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Monday, November 9, 2020

The Future

I know that many of you don't like Tucker Carlson and what he often has to say. Even so, if you have not seen the video clip below, please watch now.
Related reading, this comment by Bocopro, frequenter of Z's blog, and this comment well states the future I see for our country (erstwhile republic)...
O.K. Everybody who voted “for” Biden – living or otherwise – legally or not – only once, or frequently – by proxy – whatever . . . listen up: 

Until the intermittent moron, quid-pro-Joe, mysteriously disappears from the White House and the Marxist concubine wiggles her seditious butt into the power position, just remember – you own it. 

And when Sundowner Joe is in ICU at Walter Reed after a massive cerebral artery clog and Horizontal Harris begins issuing EOs in end-runs around the Senate, just remember – you own it. 

Let’s not hear complaints about higher taxes, new taxes, excise taxes, value-added taxes, rising prices, unemployment increases, inflation, exorbitant health care costs – just remember, you bought it. 

Don’t get your knickers in a wad because of massive fees to support climate control or skinny paychecks because of reparations – you asked for it. 

Just suck it up when your stocks deflate and your 401K dries up like a west Texas mudhole in August . . . it won’t be Trump’s fault. 

Become a devout stoic when your children learn nothing in school except political correctness and “F-E-E-E-E-lings” and “White males are the problem” even though the costs have risen exponentially – it’s what liberals do when they have the power. 

Step into your big-boy hat and big-girl panties when you lose your job because millions of illegals suddenly become citizens and millions more Muslim “refugees” appear and take your job – that’s what you wanted, isn’t it? 

And be reasonable when minimum wage rises to the point that employers can no longer afford to employ you or your children or your grandchildren, much less offer them benefits . . . it’s only fair, right? 

And when “peaceful” protesters such as Antifa and BLM destroy city property and crime rates soar and your community is no longer safe to live in . . . hey – that’s the “new normal” you said we have to adjust for. 

And when jobs dry up because the capital left the country and it’s cheaper to import things from Asia, just remember who told us that “China is not our enemy”: that was quid pro Joe, who made grunches of money off deals with China. 

And you should be happy when interest rates on loans get so high that you can’t even consider asking for one, and you can’t afford to replace that old Chevy, and you’re suddenly upside down on your mortgage – that’s your boy, the silver-tongued sniffer. 

No complaints, Dems . . . the hateful Orangeman is gone and Happy Days Are Here Again now that we have a proper career politician running things. It’s what you asked for . . . so just keep your trap shut and own it. Nobody wants to hear you bitching about getting what you said was best “for the American people.” 

You asked for it, and now you own it. Congratulations, Meathead.


  1. Well then, Bocopro has saved me some time and energy hasn't he?

    I agree with the above post by Bocopro, however, he is a bit more optimistic than I tend to be.

    Peace (It must be earned)
    Michael Travis

  2. Now like magic the virus is not as serious as was stated so say 500 scientists and less than a week after the election,like magic, the the Covid vaccine is just a moment away...ah let the good times roll....

    1. Pfizer announces a 90% effective vaccine today....

    2. I assume you're being snarky and are aware of Biden announcing national masking and nationwide lockdown, at the same time he is revealing the vaccination program.

    3. Indeed.... snark is the option of the day. No doubt Biden would round us up like sheep for the required vacination. Those who oppose? Who knows....yet to be determined.

    4. Snark is the best response to boojum, no doubt about it!

    5. They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
      They pursued it with forks and hope;
      They threatened its life with a railway-share;
      They charmed it with smiles and soap.

      They hunted till darkness came on, but they found
      Not a button, or feather, or mark,
      By which they could tell that they stood on the ground
      Where the Baker had met with the Snark.

      In the midst of the word he was trying to say,
      In the midst of his laughter and glee,
      He had softly and suddenly vanished away—
      For the Snark was a Boojum, you see

      -Lewis Carroll, "The Hunting of the Snark"

    6. btw - Did you know that the 'J' in Donald J. Trump's name stands for "booJum"?

