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Friday, December 27, 2019

2019 In Review

From 12 Stories The Media Got Horribly Wrong In 2019: As the year comes to a close, here are a dozen of the top stories the media majorly messed up (The Federalist)....
January: Covington Catholic

February: Jussie Smollett

March: The Mueller Report

April: White House Correspondents Dinner

May: Media Defends Joe Biden’s Manhandling Of Young Girls

June: Media Standing Up For Antifa

July: 50th Anniversary Of Moon Landing Celebrates Inequality

August: Chris Cuomo Goes Berserk After Being Called ‘Fredo’

September: Media Makes A Puppet Of Greta Thunberg

October: Washington Post Pens Glowing Obituary For ISIS Leader

November: ABC Buried The Jeffrey Epstein Story

December: DOJ IG Blows Up Steele Dossier Upheld By The Media
More details and video HERE.

And the beat goes on — no doubt becoming worse as we enter Election Year 2020.

Of course, there are other stories fitting the category of "Stories the Media Got Horribly Wrong." Do you wish to add to the list? Please do so in the comments section for this blog post.


  1. The media did an abysmal job of covering the details of the crimes committed by Gallagher, Lorance, Behenna and Goldsteyn. Publicly available information, yet most people couldn’t cite even the gist, in my experience.

  2. PART ONE:


    Trump signs executive order protecting Medicare

    Trump Signs Bill Protecting Disability Payments for Veterans Who Declare Bankruptcy

    Trump signs 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law

    Trump signs bill to fund Autism CARES Act

    Trump meets Kim Jong Un at DMZ and becomes first sitting US President to enter North Korea

    Trump signs measure aimed at Preventing Veteran Suicides

    Trump signs Major public lands Conservation bill into law

    Trump signs into law Genocide Prevention Act

    Trump signs legislation enhancing US Leadership in Indo Pacific region

    President Trump signs Ashanti Alert Act into law

    Trump Signs $867B Bipartisan Farm Bill with Welfare Reform Work Requirements

    Trump Signs Law Punishing Chinese Officials Who Restrict Access to Tibet

    Production of Hemp to become Legal in all 50 States with Farm Bill passage

    Trump Limits Asylum Migrants must come in Legally

    Trump Signs New Hezbollah Sanctions Into Law

    Trump signs Opioids Law at White House event

    Trump signs bipartisan Water Infrastructure spending law

    Trump signs the Music Modernization Act, the biggest change to copyright law in decades

    Trump signs bills to Help Patients stop overpaying for Medicine

    Trump signs law ending Gag Orders against Pharmacists sharing Money Saving information



    Trump signs bill requiring Airports to provide spaces for Breastfeeding Moms

    Trump signs Karis Law on the 20th Anniversary of 911

    Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo Military Prison open

    Trump signs proclamation directing troops to secure border

    President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un sign ‘important document’ at Singapore summit

    Trump signs law giving Border Patrol better Fentanyl detection tools

    Trump signs law expanding Hate Crime protections to Religious Institutions

    Trump signs technical education bill into law

    Trump signs law to expand Childhood Cancer Research

    Trump signs bill easing U.S. bank rules into law


    Trump Cuts aid to Palestine

    Trump signs law creating national historic park for Martin Luther King Jr..

    Trump signs into law U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software

    Trump signs Russia sanctions bill into law

    Donald Trump signs law aimed at cutting abortion funding

    President Trump signs law declaring National Vietnam War Veterans Day



    Trump Signs 3 Executive Actions on Crime Against Police, Drug Cartels


    Trump signs Space policy directive

    Trump signs First Step Act criminal justice reform into law

    Trump signs Historic USMCA trade agreement replacing NAFTA

    President Trump secures release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey

    President Trump Approval Rating at 51 Percent

    Justice Kavanaugh SWORN IN to Supreme Court

    Trump Shrinks Government by 16000 Jobs since elected

    US Cuts 300 Million In Aid To Pakistan

    Trump Cut Off 200 Million in Aid to Palestinians

    Trump ends 230 Million Dollar Rebuilding Payments to Syria

    Trump has our soldiers remains returned home from Korean War

    Trump signs Right to Try drug bill

    US Embassy moved to Jerusalem by President Donald J Trump

    Trump secures release of American Prisoners from North Korea

    Trump Negotiates Peace between North and South Korea

    Trump Signs Order Calling for Work Requirements for Welfare Programs

    HISTORIC: Trump Nominates First Woman for Head of CIA

    Feds collect record taxes in first month under Trump’s tax cuts; runs surplus in January

    Trump signs sweeping two-year budget deal - MILITARY FUNDED

    Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years - 'Hire the best and fire the worst'

    Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat synthetic opioids

    Trump Shrinks Federal Bureaucracy by 16000

    President Trump set a record for lifetime appointed judges in 2017

    Trump Signed 96 Laws In 2017

    Trump Administration Set to Roll Back $900 Million in Obama-Era Offshore Drilling Regulations

    Individual Mandate of Obamacare REPEALED

    Senate Passes Historic Sweeping Tax Reform

    Climate Change REMOVED from 'Threat List'

    Trump Admin is a Deregulation Machine: Eliminating 22:1

    Trump signs $700 billion defense bill, gives troops largest pay raise in 7 years

    New Space Policy Directive Calls for Human Expansion Across Solar System

    Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

    Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Reform - 20% Corporate rate - Largest in 31 Years.



