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Friday, May 28, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

This Memorial Day Weekend, amid shopping for bargains, getting together with family and friends after all the months of pandemic lockdowns, and enjoying the traditional Memorial Day Weekend cookouts, let us remember the significance of Memorial Day: honoring Our Fallen, who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Gone, but never forgotten.

American military cemeteries around the world:

For many, the concept of honoring Our Fallen holds the deepest kind of personal significance:
Surely we can all find time to do some reading appropriate for this weekend...2021 Memorial Day: 30 facts, meaning and history to celebrate this holiday.


  1. This coming weekend, at the Coca-Cola 600, each race car will carry on its windshield the name of a person who lost their life in service to this nation.

    It’s not the first time NASCAR has done this, and it’s something that the organization has absolutely gotten right. The driver of the car almost always mentions the person being honored on his car in interviews, he has spent time with that person’s family, and frequently the family is at the race.

    Thank you, NASCAR, for your respectful celebration of Memorial Day.

  2. FOX this morning was showing faces of soldiers who'd died in the line of duty emailed to them by relatives, etc. I couldn't even look after a while..young, handsome, vital young men......hideous. They gave SO MUCH.

  3. @Z:
    They gave everything, my dear lady.
    I seldom call them, my Brothers in Arms, because even though I served honorably I don't believe that I deserve the honor of calling them my brothers. I am as nothing before them.

    1. +++ Veteran myself, including war zones. You expressed my sentiments better than I could.

    2. Warren, knowing you, you could never be 'nothing' but I understand. THank you for your service. I also honor those who waited while their loved ones fought, particularly those before email days whose bodies froze each time a car door would slam on the street in front of their house..."is it a soldier notifying.?" I don't know how the heroes at home got through it.

    3. Like Warren and Silver, it would be cultural appropriation to place myself in the league of those who gave all.

  4. One of the best videos of the fallen out there... The enormity of it all...

  5. And the friends, families, loved ones who waited for them to come back home.

  6. My daughter and I visited Ft Logan National Cemetery today and we were heartened to see it overflowing with people honoring our fallen, despite the crummy weather.


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