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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Man-Hating Gillette?

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The title of this blog post refers to the recent ad released by Gillette, the commercial condemning "toxic masculinity," whatever the definition of that is.

And the commercial is racist, too. The video is a bit long, but please watch (Warning: some strong language):

Can our species no longer discern the differences of flirtation, true sexual harassment, and actual sexual assault?

Now, about the Gillette commercial...Surprise: Genius behind man-hating Gillette ad is a radical feminist.

For the record, the Gillette commercial is the fold:


  1. I try to spread toxic masculinity everywhere I go. Real men already know that abusing and denigrating women is wrong.......those who do so, aren’t men and won’t care a whit for this virtue signaling video.


    1. "Better the empty house than the unwelcome guest!"

      The rancid odor of base hypocrisy never fails to enervate as it nauseates.

    2. Exactly. Hypocrisy is the scourge just endeavors and is the currency of dishonorable, perfidious Quislings.

    3. Recognizing truth, regardless which side expresses it is not hypocrisy. It is rather necessary for nation to remain free as well as just.

    4. Yes, but then we have always to deal with the everpresent problem of trying to discover WHO it is who gets to DEFINE what is and is not "JUST."

      The Social just]ce Warriors, for instance, may be ANATHEMA, as I believe they are, but THEY would be the very last see that in themselves. The same was true for such figures as Savonarola, the leaders of the Spanish Inquistion, Cromwell's persecutions of the Irish and of Catholicism in England, of the French Catholics' slaughter of the Huguenots, of Abraham Lincoln, of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalln, Mao Tse Dung, Hitler, Castro, Che Guevara, Daniel Ortega, Maduro and all the other goddam bastards throughout history who've slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocents for the glory of conquest and subjugation.

      AGGRESSION should have been categorized as the FIRST and WORST of the Deadly Sins.

    5. It’s not the recognition of truth that is absent, even Quislings recognize truth........it’s respecting truth that is quickly discarded by the ignoble, wretched creatures among us.

    6. Yes, of course, but now you've verged into semantics.

      A person who sees Truth for what it is would be hard pressed to discard it. That is the province of those poor souls who have only a perfunctory, superficial grasp of life's meaning.

      Unfortunately, their name is Legion.

    7. While I do not place much emphasis on the ancient Christian Scripture I do agree Franco that defining Agression as the First and Worst of the Deadly Sins would have been most appropriate.

  2. Cultural Capitalism is for '68 summer of love hippies.

  3. I no longer buy Gillette. I made this decision prior to their ad.
    I found a better product online for less money.
    That said, Toxic Masculinity is probably a byproduct of testosterone poisoning.
    We must stop these ads for medical supplements seeking to relieve "Low T".
    Then we must ask men to submit to regular medical examinations to regulate their testosterone to acceptable limits, whatever some rabid feminazis determine that to be.
    That won't end well.

  4. Ah, the joys of being lectured on morality by a faceless global corporation!

    I think they may have shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  5. "Toxic masculinity" isn't being perpetrated by dads in the backyard grilling.

    Why didn't the Gilletta propaganda include progressive men in the news and entertainment industry? They seem to be overrepresented in mistreatment of women?

    Misogynist rappers? Where were they? The video could have used some security cam footage of professional ball sport stars beating up wives and girlfriends.

    1. I search YouTube for "parody" and keywords like "Gillette"...

    2. Joe, Thank you for finding this stuff and bringing it to us!

    3. My pleasure. I prefer looking to the humourous side of politics.

    4. Me too, Mr. Cameltoe!

      Can't tell you how much I now love Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. He and I are kindred spirits –– dedicated to taking the nastiness out of vulgarity and ribald language by using it to wretched excess –– as i did the other day, as you may remember, with my post on President Trump as a Motherf-cker.

      Fighting fire WITH fire truly IS an enormously effective strategy, –– unless of course you are dealing with Humorless, Unimaginative, Dry-Veined Puritanical Literalists, or dedicated Marxists of All Stries both of which have abdicted their humanity, and surrendered it to mindless fanaticism.

  6. Here are two new YouTube channels that I just saved with recently produced political humour

    Tiberius Maximus and Me Me Meme. You might wanna save em,

  7. I ride, shoot, hunt and fish. All hail Texas. Time. To. Report. Myself!

    But what a great infovid. I'll repost before I get the 4 am knock on the door.

    Age of Aquarius.


    No matter what the FEMINAZI'S say
    If you follow their advice, you'll RUE the DAY.
    The price they'd make you pay is just APPALLING
    It's nothing less than your complete DEBALLING!

