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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fatal Stupidity


Police: Massachusetts girl dies during head lice treatment:
...The little girl’s scalp was covered in mayonnaise and a plastic shopping bag was placed over her head, a common home remedy for head lice. The girl was left unattended and apparently fell asleep, allowing the bag to slip down over her face, suffocating her....
The child was eighteen months old.

The title of this blog post refers to the parent — not the child.


  1. There have long been convincing philosophical arguments to have a mandatory intelligence test prior to conception of a child.

  2. No excuse for this having happened --unless that parent is literally mentally retarded.

  3. "No excuse for this having happened --unless that parent is literally mentally retarded"

    Or a Liberal..

  4. "The title of this blog post refers to the parent" who was doubtlessly an Obama supporter.

  5. And then there was a member of my family who sprayed a dilute nerve gas on her own children's heads. Yeah. Pull out your can of Raid and get rid of the lice. Good plan. Excellent!

  6. The mother of imbeciles is always pregnant."

    "God must love idiots very much. Why else would He have made so many of them?"

  7. I reason, Earth is short
    And Anguish — absolute
    And many hurt

    But, what of that?

    I reason, we could die
    The best Vitality
    Cannot excel Decay

    But, what of that?

    I reason, that in Heaven
    Somehow, it will be even
    Some new Equation, given

    But, what of that?

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

  8. This is a tragedy. Why not just shave her head? At that age, who would notice?

  9. The most important job on earth and we get no training.
    Well, our parents trained us, but are parents today well trained anymore?

    What a story........Now they'll have warnings like they do on dry cleaning bags on a mayonnaise jar!

    1. Z: You've touched upon a fundamental truth. We're a mobile society, so there is less opportunity to learn from your parents as you yourself raise children, like it was in the old days.

    2. Not to mention a dearth of common sense!

  10. Here's another surreal story about parents who have no common sense:

    Mother, companion charged with leaving infant alone in car

    SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (AP) — A mother and her companion have been arrested after Connecticut police say they left a 2-week-old infant alone in a cold car while they were in an adult novelty store in Southington.

    Police say Lindsay M. Hoffman, the child’s mother, and Marquette Riggsbee entered the store Wednesday with the infant and were told by employees that children were not allowed in. They left and returned without the baby, who remained alone in the car for 20 minutes.

    Employees checked on the infant and called police.

    The 26-year-old Hoffman and Riggsbee, who is 54, were charged with risk of injury to a minor....

  11. Just because you are able to conceive a child, doesn't mean you should give birth to one.


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