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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Candace Owens On The Democrat Party

Worth a few moments of your time:


  1. Aside from the marvelous-but-beleaguered-and-unjustly-maligned President Trump, Candace Owens is one of the very few figures on the political scene today who makes me feel there yet may be hope for our future as a nation.

    Not only is she attractive, she's intelligent, articulate, well-informed, and sincere.

    Though he's not sought public office Larry Elder is another such figure.

    Both at as pleasant, reassuring antidotes to the generally captious, acrimonious, disingenous, hotly disputatious, bomb throwing induged in by an aparent ajority of public figures today.

    Given the virtues –– and the moral courage –– of both Candace and Larry who could ask for anything more?

    1. Franco,
      Candace Owens is one of the very few figures on the political scene today who makes me feel there yet may be hope for our future as a nation.

      I feel the same way.

  2. She speaks without anger. That is rare and incredibly attractive.

    With all this accusation by Democrats of Trump being racist, I have long been saying that it is the Democrats who tell people of color that they cannot get ahead without favored treatment and so the Democrats will give them the favored treatment which they need in order to prosper. That is racism in its most pernicious form.

    1. Jayhawk,
      She speaks without anger. That is rare and incredibly attractive.

      Part of the reason I posted this video!

    2. Agreed! So tired of the angry rants. But they are so commonplace now, I wonder if many tune out because it takes an intense tone to get their attention. Hope not.

    3. I know just how you feel, Baysider. Sadly for all of us RAGE ADDICTION as beome All the Rage.

      Not funny, I know, but we might as well laugh. It sure is better than crying.


      The sour, dour, ever-dreary, perennially indignant LEFT is all about Fault Finding, Scolding, Mocking, and Accusation. A pattern the rest of us should certain;y do our best to avoid, don't you think?

  3. She's elegant, smart, etc. Lovely...and she's really reaching people....

    Silverfiddle "Beantown Bolshevik"...funny, when I saw the post I thought of what Ducky might say, too......probably trying to figure out how a leftwinger can insult a BLack woman without sounding RACIST :-)

    1. Z,
      what Ducky might say, too......probably trying to figure out how a leftwinger can insult a BLack woman without sounding RACIST :-)

      Epic fail on his part. See his comment toward the top of this comment thread.

    2. And I hear Ms. Owens is IN LIKE FLYNN! –– with the more INTELLIGENT members of the electorate of which there are far more than you members of the Leftist Goon Squad would like to believe..


  4. Ain't nobody listening to her.
    Except Kanye when he's off his medication.

  5. Replies
    1. Spouting warmed over platitudes to true believers is genius?

    2. What may sound like "warmed over platitudes" to a subversive old political quackpot like you, Canardo, sounds more like immortal, immutable DIVINELY INSPIRED T_R_U_T_H to those of us patriots who KNOW whereof we speak.

    3. Those pesky little shadows who go in and out with me
      If there's any use for them it's nothing I can see!


    4. duck, part of me hopes you get your communist/socialist paradise to suffer in. No doubt you'll blame it on the conservatives ! What else would you do? lol.

    5. MA-thil-da! MA-thil-da! MA-thild-da!
      Se take me money and she run Venezuela!

      ~ Jamaican folk song made famous in the 1950's by Harry Belafonte


    6. Nostradumbass said:
      "Spouting warmed over platitudes to true believers is genius?
      Certainly works for Socialists, or whatever you're calling yourself this week.

    7. And, it has worked in spades for the cons.

  6. Don't you think it's time you two left and got a room somewhere?

    The ineluctible magnetism drawing you together is palpable.

    Don't fight it. It's bigger than both of you.

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again . . .


  7. Posting in the vernacular is racist? Who knew?'
    Pretty weak tea. AOW.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It's as plain as the nose on your face that Democrats have done absolutely nothing to advance Blacks in this country.. And yet the Blacks seem to vote for these losers about 80 percent of the time, The Democrats are responsible for just about all the bad this country has suffered in the last couple of decades including keeping the Black people down. I see Liberals as the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES..Liberals try to show their concern for the Blacks by their rhetoric, just ask them what they have ever done for the Blacks to deserve their vote and you’ll see a black look on their faces. , Obama, Rev.Jackson, Al Sharpton, L. Farakhan , have become very wealthy and politically powerful by their BSing the Black community. Liberals keep power through an entitlement mentality. Statistics show that 90% of black children will receive food stamps at some point in their lives which is completely supported by liberals. Liberals are disgusting and they have overrun the Democratic party. So the only thing left top do to be safe from liberalism is vote any politician with a “D’ next to their name OUT OF OFFICE. Democrats were the proponents of slavery, segregation, abortion and affirmative action. Which group does all of these institutions affect the most? You guessed it, Blacks. The best way to control a group is too keep it poor and uneducated.
    Liberals are dirty, they lie and cheat to keep power. Liberals are out to destroy America in order to push their destructive agenda !!.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Duck,
    "Tie a can on it." Everybody who knows you full well is aware that you are prejudiced against brown skins.