    If you act like a FAG
    Real women will GAG
    And you'll attract naught
    But a desperate old HAG.

    They'd make you a EUNUCH
    Dressed in a TUNIC
    With no more SEX APPEAL
    Than dried LEMON PEEL.

    Make the bitches DESIST
    Never cease to RESIST.
    When they spout TOXIC PROSE
    Stand your ground. THUMB your NOSE
    And if they should CRY
    Just SPIT in THEIR EYE!

    ~ A. Bard Onderspott

  9. I cannot abide metrosexuals and other males who are not masculine.

    That said, any man who strikes me will rue the day. My methods to accomplish that ruing will remain unstated.

  10. Replies
    1. You bet!

      Great song! An enduring classic, because it taps into a fundamental truth about human nature, that dentifies some of our real needs.

      Ironic, though, isn't it, that Geroge Gershwin, one of our greatest musical geniuses, was homosexual? So by the way were the beloved lyricist Lorenz Hart, the protean, many-faceted musical genius Lenard Bernstein, and Stephen Sondheim –– along with God knows how many others who've made major contributions to Civilization in virtually all fields.

      The Truth may set us free, –– if we are able to recognize and accept it ––, but often it's complex, many-faceted, even self-contradictory at times, and very hard for those beset with rigid, hidebound beliefs to swallow.

      I suspect that is why so mny live miserable lives dominated by disppointment, anger and gnawing anxiety.

    2. INDEED! Thank you for reminding me. Porter was another great genius whose work delights us still –– and shouldn't all of that TELL us something VITAL about what is TRULY "sinful" and what is NOT?

    3. The sinful part is not the predilection but the actualization.
      And the predilection may not inform the art.

  11. A morning blood pressure boost, from a site that appears oriented towards social conformity of the “21st century male” - Obsolete Man Skills You Should Ditch


    All part of a concerted effort to ensure there is no dissent in making society servile to both the State and corporate interests. Self sufficiency is “obsolete” and not in the interest of the masters.

    1. CI,
      YE, GODS!

      I guess the man who held the door for me this morning at the convenience mart should be punished, huh?

    2. He clearly assaulted your feminism and pilloried in the public square.

    3. CI: That thing read like a rightwing parody of effeminate metrosexual men...

      I loved this comment:

      "A man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
      — Robert Heinlein

    4. CI: You aren't 'Army4ever84' are you? His was the best and most direct comment:

      "What a load of shit. Did a woman write this garbage? All real men should know how to hunt, fight, fix cars, fix things around the house, instill discipline in their children by being a disciplinarian, and most importantly be a leader."

    5. I thought it was a parody at first.....until I saw several more articles extolling the “virtues” of servility.

      Heilbronn has some ridiculously awesome quotes.

    6. I wish! Not me, but I echo the sentiments.

      A short anecdote, being career military with the type A attributes that accompany......I gained the respect of my wife’s friends well over a decade ago when I cared for our 1 and 3 year old daughters, while Mrs CI deployed to Iraq.

      A little unfair given the lack of fanfare while my betrothed cared for them for so many more of my absences. But at least many women still appreciate the ideal Heinlein and that commenter espouse.

    7. AHEM! Have you ever MET a person capable of ALL of THAT, Silver?

      I have not, and though both of us have certainly "been around," I'm a lot older than you and have "been around" in ways that probably differ greatly from your experience.

      I do concur, however, with the basic sentiment in Heinlein's extravagant statement. So, YES! All of us shpuld strive to be as versatile and resourceful as possible.

      It's also the better of wisdom to learn to recognize and abide by one's LIMITATIONS, because ALL of HAVE them.

      Someday, we ought to get together over a bottle of Jack Daniels and compare notes. It would be fascinating for both of us, I'm sure.


    8. Great.....Apple took Heinlein’s name and changed it to a city in Germany......

    9. Franco, I have not, and I can't do all that either, but it is a great quote.

      CI has summed it up most succinctly in this thread. Real men treat others--including women--justly. The progressive metrosexuals must view the US military as a bastion of toxic masculinity, but outside of a few barracks rooms where the still-wild teens live, "toxic" masculinity isn't tolerated; by leadership, by peers or by spouses.

      Lost in all of this leftwing blather is the rarely-mentioned concept of rightly-ordered masculinity: Power justly wielded, skills honed and employed not just for self, but for those around you, and with a genuine--non virtue-signaling--humility.

    10. Don’t get me started on what has occurred in the military (Army at least) over the past few decades....I’m sure you witnessed the same, SF. It began with the seemingly innocuous “Army Values” campaign......and has turned into an internal sexual harassment victimization industry.

