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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Musical Interlude

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For your listening pleasure this weekend, enjoy 25 Preludes, Opus 31 by Charles-Valentin Alkan (1813-1888), performed by the award-winning Finnish pianist Olli Mustonen:

Book I
1. Lentement (Slowly), C major
2. Assez lentement (quite slowly), F minor 1:55
3. Dans le genre ancien (In the ancient genre), D-flat major 3:50
4. Prière du soir (Evening prayer) , F-sharp minor 5:59
5. Psaume 150me (Psalm 150), D major 7:23
6. Ancienne mélodie de la synagogue (Ancient melody of the synagogue), G minor 9:42
7. Librement mais sans secousses (Freely but without bumps), E-flat major 13:41
8. Le chanson de la folle au bord de la mer (The song of the insane woman by the sea), A-flat minor 15:17
9. Placiditas (Gently), E major 18:11

Book II
10. Dans le style fugué (In the fugue style), A minor 20:00
11. Un petit rien (A little nothing), F major 21:12
12. Le temps qui n'est plus (Times that are no more), B-flat minor 22:22
13. J'étais endormie, mais mon cœur veillait (I was asleep, but my heart was awake), G-flat major 23:43
14. Rapidement (Quickly), B minor 26:15
15. Dans le genre gothique (In the gothic genre), G major 28:19
16 Assez lentement (Very slowly), C minor 30:12
17. Rêve d'amour (Dream of love), A-flat major 31:20

Book III
18. Sans trop de mouvement (Without too much movement), C-sharp minor 33:03
19. Prière du matin (Morning prayer), A major 35:52
20. Modérement vite et bien caracterise (Moderately fast and with spirit), D minor 36:28
21. Doucement (Gently), B-flat major 37:50
22. Anniversaire (Anniversary), E-flat minor 39:15
23. Assez vite (Quite fast), B major 41:41
24. Étude de velocite (Velocity study), E minor 43:05
25. Prière (Prayer) , C major 45:02

[more information about the composer and these preludes HERE at Musical Musings and HERE at Wikipedia]


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  3. I had not heard of him before... interesting notes given. It was an amazing time to live and to hang with such a crowd. Will come back later and listen to more.


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