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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Halloween With The Addams Family

(For politics, please scroll down)

From back in the day (1964-1966), and based on The Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams back in 1938:

On the serious side, below is a video of John Astin many years later (2004), when he presented "The Raven" in the one-man Poe show, Once Upon A Midnight. I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing John Astin in person as he transformed himself into Edgar Allan Poe.


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    1. Ah, yes! The mysterious visitor at Poe's gravesite at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland!

      BTW, I've attended several of the January Poe's-birthday gatherings at that church. In fact, it was at one of those gatherings that I met John Astin.

    2. PS: Going there is one of the very few things I miss about leaving the D.C. area.

    3. I've only been to the cemetery on walking tours. I'll have to venture over to the Poe House one day...

  2. The poem was a "must" in school and still recall it. We had to memorize a portion of it and I wondered the why of it! That and "Annabelle Lee" which my parents were opposed to as well which I found curious... For some reason I doubt it is a priority today.

    1. Joe,
      Except that I prefer a male narrator.

    2. Bunkerville,
      What I'm covering last week and this week in our Poe unit in the homeschool group: "Annabel Lee," "A Dream within a Dream," "The Raven" (the video above), "The Tell-Tale Heart," and "The Pit and the Pendulum." I do a Poe Unit this time of year.

    3. “The reason we go to poetry is not for wisdom, but for the dismantling of wisdom.”

      — Jacques Lacan


      We can thank E.A. Poe for the "medical gaze" of the "Modern" man...and all of his contributions which shaped and altered the older "archeologies of knowledge" to one we can all identify with today

    4. My Mother would have preferred I memorize something from Frost or Dickinson!

    5. @AoW- Most apropos for your annual Poe unit this year (and last) would have been "The Masque of the Red Death". Wish I had thought of it at the time...

    6. Assigning the students the task of comparing Prince Prospero's actions with those of Dr. Fauci might have inspired quite the conversation...

    7. ...with the striking of the clock offering our mementos mori...

    8. FJ,
      Most apropos for your annual Poe unit this year (and last) would have been "The Masque of the Red Death".

      Hmmmm....I can circle back to that Poe short story. Surely there is a copy online.

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    1. Ed,
      Outstanding the second time! I took my nephew some 3 hours away to see the entire one-man Poe show. Worth the trip!


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