  12. Really? I never got that impression.

  13. Jez,
    How long have you been acquainted with Duck? I've been acquainted with him since Spring 2005 -- and Warren much longer.

    So, we know what we know.

  14. “Beantown Bolshevik"... when I saw that I thought of Shaw.

  15. Candace is awesome. No. Doubt. About. It.

  16. What on earth was he getting up ro prior to 2011?
    Does anyone concur with aow's assessment?

  17. Jez,
    Back around 2006, there was a long discussion at Longrange. In that discussion, Duck clearly revealed his antagonism toward brown skins. I don't know the exact link, but I well recall the discussion. Very revealing!

    Duck's antagonism toward Warren is, in my opinion, partially based on the fact that Warren is "a blood"; Warren's grandfather was Native American.

  18. @ jez,
    Let it go.
    Stirring the pot just increases the smell. If you wish you can hunt threw the comments at my, now mothballed, blog and there are at least a thousand. Here, you only see me slapping the Duck around you don't see the crap from duck that most of us put up with for years.
    We have our reasons, we know what we know. Believe whatever you wish, treat with the duck however you wish.

  19. From what I've been able to observe over the past several years Jez, –– like too many on the Left, just loves to play the gadfly ––, so It's quite natural his sympathies would be with Canardo.

    I've been acquainted with our favorite Quackpot for about TWENTY years. Our first encounter was on David Horowitz's old "Wild West" version of Front-Page Magazine –– the place where I met several other blogging "colleagues" who still maintan an active presence in the blogosphere.

    As usual, my friend Emily speaks most eloquently about it:

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

  20. WHOOPS! The poemI copied and pasted failed to print –– a new demon set upon us by the electroncs industry no doubt. They seem to dream up new ways to balk and frustrate users every day. Obviously they must be LEFTISTS, eh? ;-)

    ONE MORE TRY (from a dfferent online source)

    Mine Enemy is growing old —
    I have at last Revenge —
    The Palate of the Hate departs —
    If any would avenge

    Let him be quick — the Viand flits —
    It is a faded Meat —
    Anger as soon as fed is dead —
    'Tis starving makes it fat —

    ~ E.D. (1830-1886)

  21. To try to sum it up: The Duck –– like every LEFTIST I've ever known –– is "Everyone's Critic and No One's Friend."

    Leftists don't have FRIENDS, they only have ALLIES in their ceaseless struggle to overturn the status quo and refashion society to suit theirpet prejudices of the moment

  22. I don't intend to stir anything -- I know AoW has interpreted my recent playful and/or gently reproachful comments differently (and of course I've no problem with her reacting however she sees fit) -- but to me the question is entirely natural given how Ducky's remark was received. It sounds too innocent (at least to me, I associate "ain't" primarily with white cockney dialects) to explain the response -- especially when far worse is routinely posted and/or defended (eg, presidential tweets -- isn't it depressing that this is even a phrase?). I guess my ear for dialect is tuned a lot differently from yours, but I don't feel like it could make *that* much difference.
    I'm willing to take your word for it that Ducky appeared as a troll in 2006, but that was a long time ago and I believe in redemption -- there isn't much he could have said back then that I'd hold him to now, even if I'd seen it first-hand.

  23. One impressive delivery of a campaign speech. Well rehearsed by one articulate and well spoken women. Her enthusiasm for Individual One is palatable.

    Unfortunately corruption is consuming the administration and the "man" she so admires.

  24. My friend Walter drives truck around Detroit.
    Being a brother, he talks to a lot of them at the plants he drives to.
    They are coming around.
    I got called in the middle of the night to look at a press that was malfunctioning.
    I brought "The Negro Project" written by a friend of mine.
    It was sitting on my programming cart.
    A young black man looked at it and I thought he might be offended.
    He said, "Yeah! I know what that's all about. Why they be building all those abortion mills in the hood?"
    And we had a great conversation.

    1. Ed,
      I wonder if this kind of thing is happening all over America.

    2. I think it might, AOW. I see it much more in the so-called WORKING CLASS than in the "EDUCATED" groups.

      The Poison Ivy League has probably produced more Marxists than the old Soviet Bloc ever did.