  3. The same people that have been lying, cheating, stealing, and Hoaxing us for the past FOUR years, are now telling us to “Accept the results of a Crooked Election!

    You’ve GOT to be kidding!

    1. The Russians "tampered with" the 2016 election by means of a few Facebook posts but Democratic vote counting behind closed doors could never have been a factor.

  4. Just Asking!

  5. Dear Vice President Biden,
    Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speach, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters. I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speach on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump

  6. The faster we hit rock bottom the better off we'll be.

  7. All of you Socialist folks should take ownership of the monster YOU created to lead the United States of America for the next few months until that Communist Pig Kamala Harris takes the Reins. . What got Trump elected was people like me who were, and are sick and tired of constantly being called your stupid names such as racist, fascist, homophobic, sexist, supporting school shootings, klan members, etc… We elected a man who we thought should, and world stop the hate you’ve been directing at us for over a decade. You want to win elections without stuffing ballot boxes? Try practicing the unity, diversity and the tolerance that you are preaching to us now, instead of meeting any difference of opinion with a closed fist and closed mind as you have had for the past 4 years. You wanted a “Change” well NOW you have it, and all I will say is Be VERY careful of what you have wished for, because it may just come back and bit you. It is so sad that these Biden/Harris supporters are so delusional they can’t even see what they have done.

  8. I can only hope that two years of Biden/Harris will turn the legislature solid red, and that two more years of Harris/Clinton will creat a massive red wave.

  9. Excellent Post AOW.
    May I add some of my thoughts please.
    I'm not going to bother you, by listing all this Marxist crap that we are going to be part of in the next 4 years, you will soon become aware of that. but I will say of course it matters that the pair of Socialists Beijing Biden, and Camel La Harris in the White House for the next 4 years. . When tens of millions, if not more, Americans can see the Democratic machine absolutely cheated their way to a victory, it matters. When we know that Hunter Biden’s Father sold out to the Chinese & who knows who else, it matters.
    When they try to expand on their Insane Racist, Fascist agenda, and limit our 2nd Amendment Rights, Raise out Taxes, Order Lockdowns, Mandates & Ship Industries Abroad Again, Pack the Supreme Court, you bet your azz it Matters.
    Try taking off your colored glasses & realize to many Americans, just the fact that you all think you are entitled to continue with Your Lies, Corruption, Censorship & Fraud, it Absolutely Matters.

    Anyway you want to look at it we are doomed. Too many Americans don’t even realize what the USA stands for and there is no unity any more. We are NOT the "united" states of America any longer.
    Hell, we should just split the country in half. And this SCHUUCK THAT WILL BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN January is NOT going to do one damned thing to help, in fact, he, and his running mate ARE the problem.

  10. So they want us to believe that the massive Trump rallies and the overwhelming switching from blue to red, that Americans voted to have a man that does not know where he is or even what year it is and a woman that got where she is on her back (or knees) to run this country.

  11. Arkansas police chief resigns after demanding ‘death’ for Democrats: ‘Leave no survivors’

    Does this bother anyone? Or are y'all okay with this?

    1. When I hear you first decry the "name taking" that democrats much more prominent than that guy (link?) are advocating, or
      the re-education camps that were proffered by the left, I'll take you sort of seriously.

    2. Paula, Did you say that when the shoe was on the other foot?
      I think NOT, because I have read your posts on another blog.

    3. E.B. and R.W.F., so name taking is the same as "death for Democrats; "Leave no survivors?"

      LEOs will be interested in how those two things are alike.

    4. The Democratic Party once again proven itself to be a criminal organization, so no, I have no problem with the chief's comments.

  12. Short and Simple

    Government behind closed doors is easily corrupted. For this reason, election administration needs to be conducted openly. Honest elections can occur only if citizens participate in, and observe, all preparation and procedures before an election, as well as all procedures and election materials (votes, ballots, poll books) during and after the election.

