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Friday, September 16, 2022

Get it Off Your Chest 9/16/22


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 By Warren     


  1. The Queen has died. Dunno how the American media is reacting, but if you want to investigate propaganda operates through an ostensibly free press, I recommend this as a relatively benign case study.

    1. Coverage is positive and respectful, which is how it should be. She was a great lady, and one of greatest persons of the 20th Century.

  2. Whadda hell of a week in MAGA world.

    MAGA judge totally in the tank for Trump.

    Trump goes all in with QAnon, even wears a "Q" lapel pin while grooming his MAGAnuts to go civil war if he's indicted.

    My Pillow guy mighty pissed over cell phone seizing. But he is gracious enough to literally thank Fox News and Tucker for talking more about election conspiracies than his phone.

    Fidel DeSantis goes to TX to dupe Venezuela immigrants to fly to Martha's Vineyard and declares victory of saving FL from illegal immigrants ( and this is right after getting caught tricking ex felons to vote only to have them arrested in order to claim victory to solving voter fraud).

    Marjorie Toddler Greene appears to think the proper way to respond to tough questions is to kick the person asking.

    Blake Masters has the cure for our military problems- just fire every general and replace them with the most conservative lower ranks.

    Lara Logan says migrants are part of a globalist plot for a unified North American government

    Times-Siena poll says Dobbs getting worse for MAGA as now
    62% don't like it and only 30% support it. Go Lindsey go!

    1. Thank you for giving us the Fox News report so we don't have to watch it.

    2. Whadda hell of a week in Sleepy Joe world.

      DoJ prosecutors and US media totally in the tank for hanging Trump.

      Sleepy Joe goes all in with Antifa, even wears a "three arrow" lapel pin while grooming his BLMers to go civil war if he's not given $trillions for BBB.

      My Pillow and 40+ J6 guys mighty pissed over cell phone seizing. But they're is gracious enough to literally thank Fox News and Tucker for talking less about J6 conspiracies than their phones.

      Fidel Schumer goes to the Senate well to dupe Americans about immigrants flying to Martha's Vineyard and declares a victory of saving NYC from illegal immigrants (and this is right after getting caught tricking ex felons to vote only to have them issued Welfare checks in order to proclaim DNC's victory solving welfare fraud).

      John Fetterman appears to think the proper way to respond to tough questions about his health is to duck a debate with Oz.

      Gen. Mark Milley has the cure for our military problems exposed by the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal- just enroll every US general into a pronoun sensitivity training course.

      Hillary Clinton says migrants and open borders are part of her globalist solution for a unified One World government

      Real Politics poll says election prospects are getting better for Democrats as now only 53.6% disapprove of Sleepy Joe's job performance and 41.9% approve it, up 6% since it's low in mid-July

    3. Are you smarter than a Republican?September 16, 2022 at 5:52:00 PM CDT

      Florida Department of Transportation personnel posing as federal Department of Homeland Security agents (illegal, muy mucho prison time) rounded up immigrants seeking refuge from corrupt governments and filed falsified immigration paperwork on their behalf (illegal), transported them across state lines (federal kidnapping charges) and dumped them off without food, housing, or medical care.

      Make a choice. You can be Republican or Christian, but not both. You can be Republican or law-abiding, but not both. You can be Republican or a loyal American, but not both. You can be Republican or a decent human being, but not both.

      One does not claim to be for border security by posing as border security agents and transporting immigrants deeper into the country at taxpayer's expense. This will backfire on Abbott and DeSantis. It already has.

    4. First paragraph: Do you have a link?

      Second paragraph is a textbook example of a logical fallacy. Leftwing mouthbreathers who ingest and regurgitate propaganda are riddled with logical fallacies.

      Third paragraph: You may be right. Only the federal government is authorized to usher in millions of illegal aliens and move them around the US at taxpayer expense.

      Biden and his giggly Border Czar Harris are the best friends of the human smugglers and drug traffickers.

    5. https://www.capecodtimes.com/videos/news/2022/09/16/migrants-flown-marthas-vineyard-gov-desantis-immigration-attorney-rachel-self-addresses-actions/10392843002/

    6. lol! That link is the leftwing progressive NIMBY's deporting the illegal immigrants off of Martha's Vineyard!


      Thanks for sharing

    7. The refugees from Venezuela were NOT "deported" anywhere. They went from one town in Massachusetts to another town in Massachusetts where better facilities were there to feed them, clothe them, give them any necessary health care, and to keep them safe until all legal paper work was sorted out.

