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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cedar Falls, Iowa, And The Nanny State

Surreal (hat tip to L.A. Sunset's The Public Cause):

L.A. Sunset comments as follows:
The arrogance of those pukes is the most infuriating part. The part where the one councilman speaks about what’s best for the people demonstrates the sheer idiocy of the entire matter. But even more disturbing is this. In their minds, they have the right to go against the will of the people even when there is an overwhelming majority opposing it. And why wouldn’t they? They have watched the federal government shove unpopular bailouts, stimulus packages, and Obamacare down the America people’s throats….and get away with it.

This has slippery slope written all over it. First, they want the keys to the businesses and apartments, then they come for the keys to the houses….for the good of the people in the collective, of course.
In my view, it is no accident that we are seeing an outbreak of unconstitutionality all over America since January 2009.

I will leave it to commenters to list specific details of the recent outbreaks of unconstitutionality.


  1. I can not fathom why any intelligent person would even think these idiots should be in charge of your health care.

  2. Is this Cedar Falls Iowa, or Nazi Germany? These council members should be wearing brown shirts with swastikas on the sleeves. Yes, I know, bringing up Hitler and Nazis in a discussion is trite and often inappropriate, but I've tried to think of a current world regime that is analogous to this and Nazi Germany is the only one that fits.

  3. their leviathan of power grows...ARG! happy Wednesday~!:)

  4. How in the world did we come to this? How about a camera in every house watching what we eat- next one

  5. I'm all for this, it's a great idea. The only problem is that it doesn't go far enough. I want cameras inside toilet bowls to document when people have bowel movements, in showers to see how well people clean themselves and if they do anything erotic, over the breakfast table, everywhere.

    Getting the keys to properties for inspections, 5-finger discounts and so forth is a mere start on what needs to be done to protect us from ourselves. We need constant, 24 surveillance in ever aspect of our lives to the tiniest, most intimate detail. How else are we to be completely controlled so we can be safe?

    I know what's best for you. Vote for me!

  6. And we must have cameras in school cafeterias to in order to record kids' food choices:

    The government is spending $2 million on cafeteria cameras to figure out what, and how much, kids eat at school. Unveiled Wednesday at five Texas elementary schools, the high-tech set-up will snap photos of kids' lunch trays before they check out and after they eat to generate a nutritional report card for parents.

    The above article is dated May 2011.

  7. Aw the beauty of Companies in bed with government...only in the Obama led America can a company like GE pay ZERO taxes while liberals eggheads claim Republicans are the ones cutting businesses all the breaks.....and the liberal agenda awards a company a large contract to install cameras in the Institution Schools to photograph lunch trays.....

  8. Stories like these are outrageous! There is no way in hell I would give the keys to my property to the government!

    To hell with that pesky Constitution. The royalty will do whatever they wish.

  9. I am distressed that more people aren't up in arms over the Nanny State manifestation (Utopians!) in Cedar Falls.

    What's particularly distressing to me: that the people of Cedar Falls are objecting, but the council is going ahead anyway.

  10. I titled my new post "Liberals Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Against", and this little Cedar Falls episode is certainly one of the exhibits. Once upon a time, petty tyrants like them would have been tarred, feathered, & run out of town on a rail. Maybe that's why I'm fond of traditions.

  11. And the nanny state tries to assert more and more if it's power.

  12. This is the sort of thing that happens when you allow the tiniest bit of government meddling into your lives. Here in Australia, some of these councils even tried to monitor the amount of rubbish we throw out and how much we recycle.

    Fight them at every turn, otherwise you'll end up at the bottom of that slope where you'll be nothing more than a battery hen sitting in a cage with 0 rights.

  13. Not only do the citizens of Cedar Falls need to fight this, they need to start a recall action on every council person who's in favor of it. If this ordinance passes, it's the perfect scenario for civil disobedience. DON'T HAND OVER YOUR KEYS.

  14. Arrogance. Sheer arrogance. Cedar Rapids is a university town and those communities tend to be very liberal - I bet a lot of retired professors and administrators have ended up in city government. It sounds like the council have been reading the literature of Action 21, a George Soros funded group, which is distributed to local governments. Action 21 promotes elimination of property rights in the name of "safety" and a "greener world." The Leftist mantra is "Think global and act local" which fits this Cedar Rapids scenario very well.

    I cannot believe that they are so willing (stupid) to take the liability that comes with having keys. But that is another sign of fascist attitude - we are the government, we are immune and we know best.

    This is where this type of thinking will eventually lead us: "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark of the beast, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Rev. 13:17 Absolute, total control of every aspect of one's life.

  15. I have a confession of sorts...

    I cry every time I am physical at the presentation of our Flag and the playing of the National Athem.

    I cry because we are losing America and my children and their grand children will likely never know real freedom and if they do it will be because they had to buy it back with blood because we lacked the courage to stop the decline of America.


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