    11. CI, They always start with a good thing and end up taking it way too far.

    12. CI, I enjoyed your comment about watching the young kids while your wife deployed. The one staying home doing the daily grind alone has the worse of it, imo, and I always made sure my wife knew how much I appreciated that.

    13. Thanks, it was tough! But aside from missing my bride, it was one of the most rewarding periods of my life. I got an opportunity most Fathers don’t get.

      Also wouldn’t have been possible we’re I in one of my regular units; I was teaching Military Science at a university for a couple of years, which gave me the flexibility to be a temporary single parent.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Franco: I can't do all the Heinlein stuff, but regarding the talents espoused in the article, I can't see them being mutually exclusive and have done all of them.

    16. Ed,
      I agree with that the items on the list are not mutually exclusive.

      From what I know of you, I’m not surprised that you’ve done all of them. Self-sufficiency and all that. No whining either.

  12. Over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance today, my friend WC made this observation:

    The problem with Leftist thinking is that they believe the world can be made perfect. That we can remove ALL the negative traits of human beings and thus have Utopia. That is fantasy and incorrect. If you remove the negative traits you also remove positive outcomes.

    Case in point. I'll make it real simple so a Leftist could understand.

    There was a Star Trek episode - the original Star Trek with William Shatner - where Kirk was divided into a duplicate of himself. One Kirk was good and touchy feeelie. The other mean and corse. And of course, the enterprise was in danger. The positive nice Kirk couldn't find the muster to make a decision and face the danger to the ship. The mean Kirk when faced with the truth of the danger, though blustery - could not come to a decision and became cowardly.

    In order to save the ship, the two Kirks had to be melded together to create a commanding self to save the ship. Both Kirk types were needed to make decisions and take command. Aggression plus reason was needed. Neither one of the Kirks could do it alone.

    We as human beings we need both halves of our selves to function - the positive and the negative. We use the positive to control the negative - not eliminate it...

  13. A GILETTE CMMERCIAL from the early 1950's:

    To LOOK sharp
    ___ every time you shave
    To STAY sharp
    ___ and be on the ball
    Just BE sharp.
    ___ use GILETTE blue blades
    For the quckest, slickest
    ___ SHAVE of all!

    That was sung frequentlyp during the intervals when six or seven of us boys would get together after school to watch the Brooklyn Dodger games narrated by Red Barber on the SEVEN-INCH TV screen at the home of one of the boys.

    We all co]nsi[dere it a great Event in our young lives. TV was brand new then. Little did we know how EVIL it would become after a few short years of untrammeled bliss.

    Ah Wilderness!

  14. Not seen the new commercial, but I remember the old ones -- so cheesy and out-dated, I can see why they want to draw a very deliberate line under them. But I wouldn't expect Gillette's take on toxic masculinity to capture any more nuance or depth than Pepsi's ad with the protestors. I don't claim to be well informed on the subject, but if I wanted to criticize feminism I wouldn't choose any advert as my source material!
    As I understand it, "toxic masculinity" does not demonize masculinity in toto, it's a handle for referring to those aspects of perceived masculinity which happen to be unhelpful. You can list positive traits that you consider masculine, great I can do that too. But I can also list negative traits that are closely identified with masculinity in many circles, and if any but the least imaginative of you say that you can't, I don't believe you.
    I don't think about gender much except in my capacity as a father to daughters so mostly, I don't like it when girls are disuaded from pursuits that they would otherwise enjoy if they weren't deemed masculine. If we could find a way to relax gender roles a great deal, it would probably be of some benefit.

    1. Jez,
      I think that you should see the new commercial, then evaluate.

      I can also list negative traits that are closely identified with masculinity in many circles, and if any but the least imaginative of you say that you can't, I don't believe you.

      Nobody here is denying that there are negative traits, but I'm not sure that you and I would agree on what they are.

    2. Aren't you? I think we would agree about many of them.

      As for the ad, my desire to evaluate it is apparently not strong enough to overcome my disinclination to watch it :)

    3. Jez,
      I never said that we'd disagree about all of them.

  15. None of this BS would come out if Liberals didn't run Hollyweird. They want men to become women and brainwash our youth (like how Lib teachers preach BS in our schools)... yet they are calling the kettle black with all their screwed up sexual escapades. I wish Clint, Gary Sinise or James Woods would start a Conservative production company.

    1. Hello, Koji! And welcome.

      You are exactly right: Hollyweird has had and has a great deal of control over our culture. I see it all the time in the young people I have been teaching for 45 years.

      I wish Clint, Gary Sinise or James Woods would start a Conservative production company.

      If only! But Hollyweird's hold is a vise.


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