      Those refugee men, women, and children were fleeing from Maduro's Communist dictatorship, just like the Cubans did who fled from Castro's Communist dictatorship.

      DeSantis hired a videographer to record his stunt. He notified Fox News about it, but was careful not to notify the good citizens of Martha's Vineyard about his ploy, so those refugees were dumped on the tarmac at the local airport, not knowing where they were. They were lied to by DeSantis's agent and told they were going to Boston to get jobs, but that tiny airport was not Boston's. The refugees then had to walk miles to find a town with facilities to accommodate their human needs.

      The year-round residents of MV are not posh people. Most of them are tradesmen and women, fishermen, and people who work in schools, medical facilities, and other services. They did a remarkable job, considering they had no forewarning of DeSantis's shameful stunt.

      As a Massachusetts resident and frequent visitor to MV, I salute the men, women, and children of MV for doing exactly what human decency calls for when vulnerable people are used for political grandstanding. Bravo!

    8. Y'all lefties think Florida and Texas are such awful racist places, and states like New York and Assachussetts are so great, you should be applauding Abbot and Desantis sending them your way. Also, people with a little intelligence can usually spot metaphors. Pretty dumb, thinking he literally meant a deportation. Leftwingers are ain't got no sense of humor. No wonder people are moving away from blue states and going to happy red states.

      "From 2010 to 2018, Massachusetts lost over 184,000 more residents to other parts of the U.S. than it picked up, based on annual estimates."

    9. The year-round residents of MV are not posh people.

      I can second that notion. There's even a black couple named "Obama" or something living there when they're not snow-birding in Hawaii or running Biden's WH from Georgetown.

    10. Oooops. Did I say Georgetown? I meant Kalorama. Those old rich DC historic districts all look alike.

    11. I roomed 2nd class year with a not-so-posh guy from Martha's Vineyard. He used to have these pictures of nude guys/gals formed into a human pyramid on the beach there. REAL classy....

    12. Posh? No... classy. My former roomate's family had bought land on the Vineyard in 1660.

  3. Just had the best brief (2 hrs. long) on Ukraine by Scott Ritter, Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate. Well worth your time if you need a "reality check" on the recent offensive.

    1. ...but please feel free to remain within your NATO propaganda bubble. Scott's an Information Terrorist on both Ukrainian and American sponsored "kill lists".

    2. I pray for Ukraine, but as always, reality will out.

    3. Here's the eventual peace settlement map... just so everyone understand's Putin ultimate objective after he forces the Ukrainian army to march under the yoke.

    4. I pray against the continued stupidity on all sides.

    5. You'd think we'd learn about meddling in elections and unintended consequences...

    6. William Scott Ritter Jr. (born July 15, 1961) is a former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and convicted sex offender.

      The credentials are strong in this one.

    7. Specially as they all originated in Jack's Magic Coffee Shop.

    8. SF, if you don't tune into Fox, how ya gonna learn about the declassified newspaper clippings?

    9. During the Soviet period, while Pravda served as the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party, Izvestia expressed the official views of the Soviet government as published by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

    10. I prefer the Master's Discourse (Pravda) to the University Discourse (Izvestia). I suppose I'm more Emersonian than most. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a small mind"- RW Emerson

    11. from Wiki:

      Discourse Characteristics
      Master inauthentic, inconsistent
      University inauthentic, consistent

    12. I don't condone Ritter's behavior that got him in trouble. I also don't like law enforcement entrapment.

    13. Entrapment? He was caught *twice* soliciting sex with a minor, once in 2001 and once in 2011. How many times was he not caught in between and since? Odds are he's gotten away with a lot more than he got caught doing. Nobody accidentally or randomly decides to hunt for children to have sex with online.The pervert went to a Burger King thinking he was meeting up with a child, to have sex with. The sicko masturbated on webcam in the belief that he was talking to a child. He wasn't "entrapped." He gambled his crime against the risk of getting caught because he conditioned himself to believe he wouldn't be caught by the number of times he wasn't caught. The real criticism should be levelled at the judicial system that let this pedophile out of prison and the people that set aside the fact that he's a convicted sex offender to give him a platform to speak on any topic. He has no special insight into the war in Ukraine, surely there are people who hold his views on Ukraine who don't have an axe to grind against the US government for keeping him away from children.