    Trump Shuts Down CIA funding of Syrian Rebels

    House Passes Tax Bill in Major Step Toward Overhaul

    Senate Passes Budget Resolution Clearing the Way to pass Tax Reform with a Simple Majority

    Trump's HHS defines life as beginning at conception

    President Trump Declassifies and Releases JFK Files

    Iran Deal: DECERTIFIED

    Four Months into FY 2018, Refugee Admissions Plunge to Lowest Level in 15 Years

    US increases security screening measures for vetting refugees

    US Delays Payment to UN for Palestinians

    US Suspends $2 BILLION in security assistance to Pakistan

    Global Magnitsky Act Signed: Targeting Global Corruption and Human Rights Abuse

    North Korea Designated as 'State Sponor of Terrorism'

    United States Announces a New Strategy on Iran

    Trump Administration Announces 'Extreme Vetting' Plans

    Trump cuts Obama’s refugee target in half, takes more Christians than Muslims

    Trump: 'We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values'

    Trump administration abandons the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming

    School Choice tops the list of Priorities U.S. Education Department Grants

    Trump Signs Healthcare Order, Expands Choice and Access through associations

    US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing "anti-Israel bias"

    Trump has written 46 Executive Orders

    Treasury Deparment to target companies doing business with North Korea

    Trump has signed 53 bills into law

    New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries

    UN Security Council unanimously steps up sanctions against North Korea

    Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals in August Since 2002

    Trump to stop travel from countries that refuse to help Homeland Security

    America has withdrawn almost $300 million in foreign aid to Egypt

    Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure

    11,000 government jobs slashed under Trump - downsizing government

    UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea

    Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees for various positions

    U.S. Small Business Administration opens assistance center

    800 Obama regulations cut - Saved over $200 billion

    EPA's Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations in record time

    Cut the White House budget - Saved taxpayers $22 million

    Haley Tells Congress US Assuming More Assertive Role at UN

    Trump’s EPA To Repeal Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule

    Eliminated 1200 man hours of wasteful paperwork requirements including Y2K preparedness

    President Trump Announces “Massive Permit Reform" Push

    Trump Lays Out Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

    Statement by President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord

    Treasury to call for rolling back banking regulations

    Trump orders a Voter Fraud Commission to investigate 2016 election

    Fired corrupt and incompetent FBI Director James Comey

    HHS to Rescind Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

    Appointed conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court



    Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion In Errors during Audit of Obama HUD

    President Trump's executive order will undo Obama's Clean Power Plan rule

    U.S. Will have Free but Fair and Balanced Trade: Mnuchin

    Executive order to reduce operating costs of the Federal Government

    Fired all 46 attorney generals hired by Obama

    Tillerson to shutter war crimes focused State Dept. office: report

    Rex Tillerson, Mediating Gulf Dispute, Signs Antiterrorism Pact With Qatar

    Canceled Obama Era special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

    Critical milestone in the global fight against ISIS

    Tillerson to back up Trump efforts to bolster Eastern Europe against Russia

    Tillerson Tightens Limits on Filling State Department Jobs

    Report: Trump plans to cut foreign aid, merge State and USAID

    US to make at least $285m cut to UN budget

    Tillerson on North Korea: Military action is 'an option'

    It's a bloodbath at the State Department

    Purging the State Department of Obama loyalists

    Fixing lobbying laws - 5 year lobbying ban on White House officials

    Put a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies

    Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

    45th PRESIDENT of the United States of America, DONALD J. TRUMP



    African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New All Time Lows
    U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low; Trump Economy adding over 6.4 million jobs
    US Economy Added 164,000 New Jobs in July; Wages increased 3.2 percent
    Record 157,005,000 Employed; 19th Record of Trump Era
    Boom! America Created 224,000 Jobs in June!
    Best Economic Optimism in 16 years
    480,000 Manufacturing Jobs added since President Trump's election
    US job openings rise outnumber the unemployed by 1 million
    Economic Growth Has Reached 3 Percent for the First Time in More than a Decade

  7. PART SIX:

    African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New All Time Lows

    U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low; Trump Economy adding over 6.4 million jobs

    US Economy Added 164,000 New Jobs in July; Wages increased 3.2 percent

    Record 157,005,000 Employed; 19th Record of Trump Era

    Boom! America Created 224,000 Jobs in June
    Best Economic Optimism in 16 years

    480,000 Manufacturing Jobs added since President Trump's election

    US job openings rise outnumber the unemployed by 1 million

    Economic Growth Has Reached 3 Percent for the First Time in More than a Decade

    Opportunity Zones A New Dawn for Economic Opportunity

    Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly 50 Years

    Proclamation on Adjusting Imports of Steel into the United States


    Trump Policies Keep Economic Boom Going As Job Gains of 304000 Surpass Expectations



    Manufacturing Confidence at an ALL TIME HIGH

    Construction Jobs up more than 300K compared to last year

    Food Stamp usage declines for 8 straight months

    Middle Class income rises to HIGHEST on record

    Consumer Confidence 18 YEAR HIGH

    America is now the worlds largest oil producer

    Fastest growing pace in 14 years for manufacturers


    Jobless claims lowest level since 1969

    Trump secures 2026 World Cup for the USA

    Consumer Confidence Highest in 18 years

    Black Business Ownership Under Trump JUMPS 400 PERCENT in ONE YEAR



    Youth Unemployment Hits 52 Year Low

    Black Support for Trump DOUBLES to 29 percent

    RECORD Number of Employed - 63 Percent labor participation

    Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008

    Black and Hispanic Unemployment rates hit record low in April

    Business Investments up 39 Percent Due to Tax Cuts

    Food Stamp Usage Drops Half Million in Single Month

    Highest Ever Manufacturer Optimism over 94 Percent

    Unemployment claims have fallen to a 45-year low

    Trump Economy Explodes Record Number of Americans Employed Stocks Soar


    GREAT AGAIN Household Net Worth Pushes Further Into Record Territory

    U.S. Consumer Confidence Is at 17-Year High

    US homebuilding permits soar to highest level since 2007

    Economy to grow at 5.4% rate in first quarter

    Roaring: Economic Optimism Index hits 13-year high, credit to tax cuts

    U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low

    Wages jump to highest level since 2009 - up 2.9%

    U.S. Oil Production Tops 10 Million Barrels A Day, First Time Since 1970

    Trump Decreases Debt to GDP Ratio - First Time in Over 50 Years!