    What's the problem with computers in elections? They prevent observation. Voters cannot observe their own votes inside an electronic voting machine (the touchscreen display and the paper trail cannot guarantee that the votes inside the electronic memory are correct). No observers can witness how the votes are handled, counted, or tabulated.


  13. sponsor

    Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Trump Supporters: 'How Dare You Question' Outcome; 'Suck It Up!'

  14. It's not over yet friends. Despair is what the leftist want from you right now. Don't give it to them.

  15. I don't doubt that some fraud happened, but I have trouble believing a) that it was a significant amount, and b) that it was a democrat-only affair. The first point is just a naive faith in the American process that it perhaps doesn't deserve, but the second is more reasonable: what is it about the party that explicitly indulges in gerrymandering and is currently dominated by the most compulsive liar in recent political history that inspires any confidence in them to honour democracy in preference to party interests?

    1. Jez,
      I ask you to watch THIS VIDEO, which contains some hyperbole (typical of pundits) but also contains answers to your questions.

    2. I can't spend half an hour watching that fella. Can you tell me how he addresses my second point?

    3. Jez
      If you can't spend half an hour to obtain a point of view that might lead you to the truth, you should not be voting. Democracy depends upon an INFORMED electorate.

    4. Listening to hyper-partisan sock puppets now counts as being "informed". No wonder our nation is in the state that it's in. We deserve it.

      Do you extend this line of thinking to say, a Rachel Maddow? Or is it only to lead you to the 'truth' you want to hear?

    5. CI,
      Very little is left but hyper-partisans. Listen to what they have to say, and use discernment. And be as objective as possible -- if being objective is even possible.

    6. Jez,
      What Jayhawk said!

      The danger of summarizing is inaccuracy.

    7. And they say the same of the Right. Generally speaking, on most issues the truth is going to lie somewhere betwixt the two. And more specifically speaking, each side will only believe their own.

      So....we get the government we deserve.

    8. @jayhawk: I reckon I am more patient with contrary views than most people. I'm just busy.
      @AoW: I'm willing to risk it if you are!

    9. Jez,
      The Facebook blurb: It’s hard to trust anything you hear at this moment. There are conflicting versions of virtually every part of the story. Here’s what we know is true right now.

      Election results.

      Media statements made with authority, but that authority is nil.

      Lies, lies, lies -- everywhere.

      How can a democracy survive all the lying? How can a democracy survive if the electorate cannot be properly informed?


      And big tech controls way too much.

      There is lots more to the video. You really should watch it.

    10. "A large portion of our population believes that our democracy is not real."

    11. How can a democracy survive all the lying? How can a democracy survive if the electorate cannot be properly informed?

      Fair questions. Add to that, how can a Republic survive when much of these lies come from the top elected official in the land? And those lies are defended at every turn by the partisan camp who put him there?

    12. OK, but does any of that pertain to my question about why we should assume that fraud is all one-sided in favour of the democrats?

      "A large portion of our population believes that our democracy is not real."

      That isn't saying much, you should check out some of the more ludicrous conspiracy theories far too much of the electorate is captivated by. But I don't think voter fraud is a conspiracy theory: it almost certainly happens to some extent.
      I have a huge problem with President Trump's epistemology and I highly recommend that Trump's supporters recognise this as a problem as well. He does not know how much fraud took place. It could be a lot, it could be very little; in both cases he would be saying the same things, spreading the same memes, undermining faith in the democratic process to the same degree. The only decisive point is, he does not like the reported result. If he liked it, he'd be telling everybody how great the process was. He doesn't like it, so he's trying to undermine it, with zero god-damns given about how much damage he might be doing to a process that may or may not warrant it. What I'm saying is, he's a lying sack of ~explitive deleted~.

      Transparent election processes are entirely positive and this issue should be non-partisan. Trump is doing a benign cause a massive disservice.

