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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Musical Interlude

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From the days of unforgettable television-show themes, enjoy "Park Avenue Beat," the Theme to Perry Mason (1957-1966), composed by the prolific radio, television, and film composer Fred Steiner (1923-2011): 
The [Perry Mason] theme music is one of the most recognizable in television. Composer Fred Steiner set out to write a theme that would project the two primary aspects of Mason's character—sophistication and toughness. "The piece he came up with, titled "Park Avenue Beat," pulsed with the power of the big city and the swagger of a beefy hero played to perfection by actor Raymond Burr," wrote the Los Angeles Times. Described by Steiner as "a piece of symphonic rhythm and blues," the Perry Mason theme heard at the opening and end credits became the composer's best-known work.


  1. Funny... I love Perry Mason. I've been re-watching all the old episodes to remind me of what California was like back when I was a kid. I tell my wife that I'm so glad that I don't have all the same "problems of rich people" that get people murdered and accused like on the show. There are certain advantages to being a "middle class schmuck."

    1. ps - There an option to "skip" the episode intro and get right to the story. I never do. I love that song, and I like knowing the episode's title. I'm probably at the end of Season 5 now. There are like 40+ episodes a season.

  2. Wonderful music and, as FJ says, a great reminder of old days.....Got to say I also LOVE "The Honeymooners' theme song AND "The Bob Newhart Show's" theme is fabulously written....actually, there are SO many good ones. A gal down the street's father played the judge in a lot of the Perry Mason's...fun to talk to her about that....

  3. Add Mike Post to the list of memorable TV theme composers. With the rush to cram in more commercials and sell more stuff, now we only get a few bars of music, if that.

    Not a good change IMO...

  4. I will throw in Petter Gunn Theme... good memories that we can thank cable that we can enjoy again for old times sake.