    Jobless claims drop to lowest level in nearly 45 years

    Apple to Invest $350 BILLION in US citing Trump Tax Plan

    Utilities cutting rates, cite benefits of Trump tax reform

    Over 100 companies giving 'Trump Bonuses' after tax victory

    Black unemployment rate falls to record low

    Trump adds 184,000 manufacturing jobs and continues growth trend

    Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004

    Trump Signs Korean Trade Deal

    Trump Blocks Chinese Purchase of Qualcomm due to National Security


    Trump Slaps 30% Tariffs on Solar Panels imported from China

    Japan Freezes North Korea’s Assets after Trump’s Visit

    U.S. Trade Deficit falls to 11-month low

    Trump Fights for ‘America First’ as 4th Round of NAFTA Negotiations End

    Crude Oil Shipment to India Highlights Expanding Energy Partnership

    Trump Blocks China from buying Semi-Conductor company, Lattice

    Crude oil shipment from Texas opens new vistas in India-U.S. ties

    Argentina agrees to allow first U.S. pork imports in 25 years

    Trump orders probe of China's intellectual property practices

    New memorandum to protect American IPs from China - Potentially save Billions of dollars and millions in jobs

    Coal exports up 60%

    China opens rice market for US exports for first time ever

    U.S. makes final finding rebar exports from Taiwan

    Renegotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico in order to make better trade deals - May terminate

    United States and Mexico finalize sugar trade deal

    First U.S. Natural Gas Shipped to Poland

    Signed an Arms Deal worth more than $350 billion and various other investment agreements with Saudi Arabia

    China, U.S. reach trade agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas

    Trump orders a study on abuses of U.S. trade agreements – WTO

    Trump slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber imports

    Increased tariffs on Canadian lumber by 20% (worth $1 billion)

    China buys more U.S. coal, sends North Korea

    Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) TERMINATED



    Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget

    WIC Welfare Participation Hits 17-Year Low

    U.S. home sales hit 11-year high

    Manufacturing Optimism Reaches Another All-Time High - 94.6%

    Economy adds 228K jobs in November

    Mining up 28.6% - Leads the Nation in Growth

    Broadcom will move back to U.S. — and bring tax money with it

    US private sector added 235,000 jobs in Oct - Beats Expectations

    Consumer confidence highest level since December 2000

    Q3 GDP at 3 Percent – Beats Expectations

    Ivanka Trump creates new World Bank initiative to foster Entrepreneurship among Women

    Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Surges to 13-Year High

    63.1%: Participation Rate Reaches Trump-Era High

    Unemployment down to 4.2, wages rise .5%

    New entrants from outside the labor market made up 3.2

    U.S. Factories Expanding at 13 Year high

    Dow posting first eight-quarter winning streak in 20 years

    Home builder confidence at 12-year high

    Manufacturer confidence at a 20-year high

    Tech giants pledge millions to Trump initiative
    Q2 GDP up 3.1%

    Sales of new U.S. homes rebounded in August

    Federal Reserve: Household Wealth in America at record high of $1.7 trillion - Rising property values and Financial gain

    Surging stock market powers U.S. wealth to $96.2 trillion

    Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month Under Trump

    Median Incomes Climbing for First Time Since 2007

    Trump has signed a $15 billion relief package for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

    Jobless claims drop to 240,000 - hottest streak in 43 years

    U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose in August

    Recovery Is Finally Trickling Down to Least-Educated Workers

    U.S. Job Satisfaction Highest Level Since 2005

    American manufacturing expanded in August at fastest pace in six years

    Donald Trump Ends Obama Effort to Waive Work Requirements for Welfare

    Consumer confidence strengthens in August, second-highest level since late 2000

    President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a Longer Period of Time Than Any President

    Pennsylvania coal company to open a SECOND coal mine

    Summer Youth Unemployment Falls, Level Since 1969

    In Trump era, American corporations are seeing their best earnings in 13 years

    US trade deficit narrows as exports hit 2-1/2-year high

    Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months

    National unemployment rate at 4.3% (lowest it's been in 16 years)

    13,000 jobs being created in WI - largest job announcement in WI history (Foxconn)

    Black Unemployment, Lowest Level in 17 Years

    Gas prices at a 12-year low

    Some states are experiencing their lowest unemployment rates in their histories

    Trump Announces $200 Million in Apprenticeship Funding

    U.S. has record 6 million job openings, 6.8 million Americans are looking for jobs

    CEO confidence highest since 2014

    U.S. jobless rate falls to lowest level in 16 years

    Trump signs bills that helps Veterans and Police officers by giving them Priority and Training

    Government spending as percentage of GDP down

    1000s of jobs being created through pact with Saudi Arabia

    Executive Order on the Establishment of the American Technology Council

    USA's small business confidence is spurring a hiring and spending spree

    Alibaba Takes First Step To Fulfilling Jack Ma And President Trump's 'One Million U.S. Jobs' PromiseSlashing job-killing regulations left and right


  10. PART NINE:

    Creating thousands of more jobs for immigration officers and border patrol

    Signed a resolution encouraging women in entrepreneurship and STEM

    Executive ordered all federal agencies to create task forces to cut regulations that hurt the economy

    US Manufacturing Index at a 33-year high

    Coal Miners are WINNING. Cut Regulations/Create Jobs/New Plant

    US Economic Confidence Surges To Highest Level Ever Recorded By Gallup

    Executive Order on Modernizing Sanctions to Combat Terrorism

    Orders Additional Measures to Enhance Border Security

    The United States has Liberated All ISIS-Controlled Territory

    Trump signs order directing an increase in Cyber Security

    Combating High Nonimmigrant Overstay Rates

    ICE arrests 364 criminal aliens and immigration violators in enforcement surge

    US signs proclamation against Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting

    DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

    ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

    End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% - Historically Low Crossings

    DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions

    Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net

    DACA Renewals Drop 21%

    30-foot concrete slab prototypes erected along border

    ICE has conducted a MASSIVE raid on sanctuary cities this week - 498 illegal immigrants arrested

    Trump has updated the travel ban to includes 8 more countries

    Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years

    Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities - Must allow ICE access to jails and notify befor release

    VA announces Access Standards for Health Care

    Trump signs VA Mission Act
    Enhancing Veteran Care Act

    VA seeks partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities

    VA announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act

    VA, Ginnie Mae create task force to address mortgage refinancing issues

    Telemedicine: An important tool for Veterans health

    Trump Signs Bill to Streamline VA Disability Claims Appeals Process

    Trump signs ‘Forever GI Bill,’ boosting aid to student vets

    VA expands Tele-Health access

    VA fires more than 500 feds under Trump, even before new accountability law

    Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans

    Trump Administration Streamlines Veteran Medical Records

    White House to launch veterans' complaint hotline

    Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA

    $1.6 billion down payment to start building the wall

    Trump cuts off visas for countries that refuse deported immigrants
    Rescinded DACA

    Extreme Vetting' for some green cards

    Deportation orders up 31% nationwide under Trump

    Deportation Orders Up 30%

    Miami has removed its "sanctuary" status

    ICE raids targeting families net 650 arrests

    Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: Not A Chance.


  11. PART TEN:

    17 Texas sheriffs approved to partner w/ICE

    ICE chief wants smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

    New crackdown on 'so-called' sanctuary cities

    Raids to target teenaged suspected gang members

    Army Corps starts pre-construction work on border wall

    Deportations in LA are up 60% alone

    80% jump in illegal targets

    Feds taking over Texas National Guard mission along border

    Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level

    Christian refugees admitted now outnumber Muslim refugees admitted

    Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trump's border wall

    ICE crackdown scaring some families back to Mexico

    Kate's Law - harsher penalties for previously deported criminals - Passes House
    Number of refugees taken in is down 50%

    Rescinded DAPA

    Workers install final panel in upgrade of border fence

    Raids turn Oregon city into ghost town

    Ending "catch and release" immigration policy

    Silicon Valley Staffing Firm Charged in H1B Fraud

    Unshackling ICE - told that they can take action against ALL illegal immigrants - increasing presence in sanctuary cities

    Trump signs new defense policy bill that rebuilds military, boosts troop pay

    Top 5 ISIS Leaders Captured

    Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open

    US kills 150 ISIS terrorists in Syria airstrike during government shutdown

    ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory - due to Trump admin

    Pentagon Announces First-Ever Audit of the Department of Defense

    U.S.-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa from ISIS

    ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria's Raqqa

    Gen. Mattis breaks down New Afghanistan Strategy

    US-backed fighters 'seize 80% of Raqqa from Islamic State'

    Mattis sees need for new DOD space programs

    Trump calls for Increased Military: Senate passes $700 billion defense bill

    Mattis seeks Indian role in Afghanistan

    Mattis vows US support for Ukraine against Russian 'aggression'

    U.S. Cyber Command will be elevated to a "Unified Combatant Command"

    Mattis decides to withhold U.S. cash from key Pakistani military fund

    Mosul liberated from ISIS

    Mattis: 'Annihilation Tactics' Being Used Against ISIS

    US, Gulf countries form new group: 'TFTC' to stem flow of terror financing

    NATO weighs new 'Counter Terrorism Post' following Trump's demands

    ISIS leader 'admits DEFEAT in Iraq and orders militants to flee

    Mattis Gives White House Tentative Plan for Rapid Defeat of ISIS

    James Mattis threatens to ‘moderate’ US backing for Nato over budgets

    Trump DOJ Sues California For Interference With Immigration Enforcement

    DOJ Halts Obama's Operation Chokepoint, Which Targeted Firearm Dealers

    More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation

    Four charged with leaks from Trump administration

    Jeff Sessions announces new crackdown on 'so-called' sanctuary cities

    Justice Department announces takedown of AlphaBay, the largest dark web market

    Sessions's New Civil-Forfeiture Rules

    400 medical professionals charged in largest health care fraud takedown

    The Department of Justice Stands by Texas's Voter ID Law

    Charges: Sex traffickers took hundreds from Thailand to US

    AG Sessions is bringing back the harsher sentences for drug dealers

    Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump; MSM Completely Ignores

    DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

    Trump takes 'shackles' off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe

    ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

    End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% - Historically Low Crossings

    DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions

    Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net

    Letter to Patriots


  12. The Importance of Archiving President Trump's Accomplishments:

    The mainstream media has completely ignored President Trump's accomplishments and all of the positive things he has achieved while in office.

    They've decided to focus all of their time waging a war against President Trump, his supporters and the MAGA agenda.

    Donald J. Trump has achieved more for America in 3 years than the Obama and GWB administration did in 16. It really makes you wonder if past presidents have even been trying at all!

    This Document was created to preserve President Trump’s Legacy by archiving and listing his accomplishments.

    Many of President Trump's accomplishments you won't see mentioned on Television News at all, they go out of there way to avoid casting Trump in a positive light, and equally out of their way to portray him as a Public Menace. So when there is "Pro Trump" news, they will create an obligatory website article which will then be quickly buried.

    There is one thing that the Establishment Republicans, Democrats, the Deep State and the Fake News Media all have in common… They want President Trump to fail or at the very minimum portray the image of failure and we can't let that happen!

    If we don’t capture and archive what’s really going on, we’re leaving it up to the ENEMEDIA to mischaracterize Trump’s Presidency and mar his Legacy by casting doubt on his achievements and motivation.