    13. Jez,
      Suit yourself. I certainly cannot convince you otherwise.

    14. CI,
      In a system with integrity, the media call out the lies and perceived lies.

      But now the media are hyper-partisan.

      What is truth?

      As far as Trump's "lies," I really don't care. Why don't I care? Because Trump's policies have benefited me personally -- particularly the changes in the tax code. Hours upon hours, probably hundreds of hours, of my time saved each year because I don't have all the record keeping required for medical expenses.

      And a booming economy helps my bottom line. I haven't had this many clients in queue since 2008!

      I also think that the Trump Administration's achievements in the Middle East are gargantuan. The calmest I've seen the Middle East in most of my lifetime!

      Let's see if my predictions about the Middle East holds true if Biden takes office:

      !) The truces among the Arab nations will fall apart.

      2) There will be a resurgence of Iran and the mullahs' promotion of terrorism all over the world.

      3) Our military will once again be deployed to the Middle East in a futile attempt to restore peace.

    15. I certainly agree with you that the media engages in lying, all stripes of media. But here's where integrity and character come into play for me [and maybe only me]: As far as Trump's "lies," I really don't care.

      It's difficult for me to understand the mental process, because I'm not hardwired for hypocrisy. But to each their own. I do recognize that's simply easier to call out one sides lies, while ignoring the other.

      1. Let's remember that the recent 'truce(s)' between Arab nations and Israel, while a great step....are between Israel and bit players who didn't pose an existential a threat to Israel, who and more interested in access to the Israeli tech sector.

      2. Not sure how you figure a resurgence; we've borne the brunt of more Iranian directed attacks here in Iraq in the last year, than cumulatively accrued since circa 2008. You'd have thought that would have garnered more coverage during the Trump Administration, from the 'liberal' media.

      3. ???....you do realize that we even never pulled out of Syria, right? We're still everywhere we were when Obama left office. We've reduced some and consolidated footprints in Iraq, but......we're still here.

      I like your optimism with regard to the Middle East, but I don't share it.

    16. "Suit yourself. I certainly cannot convince you otherwise."

      Yes you can! That's the point -- my epistemology is better than Trump's. I am moved by good arguments and strong evidence, and at least try to not be swayed by poor arguments or weak evidence.

      CI: it's not just you. There's no virtue in complaining about the lies that would do us damage, it's only the beneficial lies that require integrity and character to reject.

      As for Iran's terrorist program, I don't know how much of wikipedia's list of Islamist terrorist attacks they are responsible for, but there are plenty of individual entries in '17 and '18; a particularly significant incident in '19 (Sri Lanka). 2020 has been relatively quiet compared to the last decade, although this is happening right now in Mozambique, looks very serious indeed.

      But I agree with AoW, I don't seriously imagine Biden's administration will make it through the term without deploying more troops somewhere or other. But otoh I was always half-expecting Trump to slip on a diplomatic banana skin and land ass-backwards in the middle of a major escalation.

    17. AOW said... "As far as Trump's "lies," I really don't care. Why don't I care? Because Trump's policies have benefited me personally -- particularly the changes in the tax code. Hours upon hours, probably hundreds of hours, of my time saved each year because I don't have all the record keeping required for medical expenses."

      I applaud your honesty. Plain and simple. Others try to dodge the issue about Trump's struggles with the truth. I've argued for months that many of Trump's supporters are making a transactional decision, not based on morality, but on tabletop issues. Money, opportunity, etc. Because at the end of the day, they've got to feed their families.

      I just wish more would say it as you did, instead of trying to have it both ways.

      Thank you.

    18. AOW and others... I've seen these terms used when speaking derogatory about the fringes of progressives... leftists, hyperpartisan, extremists. I generally see this group as including the Code Pink types, anarchists, 100% open borders people, etc.

      My question is this... would there be a corresponding group of names for the fringes of conservatism and if so, what are the beliefs those fringes would hold. Even apart from labels, can any of you define the views of the fringes, which are present in every movement, of conservatives?

