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Monday, August 2, 2021

A Hysteria Pandemic

Silverfiddle Rant!
Covid Hysteria Spikes Again!

An outbreak in Provincetown, Mass included many who were vaccinated. A giddy press screams "Hospitalizations are Up in Texas and Florida!" hoping to cover up that fact that Governor Cuomo killed all those old people, and that hospitalizations and deaths in the mostly blue totalitarian states was no better (and sometimes worse) than the mostly red free states.
Masks in this case remain what they always were: a tool to prod the public into compliance with other mandates and dictates, purely a symbol of fear and its unrelenting trigger. And with fear comes obedediance. Maybe. (Jeffrey Tucker - RCM)
What we have now is a mini-pandemic working through the unvaccinated, and the vaccinated are losing their minds.  There are breakthrough cases, but...
Less than 0.004% of people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 experienced a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization and less than 0.001% died from the disease, according to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (The Mercury News)
We will Never Eradicate the Coronavirus

Why are vaccinated progressives so preoccupied with masking everybody (including the absurd notion of masking the fully vaccinated) and heaping scorn upon those scientifically illiterate MAGAts who refuse the prick? They claim the unvaccinated are preventing the eradication of Covid from the planet. These Science Shouters ignore the scientific fact that We Will Never Eradicate The Coronavirus.  Be sure to read the comment thread.  It is way more interesting that the very short scientific explanation.

Texas and Florida are Doing Great

As for Texas and Florida, they are still way down the list of Covid mortality rates, and their economies are zooming along and people there have jobs and enjoy their liberties.

Go Yahoogle the covid stats for yourself. You'll notice Hospitalizations and Deaths have not gone up at the rate of new cases, although they are up. I always ignore the scary language and look at the data. With half of us fully vaccinated and almost 60% with at least one shot, hospitalizations and deaths are way down, even as new outbreaks happen among the unvaxxed.

A Treasure Trove of Stats and Studies

Finally, I leave you with this treasure trove of links to articles and scientific studies questioning masking. It is also full of useful statistics with links.  

Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging


  1. At this point, I do not care a bit about efficacy or breakthrough or shelf life.
    I want my damn freedoms back to conduct my life in a manner as I decide. I know. That's pretty radical.

    1. I remember back in the days when sanity and liberty prevailed, there were corona virus infections all the time, and no one cared. Oh, it had a different name back then. We called it a "cold".

  2. The banality of evil... who knew that Big Brother is a Bunch of Woke Billionaires in T-Shirts and Sneakers Imposing their Millennial Activism on the World

  3. The last flu vaccine I had was in 2017. It didn't work. I got near deathbed sick, and it persisted for months. But, I have not gotten sick since. Not even a cold. Even when surrounded by people getting sick. I'm sure I'm due for a whammy.

    1. More flu vaccinated people die from the flu than those who intentionally stick a fork in a 120VAC receptacle to challenge the outcome.

  4. It's not just the 'illiterate.' A recent MIT study on "vaccine hesitancy" showed that a substantial portion of public-health skepticism was highly informed, scientifically literate, and sophisticated in the use of data. Skeptics used the same data sets as those supporting the vax.

    Right now in Israel with 61% vaxed, 60% of the patients very ill with Covid are vaxed. With an expected failure rate of 16% you would expect some. But that percentage should be more like 10%.

    A German study of 25,000 kids found carbon dioxide levels inside the mask at 13,000 ppm. OSHA considers 5,000 the upper limit for prolonged exposure.

    1. The German research letter that was taken from has been retracted by the journal due to "concerns about the applicability of the device used for assessment of carbon dioxide levels in this study setting, and whether the measurements obtained accurately represented carbon dioxide content in inhaled air, as well as issues related to the validity of the study conclusions."

    2. Too bad. I saw a demonstration on a 12 year old with a C02 meter that maxed out at 10,000 ppm in 40 seconds.

      One wonders about these journal retractions. Lancet got royally embarrassed by a junk article they had to retract last year. It's not unknown to have such pressure against a finding that runs contrary to what major institutions want to do (say mask kids all day in school) that a journal will buckle. Cochrane has uncovered such doings. I've read about them on another issue.

      THIS is what the study author says:
      Walach, who has a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Basel, Switzerland, said JAMA never told him how he explicitly failed “to provide sufficiently convincing evidence” to support his conclusions.

      “I would actually also like to see how those [JAMA] conclusions were reached, but I am afraid that there was no solid conclusion,” he told the outlet, pointing to “potential public health implications” as a “key phrase” in the retraction notice.

      To him, this suggests “the retraction was political, because some people did not like our data.”

    3. The human body's breathing apparatus is set up as it is for a reason. It is self-evident that breathing through a cloth or paper mesh all day sodden with moisture from your own breath is not healthy. Inhaling your own exhaled carbon dioxide for long periods is also not healthy.

      Basic human biology and the light of reasons tell us this, studies or lack thereof be damned.

      Slightly Related, Here is OSHA guidance:


    4. Baysider, I hope you know I was not calling them ignorant MAGAts. I was echoing leftwing hate speech for literary effect.

    5. Of course :)

      This surgeon picked up on some of those mask aspects, too. https://cnsnews.com/commentary/dr-jim-meehan/surgeon-destroys-myth-if-masks-dont-work-why-do-surgeons-wear-them

      Unlike the actual world, surgical suites have massive air changes and surgeons will change masks often at any hint of moisture build up.

    6. I might be engaging with the anti mask arguments on a naive level, but don't you have to choose between arguing that the mesh is too coarse to block the virus, vs arguing that the mesh is too restrictive to allow molecules of CO2 to pass?

      https://aaqr.org/articles/aaqr-20-07-covid-0403 is a good paper to read, not only for it's results but for its discussion of the difficulties involved in sampling mask air without picking up too much from relatively CO2 rich exhalation. Ultimately you may not be able to trust any mainstream science which has proven so untrustworthy over the centuries, so why not perform the experiment yourself? https://uk-m.banggood.com/Multifunctional-Air-Quality-Tester-CO2-TVOC-Meter-Temperature-Humidity-Measuring-Device-Carbon-Dioxide-Monitor-With-LCD-Screen-p-1782111.html

  5. The novel coronavirus has baffled doctors and researchers across the globe. The disease that affects the lungs and the respiratory system has shown a number of symptoms and characteristics. One of the most puzzling of these traits has, however, been its alleged resistance to nicotine, with recent studies claiming smokers are less likely to contract the virus.

    Light em up. We need cigarette vending machines in every school NOW.


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