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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad News For The Chevy Volt: Eco-Fail

From Weasel Zippers, citing the Australian:
Electric cars may not be so green after all, says British study

Electric cars could produce higher emissions over their lifetimes than petrol equivalents because of the energy consumed in making their batteries, a study has found.


The British study, which is the first analysis of the full lifetime emissions of electric cars covering manufacturing, driving and disposal, undermines the case for tackling climate change by the rapid introduction of electric cars.


...Emissions from manufacturing electric cars are at least 50 per cent higher because batteries are made from materials such as lithium, copper and refined silicon, which require much energy to be processed.

Many electric cars are expected to need a replacement battery after a few years. Once the emissions from producing the second battery are added in, the total CO2 from producing an electric car rises to 12.6 tonnes, compared with 5.6 tonnes for a petrol car...
In addition to the above, was the Chevy Volt responsible for THIS?

The Greenie Movement — what a scam!


  1. The link is broken. What is the Volt possibly responsible for?

  2. Mark,
    I'll see what I can do with the link. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. The news article I cited is no longer available. It probably expired.

    You can also Google search using the following terms:

    Chevy volt burns down garage in Connecticut

  4. The Greenie Movement — what a scam!

    Yup, Algore has made a fortune off of this scam.

    The funny thing about electric cars is that there seems to be this unspoken idea that that the electricity is produced by windmills and solar power. Nice and clean energy.

    Over half of our electricity in the US is still produced in coal firing plants.

  5. WHAT???!!!!

    Another Leftist, climate alarmist initiative De-bunked???

    Well well, these clowns just can't get anything right can they?

  6. The green movement and related so-called technology has never been anything but a scam!

  7. Good stuff. I think the same can be said for windmills, solar panels and ethanol. Consume or polute more.

    electric car (Carts) are great on a golf course but not so much on the streets and hyways. Junk science will always be junk.

  8. de bunked indeed..what a sham they all are AOW!

  9. Building the electric car creates more pollutants than it saves by burning gasoline. Let's not forget all that lead, mercury and acids in the batteries that requires disposal. To offset the emissions problem, You would have to drive the Volt for about 150,000 miles. Not gonna happen. Especially consider you can only drive it 40 or 50 miles than have to let it charge up overnight. And that electricity is not coming from solar or wind as Chuck pointed out.

    It would be great to have the technology where we never needed another drop of Middle East oil. Ever. But we don't have it and we probably have at least 25 more years of R&D needed before we can think about going off oil. Even if the breakthrough comes, it will take another 20 years for the technology to be perfected and widespread enough to bring the price down to where the average citizen could afford it. In the meantime, oil is the most economical efficient fuel we have for an industrialized economy.

    In the meantime, the government simply issuing mandates will not speed up or change technology. But career politicians (especially leftist) are so disconnected from reality, they think everything should happen because of what they say. The laws and physics of science shouldn't get in the way of a political decision.

    The Volt should be a lesson, but it won't be. Watch, "We need to redouble our efforts" (aka we need to spend twice as much money) will become the battle cry for green technology. Even if the greens succeed in shutting down America over energy, I can guarantee that no other nation on the planet will give up oil. Not China, not Russia, not Indian, not Brazil.

  10. Quinn's First Law:

    "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it's stated intent."

  11. I've noticed that individuals whom I personally know and who are all caught up in participating in the Greenie Movement have an air of self-righteousness. For example, my liberal neighbor came up to my house to do me a favor: changing the light bulb in the light fixture in the kitchen, which has high ceilings. In the process, he gave me a lecture about how good the new light bulbs are. On and on he went about those new light bulbs!

    And I often hear from those who are recycling: "I'm doing my part to save the earth." God forbid that they should see me tossing a plastic bottle or a tin can into the regular trash!


    I noted yesterday that my dentist's goodie bag is now a paper bag. "We're doing our part" says the sign in my dentist's office.


    BTW, I gave up on recycling cat-food cans when I got a cat food clog in the drainage pipes from rinsing out those cans.

  12. Sprint PCS is getting in on the green movement, too. They have a couple of new cell phones out now made from "100% re-cycled plastic" and "organic components".

    One is called "Trenda". I call it the "Pander".

  13. Alligator,
    So many Greenie "projects" have been failures. Never mind that: the Greenies soldier on.

    In the meantime, the government simply issuing mandates will not speed up or change technology.

    And so much of the time those mandates result in products more costly. Ugh.

  14. Mark,
    I have no problem with goods made from recycled materials. But is the making of those products really saving any energy?

  15. Speaking of Greenie mania:

    Artificial meat could slice emissions, say scientists

    Lab-grown meat would generate a tiny fraction of emissions associated with conventional livestock production

    Get a load of this:

    The study showed some of the complex implications of tissue engineering. For instance, it would take more energy to produce lab-grown chicken than it does for poultry, but would only use a fraction of the land area and water needed to rear chickens. But the research did not take into account other effects such as transport and refrigeration.

    Much more at the above link.

  16. An expensive scam. Here's another point to ponder. Since those batteries are charged by electricity, supplied by coal fired power plants, the Volt is essentially a coal powered car.

  17. Yet another dire warning from the Greenies:

    State Of The Ocean: 'Shocking' Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress

    If the current actions contributing to a multifaceted degradation of the world's oceans aren't curbed, a mass extinction unlike anything human history has ever seen is coming....


    The IPSO report calls for such changes, recommending actions in key areas: immediate reduction of CO2 emissions, coordinated efforts to restore marine ecosystems, and universal implementation of the precautionary principle so "activities proceed only if they are shown not to harm the ocean singly or in combination with other activities." The panel also calls for the UN to swiftly introduce an "effective governance of the High Seas."...

    The Greenie Movement is part of the New World Order.

  18. Silverfiddle,
    Excellent point about coal fired power plants!

  19. Another great story that will not make it into the MSM,

  20. For "progressives", these people and their ideas just couldn't get any more ass-backward; what would be a miracle is if one of their ideas actually WORKED.

    And yes, greenies do tend to be horribly self-righteous.

  21. Why is this always the case with green products?

  22. I am still waiting for one of those seven year CFL bulbs to last more than a year or year and half. Then there's the disposal problem - mercury is a toxic substance. Remember all the hype about mercury levels in tuna? Now the government is virtually FORCING a mercury based product on the public in the name of environmentalism. You can't tell me that bulbs won't be broken (creating mercury spills) and that all citizens will properly dispose of their used bulbs. How can the government prevent or monitor these "little spills" from several hundred million light bulbs?

  23. Alligator,
    I've got one CFL bulb (given to us), and it's lasted about three years so far. But what if it burst? I'd have a terrible mess to clean up in my cellar, where the laundry room is.

    Now, if that bulb burns out, how am I supposed to dispose of it? I don't have a clue.

  24. Alligator,
    One of my blogging friends had one of those CFL bulbs catch on fire. Have you ever heard of that happening?


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