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Monday, September 26, 2022


Donald Trump is the expression of the id, animated by libidinal whims, repressed desires, and resentments; the liberal establishment was the moralizing superego, directing commands toward appropriate conduct and policing discourse. 

Upon losing control of the id, the compulsion to fact-check and bellow “This is not normal!” into the post-truth abyss turned liberals, Rensin proclaims, into “the blathering superego at the end of history.” (Altexploit - The New Lexicon of Hate)


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    1. 19. But for the vast majority of "secrets," there has been developed between the Government and the press (and Congress) a rather simple rule of thumb: The Government hides what it can, pleading necessity as long as it can, and the press pries out what it can, pleading a need and a right to know. Each side in this "game" regularly "wins" and "loses" a round or two. Each fights with the weapons at its command. When the Government loses a secret or two, it simply adjusts to a new reality. When the press loses a quest or two, it simply reports (or misreports) as best it can. Or so it has been, until this moment.

    2. 4. Without the use of "secrets" that I shall attempt to explain in this affadavit, there could be no adequate diplomatic, military and political reporting of the kind our people take for granted, neither abroad or in Washington and there could be no mature system of communication between the Government and the people. That is one reason why the sudden complaint by one party to their regular dealings strikes us as a monstrous and hypocritical - unless it is essentially perfunctory, for the purpose of retating some discipline over the federal bureaucracy.

      5. I know how trange all this must sound. We have been taught, particularly in the past generation of spy scares and Cold war, to think of secrets as secrets- varying in their "sensitivity" but uniformly essential to the private conduct of diplomatic and military affairs and somehow detrimental to the national interest if prematurely disclosed. By the standards of official Washington- Government and press alike- this is an antiquated, quaint and romantic view. For practically everything that our Government foes, plans, thinks, hears and contemplates in the realm of foreign policy is stamped and treated as secret- and then unraveled by that same Government, by the Congress and the press in one continuing round of professional and social contacts and cooperative and competitive exchanges of information.

      6. The governmental, political and personal interests of the participants are inseparable in this process. Presidents make "secret" decisions only to reveal them for the purposes of frzightening an adversary nation, wooing a friendly electorate, protecting their reputations.......

      ...High officials of the Government reveal secrets in the search for support for their polcies, or to help sabotage the plans and policies of rival departments. Middle-reank officials of government reveal secrets so as to attract the attention of their superiors or to lobby against the orders of those superiors. Though not the only vehicle for this traffic in secrets- the Congress si always eager to provide a forum-- the press is probably the most important.

      7. In the field of foreign affairs, only rarely does our Government give full public information to the press for the direct purpose of simply informing the people. For the most part, the press obtains significant information bearing on foreign policy only because it managed to make itself a party to confidential materials, and of value in transmitting these materials from government to other branches and offices of government as well as to the public at large. This is why the press has been wisely and correctly called The Fourth Branch of Government.

      -Affadavit of Max Frankel in United States of America v. New York Times Company et al.

    3. The raid on Mar-a-Lago leaving all the Obama and Bush documents un-touched...

      That is one reason why the sudden complaint by one party to their regular dealings strikes us as a monstrous and hypocritical - unless it is essentially perfunctory, for the purpose of restating some discipline over the federal bureaucracy.

    4. ...a disciple it violates every second of every minute of every day, 24/7.

    5. The major overflow of initially classified information takes the form of public and private disclosures by upper level executive officials. At upper executive levels the line between authorized and unauthorized disclosure is extremely uncertain. Technically any official has authority to declassify any information classified by people subordinate to him.2" Thus when the President speaks, whether to the nation, to a reporter in private, or to a friend over cocktails, he automatically declassifies as he goes. There is no procedure, no paperwork. Declassification simply follows in his wake. The same is true for other officials so long as they do not stray from the pyramids of classified information which have been generated beneath them. Since no one keeps close track of what information has been disclosed by officials, vast amounts of documentary material remain stamped classified although the information has been made public.

      In a sense this reflects the essence of the secrecy system. In practical operation it establishes initial information control over all national security related information, leaving it to the discretion of higher officials to determine what information should be disclosed in order to obtain acceptable levels of apparent candor and support. The system functions not to bind upper level executive officials, but to empower them to release only the information they choose.22

  2. When all else fails, resort to psychotherapy psychobabble: ids, libidinal whims, repressed desires, and resentments.

  3. The problem with the analysis from which you derived your comments for this thread is that the "transgressive nature" of conservatives is being explained as if it were a reaction against a modern father (paternal SuperEgo), and not the post-modern "government" father we currently have today, the one who expects and demands that we "enjoy" doing what we are told and therefore NOT, out of love, transgress.

    A modern father would merely "punish" you for your transgressions and transgressive behaviour. This post-modern father seeks to put his children into a totalitarian bubble for re-education until they learns to obey him out of pure "love". Hence all the steps at "censoring" news and forcing them through PC to self-censor. It's as if the post-modern Super-Ego is "maternal", not paternal, and seeks to place a sash around Sir Gawain's waist to prevent him from developing an Ego worthy of serving something or some cause greater than itself. The child cannot grow, and develop, and become independent, and must eternally rely on the maternal SuperEgo for its' very sustenance, locking its' citizens in perpetual adolescence.