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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Troubles Here (With Addendum)

Our beloved Cameo, 3/4 Russian Blue and 1/4 Siamese, is quite ill with a raging bladder infection.

At age 9, she should be able to recover, but this bladder infection has apparently been going on for several months. Mr. AOW and I didn't observe any overt symptoms until the last few days. Cats are very secretive and hide their illnesses until those illnesses are well advanced. **sigh**

The veterinarian has prescribed pain medications and antibiotics, with a special diet soon to follow.

For at least few days, blogging will be light as I attempt to get Cameo through this health crisis — and clean up after her mad dashes to the litter box. Her urgency sometimes results in misses!

Addendum: Alex's get well card for Cameo below the fold.

Thanks, Alex!


  1. It's one thing after at your place... I'm praying for you. Don't get sick! You're holding the whole thing together!

  2. Several pet troubles with my blogging friends lately, take care of that kitty! I wish you well AOW.

  3. Hi AOW.
    Sorry to hear that , my cat had also problems with kidneys at a later age.Dry food is a no-no in these cases,make sure she has enough to drink.Keep an eye out for de hydration of the animal, if you lift up her skin (Gently between finger tips) it should fall back immidiatly in place when released, if it has tendency to stay up it means the animal is dehydrating.

  4. My sister is a vet over here, she says that the special diet is critical and as soon as that can be implemented it will have just as much a short term influence as the anti-biotics. All of the feline family produce more anti-bodies and other infection fightings through their stomache juices....

    Lovely photo and breed mix, all the best.

    D Charles

  5. I'm praying for Cameo also.

    I'm very familiar with Russian Blue's.

    As a cat lover myself, (I have a Siamese who is 20, and a Tonkinese
    who is 6) I feel for you.
    I wish Cameo the best of luck and I hope for the best.

    Good Luck, Regards,

  6. Prayers for Cameo. I had a Russian Blue that looking like Cameo. Beautiful!

    My older kitty has kidney probs and is on a special diet. She's 17 and doing ok (for her age) but I don't expect her to live forever. I just want her comfortable and happy.

    I think you'll see Cameo respond quickly to treatment and diet.

  7. Wishing a speedy recovery to your beautiful Cameo.

  8. Cameo seems a bit better: fever down and fewer trips to the litter box. She's still puny, but not as puny as yesterday.

    I've ordered the special food (for bladder crystals), but it won't be in until late next week.

    Thanks to all who are offering prayers for my beloved Cameo.

  9. Keeping Cameo in our thoughts and prayers (as well has your whole family) and hope she recovers quickly.

  10. You think that's bad? My wife's 19 year old cat doesn't even know how to use the litterbox.

  11. Oh I'm so sorry. We are not cat people, but dog people, but any pet is like part of the family. I hope the medication works. Keep a close watch and take the cat back for a recheck after you finish the meds.

    One of our dogs, a Beagle, got kidney and bladder infection and turned out to have a bladder stone the size of a half dollar.

    Right Truth

  12. Christopher,
    Thank you for taking time to visit and comment. I know that you've been dealing with health issues with Bailey Dawg, whom you rescued from mean boys playing catch with her when she was a four-year-old puppy.

  13. Alex,
    I have added the graphic you sent in the addendum to this post.

    Thanks so much!

  14. Mark,
    My wife's 19 year old cat doesn't even know how to use the litterbox.

    Feline Alzheimer's? One of our elderly cats developed feline cognitive disorder.

  15. Silverfiddle,
    This household is filled with older humans and senior cats! So, yes, it's one thing after another.

    I'm trying to stay well. An uphill battle.

  16. Malcontent and Adrienne,
    Did you find Russian Blues to be stubborn, bossy, and "feisty"? Cameo is! Never say the word "No!" to her; "Easy, easy" works better. Some of those traits may be coming from her Siamese heritage, too, I suppose.

  17. Nope. Never learned. I don't know why.

  18. Prayers go out your way. These are always worrisome things.

  19. I know I'll catch some major shit for this, but I proffer because there are Dog People and Cat People:

    Dogs are for people who require their own Cheerleading Section;

    Cats are for people who are secure in their place and, specifically, do NOT require their own Ego Fluffing.


  20. BZ,
    What about people who equally love dogs and cats?

    Here's another about dogs and cats:

    Phone a dog, and he answers right away. Phone a cat, and you have to leave a message.

  21. My Russian Blue was a male who sneaked into the house because I was told it was female. I usually only have female pets. Fewer bathroom probs with females.