    19. Dave Miller,
      Please note that I put "lies" in quotation marks. Frankly, I don't try to discern what he said or didn't say -- all according to the media. The media are not to be trusted!

      ALL POLITICIANS LIE TO SOME EXTENT! What matters in the long run is the policies which politicians promote.

      Although THIS STORY isn't directly related to Trump's statements, the point that I get from this story is that the WaPo is not trustworthy; yesterday, the WaPo had a blaring heading about the retraction, and now the postal worker seems to be demanding that the WaPo retract.

    20. Frankly, I don't try to discern what he said or didn't say..

      You don't care if the President...especially the President you voted for and support....lies to you?

    21. CI,
      Not especially. Trump may be an outsider (blowhard Queens type), but he now holds political office. The very definition of a politician should include the word "lies," IMO.

      But I know there are times that the media and various pundits twist Trump's words.

      What I do care about: policies, as I explained above. From what I've seen, the four executive orders which Biden, at this point, appears ready to sign the first day he is in office makes me cringe: Biden plans to rejoin Paris Agreement and WHO, undo other Trump decisions on Day 1: He would also reinstate DACA and repeal Trump's travel ban targeting majority Muslim countries.

      I'm also concerned about his apparent desire for universal masking and a national lockdown.

    22. I appreciate the response, it definitely refutes one of the more silly memes...that Trump is 'not a politician'. He holds elected office, of course he's a politician.

      And while I share your concern over the Paris Accord [but not the travel ban], you summed it best when you said below: "whatever happened to character matters?"

    23. CI,
      I'm not sure when character matters left the building (the Oval Office). Under Clinton, IMO.

  16. Oh boy do the cult de-programmers and suicide hotline operators have their work cut out for them.

    1. Yes, you definitely need their help. You might send your buddy, Mittens, a referral also, along with your other " real" Conservative heros.

    2. Nah. I'll try to imagine there's a such a thing as an intellectually honest Trump supporter and encourage them to make good on their proclamations that they'll never bother voting again.

    3. Not so long as the vote counting is conducted by organized criminals. It would be "intellectually dishonest" to continue voting under those circumstances, wouldn't it?

    4. Whatever stops you from voting for America-hating socialists like Trump. One of the more farcical assertions of that feckless blowhard is that he supports law and order. Why then does he keep getting laughed out of court by conservative judges including a few he appointed? Doesn't he know he needs to bring evidence for the charges he's making? Hello?

      So, please, Trump cultists, stop voting in elections. For the good of the country go back to huffing paint thinner or whatever it is that inhibited your rationality enough to vote for him in the first place. For the love of a America please stop voting.

    5. Your America or ---the/OUR
      Constitutional Republic-America?

    6. Name the clause in the US Constitution that Trump didn't trash. I'll wait.

    7. Before anyone who bothers to answer, offers the 2A....I'd remind the precedent-on-a-silver-platter that was the unconsitutional, arbitrary and specious rule-making that was the "Bumpstock ban"....not to mention the ongoing effort by the ATF to reverse current non-NFA regulation of pistol braces.

      Not to mention absolutely no strengthening of the 2A for two years, when the GOP [the alleged party of gun rights] held the White House and majority in both houses of Congress. Thanks for nothing....

  17. Perhaps the most important lesson the American public has learned from the election is that you just can trust the LEFTIST mainstream media to give you a narrative instead of the news.

  18. I am in shock right now by so many of you celebrating as if Biden has won. It makes me sad that you are so extremely uneducated in American law. But it’s not just Dems…. Republicans are flipping out as well. Guys! Learn our LAW. I just got off the phone with my cousin, Brett Farley. (many of you know him) Brett has a Masters in Government and a PHD in Political Theory. He was also in leadership of 2 presidential campaigns and was recruited by the Trump campaign in 2016 to help lead the primary operation. This isn’t something I am copying and pasting or sharing. This is factual.