    14. Ritter opposed the Iraq invasion. Think Jack's Coffee Shop didn't have an axe to grind in "nailing Ritter"?

      Despite identifying himself as a Republican, and having voted for George W. Bush in 2000,[19] by 2002, Ritter had become an outspoken critic of the Bush administration's claims that Iraq possessed significant WMD stocks or manufacturing capabilities, the primary rationale given for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Prior to the war, Ritter stated that the U.S.and British governments were using the presence of WMD's in Iraq as a political excuse for war.[2] His views at that time are summarized in War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know a 2002 publication which consists largely of an interview between Ritter and anti-war activist William Rivers Pitt.

      Ritter was in an "over 18 only" chatroom (per disclaimers req'd to enter the space) where people exchange sex fantasies. Good for the "officers" at Jack's Magic Coffee Shop, successfully impersonating an adult with a fantasy of being an underage girl and then arresting someone for falling for the scam and having some webcamsex. Think the Feds had any motive to "dirty Ritter up" a bit?

    15. Ritter was the subject in two law enforcement sting operations in 2001.[28] He was charged in June 2001 with trying to set up a meeting with an undercover police officer posing as a 16-year-old girl.[29][30] He was charged with a misdemeanor crime of "attempted endangerment of the welfare of a child". The charge was dismissed and the record was sealed after he completed six months of pre-trial probation.[30][31] After this information was made public in early 2003, Ritter said that the timing of the leak was politically motivated in order to silence his opposition to the Bush administration's push toward war with Iraq

      Yeah, maybe the first arrest was legit, but the second was pure BS.

    16. We all know how the IC likes to "leak" to the WaPo to score political points.

    17. They sure didn't want Scott on any WMD Inspection Teams.

    18. Both Ritter's cases were entrapment by police officers posing. No children were harmed or even in danger during the entrapment operations.

      A pedophile is a person who has sex with children. He's as much of a pedophile as the Michigan men entrapped by the FBI are kidnappers.

    19. Nice logic there. A serial killer is only a murderer if he gets caught?

      Either Ritter the kiddie diddler went online to hunt for children to sexually prey upon because he was a novice pedophile too stupid to not get caught or he was an experienced pedophile using methods to gain access to children for sex that had proven effective for his perverse inclinations in the past and brought attention to himself from law enforcement hunting for child sex predators. Both possibilities begin and end with Ritter's pedophilic fetish and lifestyle. How could the police "entrap" you with soliciting sex from children if you aren't online soliciting sex from children? He wasn't "entrapped." He was caught lotion-handed.

      His views on Iraqi WMD are irrelevant and have nothing to do with his desire to have sex with children. Regardless of whether or not the government found WMD in Iraq, they did find a pedophile online hunting for children to have sex with. It's not the government or law enforcement's fault Ritter is a pedophile.

      A government out to silence someone can take them out with a sniper. Ritter's pedophilia took himself out, but not really, because he's back.

    20. OK, dummy. Let's do a level set.

      A murderer murders people. A pedophile has sex with children.

      Answer these questions, professor.

      How many children did Ritter have sex with?

      How many children did he expose himself to?

      So, dummy, answer the questions.

      His alleged desire to have sex with children (cops posing as 16 yo girls) is irrelevant and has nothing to do with
      Iraqi WMD, just like Newtie Gingrich cheating on his dying wife has nothing to do with his congressional accomplishments.

    21. As Chuckie Schumer famously said, "Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,"

    22. Ritter intended to have sex with at least one child, and thought he was exposing himself to another child. This establishes a pattern of recidivism on the part of Ritter the kiddie diddler. This is borne out of child sex criminal behavior statistics that show an alarming 60% recidivism rate even among supervised child sex offenders. *If* these two instances are the only times Ritter the kiddie diddler attempted to have sex with children, his personal recidivism rate is 100%.

      But, we also know that the rate of victims reporting or police discovering child molesters is very low. More often than not, like Ritter the kiddie diddler, child sex offenders that get caught never serve time on their first offense. 60% of kiddie diddlers like Ritter are emboldened by the light slap on the wrist (if they even get that) and go on to re-offend.
      If 100% of released molesters reoffended, but the rate of reporting is only 12%, and the conviction rate is half of this, than the recidivism rate would be reported as only 6%, ten times lower than it actually is. Which, given all other profiling statistics would indicate that 9 out of 10 child molesters like Ritter the kiddie diddler never get caught for any or even all of the sex crimes they commit against children. Given Ritter the kiddie diddler's demographics, 100% recidivism rate, and sociopathic lack of remorse for his crimes ("the intelligence community makes him diddle kids") you'd be on solid statistical ground to suspect he's attempted to meet children for sex or exposed himself to children around 190 times before he got caught each time and 190 times since. So, somewhere between 560 to 600 kids?