    Anyhoo - the male part may have something to do with Ashley's behavior. He was the most loving kitty I've ever had. Slept on my pillow and loved his tummy rubbed (something most cats hate.)

    He also was whip smart. I taught him to fetch in about an hour. Hubby made a comment that dogs were smarter than cats. While he was off playing a job I taught Ashly to fetch. Ashley would actually bring the foil "ball" back to you and drop it in your hand just like a dog.

    Then I taught him to catch. He'd sit up on his haunches and catch the "ball."

    He died suddenly of a heart attack when he was only about 8 years old.

    Glad to hear Cameo is doing better.

  22. Thank you for pointing out that there are some of us who love both cats and dogs.

  23. I hope your cat recovers quickly. You're right; their instinct is to hide illness.

    Our first dog who has since passed of old age had a bladder full of stones that was months in the making, and we never knew it until she had an accident in the kitchen. Even then, she did not cry or give us any indication.

    Also, pilling a cat is not an enviable task! The pet store or perhaps even your grocery store should have a product called Pill Pockets. They really work!

  24. Hope the kitty's okay. I love my cat, and I know how this can worry you.

  25. Brooke,
    Fortunately, Cameo is on liquid medication for this round.

    I think that she's getting better. Starting last night, she started "fighting with me" about taking the medication.

  26. Adrienne,
    Cameo likes to play fetch too! However, she won't drop the item fetched if we look at her while she's retrieving the item. Go figure.

    As a kitten, Cameo had a heart murmur. She started demanding fruit, papaya, in particular. Her heart murmur disappeared. I wonder if Russian Blues have issues with heart conditions.

    Cameo's mix of Russian Blue and Siamese makes her an exceptionally intelligent cat, I think. Clearly, she's one of the brightest cats I've ever had. One Christmas, she exhibited unusual behavior, a display of intelligence. See THIS. Quite an amusing story, if I say so myself.

    As for her bladder infection, Cameo is still making too many trips to the litter box and still has some misses. However, no obvious blood is in her urine now.

  27. Stogie,
    Cameo is our youngest of three cats. It has come as quite an unpleasant surprise that she is ailing -- and right on the heels of the 14 year old having had some difficulties too.

  28. I hope it all works out. I know that infections like this can be very difficult to treat and often come back with devastating results.

  29. Mike,
    Youth is in Cameo's favor -- if she doesn't have a bladder tumor, that is.

    A tumor is a possibility, but the recent ultrasound couldn't diagnose one because the bladder wall was so inflamed.

    We should learn more about that devastating possibility on June 24, when the vet is scheduled for another visit.

    I'm so glad that we have a home-care vet! Otherwise, my car would smell like cat urine. Transporting an incontinent animal is no fun. Been there, done that. **sigh**

  30. Poor little Cameo. I pray this precious kitty gets well today. Total and complete healing.

    I absolutely love kitties they are so beautiful and loving.

    Get well, Cameo.

  31. Leticia,
    Cameo doesn't seem to be doing as well today as she was yesterday.

    I'm not sure what's going on!

  32. AOW:

    Or this: dogs have owners.

    Cats have staff.


  33. BZ,
    I have a t-shirt with that little "proverb" on it.

  34. Cameo has taken a turn for the worse. I hope to speak with the vet again today.

  35. The vet made an emergency visit this morning.

    The ultrasound imaging appears to show a growth in the wall of the bladder. Typically, such growths are cancerous.

    I'm beside myself! The thought of losing Cameo breaks my heart!

    Next week, the radiologist will evaluate the imaging taken today. From there, I don't know what other diagnostic tools may be recommended.

  36. Tough break for Cameo, hope she recovers soon.

  37. MK,
    Thanks for your good wishes.

    It's a horrid situation having our youngest cat so ill. Our eldest cat (age 14) has some issues too, but they are related to her "old age."

    The vet has given Cameo a pain injection that lasts 72 hours, but Cameo still isn't feeling very well or eating much and is making too many trips to the litter pan. Better too many trips than too few, but cleaning up after all the misses is a lot of work. Fortunately, I have her confined to the portion of the house that is hardwood floor or linoleum.

    I'm not sure that any viable treatment is available for feline bladder tumors.

  38. I believe you know, Cameo is in my prayers.

  39. Warren,
    Thank you.

    YOU know how difficult it is when one's "heart pet" is ill -- especially with cancer or any other ailment that is not treatable.

    Aside from the litter-box "misses," the biggest issue right now is that Cameo's appetite is way off. That could be partly because she's on an antibiotic. But cancer can also interfere with a cat's appetite.

  40. Any updates on Cameo? Hope she is better now.


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