    1. A society obsessed and besotted by endless expressions of rage, contempt, bitterness, sarcasm, and cynical disdain to the exclusion of all things tender, gentle, affectionate, empathetic, generous, caring, CURIOUS, and encouraging is, perforce, a MORIBUND society,


    KID first presented it at his blog several weeks in a single LINK, which too few bothered to explore, whici so often happens with links.

    I then copied, and edited the materil to make it more accessible to readers and easier to read.

    In my never humble opinion we spend FAR too much time dwelling and pontificating on NEGATIVES, an nowhere near enough time counting our blessings..

    Jesus advsed us:

    "Be not overcome by EVIL, but [instead overcome EVIL with GOOD."

    I have come to believe sfter 20 years of blogging thst in dwelling incessantly on negatives we are in fact unwittingly doing the DEVIL'S work


  14. Replies
    1. MAGNIFICENT? President Trump really is just that, isn't he, Baysider?

      I wasn't crazy about him at first, but as his candidacy developed, I grew fonder and more respectful of him every day. For some reason his brashness and aggressive denigration of his competitors–– all of whom richly DESERVED it –– didn't faze me a bit. Being s New Yorker, myself, I know the lingo, and knew full well that "Donald Trump's bark was much worse than his bite."

      He gave up a great deal –– a life of pure luxury, freedom, comfort and ease –– because he truly loves our country, realized we had gotten ourselves in deire straits. zHe wanted to do everything he could to SAVE us from Going Over the Falls into Oblivion –– for OUR sakes, as well as his own.

      Though it's decidedly "unfashionable" to talk in terms like this today, I believe Mr. Trump is a GIFT from GOD sent to give us one final CHANCE –– and the MEANS–– to redeem ourselves as a nation.

      Instead of squabbling amongst ourselves to no useful purpose, we should all be praying for that to be true.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


  16. Just what makes Alexandria Ocsina Cortez so dangerous is not just her ideas, most of which are ridiculous, nonsensical and unworkable in the real world, but the fact that she is being portrayed in the new face of the progressive mainstream media and the new “face of the Democrat Party” or “the future of the Democrat Party.” Consider what they are saying. The Democrat Party has become the Communist Party of America. Governed by professional politicians who care only about themselves, and Power, and their political future, the party second, their special interest friends third, and their constituents – maybe.
    What has that Dimwitted moron actually done for her constituents in the Bronx other than to ensure that she would lose an estimated 25,000 jobs for her district because of her economic nonsense that providing a tax incentive was the same as writing a check to a big corporation? A funny position for one that received a degree in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011. It is not that she is ignorant, but apparently, she must maintain the party line: capitalism is destructive to the people; big corporations are evil; all the taxpayer’s money belongs to the government. She travels around introducing Bernie Sanders, an old communist who worships the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and other nations that have “temporarily” enslaved their population “for their own good.” As if she was the younger heir apparent.
    We need to go beyond the ballot. It is not enough to simply vote out Democrats; we need to develop a greater awareness of the threats of communism-lite (socialism) and communism. We need to take back our government, educational, and media institutions. We need to elect people who care for America and not themselves or their party.
    Look around, and see the damage already done to the Democratic Party, and you will come to the same conclusion as me, we are being screwed over. As for the trolls l RN and a few others that come here to disturb you and upset you , grow up before it is too late, and you are part of the problem.

    1. Yagotta AC-CEN--TU-ATE the POSITIVE
      Don't fool with Mr. IN-BETWEEN!

  17. Trumpian "conservatism" is destined for the ash heap of history!

    1. Hopefully, it'l have company on the heap, in the form of modern American Leftism. Otherwise, it won't matter.

  18. No argument on that one CI. Extremism of the right is every bit as damaging to our civil liberties as extremism of the left.

    1. This Is A Seditious Coup –The Last Time Democrats Did This They Eventually Hanged for Their Sedition

  19. The incredible lying by the media and even more to the point the morons who actually believe the stuff. Hey libratds, take a break from bashing Trump and tell us what you Love about the democrats. Give it a shot eh? :) losers.

    1. Perhaps Trump could set the example and stop lying........nah, I couldn't type that with a straight face.

    2. You seem confused. I’m a Libertarian and a Conservative. Save your petulance for a Democrat

    3. Hey, Kid, didn't you NOTICE that I put up the COMPLETE LIST of Trump's Many Positive Achievement that YOU gave us a link to the other day?

      I gave you full credit at the end of the long series of postings, but I wanted to be sure that you knew i APPRECIATED the information you supplied.

      We bloggers don't give each other enough credit for things we do that are worthwhile here in Blogistan. I'm trying to make up for that in my own peculiar way.

      FYI: CI doesn't define himself as a Democrat neither is he sympathetic in any way with Leftist objectives. In fact CI thinks of himself as a very pure, ultra-refined, extremely high-minded "AUTHENTIC" Conservative. In this he may be the ONLY member of the EXALTED, extraordinarily SELECTIVE, frankly EXCLUSIVE "CLUB" of which fancies himself a member in good standing.

      President Trump is just nowhere near conservative ENOUGH for CI, who demands the strictest, most uncompromising, puritanical ideological ethos for anyone to qualify as acceptable to CI's incredible high, self-defined standards.

      Thanks again, Kid, for YOUR dtermination to eschew pointless debate over obviously worthless negative developments. Dwelling instead on good music, interesting natural phenomena, and remarkablly distinguished figures in show business as you do is far better than trying to beat the same dead horses back to life every day so you can have the dubiou pleasure of killing 'em all over again. (:-[

      H_A_P_P_Y ... N_E_W_ ... Y_E_A_R_!

    4. Well FT, you’re actually pretty correct in your description of me, though there are far more than you’d like to believe. To a fellating sycophant, that must seem confusing.