      But one victim of pedophilia is one too many. Ritter the kiddie diddler's established pattern of recidivistic child sex offending criminal behavior makes it statistically likely the number of children he has tried or succeeded at having illegal sex with is much, much higher than just one child. 560 is probably a low-end estimate.

    23. This isn't very mitigating, but rather than Ritter the kiddie diddler sexually assaulting 560 to 600 kids, it is probably more likely that he's sexually assaulted the same kids multiple times. Given Ritter the kiddie diddler's recidivism rate in seeking sex with children online as well as the child pornography found on his computers, other data sets have to be considered. It's a horrifying statistic, but full one-third of child sex offenders sexually assault children from within their own immediate family. Ritter the kiddie diddler has twin daughters. In this case given the extreme likelihood that Ritter the kiddie diddler has a history of undetected / unreported sex offenders, the demonstrated fact of Ritter the kiddie diddler's near certainty of committing sex crimes in the future (pedophiles trend towards become more active as they get older) it's actually considerably likely that Ritter the kiddie diddler has molested his own daughters repeatedly, with a significant chance that he's molesting them right now as you're reading this, given that sexually abused children are far less likely to report that their abuser is their own parent. Think of the traumas incurred by Ritter the kiddie diddler's children, particularly twins and they were forced to compete sexually for their father's deviant affections and under threat that telling anyone that daddy is sexually active with them will get them in trouble. In not very mitigating fairness, Ritter the kiddie diddler likely turned to child pornography and online child grooming for sex out of some subconscious incest aversion, but probably not until after he diddled with his own kids several hundreds of times.

      This is all if Ritter the kiddie diddler's behavior conforms to that of the average pedophile, a "best case scenario" with a pedophile that has now been caught twice and served time in prison. It's far more likely we only see the tip of the iceberg of how depraved this know sex offender actually is. Perhaps one day his children will be brave enough to come forward with the full story.

    24. ...and so now we know that Ritter was lying and that Iraq was full of WMD's. Got it.

    25. ...as an aside, I guess that means that Ukraine is soon going to have all it's territory back. Congrats!

    26. Big word salad there... I'll just say this: You are correct about pedophiles. The data gathered over decades show most cannot stop. He had two charges of soliciting, both at the enticement of police officers.

      We have no evidence--ZERO--that he has had sexual contact with a minor. If he were an inveterate pedophile he would have been busted by now. Even rich and powerful pedo Epstein ended up getting caught, and he was a man of the establishment and global elite.

    27. Since you conveniently ignored this inconvenient statement of mine, I'll repeat:

      His alleged desire to have sex with adolescents (cops posing as 16 yo girls) is irrelevant and has nothing to do with Iraqi WMD, just like Newtie Gingrich cheating on his dying wife has nothing to do with his congressional accomplishments.

    28. Finally, our angry little friend, you lose.

      The posited argument was Ukraine, and the observations of Scott Ritter, who has many years of domain knowledge in these global situations.

      Instead of arguing the point, you unleashed personal attacks unrelated to the topic. You argued not against the assertion, but "against the man."

      That is a called an ad hominem attack.

      That is a logical fallacy.

      You lose. Loser.

    29. Ritter was mostly right on all things Iraq, but has been mostly wrong on Ukraine. Like all things, most Americans will seek out confirmation bias based on the political narrative they anchor themselves to.

      Whether or not he has a predilection toward minors....is not germane to the above.

    30. Ah, the Pravda clippings. How nice of the IC to leak them to us.

      btw - WaPo = Pravda; NYT = Izvestia

    31. I love how Jeff Bezos, Amazon and WaPo owner, is also a Jack's Magic Coffee Shop franchisee.

    32. I have no idea what is going on in Ukraine, and as always, nobody should trust any news coming out of there.

      I fear this is a cynical gambit by the US to bleed Russia (while also bleeding Ukraine (but who cares?) while also keeping up a US government-sponsored drumbeat of sympathy for Ukraine to cover our cynical game.

      The Ukrainian government understands this game, which is why it is pushing for more arms. Ordinary people really think this is about Ukraine "winning."

