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Monday, June 13, 2011

Video: The Obama Legacy

With a hat tip to AF Ticker for the video below:

Don't allow the Weiner scandal and the inane media obsession with Sarah Palin's emails to distract your from the real issue at hand: Obama must be defeated in 2012.


  1. And we need to be a united front...united for 'anybody but obama' even if some of us don't feel they're conservative ENOUGH.
    We can't have Obama.......this is what our blogs have to fight, and fight HARD.
    And, without that front, we'll lose...ANYTHING is MUCH better than Obama. Please, people...don't risk it.
    i love that video...

  2. "Anybody but Obama"? So, as I suspected, you don't have a coherent platform and you are going to get your head handed to you.

  3. Obama's legacy will be America's destruction. We must defeat him in 2012, and yes, Duck breath, anyone but Obama.

    I'd sooner vote for a ham sandwich than Obama. And I don't even like ham.

    Although, if I had my druthers, I'd druther have Herman Cain as president.

  4. Ducky is wrong, as usual. When a president fails so utterly, so completely as Obama has, you can literally run against him with the platform of, "I'm not THAT guy" and do quite well.

    Only the most hard core leftists, socialists and Obamazobmies will continue to support him.

  5. I don't want to just "vote against" Obama, I want to be able to vote FOR a real, Conservative, candidate for once. Yes anybody but Obama would be better than what we have, but please, we can do better.

    Right Truth

  6. Debbie,
    I completely agree with every word you typed in.

  7. I dont think I can stomach a vid with that title AOW..sad that West isnt running though...........happy Monday my friend!:)

  8. It's his record. He is going to have to run on it, although he will try to divert our attention to some crisis real or imaginary. We must stay focused.

  9. I don't know... as bad as Obama is, there can be worse. just saying 'anyone but him' will get in real trouble real fast. for myself its 'anyone who isn't a socalist/fastist/communist/etc.'
    while I agree a ham sandwitch would be a better president (and a tastier one!), lets get someone who can acually dig us out of this ENORMOUS hole we're in for president.


  10. Great video outlining the Obama legacy, which is destroying America. We will have to get to rebuilding our great nation with a great, new President.

  11. Wildstar,
    As you know from your study of the Constitution, Congress can rein in a President.

    Therefore, in all the frenzy that the we voters to through during a National Election year, we must not neglect to scrutinize the candidates for Congress -- both the House and the Senate.

  12. Of course, in actual fact, the frenzy to choose the GOP candidate has just begun. It's too early to predict who will get the nomination -- even though Romney appears to be leading the pack at the moment.

  13. Oh HELL YEAH! Kick their asses! :+:

  14. Obama doesn't have a legacy to stand on.

  15. The Duckster does have a point. Obama won the election without a coherent platform and without telling Aemerica exactly what he had done by way of experience and exactly what he was going to do in the future. He just said Change and Hope and I am not BUsh and the mindless horde of Democrats lined up to vote for him thinking their bills would be paid.......

  16. AOW well said that is of course always the point of the left distraction...We should call for Weiner's explusion and have a hearing and expell him done in thirty minutes. As for Sarah Palin's emails...my guess they must be boring for it has been 24 hours and nothing nada nunca...

  17. I think 'anyone but Obama' is a brilliant platform. It's simple and effective.

  18. The only thing a setting President can run on is his accomplishments.

    Can anyone name one?

    How about, has he done anything you or anyone else you can think of would want more of? Maybe higher food or fuel prices? More unemployment? More bailouts? More unaccountable Czars? A few more Wars?

    Any one of those 7 Republicans would make a far better President than President Jughead.

    Are there some of them that I don't agree with, you bet there are, but I'll take an 80% over what we have now. The main thing is to get someone in who will dismantle the crap that Obama has put into place so that if for some reason the leftist trash takes office again they can't build on the Socialist agenda for which Obama has started the foundation.

    Now get out there and fight for your candidate but don't trash his Republican opponents. The leftist want us to fight and maybe start a third party. It would be a spoiler, just like Perot ruined the chance for Republican victory when he ran.

  19. We have to do more than just win this election. We need to turn back 50 years of wrong headed thinking. It is a tragedy and a joke that Obama ever even became President. The guy had no experience and apparently his only skill is reading from a teleprompter. We need to rethink how we educate our young so they can challenge the proganda know as main stream media. Main streem media elected this guy by repeatedly telling the public this guy with 100 days of "present" in the Senate was qualified that is like giving someone a Doctorate for attending a few classes..

  20. Ducky is probably no longer reading this thread because his incoherent platform was long ago refuted.

    But I wanted to pint out that Obama got no bounce in polling after the death of Osama and here it is not even less than 2 months later and no one is even talking about it.

    I remember afterwards oh Obama is going to ride this wave into a reelection win. Excuse while I laugh myself silly. Let him try to proclaim credit in a debate with one of these republican candidates. Such a claim will fall flatter than home values or the GDP.......

  21. Blogginator,
    I thought that Obama got a little bounce from the killing of OBL.

    In any case, he has no bounce now.

    I read somewhere that, historically, Americans will not re-elect the incumbent President when the economy is in the dumper.

    Now, I realize that Obama is going to try to pull a smoke-and-mirrors game with the economy's stats. But we "on the ground" know the reality.

    Overall, Obama is looking less and less credible -- and I'm making that statement as objectively as I can.

  22. Warren,
    The leftist want us to fight and maybe start a third party. It would be a spoiler...


    I'm hoping that all who don't want Obama elected to a second term can recognize that FACT.

    BTW, I see that Allen West will not be running for POTUS in 2012. **sigh**

    Any one of those 7 Republicans would make a far better President than President Jughead.

    I'm very wary of Romney -- and not because he is a Mormon. But if Romney is the GOP's opponent to BHO, I'll hold my nose and vote for Romney.

  23. AOW, Holding the nose while voting for Republican candidates is pretty much the criteria the RNC has for selecting the Republican nominee for President. They did it with McCain, and they did it with G W Bush.

    The sad fact is, they don't want a Conservative candidate. They want a "moderate" candidate. As in RINO.

  24. Mark,
    As I said, I will hold my nose and vote for anyone but Obama.

  25. Jackie,
    Even a RINO might go some distance to dig us out of this hole that Obama digs and continues to dig.

    I'd love to see a Third Party candidate, but such a candidate will certainly hand the victory to Obama. **sigh**

  26. He will go down in American history as fighting tooth and nail against jimmy carter for the position of the biggest joke of a president.

    The smart money is not on jimmy.


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