      Kids “list” however, is fully half of things that occurred while Trump was POTUS, not due to any control or influence he exerted; which makes it just as disingenuous as the Obama lists that circulated during the last Administration.

      That one would traffic in such, watering down his actual accomplishments with fallacies, is a tell of the author and those who use it as currency in echo chambers.

    5. CI, Still unable to tel us what you love about democrats. Pretty pathetic dude.

      Check out magapil dot com and compare that to your idol obammy's record. Good Lord how can they make people so stupid? But whatever.

    6. Thanks for confirming that you’re just as bright as I thought you weren’t. At least FT has reading comprehension skills, sycophancy aside.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. CI, man the lame-ness of the stuff you libtards put out in these comment sections is the reason I only engage you idiots for laughs a couple times a year. I also think your story is FOS. I peg you as a 20-30 something girl with blue hair, too many tattoos, and a COEXIST sticker on your Prius. Enjoy the next 5 years of the Trump locomotive. buh-bye

    9. I enjoy that you think that. Every village needs it's idiot....and every court needs it's jester.

      Don't ever change.

    10. Kid,

      Slow your roll and lay off the personal insults.

    11. SF, I will determine how I respond to those who are actively working to destroy America. I will also respect how you'd like to conduct your blog.

      Therefore, I'll just stay away from doing drive by's on the pukes on this blog. Best to ya.

    12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    13. Kid,

      It is AOW's blog, not mine. I just help her out, and she frowns on launching personal attacks on other commenters.

    14. CI, I'm kind of glad others far brighter than I are seeing through your typical, long-standing mantra of "I AM A CONSERVATIVE"...and the way you'd tell me and my readers we weren't Conservatives? It wasn't nice or smart then and it isn't now.

    15. SF, I understood when I made the reply, "not your blog", yet still your post so there is little difference in my mind. I had no problem with your comment. I usually ignore these critters, but sometimes I do a drive by for fun and pressure relief.

    16. Z - Both the Obama and Trump years have exposed the chasm between the Republican Party and Conservativism. True Conservatism is not compatible with hypocrisy, dishonesty, perfidy, sycophancy and lack of integrity.


    17. The only thing wrong with your reasoning, Silver, is your apparent BLINDNESS to CI's being one of the biggest and most obnoxious purveyors of rude, uncharitable, pointedly unkind, virulently abusive –– , even vicious –– personal attacks on this board.

      Because for some ungodly reason CI is, apparently, held immune to accountabity for his churlish behavior it is WE who dare to stand up for ourselves with remonstrance against this belligerent bigot who get scolded, and told to back off, etc.

      If AOW didn't hapen to be a close personal friend of mine, I would have eserted this blog a long time ago, precisely BECAUSE i strongly oppose any form of tolerance toward Bigots, Bullies, Bolsheviks, Boors and Bastards.

      As far as I am concerned "CI" could stand only for CHURLISH INSOLENCE.

    18. Peoples Exhibit A on personal attacks. Thanks FT!

    19. Franco and CI,
      My best advice for both of you is to ignore each other. Otherwise, we will see comments that perpetually clash -- and inevitably descend into personal attacks. The sniping gets nobody anywhere and, in effect, hijacks the post.

    20. And CI is back telling us all what conservatism is, just as I'd said, and he's odd enough to think those bad traits are not mostly universal to degrees. In the real world, CI, we vote for the best of the hideous. Please try to limit yourself to political differences...it would help.

    21. Ah, I see that you seem to disagree that the vices I listed are incompatible with Conservatism. And the political difference is the chasm that I noted. Thank you for the tell.

    22. It’s easy to cast a ballot for the better of two bad choices AND hold your own side accountable to the virtues you profess to believe in.

      You should give it a try sometime.

    23. I rest my case.

      Buh Bye!

      G_O_O_D ... L_U_C_K_! ... & ... H_A_P_P_Y ... N_E_W ... Y_E_A_R_!

    24. Well, Happy New Year to you too FT.

    25. I just hold the position that if you think Trump is conservative, not only does your opinion lack merit, you don't don't have clue one on how to go about acquiring merit.

      Ask me how I really feel lol.

  20. That will decidedly not happen. Until the typical and recurring bear market kicks in again. And it WILL. No matter who is president Kid. And, we know YOU know that.

    1. What goes up will come down it is just a matter of time. Trump did in three years what barry couldn't accomplish in eight, bring about a robust economy. Barry's problem is a good economy did not fit his needs since his supporters were the poor and billionaires. The middle class was just an obstacle he could ignore.


    Israel's Alpha Radiation Treatment Shows Tumor Shrinkage in 100% of Cases

    Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Israel


    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Around the globe, cancer incidence has been steadily increasing over the past half-century. The question I have asked myself and many others most often over the past decade is, with all this technology, the artificial intelligence, the autonomous cars, the drones, how have we not cracked cancer? Well, there are of course many answers, the first of which is that there is no such thing as “cracking cancer.” We call it cancer, but every cancer is of course different and needs a different type of cure. . . .



  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Goose, Trump for another 5 years princess. And another conservative on the SC ! WooHoo!

  23. There's just no explaining Trumpublican's total lack of awareness.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Goose,
      Buzz off. You're not welcome here.

      As of now, every comment you make will be deleted as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of your comment.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. @ Goose, B2W, Liberalman, This one, et al...
      It could be because you're banned from posting here and have been for several years. You can change your screen name but you can't hide the disgusting piece of filth, you really are, over any length of time. Keep commenting, we will keep deleting.

  25. HEADS UP!

    We need more of the exchange of civil discourse here at this blog. Disagreement really CAN be expressed that way, you know.

    Also, commenters here need to remember that AOW is MY site (the team's site) -- not theirs.