      It's a delicate game being run by the west, requiring finesse. I don't know if we have any finesse players anymore.

      I hope I'm wrong and Ukraine kicks Russia's ass completely out of their country, but I don't see them taking back Crimea.

      I have also heard, but don't know how true it is, that if Putin gets taken out, all his potential replacements make him look like a peace and love hippie.

    33. Farmer,

      The more salient triangle IMO is:

      WaPo - < Bezos > - Amazon AWS cloud contract with US intelligence agencies

      Tinkers to Evers to Chance...

    34. Wonderfully put. Thanks!

      Adams, Franklin Pierce (1910-07-12), “Baseball's Sad Lexicon”, in New York Evening Mail:

      These are the saddest of possible words:
      “Tinker to Evers to Chance.”
      Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
      Tinker and Evers and Chance.
      Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
      Making a Giant hit into a double —
      Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
      “Tinker to Evers to Chance.”

    35. I have also heard, but don't know how true it is, that if Putin gets taken out, all his potential replacements make him look like a peace and love hippie.

      There is definitely truth to that.

      - CI

    36. Lose? Who said it was a contest? Ritter the kiddie diddler has not been in the US military or a weapons inspector for UNSCOM since 1998, and in the years he was an intelligence analyst and the 24 years since he stopped being an intelligence analyst, Russia and Ukraine were never his under his purview. He has, in the 24 years since not being any sort of credible or reliable source of information on Russian military matters, become a mouthpiece for Russia Today, a state-run media outlet and propaganda wing of the Russian government.

      It's unlikely that Ritter the kiddie diddler has anything salient or relevant or unbiased to say on the war in Ukraine given his ignorance of the subject matter and willingness to directly work for a propaganda arm of the Russian government.

      I have made no personal "ad hominem" attacks on Ritter the kiddie diddler. I just acknowledge that he's a hack spewing propaganda directly financed by the Russian government, when perhaps his field of expertise and experience suggests he'd be more credible talking about which of his twin daughters he has molested the most.

    37. So why not just put him on a kill list. Oh, wait, he's on two, one from Ukraine, the other sponsored by the US government.

      Are they you unbiased info source, beamish?

    38. I prefer my news unbiased, but since there isn't any, I suppose I need to get it from where-ever I can.

    39. Ritter the kiddie diddler isn't on anyone's "kill list." I appreciate that he may feel paranoia stemming from the fact that he has had inconvenient outcomes twice (actually three times, the first time was two separate instances caught by the same investigation) in his long career as a pedophile going online seeking children to have sex with. Without emplaced protective measures in prison, convicted pedophiles like Ritter the kiddie diddler often find themselves brutally beaten or even killed by fellow prisoners that discover that they have a kiddie diddler like Ritter among them. Ritter the kiddie diddler must feel quite a bit of stress knowing that the child he is currently trying to hook up with online for sex might not be a child such as those he usually gets away with molesting but rather a police officer, or perhaps even a family member of some child he has molested before. Ritter the kiddie diddler has a lot of shoulders to look over being a known kiddie diddler out in public.

      Why should Ritter the kiddie diddler's projection of his paranoia upon the enemies of his Russian handlers concern us? Nobody needs to "off" him. When he has outlived his usefulness to the Russians, the GRU will likely release videos of him having sex with children.

      Given Ritter the kiddie diddler's history of pedophilia and Russian intelligence agencies historical use of compromising information about sexual indiscretions compelling their operatives converge in Ritter the kiddie diddler's employment by the Russian state-controlled media, it's relatively effortless to recognize that Ritter the kiddie diddler is a puppet with a long, thoroughly lubricated yet perhaps still rough Russian arm up his puppet hole.

      Ritter the kiddie diddler is not an expert on Russian-Ukranian relations, not an expert on theater-level strategic war planning or operations, has no particular insight worth valuing in combat analysis. He's the Kim Kardashian of quantum physics. Anytime he is not talking about how much he enjoys having sex with children, he has left the domain of his expertise.

      Ritter is a kiddie diddler compromised by his insatiable recidivism and spite towards the country that shut down his lust for furtive pedophilic encounters. He's found a paycheck, perhaps the only paycheck a known kiddie diddler can find, but that's just a reflection upon his employer.

      Ritter the kiddie diddler says nice things about the people paying him to say nice things about them. Maybe they pay him in child porn, but he adds no weight or credibility to anything he is being paid to say.

