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Monday, April 3, 2017

Recommended Reading

See The AWAN Brothers at Please Clap.

Does that name ring any bells for you? The bells should be pealing — loudly and clearly!

Excerpt from The AWAN Brothers, the first link in this blog post:
The Awan Brothers - Compromised at least 80 congressional computers and got paid 5 million to do it. We may never know the extent of the breach PART 2

After compromising the Congress' networks for 12 years they do a quick cleanup by breaking in to 20 congressional offices, store data in an off site server before running of to Pakistan and the D.C. Police are investigating. But wait there's more...

The more I dig in to the story of the Awan brothers the bigger the breech appears to be. There is also their interaction with figures you all know. This is the real story, who were they working for, what did they steal, who covered for them, and where did they go...

Before I get too far into this information I want to give credit to Luke Rosiak who has written a great series of pieces for the Daily Caller, and George Webb who has done a great YouTube series. Beyond the normal video usually posted George Webb asks his viewers to tweet and email representatives and media figures. If they get a barrage of mail they can't ignore the information. He has already got information read in to the congressional record and coverage from media personalities.

Now before ya'll scream"Ya gots no proof," I will direct you to my previous post. The information in that post comes from credible sources and is cited. While I will continue to cite my information there are some spots where I will be making logical leaps that as of yet I cannot prove. If you see flaws in the logic please post and I will address the issues....
Read the entire essay HERE.

Your thoughts on this information?


  1. This story has been around for some time. It never went anywhere even on Alex Jones.

    Sound like nothing more than a bunch of petty crooks.

    1. Who's poppin' up from
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      Everyone knows it's Ducky.

      ~ Anne Tipathie

    2. Brilliant, Anne!

      I can hear it now -- to this tune.

      But I don't see Duck as one who pulls wings from flies/To watch them crawl.

    3. I know, but we must make allowances for poetic license, mustn't we?

      Cordially yours,

      Anne Tipathie

  2. The more I dig in to the story of the Awan brothers the bigger the breech appears to be. There is also their interaction with figures you all know. This is the real story, who were they working for, what did they steal, who covered for them, and where did they go...
    Are you saying, nothing to see here', Ducky?

    Just because it didn't make the cut at Alex Jones?

    Alex Jones has the Washington pedos after his ass. He's dealing with a big enough problem, no?

    Do you watch Alex Jones every day, or what?

    1. I'm a Conservative and barely sure of who Alex Jones is, but he apparently is VERY important to liberals??

    2. https://investmentwatchblog.com/who-are-the-awan-it-staff-that-hacked-house-intelligence-computers-and-why-wont-the-media-cover-this-evidence-based-story-research-node/

      Not real sure this is petty crookery....I had something on them in an article recently and darned if I can find the post.....This is a typical story lefty journalists want to avoid; and they have.

    3. I think I was straightforward stating that there is no evidence of any serious story.
      I have no idea what you dug into to get the facts but there isn't much out there. Frontpage mentions the Muslim Brotherhood and that's like Pavlov ringing the bell when it comes to getting the right salivating.

      I use Alex Jones as sort of a stand in for the depth the right wing hate media will go to trying to excite the base. The result is a nation that is wasting its time with this conspiracy nonsense rather than debating real issues. I rarely scan his page but it would provide comic relief if it weren't so tragic.

      So again, what story is there?

    4. Typical "internet news", z. If there's a story to be reported why doesn't IWB report the story rather than just listing a bunch of hypotheticals with no real content? It's a standard internet stunt and you seem to have fallen for it.

      The timing is a little suspicious, also. This has been known for some time but all of a sudden the right is picking it up when the Happy Hands administration is being questioned.

      Evidently it's more important than deciding whether or not Gorsuch is a corporate pimp.

      By the way, thanks for posting that article today. Very thought provoking article on the business of the presidential staff photographer. I found it informative.

    5. Duck,
      A matter of concern: they accessed House IT systems without lawmakers' knowledge. It is possible that sensitive date may have been breached.

    6. The employees allegedly stole equipment from members' offices without their knowledge and committed serious, potentially illegal, violations of House IT policies.

      House sources stressed the investigation, which has been ongoing since late 2016, is focused on equipment theft and not a network hacking issue.

      Again it sounds like a bunch of petty crooks.

    7. Petty crooks who might have hit the jackpot -- at lesat for blackmail if not for anything else.

      Let's see if an investigation happens and turns up anything.

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