    1. Am going to guess Goose is liberal and can't control himself...This is why I had to switch to WordPress though I didn't want to........had warned so many times to keep it civil, to talk like adults...warned for about 2 years, maybe more, than got accused of CENSORSHIP when I chose WP so I could block the trouble makers....hilarious. But sad, too.

    2. I have Great News For ALL your Liberals, and Progressives!
      2020 is a leap Year, that means you've got President Trump for an extra day!

  26. Get well Poultry

    Hate your politics, but dont hate you.

    The locals thought I joined the animal rights
    movement. I am against fighting chickens
    because I am vehemently against playing
    with your food.

    1. BEAK! Hi, friend! Hoping you're doing well...miss you! Z

    2. Z

      Still around. Kind of miss Poultry. He is a pain in the rear, but our pain in the rear.

      Disappointed we aren’t writing more about the whistleblower. Lots to cover

    3. "still around"...Hoping you're better than that! Whistleblower; old news, sadly. Do you think Trump should out him? They say he did, but I haven't seen much on it.

    4. You mean DUCKY with "Poultry," don't you. Where is he? Did I miss something?

    5. Z,
      The last I heard, Duck is in cardiac rehab. He had heart bypass surgery a while back.

    6. I thought he'd recovered and was back by now...hope he's okay.

  27. My Prediction for the November Election!

    Here's is what will happen.

    1. Everyone who voted for President Trump in 2016 will vote for him again in 2020.

    2. After seeing how he runs the country even more minorities, and the working class folks will vote for him as well.

    3.The “ Give Me, Give me” crowd who were promised free stuff, but never got anything, will become disenfranchised and vote for him as well.

    4. After the democrats actually pick a nominee, half of their voters will feel disenfranchised and stay home, because their candidate will not be the nominee.

    5. Trump will win in a landslide, and the Republicans takes the House because the 31 Dems who won in Trump districts lose

    6. The Republicans will keep the senate as well, and the Democrats looses the whole Shabang

    1. We need to get the house back or it will be an almost wasted 4 more years - but hugely preferable to a defecrat majority.

      Mainly though to your comment, I'm thinking a lot of people voted more anti-clinton than For trump. That's my story anyway. 2020 will be the first time I vote FOR someone rather than against democrats. I think Trump has surprised a lot of people in the catagory of what a Non-Politician can get accmplshed (with much help from congress even when they had the house)

      I also think a lot of people have been educated about the crimes of the clintons and democrats (swamp) in general.

      If the dems somehow find a way to win given these two major points above, you can kiss this place goodbye.

      I think it's going to be a landslide for DJT. Lot of work to do though and we need legislation from congress on things like fixing immigration rather than just presidential EO's. Gotta keep replacing useless repubs with Americans and God Help us they run for office.

    2. Kid... call me one lefty who's pretty sure DJT wins a second term. Not a landslide mind you... but a win nonetheless.

  28. .. Without much help from Congress...

  29. Have we gone totaly insane?

    Our laws are being used against us. And the most extreme example is the destruction of parental authority in the name of child welfare.

    Progressive educators no longer educate, they indoctrinate.

    History is no longer taught or is taught using textbooks that minimize the horrors of socialism and communism.

    Books are being banned; or they simply disappear from public libraries and school reading lists.

    Multiculturalism, and political correctness, have become the norm.

    People are so occupied with their electronic devices that they no longer observe their surroundings and minimally participate in real-world activities.

    People accept convenience over security; willingly watch their rights erode in the name of a Socialist society.
    Much of progressive America has gone insane: disarming law-abiding citizens, banning things that we have had since childhood, our National Anthem has become a thing of the past, God Bless America has become a Dirty Word, and releasing criminals from prison is now considered a good for humanity thing

  30. If you want to Beat the Bastards

    T_H_I_N_K ... P_O_S_I_T_V_E_!

    Whining, whimpering, groaning, growling, and gnashing our teeth AIN'T gonna cut it.

    H_A_P_P_Y_ ... N_E_W_ .. Y_E_A_R_!

  31. According to a recent Gallop poll Trump was tied with Barry as the most admired man in the U.S. Wonder how the media will spin that one against Trump.

    1. Well Skud... CNN just reported it straight up. Headlined it in fact, As did Slate, Politico, Newsweek and many others. They all said the two men tied.

      I'd say 18% is nothing to brag about for either man.

    2. I'd say 18% is lousy for both men, too...absolutely SHOCKING for Obama, who people still really believe did a lot of good. Skudrunner was correct; not that liberal outlets wouldn't mention it at all, but the 'spin'....big difference. Got to mention I just Googled CNN and "NO SPIN"....VERY surprising. I think they know they'd better stop the constant negativity and bias because their numbers are SO SO far down...I hope this improves their truthfulness and even handedness. FOX has very liberal regulars on about 20 times a day, CNN doesn't have 20 Cons on in a month.

    3. I pine for the days when charlatans didn’t have cable news crutches to lean on, instead of critical thought.

  32. President Grant was a drunk as his administration was corrupt and ineffective.

    President Trump is sober (he doesn't drink) and his administration is corrupt and ineffective.

    At least President Grant had an excuse.

    1. I am happily employed, I got a raise, and I got a tax break thanks to the doubling of the standard deduction.

      There are tens of millions more who can say the same.

    2. I happy for you Silver. Worked my entire life, many raises, many promotions, more raises, able to provide for myself and family quite nicely. ALL THIS BEFORE TRUMP. Just imagine that? And w/o all the trumpian BS and incivility brought on by Dotard.

      Now, semi retired at 67 doing exactly what I love 21 hours a week and getting paid for it. Dotard had ZERO to do with MY success or happiness.

      I'll be voting AGAINST Dotard AGAIN as well as marching in opposition to his idiocy every chance I get.

    3. The doubling of the standard deduction has been a real blessing for us. No longer do I have to track medical expenses! That tracking took hours upon hours -- even with customized Quicken software. Entering the data was a herculean task.