    40. You keep screaming "kiddie diddler" but have failed many requests to provide proof. How many kiddies has he diddled? Or are you just blathering? Your answer will tell.

      (You also may be revealing some sick fetishes of your own)

      I can't tell if you're dumb, or just uneducated. Farmer posited a point on Ukraine and you went on a screaming rant against Scott Ritter, who we all agree was convicted of various perv-related crimes, none of which involved any contact whatsoever with a minor.

      Sane people also agree none of that is germane to the topic at hand.

      Finally, you whine "I have made no personal "ad hominem" attacks on Ritter the kiddie diddler." (there's your favorite phrase again. Please, seek help.)

      I provide this, just in case you are capable of learning:

      Ad Hominem Fallacy:

      Ad hominem means “against the man,” and this type of fallacy is sometimes called name calling or the personal attack fallacy. This type of fallacy occurs when someone attacks the person instead of attacking his or her argument.


      Your blathering is texbook ad hominem fallacy spewing.

    41. Personally, I believe that to require one's own sources of information to be "pure" and "chaste" before it can be considered "believable" is largely a religious holdover from a variety of religions in the period before the 'modern period's" secularization and bureaucratization of "charismatic authority". I suppose it helped, in the old days, if the informant had given up the information under torture. I can't remember the exact passage, but I do remember one of Plato's character's once exclaiming that he would believe it if it had come from an oak (ie- The "tree" itself - not the sibyl priestess at Dodona or her "interpreter"). And since none of us have seen the oak, all our evidence is but hearsay. We can't point to the interpreter (WaPo) or the priestess (Ritter) and claim that we know anything.

    42. As for the purity of the sibyl... "Charisma" requires trust... and beamish obviously has some trust issues when it comes to paedophiles. I suggest we drop it.

    43. ...and get back to figuring out how to best kill more cats by saying things like "don't hurt the kitty!". You know, stuff Democrats have already mastered.

    44. If Ritter the kiddie diddler took a moment away from molesting children or searching online for children to molest while engage in the ideation of molesting kids to proclaim that "Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America," the fact that Ritter is a kiddie diddler that has diddled kids and is probably either diddling a kid or thinking about diddling a kid while he searches for a kid to diddle would not make false that Washington DC is actually in fact the capital of the USA.

      But Ritter the kiddie diddler does not deal in verifiable facts. For example, he claims his arrests for sex crimes were to "silence him," and not the fact that he is a pedophile that was caught in the act of attempting to entice a child to have sex. Does anyone really believe that Ritter kept child pornography on his computer, put on webcam masturbation shows for children, and went to arranged rendezvous places for child sex all in an effort to discredit law enforcement or critics of his Iraq war views?Don't be silly. There is no both-sidesing this. Ritter the kiddie diddler was caught by law enforcement hunting for child sex predators because he is, in fact, a child sex predator. And it is not law enforcement's fault he was seeking sex with children. Ritter the arrogant kiddie diddler would have you believe his seeking to have sex with children is not as bad as the fact that seeking to have sex with children is illegal and that law enforcement seeks to stop such crimes.

      Ritter the kiddie diddler believes he has credibility on speaking about things other than his desire to have sex with children. He would even have you believe this, if you cared to read his attack upon Newsweek Magazine's William Arkin and his coverage of the war on Ukraine. No doubt between vigorous child porn masturbation sessions, Ritter the kiddie diddler twisted off a screed insulting Arkin's credentials as a journalist working on intelligence matters as if he were an enemy of the state of Pedophilia, but Ritter the kiddie diddler's burnishing of his own scant intelligence analysis credentials fall well short of Arkin's career of doing military analysis. Ritter the kiddie diddler is a convicted sex offender with a podcast and a Russian government paycheck. Arkin still works in the world of military analysis and reporting, not on any government's payroll. This isn't a defense of Arkin as much as it is a demonstration of Ritter the kiddie diddler's irrelevance in a discussion of the war in Ukraine. Arkin has the sources, contacts, and journalistic credentials to report upon and even question information coming out of the conflict in Ukraine.

      Ritter the kiddie diddler has a stash of child porn and no qualifying credentials whatsoever to speak on the matter. Even Ritter the kiddie diddler's former credentials give no weight to the propaganda the Russians pay him to spew. Ritter the kiddie diddler's insight into the Ukraine war isn't even his own. He's a convicted and embittered kiddie diddler who would have you believe his anti-American, anti-Ukrainian views are being ignored because US law enforcement outed him as a pedophile rather than the fact that he's directly employed by a Russian defense ministry propaganda outlet and has no relevant military intelligence credentials pertinent to the Ukraine war to speak of.