    1st…the winner of the President is not official until the electoral college meets and casts their votes. Until that happens, it is not final…regardless of what the MEDIA tells you. Every single one of you on fb are getting your info from the media. Think that through! The electoral college can’t decide anything because there are lawsuits and the court proceedings must take place first.

    2nd…. Court proceedings are GUARANTEED to happen in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and possibly Nevada and Arizona. But as of now they are GUARANTEED to happen in those 4 states. The SCOTUS won’t allow any litigation to proceed beyond inauguration because that would be a constitutional crisis. So they’ll make quick decisions. This is not a conspiracy theory or something to fact check. BTW….fact check is being sued as well. This is FACTS.

    3rd….The Supreme Court is already reviewing the ballots in Pennsylvania so we know AT LEAST Pennsylvania will be handled by the Supreme Court. (thank God for Amy Coney Barrett and p.s….Trump knew this was coming & is why he pushed so hard to get her confirmed before the election, and also why the Dems pushed so hard to NOT have her confirmed) With the facts stated above, there has been no president elected.

    Also, after Trump gets finished exposing and retaking the election, he will then deal with the media. The media will never be the same when he is finished. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about the single worst fraudulent election in the history of our great nation and for that to not terrify every single one of you is beyond me!!! It has corrupted our entire voting system. It has already been proven that there was fraud. Again…this is factual. This isn’t about being a sore loser. The Republicans dealt with Obama for 8 years. We may not have been happy, (just like many weren’t in 2016) but it was FAIR and done correctly through our voting system.

    1. the winner of the President is not official until the electoral college meets and casts their votes.

      Why then, was Dear Leader 'demanding' to have a winner proclaimed on Election Night? Is he perhaps uneducated, and should learn out electoral law as well [hint: I know the answer to that].

  19. Watching so many of you celebrating as if old Uncle Joe has already won. It makes me sad that you are so extremely UNEDUCATED in American law that you still seem to be confused... . You Democrats that are flipping out, dancing in the streets, high fiveing, and popping the Champaign! I suggest that you Learn our LAW before you do those Flips.... It Ain’t over til it’s Over, and it just isn’t over yet. This is factual.

    The winner of the President is not official until the electoral college meets and casts their votes. And that didn’t happen yet, and it’s still weeks away. Until that happens, this fraud is not final….Regardless of what the Leftist MEDIA, or CNN tells you. Every single one of who are jumping the Gun, may have a Rude Awakening... It may be UNPLEASANT for you to think about, but that’s the Facts . Think that through! The electoral college can’t decide anything because there are lawsuits and the court proceedings must take place first. And the way that things are starting to look, it seems that more, and more of these States are starting to “Come Clean”..

    One thing is for SURE!.. Court proceedings are GUARANTEED to happen in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and possibly Nevada and Arizona. But as of now that’s not GUARANTEED to happen, but it surely looks like it will. . The Supreme Court won’t allow any litigation to proceed beyond inauguration because that would be a real constitutional crisis, and the country would probably burn down by then.
    So they’ll make quick decisions. This is not a conspiracy theory or something to fact check. BTW….fact check is being sued as well. This is also a FACT. These so called “Fact Checkers” have been getting away with murder for much to long. As we already know that they are a few dumbass Leftist who sit in their basement making their own bias decisions. .

    The Supreme Court is already reviewing the ballots in Pennsylvania so we know AT LEAST Pennsylvania will be handled by the Supreme Court, and as of last night, it looked very much like they were going to over-turn the winner from Biden, to Trump. . (thank God) ….Trump knew this was coming and that’s why he didn’t concede. With the facts stated above, there has been NO president elected ye, AND DEFINITELY NO PRESIDENT -ELECT! .
    I know that Whoopie Goldberg, and Michele Obama, have already got their panties in a wad, but they are just going to have to hold their horses.

