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Friday, April 14, 2017

Musical Interlude For Good Friday And Holy Saturday


He died for me — as the propitiation for my sins:

I John 2:2 (KJV):
And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
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Music for meditation on this Holy Day (hat tip to Bunkerville):

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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks so much for the hat tip.

  2. Such an important day....especially to remember why such a very sad, painful, horrible day is called "Good!"

    1. I was just listening to a Christian radio host broadcast nationally from Detroit and my wife Scherie had called in and I was surprised to hear her.
      And right after that I heard another caller call in and ask "why is it called Good Friday?" similar to the comment by Z.
      Well frankly it's good for us, and Jesus lay down his life for the joy that was set before him.
      What did Jesus have after the cross that he no longer that he did not have before the cross? The church. Us.
      So it was good for Him and good for us.
      He won the battle on the cross. That's where he was Victorious.

    2. I hurt for those who don't understand why it's called GOOD.

  3. St. Louis-born American expatriate poet, T.S. Eliot, who lived and worked most of his life in England, had a less-than-sanguine view of Good Friday as shown in this selection from his Four Quartets:

    The wounded surgeon plies the steel
    That questions the distempered part;
    Beneath the bleeding hands we feel
    The sharp compassion of the healer's art
    Resolving the enigma of the fever chart.

    Our only health is the disease
    If we obey the dying nurse
    Whose constant care is not to please
    But to remind of our, and Adam's curse,
    And that, to be restored, our sickness must grow worse.

    The whole earth is our hospital
    Endowed by the ruined millionaire,
    Wherein, if we do well, we shall
    Die of the absolute paternal care
    That will not leave us, but prevents us everywhere.

    The chill ascends from feet to knees,
    The fever sings in mental wires.
    If to be warmed, then I must freeze
    And quake in frigid purgatorial fires
    Of which the flame is roses, and the smoke is briars.

    The dripping blood our only drink,
    The bloody flesh our only food:
    In spite of which we like to think
    That we are sound, substantial flesh and blood—
    Again, in spite of that, we call this Friday good.

    ~ T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) - "East Coker" from Four Quartets

    1. We call it Good, because it is in Eliot's view our only path to redemption.

  4. Amen. Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

    1. that is my VERY VERY favorite quote from other than Jesus in the whole Bible, Jerry....and Jesus' response was "Today, you will be with me in paradise." And all the thief had to have said was "remember me..." showing he knew who He was. So powerful it brings tears to my eyes even now. Thanks.

  5. ________ HIS CRUCIFIXION ________

    He was a man who came to show the way.
    It never was for him an easy task.
    Sadly, politicians of His day
    Cruelly sought His death. They’d never ask
    Revealing questions in pursuit of Truth.
    Undermining good they sought to hold
    Crookedly to Power. Their uncouth
    Initiatives to godliness were cold.
    Freedom from corruption causes fear
    In those who by coercion seek to rule.
    Xiphoid, ego kills what should endear,
    Instead of letting Self die to renewal.
    On tiptoe oft we creep and hold our breath,
    Not challenging the ones who cause His death.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Sprng 1996

  6. ______ CHRIST IS ARISEN ______

    Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
    Hidden there with broken hands and feet.
    Ruthless powers crushed His flesh and bone.
    It looked to be the ultimate defeat.
    Sadly, in the dawn Saint Mary’s three
    Trudged toward the tomb wherein He lay.
    Instead of death, an angel helped them see,
    Startled, that the stone was rolled away!
    A risen Jesus stood! He still drew breath!
    Radiance around Him warmed the air.
    In banks of lilies sweet we now see death
    Stripped of terror. Life, eternal, fair,
    Enjoins us all to claim His victory.
    Naught could stop us save our vanity.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Spring 1996


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