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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Musical Interlude

(For politics, please scroll down)


Yep, I'm a baseball fan — never mind that, decades ago, Dad turned down an offer to pitch for the New York Yankees (control pitcher).


  1. They have a good chance of making it to the series but I don't think anyone's getting past Houston.

  2. Th audio is dead. Couldn'thear a NOTE!


    Biogger –– or Wacathed?

    1. Well, it was charming. Very cute, indeed, but what in the world could it POSSIBLY have o do with any of the functions normally ascribed to the CHURCH?


      Oh well, as ling as they don't sing it during Communin or use it as n Offertory, I guess it's got to beall right.

      I loved hearing the stately organ used to provide comic relief in such a grand manner.

      GREAT FUN!

    2. Franco,
      As far as I know, this rendition was not performed during a church service.

    3. I wodm't thin so, but TODAY ya never know what t expct.

      A church where I plyd the organ and directed choir decades ago recently hosted a Lesbian Minister who gave a series of sermons that included specific detailed instructions as to how women may "pleasure' each other through Mutual Masturbaton (!)

      I kid you not!

      So, Take Me Out to the Ball Game iwould probably sound pretty tame if sung during Communion today.

      THAT is the Face of Progressivism today.

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