    And as for Joe Biden, someone will have to wake him up and tell him as well.
    Also, after Trump gets finished exposing and HOPEFULLY retaking the election, he will then deal with the media. The media will never be the same when he is finished. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about the SINGLE WORST FRAUDULENT ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF OUR GREAT NATION and that should terrify every single one of you, as well as everyone else in this country.
    This has been beyond AWFUL, and DISGUSTING!
    It has corrupted our entire voting system. It has already been proven that there was Fraud, and that is factual. This isn’t about being a sore loser. The Republicans dealt with Obama for 8 years. We may not have been happy, (just like many weren’t in 2016) but it was FAIR and done correctly through our voting system. We Republicans were VERY unhappy with Obama and his administration, but we NEVER, EVER thought of doing ANYTHING like this. We never would wreck the counties most sacred thoug as our Voting system....BUT YOU DID!

    So in ending, You can tell Uncle Gropin Joe Biden, and his “Transition Team” to Go Pound Sand; and that he is NOT yet the “President Elect”.

    If you're still confused, wait until Mommy gets home and she’ll explain with words you can understand!

  20. Sources say that Real Clear Politics rescinded Pennsylvania’s call for Joe Biden. if this is true, and it looks that way, This leaves Biden with 259 Electoral votes and Trump 214 Electoral votes, short of the 270 needed to secure the White house

  21. They successfully stole Canada’s election in 2019.
    Then used what they learned in the US. Where they got busted.
    Time to look into our own election process. We’ve been robbed.

  22. I am extremely grateful for Trump bringing this all out in the open. Now that so many of us have made these realizations, we won’t ever return to being blind to Washington’s smoke screen propaganda. From here on out, the truth has been made evident to anyone who is willing to work around the fake news media, bought and paid for online social platforms and of course, our educational institutions who have worked tirelessly to indoctrinate our youth while they are still young enough to be impressionable and so, quite malleable.

    Donald Trump will fight it out against the mass voting fraud that surrounds this presidential election but whether he gets four more years or not, he has done every one of use an incredible turn in exposing the truth. This lesson will last a lifetime and certainly fuel conservatives now and in the future with a strong will to push back . That’s half of our population , possibly more united . No small concern for the politicians and bureaucrats of “The Ruling Class”.

  23. Time to move on because the election results will not change. Trump lost not because he didn't act in America's best interest but because he couldn't suppress his ego and he made the media look like a bunch of fools and they campaigned for four years to destroy him, which they did.

    Voter fraud, sure on both sides but proof that it was enough to overturn an election is to far a reach to go.I don't want another four years where the looser complains how they were cheated.

    Georgia needs to go republican so it will be a check against schumer declaring now we will take georgia then we change america.

    I do have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to. There were 9 million people enrolled in obamacare but if it goes away 20 million will lose health coverage, How is that.


  24. Ok Joe, the charade is over, you tried, you were caught, you failed it's time to concede, come clean Joe, Jesus will forgive you if you Admit your guilt, admit your crime, at least you will be able to sleep at night. Come On Man, It's TIME TO CONCEDE!

  25. I just heard on the local Radio News:

    $25,000 reward for a tip leading to the Arrest and Conviction for Voter Fraud.

    The Texas Attorney General is Offering. The Attorney General is second from the Governor.

    Write to your State's Attorney and demand they Offer a
    $25,000 reward for a tip that leads to an Arrest and Conviction for Voter Fraud.

    1. I meant to say the Lt. Governor is second from the Governor.
      The Lieutenant Governor is paying from his Campaign Funds.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.


  27. While we are still counting ballots as the MANY allegations of voter FRAUD continues to mount In hopes that the voter fraud that HAS BEEN DISCOVERED will be enough evidence to reverse the election.
    In the mean time Joe Biden who the media, aa well as he himself as been address him as the President-Elect without (any legal basis). Apparently has moved out of his basement to the podium on the World Stage in “Delaware”. Spoke and wasted no time condemning President Trump as usual.
    NEVER mentioning that he has every Legitimate Reason to refuse to concede the election until the electoral process is complete and verified.