      Just like eating burgers cooked on a George Foreman grill is never going to prepare you to go eight rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali in his prime, listening to a kiddie diddler read a script on Ukraine from the Russian ministry of defense neither makes the script more meaningful nor the kiddie diddler into an expert on Russian combat operations.

      I'm not criticizing Ritter the kiddie diddler for being a kiddie diddler (although that is sufficient) but rather that he's a kiddie diddler trying to pretend to be something he is not, which is an objective and unbiased military analyst with knowledge relevant to the Ukraine war, and a person that doesn't diddle kids.

    45. So you can't substantiate your claim or refute what Farmer has said about Ukraine. Got it.

    46. Farmer linked to a kiddie diddler spewing an opinion fed to said kiddie diddler by his Russian handlers. What did I miss? Ritter the kiddie diddler has no more expertise or inside track on Russian military doctrine in the Ukraine war than Zsa Zsa Gabor can tell you about torque to weight conversion ratios in a NASCAR-legal race car engine. Zsa Zsa Gabor' is really not just one molested kid away from becoming an automotive engineer.

      What Ritter the kiddie diddler has to say about the war in Ukraine is irrelevant enough to be self-refuting. He is at best a stenographer of Russian talking points, and way, way out of his league when it comes to analysis of the Ukraine war. Absolutely not a damned thing in his resumé qualifies him to speak with authority on matters in the Ukraine war, especially the situation on the ground where Russia is getting its ass handed to it.

      So why is Ritter the kiddie diddler even offering an opinion on the Ukraine war, and pretending his opinion has merit and that his experience as an arms inspector gives him the tools to discuss battlefield conditions and combat assessments?

      Ritter the kiddie diddler should insert himself more credibly into the discussion by telling everyone how he as a married man that loves his children tried to enforce age restrictions on a pornography chat site by broadcasting himself masturbating to someone self-identifying as a minor. That at least would be closer to the truth than claiming Russia's grand strategy to defeat Ukraine included losing 80k troops and their Black Sea navy to wind up with less Ukrainian territory than they held when the invasion started. Ritter the kiddie diddler is a clown. The worst kind of clown, the kiddie diddling kind of clown that no one hires for parties.

    47. Yeah, what does a guy with a Georgian wife know about 4ussia...

      In 1980, Ritter served in the U.S. Army as a private. Then, in May 1984, he was commissioned as an intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served in this capacity for about 12 years.[3] He served as the lead analyst for the Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force concerning the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iran–Iraq War.

      Ritter's academic work focused on the Basmachi resistance movement in Soviet Central Asia during the 1920s and 1930s, and on the Basmachi commanders Fazail Maksum and Ibrahim Bek.[4][5]

      During Desert Storm, he served as a ballistic missile advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf. Ritter later worked as a security and military consultant for the Fox News network. Ritter also had "a long relationship [...] of an official nature" with the UK's foreign intelligence spy agency MI6 according to an interview he gave to Democracy Now! in 2003.[6]

  4. No Surprise, and yeah, I know, chat messages on FB and Whatsapp are not private...

    Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

    Facebook has been spying on the private messages and data of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government or anti-authority sentiments — or question the 2020 election — according to sources within the Department of Justice.

    1. Repubelicons and Conservatives cheered on government abuses against communists, radicals and other "un-American" activities, and now it comes back to bite all of us.

      The worm will turn, GOOP will get their grubby little hands on the levers of power again, and take their revenge.

      This is what its like in a nation with not principles and a way too powerful government.


    2. Matt Taibbi returns to the Useful Idiots Podcast!

      He talks about prosecutorial abuse, and how Republicans think this started with Trump, but has been really ramping up since the 90's.

      Federal agents now bust whole law firms, scoop everything up--and of course, they would never improperly use any of that information improperly...

    3. I've come to greatly appreciate the intellectually honest Left like Greenwald, Taibbi and Mate.

    4. The greatest abuses of the US Justice system did originate with the WoT, as people came to believe that it could be used to prosecute "enemy combatants". It was never up to the task in the ways that separated "war" powers from "peacetime" and people should have realized that GITMO and the USMJ were the way to go, not DoJ. The very idea of puting convicted terrorists into a US prison system for detention would have created vastly more lethal terrorists and opportunities to radicalize US Islamic groups like the NOI. If Lindsey Graham did nothing else, he did re-structure the GITMO process to make it more fair (indefinite incarceration was a human rights abuse) although the never had the political will to try/ release the other GITMO detainees once Obama stepped in in 2009..