      The people who do REAL things,artisans who work with their hands, and do most of the heavy lifting are better in touch with REALITY than those brainwashed by Ivory Tower "intellectuals."


  25. Ooh, did ducky know freethinke before 9/11? That's interesting - i wonder how much of their respective politics was affected by the attacks?

  26. Yes, FreeThinke and Duck knew one another before 9/11 -- at Front Page Magazine.

    I believe in redemption. But before redemption must come repentance. I haven't seen that from Duck.

  27. From all I've been azble to gather in 78 years of buffeting about the Left's Stock-In-Trade is perpetual INSOLENCE.

    They MOCK. They JEER. They DISMISS. They DERIDE. When possible they RIDE ROUGHSHOD OVER or TRAMPLE those whose belifs they dislike.

    They show no respect for –– and certainly no DEFGERENCE to –– anyone whose convictions are not vrtually identical to their own. They appear to see their role as a perpetual IRRITANT towards those not in sympathy with whatever their pet Agenda du jour. might be.

    They heckle, they badger, they whine, they whimper, they lament and complain endlessly, but mainly they are –– in one form or other –– subtly, snidely or boldly –– they are PERPETUALLY on the ATTACK.

    Leftists could never imagine themselves EVER being wrong, so it's highly unlikely one of them would EVER even DREAM of APOLOGIZING for their insolence, their rudeness, their cruelty, –– and especially not their manifold misdeeds.

    Of course there are hdebound individuals who fancy themselves "conservative," who are equally obnoxious in their endless exhibitions of conceited displays of Self-Righteius Indignation over individuals not in perfect harmony with THEIR notions and pet coonvictions.

    The common denominators among these types who claim to be at odds with one another are INTOLERANCE, INSOLENCE born of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the marked tendency ALWAYS to be SPOILING for a FIGHT.

  28. I forgot to mention in my litany of objectinable characteristics: Leftists also love to INSINUATE.

    Also, they try to treat opposing views as if they were a JOKE.

  29. @jez,
    Concerning the duck, remember the cautionary tale of "The Frog and the Scorpion".
    Corporal 'redemption' is based on accepting responsibility and contrition for your actions and at least some effort of reapproachment. I have yet to see any of that from the duck.

    He has his chance, here, every day. The only reason he avoids pissing me off is that he knows I will delete him out of hand. There are very few blogs that allow him to comment and he reigns it in here. You would be surprised what a nasty customer he is if left unfettered.
    He revels in his nastiness.

  30. My attitude towards Warren has nothing to do with his heritage but rather his politics.
    My attitude toward FreeThinke has everything to do with his being an antisemitic white supremacist.

    I do not consider myself a racist but I am also not politically correct.

  31. And for the record, I don't think I ever posted at Longrange let alone coming out as a racist.

  32. You did: i got a only a half-dozen or so hits searching through the longrange blog, none of them sensational. I don't trust google to catch everything; if i cared i'd scrape all the comments from '06 and grep through them locally; i'll leave that as an exercise for the interested student.

    FT: i don't dismiss your ideas, i scrutinize them - that's what you resent about me, and it's the complete opposite of dismissal.
    As for mocking and jeering, i make no apologies for trying to make this fun from time to time. I have my own idea of where the line is, and i appreciate that we can reasonably disagree about where that line should be. Thing is, i don't know where your line is: based on the offence you take, it seems even mild cheekiness is out of bounds; whereas based on the barbs you make against your perceived enemies, your line is somewhere between roy chubby brown's and doug stanhope's. Compare for example the occassions where i have wished you dead (zero times i believe, but i assume if i did umbridge would be taken, quite reasonably imo) with the occassions where you wished that upon me (i've genuinely lost count).
    I try to be freindly and reasonable to all, but you seem to resist that. Apparently you would prefer me to hate you. Are you sure you're not the gadfly?

  33. Jez,
    You might have gotten more hits for Duck's comments at Longrange had you searched for "Mr. Ducky," Duck's blogging name prior to his using "Ducky's here."


    As for FT, he is a friend to this blog.

    You might keep in mind that some of FT's posts are made in jest and that many of his posts are not to be taken literally. Such subtleties are not easily conveyed in the blogging medium.

  34. I'm comfortable with jokes (i'm more liable to get uncomfortable when people *aren't* joking!), it's just that when FT loses his temper over jokes far less outrageous than his own, compounded with the fact some of his apparently genuine views are outrageous too, it can be tough separating fact from satire sometimes!


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