying it and it produces nothing but conflict and anger.

    It’s that same old, same old was formerly known as "hope and change" and "yes we can". Lots of good luck selling that garbage to a public that already knows the game, and who have already suffered through it..
    This is just another continuing example of an inept president who does not accept any responsibility for anything and is one of the continuing drama in his search for finding someone to blame...this time it's the insurance companies who have spent the last three years trying to design health insurance policies to conform to his law (ObamaCare). Oh, and let's not forget the people who actually believed him when he made the claim dozens of times people could keep their personal healthcare policies if they liked them and their doctors. Mr. Obama has managed to apologize for nothing; he's only sorry you believed him and he got caught in another lie; that is one thing that is consistent about our president: he lies about everything, both large and small. And he never stops lying. Anyone silly and naive' enough to believe actually get what they deserve, don't they?
    And if you thing that things are bad enough. just wait till the entire part of Obamacare kicks in. When the IRS ACA commissars start inspecting your finances without ANY judicial oversite, the stench of ObamaCare is already amongst us. And every Democrat who voted for it should be hanging their heads in shame. But, as Hillary would say:
    "What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make Now!".

    1. Templar Kormac,

      I noticed last week that the Dems whom I see on a regular basis at work looked mortified. No wonder! Their "messiah" is an epic failure. What's more, they see that they aren't going to escape the tyrannical suppression. Perhaps they've seen what's going to happen to their health-insurance plans.

  3. Good post Templar Kormac, your analysis of Obama is 100 percent correct.,

  4. Johnny RINO is now calling for a full repeal of ObamaCare???


    1. Jim,
      I have added that link to the body of the blog post. Thanks!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Did you hear the one about the two Democrat Congressmen on their way to read ObamaCare? Me neither.

    1. Political malpractice! Most of Capitol Hill didn't even read the bill. Sheesh.

  7. These Progressive ideologues believe in their lying tactics

    Make the Lies Big and…Repeat them often!

    And the next time around, whey anyone thinks about voting for Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton, let us NOT forget about .. 1) Her Ugly Part in the Benghazi Cover Up!
    And 2) her relationship with Huma Abedin, and her family having Muslim Brotherhood ties

  8. Twice in his news conference Obama said "I'm not stupid" and suggested he never would have told people how easy the web site was to use if he had known. That raises the question, if he's "not stupid" then he must be incompetent and isn't that just as bad?

    1. Mike,

      You'll love my post for tomorrow. The graphic illustrates perfectly Obama's "leadership" style!

  9. Michelle "Fat-Ass" Obama - Fakes 37% of her Twitter Followers
    She's a freaking con artist, just like her sleazy-assed husband ... But then again I guess it's not too surprising. Her husband got elected with the help of thousands of “fake voters”.
    The bunch of monkeys that follow The "First Wookie" can't read, write or ever even hope to be able to use a computer. The video voting machines in their districts have Cartoon Pictures to pick from instead of names on a list. You have to Spoon Feed 90% of the Libslime on the planet to get them to understand anything, and most of these issues by nature are too complex for them to grasp. They even charge their donation to his campaign with their EBT cards.

    Sad but true.

  10. The truth is out on ObamaCare, and guess what? Once again we were right. And You, as always, were wrong. Nothing new here, most of you libs always really believed ObamaCare would be a panacea to fix what’s wrong with health care in America, Not that we needed an over-all fix. but hat’s what you do. You believe anything that spews out of the mouths of your Messiahs Fat lips, even when its obvious that it’s another absolute obvious lie

    1. Most of the libtard still may not believe the reality staying them in the face. And the hardcore Left wanted ObamaCare to fail so as to bring about single payer.

      I have never denied that there needed to be several repairs to the health-insurance industry -- repairs to benefit consumers and healthcare providers. In fact, I have advocated numerous times for certain reforms.

      The very repairs that were needed were not even included: limitations on medical bankruptcy (Yes, most who go medically bankrupt actually do have insurance) and limitations on tort liability -- to name two repairs so desperately ignored.

      Instead, the ACA went for a total upending. Sheesh. Utopians!

  11. Aahhh, single payer. The whole Obamacare system is by design, to fail, to disintegrate to such a mess so as to blame the insurer corporations. Then the single payer big government system will rise save you all. I live in Canada and I can guarantee you that under such a system you will receive excellent care..... when the system is ready and permitted to give it to you.

    1. Sounder,
      I can't disagree with your comment. There are some Leftist politicians on record as saying that ObamaCare is a step toward single payer.

      Americans will likely accept single payer because the economic impact of ObamaCare will push them there.

  12. It seems the link on Obama and his "care" attracted the comments. However, I think the article genital mutilation of baby girl deserves at least one comment. Isn't sad how Islam perverts so much of Judaism and Christianity?

    It's debatable whether male circumcision does more good or more harm,but female circumcision is clearly mutilation.

    1. Citizen Tom,
      Thank you for noticing the story about FGM being performed on a five-week-old baby girl. That such horrors (Note the statistics in the article in the Daily Mail are happening at all in London, which used to be at least one major center of Western civilization, should shock the West into waking up to the dangers of multiculturalism.

    2. After a year working against FGM in Gabon I found that whatever the effects of male circumcision on the boy, it is harmful to girls because you can't stop FGM supporters from using male circumcision as an excuse. And when some areas banned FGM, the same witch doctors started cutting boys with the same methods and causing hundreds of deaths. The boys who survived were told that it was now impossible to get HIV, and many women believe it too.

  13. Too Funny: DNC Praises Obama For Pledging To Protect Americans From Obamacare

    That's great, but just exactly how the Left rolls. They see no problem with insanity like this

    Right Truth

  14. Replies
    1. Odie,
      I deleted the comment to which you responded.

    2. Odie,
      Yeah. Sorry 'bout that.

      Of course, talking to thin air is more productive that trying to reason with a Leftard or a blog troll.

    3. You're right ... you know they eventually get to me, I get nasty, and then kick the dog.

    4. Odie,
      It's a strange thing. I do have a terrible temper. But I rarely let fly in political discussions. Perhaps because I somehow pity the mentally challenged?

      But I won't hold it against you that you get nasty when confronted by idjits. Well, most of the time.

  15. Everyone knows why obamanomics doesn't work. Because it's socialism and that always fails. Even the democrats knew it will fail but that's what they want. When everyone is dependent on the govt, the dems will win every election.

    I was going to comment on the size of Michelle Obama’s fat butt, but that’s moronic Kumbaya crap, so I decided to let it pass


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