    Saying “I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly. I think it will not help the president’s legacy.”

    No matter what the outcome of the election may be.... NOBODY AND TUNEFULLY say that President Trump’s legacy should, and I think will Be One of the Nation’s Greatest Presidents. At least in my eyes, this has already been secured.

    And may I add that so far Joe Biden’s legacy will be known as a Dubious Character, low in Morals, and Very; Questionable and Possibly even Crooked. And if he destroys Healthcare, Does a Deal with Iran, and Cripples Our Economy his Lgacy will be below Jimmy Carter’s.

    Let me end by saying... Today is Veterans Day Lets not forget our Troops, and our former Service men, and women.
    If you see a Soldier in uniform, THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE – especially since we have a completely voluntary Military. .And if you see a Veteran down on his luck, or in the need for help, extend him a helping hand..

    I’ll end by saying Stephen Colbert, LeBron James, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg can all Go To Hell.

  28. My thanks to all who served, and all who supported them as they served!

  29. This kind of thing drives me up the wall because of the difficulty -- or impossibility -- of discerning the truth:

    Postal whistleblower: Did NOT recant affidavit on backdating ballots; WaPo must retract claim. Be sure to click "continue reading" at the bottom of the article.

    1. "Richard Hopkins’s was cited by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary, in a letter to the Justice Department demanding a federal investigation into the matter. Hopkins first appeared in “Guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video on Twitter.

      Shortly after Graham demanded an investigation, Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors to open a probe into the matter and investigate claims of irregularities and voter fraud."
      More popcorn, please.

    2. Well, Duck, if there is no appreciable voter fraud or the like, Biden/Harris supporters have nothing to worry about.

    3. Yes they do have something to worry about, if there is little or no fraud these accusations won't go away. It's the new "birther" conspiracy. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's a meme.

  30. America's future under Biden?

    Biden COVID advisor says wearing masks is ‘nonsense,’ is pro-lockdown

    Osterholm went on to advocate for a type of lockdown in which the government would “pay people to lose their jobs.”

    1. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm's brother who argued in this 2019 essay that his life should end at 75 because life after that age is longer productive and may involve disability, is joining the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Advisory Board
      Why I hope to die at 75. Add this little item AOW


  31. Bunkerville,
    Quite the callous tone there, huh?

    Of course, at age 57, the author, no doubt, thinks that his tone and motives are realistic.

    1. Also, he does hedge his bets toward the end of his virtue-signaling essay.

    2. Time flies AOW as we have discovered.... :)


  32. If you remember BEFORE the election, Hillary Clinton said Joe Biden must NOT concede the election "under any circumstances" and that he wins he should NOT give t Donald Trump "an inch."

    The dummies at the Democratic Party gave Donald his opening he was looking for ... They just should have run a clean, and HONEST election and if they beat him Fairly he probably would have left, But they attacked him and belittled him unmercifully for the past four years and If I were him I would fight too....Personally I would never want to go up against this man... In the end he always comes out on top

    1. We keep hearing the same old democratic drumbeat of “where is the evidence”?“where is the evidence”?
      Well, here it comes! White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany presented 234 pages of sworn affidavits, these are real people, real allegations, signed and notarized

    2. Before you celebrate...wait until you see what's in them. Some have been released so far, and they've been a clownshow.


  33. Isn’t it funny, how the leftist media, and the Democratic Henchmen like Schumer,Pelosi, and Nadler etc. keeps on trying to bully President Trump into conceding his office and for the States in question to abandon their constitutional process and anoint Biden as the President of the United States. What’s the hurry? Wouldn’t you think that the media would be attempting to root out election fraud on their own, and get to the bottom of this, and try to find the culprits of this possible fraud, rather than lecturing those trying to uphold our constitution! Instead of their rush to Throne their (presumptive) “President-elect”


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