    4. I'm certainly happy about the reduced rate and higher deduction.....but would have loved to keep the previous property tax deduction limit.

      And then there's the deficit. Mixed bag, but not much difference over time, for me.

    5. @RN - Dotard? Surely you realize that name calling is the hallmark of the simpleton. You might as well say “icky Cheeto man”. It has the same effect.

    6. Surely you realize I am perfectly aware of this CI. Which is why I refer to you, Silver, AOW, ect by your chosen on line name. But then none of you are Trump, aka Dotard.

      When it comes to Trimo, aka Dotard, all bets are off. He's more than fair game. I simply refer to Dotard precisely as he refers to all those he dislikes by calling THEM names disrespecting them. I have NO respect for Trump aka Dotard.

      Sorry. It is what it is CI

    7. So your at his level......got it.

    8. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. - Friedrich Nietzsche

      Too late for too many TDS sufferers

    9. RN, there is a difference between TDS and ODS. Trump has accomplished something and speaks his mind even though it offends many. If you hate trump you are celebrated. Barry accomplished little but except for the special interest but he was good at following his speechwriters responses. If you didn't like him you were a racist.
      Could it be that the leftists and career politicians fear DJT will win again and actually clean the cesspool.

    10. Your lack of knowledge relative to Obama's steady EIGHT YEARstewardship of our Federal Government is truly astounding. But you're not alone. The balance of the trumper cultists are right there with ya skud.

      Do enjoy their company and enjoy the balance of time Trump has (just over 1 year) to beef up Trump's Disastrous Attack on America's Traditional Values.

      A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year skudrunner!

    11. RN, Steady eight year stewardship is a real stretch more like eight year no growth reign. Can you name five things BHO did for the average American, not just the special interests. Granted he did take over an poor economy started by the democrat brain trust of dodd, frank and the ever brilliant waters but it was the longest and slowest recovery in history. He did manage to sell off one of the big three automakers and have a government takeover of one more. He was successful spending a trillion dollars to buy some junk cars and provide zero jobs. He did appoint czars as political favors and make a federal grant of millions to another political contributor while shielding a friend who was complicit in the murder of a federal officer but those don't count.
      Since I listed those things just come up with three more instead of five. Ruining healthcare for 300 million so 9 million can have it is not considered an accomplishment.

      Good luck!

    12. Oh thank government for stealing less of my income. How grateful shalt I be!

  33. While you guys were asleep. Trump may have greatly reduced the immigration crisis.

  34. Hits glob won lulfa this sips timvo. Osinop!

  35. I am annoyed with the rules of impeachment. Only questions in writing. Ted Cruz vs the
    whistleblower in a cross examination should be on pay per view.

    I think the GOP should sidestep this and begin an immediate investigation into the hiring practices at the CIA. How does a protest leader with a history of attention grabbing stunts for very fringe ideas pass a psychological test and security clearance.
    The CIA has a pronounced antisemitic culture. It is well known and it plays games with the security clearances of Jewish employees.

    It happens at various federal agencies. Non Jews can visit Israel annually with zero questions. Jews who have never set foot in Israel get asked at length. Jews also get asked questions about religious faith.

    The ethics standard given to every single employee is the appearance of impropriety.
    Let Joe Biden and his lawyers explain how his conduct meets that standard. The American people wont buy.

    I dont want Biden. The whistleblower needs to be charged with violations of the Hatch Act and terminated. Once he is prosecuted he will get a show on CNN.

  36. Oh, give it another day or so. You might have a different perspective....

  37. I hope so. The Iraqi people need to understand that they are conquered and that "because we feel like seeing their bodies mangled" is enough justification to bomb them.

  38. It's not like they are working on a time machine to go back and stop themselves from disobeying us. We can not negotiate with irrational people.

  39. Iran is a problem we can solve with 7 nuclear missiles and helicopter sorties to hunt and kill survivors. Iraq has blasphemed against the American flag. They deserve a slower death.

  40. Nevermind. Carry on with your fantasies.

  41. We just need to give Iran a few hundred billion and see if we can buy back any prisoners. After all it worked so well with barry and he is a god to the left.

    Now it is get rid of the police because then everyone will sit around the camp fire and have peace. And those old people who get all those entitlements like SS, which they paid for, and Medicare, which they paid for. They are taking free benefits from the youth and should be punished.

    Have a Happy and 2020 will be more of the same.

    1. You have one thing right for sure skud. 2020 will be more of the same. The cons will see to it.

  42. Being nice hasn't worked. They are never going to sit down with us over beer and bacon sandwiches and discuss rationally. Visit Iraqi and Iranian graveyards. The one thing they have in common is that they are full of people that aren't a problem.

  43. We live in a world where the Pope can slap a woman on TV. Adjust.

  44. I assume you'll be enlisting, right? Genocide is manpower intensive.

  45. The refraction time between Islamists screwing with us is shrinking over the near 12 year old far left Obama-Trump surrender and retreat policy in the Middle East and Central Asia. The policy is a failure. Obama and Trump may as well be in that crowd chanting "Death to America."

    If the enemy has time to complain about getting killed, they're not getting killed enough

  46. CI, nah. Automation, like computer guided nuclear missiles, makes manpower less intensive. And it's more efficient. Radiation reduces the number of wounded and starving, while still leaving us with enough carnage to document on video to enjoy over and over with popcorn.

    We gonna have a war on terrorism or naaaah?

  47. Everyone becomes a damned greenie when the nukes come out.

  48. I prefer the zombie apocalypse fantasy. More entertaining and target practice to boot.

  49. Well, the current Obama-Trump capitulation to Iran fantasy does nothing for me. Why isn't every square inch of Iran a scorched radioactive crater? You know they pledge allegiance to Allah rather than America right?

  50. It’d be a little odd for them to pledge allegiance to America, no?


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