    5. Somehow we've got to defang the IC and put DoJ back on to a peacetime footing.

    6. Build a bureaucracy funded for finding enemies, terrorism and crime, and it will find them, come hell or high water.

    7. But nothing beats a steady drip-drip-drip of IC leaks through the WaPo. Without them, we'd likely "have no news".

    8. ps - It's not The Left that has been shrinking our "negative liberties". It's the entire federal government in the wake of 9/11 "reforms". There may have been violations of civil liberties in the past, but now those violations are no longer "exceptions", but are the very "rule".

    9. We have war-time weaponized DoJ, FBI, DHS, and IC. The walls need to get re-built.

    10. I suppose that this explains why I've so come to appreciate the "Intellectually honest Left."

  5. This Fidel DeSantis thing is getting more interesting. He used money designated to remove undocumented immigrants from Florida. But he spent $12,300 per head to fly them from San Diego to Martha’s Vineyard. His latest rationale is that they may have been planning to come to FL, even saying that if 2 of them were to get in a car with 2 other people and enter FL, there’d be no way of knowing or identifying them.

    Thing is, Martha’s Vineyard is roughly 1400 miles from the Florida line. From San Diego to the FL line is roughly 2500 miles. So with the exception of a 40 minute ferry ride, Fidel simply helped them get 1100 miles closer to FL, at a cost of over $12,000 each.

    And this is the type of kool-aid his cultists can’t wait to gulp.

    Speaking of cultists and kool-aid guzzlers, looks like Trump’s Klan Rallies are now officially Nuremberg Rallies, salute and all.

    1. Doesn't ICE typically relocate hundreds of thousands of illegals annually throughout the country? What's you point?

      As for the salutes you saw, that's not only in the MAGA wing of the RNC. The Black Front Lincoln Republicans allied with Joe Biden have their own salute, only they use a different finger, and they usually have lubricated latex gloves on their hands to make their entry into the anus' of their Democratic allies more ideologically palatable.

    2. You know, none of that watered down Trump Republicanism for the Lincoln boys. They demand the full DNC monte variety of Strasserism.

    3. My point? Just that the right wing heroes of the cultist can spew whatever nonsensical gibberish they like and the Basket of Gulibles will swallow it right down.

      And if you view last night’s Nazi fest, my name change hits the nail on the head. Trump has gone all in the mob.

    4. Forgive me if my laughter gets a bit hysterical, but aren't Democrats on the Left usually supposed to be the mob's anti-authoritarian representative? Sounds like the "round end of the horseshoe" may be slimming down and separating a bit more as some of the mass moves up and over to the currently separated right ends and may fuse with the extreme Left end at some point to form a new horseshoe middle. :(

      The (horseshoe) theory is typically used to explain why 20th century communists and fascists seemed to have so much in common, though it likely predates the last century. But in the United States in 2021, a softer version of this iron law is at play, with the center-left and the center-right mushily converging toward expensive authoritarian policies that look astonishingly similar despite their supposedly opposite goals. Still a horseshoe, but more like one of the marshmallow ones you can find in bowls of Lucky Charms.

    5. @ "kool-aid guzzlers"

      Oh, the unintended irony! lol

    6. I also look forward to better understanding this new political Point de capiton.

    7. ...at least, once Trump places the final punctuation mark.

      The diachronic dimension of the point de capiton lies in the fact that communication is always a retroactive effect of punctuation. It is only when the sentence is completed that the sense of the first words is determined retroactively.

    8. The notion that we might let people make their own decisions about their own lives in accordance with a liberal democratic legal order remains, luckily, the predominant view in this country. Most people who were not pathologically online or poisoned by power saw the news that Bezos went to space and thought, "Hey, cool. Kudos to that dude." That big curve in the middle of the horseshoe is where a majority of people will continue to reside.

      Still, if you want a picture of the future, you could do worse than to imagine a horseshoe stamping on a human face—forever.

    9. The migrants didn't get food or shelter or access to health care while on the Vineyard? New Englanders have no hospitality skills or sense of charity, that's for certain.

    10. ps- Republicans obviously haven't a monopoly on stupid voters, Ron, your the ever "voting" proof.