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Monday, April 19, 2021

Conspiracy Theory Or Valid Cautionary Tale?

You decide. 


  1. This is a complex topic. This is indeed the largest ever global experiment on the human population.

    Here's a Newsweek article confirming 966 post-inoculation deaths in the US


    1. SF,
      Good article!


      ... According to the report, 472 people died after receiving a Moderna vaccine, while 489 died after receiving a Pfizer vaccine....It said the deaths had occurred between 0 and 49 days after vaccination...There are hundreds of reports of people having died after getting a COVID vaccine, but that does not necessarily mean the vaccine was the cause....However, it is false to say that COVID vaccines have caused 966 deaths, because the VAERS database is not designed to give this information....

  2. My wife and I had the Moderna jab. As of this second, we’re both still alive. None of the vaccines are designed to prevent anyone from getting COVID; they’re only a “guarantee” that if you do come down with COVID, you won’t die from it and, in all likelihood, won’t be hospitalized where morons hook you up and you die by ventilator. The article makes a good point about the questionable link between the vaccine and death. Always a possibility, of course, but there are a thousand reasons why people die ... and to my knowledge, no one has made a direct connection between any vaccine and death. Not that they’d own up to it, of course ... CDC is a government agency, after all.

    1. The problem with that "vaccine" is that it DOES NOT STOP THE PANDEMIC. If you can still get Covid, then you can spread the disease. In fact, since no one is dying, and symptoms are less, you are more likely to spread the virus, so the "vaccine" is making the pandemic worse. If you have visible symptoms people will avoid you, but if the "vaccine" is suppressing the symptoms people do not avoid you and so they get infected.

      Even worse, since "vaccinated" people are getting infected and the virus is coming into contact with their antibodies, the liklihood of mutation is vastly in creased, multiplied by an order of magnitude.

      Si a "leaky vaccine" one which reduces the impact of the infection but does not prevent it, is worse than no vaccine at all.

    2. Jayhawk,
      The problem with that "vaccine" is that it DOES NOT STOP THE PANDEMIC.


      I got the J&J jab so that I have a vaccination card. Who knows? A moving company might refuse to move me without my having such a card.

      And what about airline flights? Admission to the ER? A bank (safety deposit box)? And one and on.

  3. The problem is we know the CDC and officials have been lying or haven't told a straight story since this got started. Every man for themself.

    1. Kid,
      The problem is we know the CDC and officials have been lying or haven't told a straight story since this got started.

      That's another disturbing aspect about all this!

  4. About the time that the vaccine was first being introduced I read a news report in the major media (NBC, CBS or some such) regarding a case involving a person who'd had Covid and recovered and then was given the vaccine (Moderna, I believe).

    They tested for antibodies and found two DIFFERENT antibodies; one produced by the disease and another, different one produced by the "vaccine." That should have sounded a major alarm. It did not. The report was suppressed and has never been seen again. You cannot find it now.

  5. Our retirement community was rampant with Covid.98 percent have now received the Moderna Vaccine. We are almost all in the high risk category I suspect. We no longer have Covid. Our nursing home had many deaths. Since the vaccine the nursing home had 5 cases of the vaccinated residents however they were very mild and did not require hospitalizations.
    Recently I had pulmonary testing. The tech told me they are getting dozens of young people with very bad lung problems from Covid. That morning a 27 year old barely able to walk.
    So pick your poison. After spending a year in quarantine, and of a certain age, I consider the vaccine a blessing. I would not choose to live another year like the last one.
    If i were of child bearing age and otherwise healthy I personally would play the odds and go without. For those at risk? Do your homework and throw the dice.

    1. I should add it is suspected that older folks have restricted immune responses from the vaccine and may not be as effective as others thus the very ill nursing home residents may have been more susceptible to Covid after the vaccine.

    2. Perhaps, Bunkerville, perhaps. I am 77, have had several strokes, two heart attacks and have severe emphysema. I had Covid and ran a temp of 103.5 for several days. Recovered in a couple weeks and have been doing fine for more than six months. Of course I'm not grassly overweight and have a good level of Vitamin D, but...

    3. Glad to hear.... it just seems to get lost at times that thousands of folks at risk have had their lives saved and are being saved. And after a year, loved ones in the nursing home can have family and friends visit.
      It seems obesity and lack if Vit D do play a role in the whole thing.

  6. And then there's this:

    Stanford NIH Study Shows Masks Are Ineffective In Stopping Spread Of COVID…Can Actually Cause Serious Health Issues, Premature Mortality!

    Excerpt from the study's findings:

    1) the practice of wearing facemasks has compromised safety and efficacy profile, 2) Both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to reduce human-to-human transmission and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, 3) Wearing facemasks has adverse physiological and psychological effects, 4) Long-term consequences of wearing facemasks on health are detrimental. .

  7. She nails it. "We've never made it through an animal study successfully for this type of virus." So people are the experiment. Israel had vaccinated 53% of their country when the 'new' S. African strain appeared. It's affecting 8X as many vaccinated people as unvaccinated (5.4% compared to 0.7%). I don't have all the details (to confirm groups are otherwise matched) but this supports one vaccine designer's concern that it will so tune your system to respond to a specific protein, that it will be less able to respond to variants, as happens with all these viruses.

    They love to put out PR pieces touting a "95% efficacy rate" which is quite different from effective reduction in cases. Efficacy rate is a legitimate number to collect for researchers. Clinicians and patients need the actual reduction in cases. That would be 0.7% less with Pfizer and about 1.4% less with Moderna.

    Too much of that kind of thing, Jayhawk. Thanks for sharing.


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