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Monday, June 6, 2011

Video: "Obama Is Lying"

Most know that I'm not particularly a supporter of Sarah Palin. That said, in the short video below, Sarah Palin minces no words (hat tip to Gateway Pundit):

Whomever the GOP chooses as its candidate in 2012 needs to be aggressive in pointing out Obama's lies and misdeeds. Indeed, the GOP should be so doing right now and should be pointing out some of these details, too.

Another video below the fold (hat tip to Mustang of Social Sense):


  1. Of course Obama is a liar, but too many people still follow and believe the MSM, who also lie and act like Obama doesn't. It's an uphill battle! I see progress on our side against this, but not sure if it is enough for 2012.

  2. Beth,
    Definitely an uphill battle!

    However, with the most recent bad news about our ailing economy, perhaps the GOP will realize that opposing Obama now could be to the GOP's advantage.

    In yesterday's WaPo, I read that Obama's advisers are looking to how Reagan managed to win in 1984 even though the economy was in the dumper.

    From that WaPo article:

    ...Those reports [of more economic difficulties] were a further jolt to a president whose overall approval has risen in the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden but whose approval on the economy and the deficit have been, so far, stubbornly resistant to movement. Though described as a “bump in the road,” the latest figures on the economy are likely to force Obama’s advisers to reevaluate how they want to address the issue that continues to dominate the public mood and political environment.

    The president and his team have looked to Ronald Reagan’s presidency as a possible template for their reelection fortunes. During his first two years in office, Reagan weathered a deep recession that sent unemployment even higher than that which the country has experienced during the current downturn.

    In December 1982, 23 months before Reagan’s reelection, the jobless rate hit its recession peak of 10.8 percent. By summer 1984, it was, as the admakers put it, “Morning in America.” Unemployment stood at 7.5 percent — still high enough to cause pain for millions of Americans but better enough to give people a sense of optimism....

    I do look for the Dems' political machine to try to spin the economic statistics. But that may be a dead-end strategy. All of us know people who are in serious economic difficulties. In my own case, I know of at least one family who lost their home.

    Also see Obamaville at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. All the spinning by the Dems won't change the facts that those in the trenches know.

  3. Perfect scenario: Palin continues doing what she is doing without winning the nomination.

    It's a win-win

    She says what needs to be said about Obama but is removed from the candidate.

    Think it's a bad idea? Think back to 2008. This is one of the reasons Obama won. He had operatives saying all sorts of things about McCain (calling him old not so subtly, making fun of his computer skills) while Obama stayed above the fray.

    It went a long way to undermine the public perception of McCain.

  4. Besides being able to apply heat to O, she also draws all the media fire away from other potential nominees. In other words, she is a perfect decoy and that benefits the conservative cause. They dance like puppets because of her.

    By the way not supporting Palin is not the same as being an anti-Palin. Those folks are just mean, vile and nasty and have an obsessive hatred of her. The fact that so many of them mock and attack her children is testament to their depravity.

  5. Of course, the Palin haters will attack her for this, too. They are like a pack of ravenous hyenas.

    From the above linked article:

    "Oddly, while spending the last 3 years telling the American public how irrelevant she is, they’ve covered her more than nearly anyone, with the exception of the 'The One,' President Obama."

    I find that telling.

  6. Miss Death Panels talks about lies, ironic.

    As I say, you have a good chance. The economy is going to stall, he's going to renege on withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq and really lose the left.

    But the Baggers will charge in with the Ryan budget and there go the elderly and moderates, you lose. The Baggers will give this election to Obummer after giving us a lot of entertainment with the pizza man, L'il Ricky Retardo, Sister Sarah and the rest of the clown car riders.

    Romney's your only hope and the evangelicals aren't going to accept a Mormon.

  7. Alligator,
    To clarify....I'm not anti-Palin. I do think that she can serve several good purposes, one of which is to rally the vote against Obama.

    I truly hope that she doesn't run for the Presidency. I don't see her being able to win 51% of the vote. In fact, I know some people who will not vote for her because of the timbre of her voice. Shallow thinking, huh? But that's what the election shows have come to.

  8. Duck,
    Romney's your only hope and the evangelicals aren't going to accept a Mormon.

    I disagree.

    Most evangelicals whom I personally know will overlook Romney's Mormonism.

    That said, Romney has a lot of other political baggage that makes conservatives of all stripes very wary of him. In the near future, I plan to do a post on that topic.

  9. Absolutely correct AOW. I'm an evangelical and every circle I move in, Romney certainly is not our first choice, However, if comes down to it, we certainly have more in common with a Mormon than with a Marxist.

    P.S. I know you are not anti-Palin. My wife is a Palin girl, on the other hand I am leaning towards Cain right now. I think she is doing the most good as a "community organizer" right now.

  10. I will never stop being amazed that leftists, who count among themselves Sen Stewart Smiley, Barack Obama, Joe "the gaffe machine" Biden, Dennis Kucinnich, Al Gore, and now Anthony "stiff" Weiner make fun of Sarah Palin.

    Her recent Paul Revere comment got more play in the media than Obama's "57 states" comment. The difference? Palin's remark seems considerably more accurate than Obama's.

  11. Chuck,
    Her recent Paul Revere comment got more play in the media than Obama's "57 states" comment.


    In fact, my Dem neighbor, who listens only to the mainstream media, hadn't heard about the 57-states comment until I told him about it. You should have seen the expression on my neighbor's face! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Blogginator,
    I think she is doing the most good as a "community organizer" right now.


  13. I love this contribution

    "They dance like puppets because of her" Exactly she knows how to play the media. This could be one of her strugglest attributes.

    Like many I had written her off because of the timbre of her voice but she is emerging as one who has more backbone than the rest of the Republican field...Put me in the category of wait and see on Palin.

    AS to Obama...he is a Democrat, lIberal, Progressive so yes every time he opens his mouth he lies.

    As to the Ryan plan, poll after poll has revealed most Americans get it...we are broke and can not continue on the current path.

  14. "Graduates" of the institutionalized conformity factories we collectively call public schools, she is Paul Revere.

    She is saying an ordinary citizen saying take a side. There is tryanny all around you and it would rather make you subjects than free men and women. She is harassed by the media because she is that noise in the night telling the enemies of freedom that the people are going to heed the call to rise up and stand for freedom.

    I realize this shocks the mind of some for surely a man on a horse riding through the quiet streets yelling and screaming was meet with both cheering and jeering but the message was clear strife had come to America and the time to take a side was at hand.

    In todays Coke and Pepsi culture we think everyone had taken a side. The truth is there but a few brave souls fighting for the freedom of America in the beginning. There were many Loyalists and many who just wanted to pretend the whole thing was blow over......

    Paul Revere disturbed more than sleep that night.......

  15. Bout time someone started calling him out on his lies. Good, few in the intellgentsia are willing to call people in such positions liars, but many deserve it.

  16. ", Sarah Palin minces no words"

    that is why I support her AWA Bachmann Bolton-West-carol-CS

  17. Got to love it...

    Damn liberal historians had to admit well actually Paul Revere did warn the Brits you will never take our guns......


    Palin --- not as dumb as you were told

  18. Honestly, I will vote for a slimey slug over Obama.

  19. I would vote for a ham sandwich over Obama...it would have a higher IQ



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