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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top Cat

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Cameo was the youngest cat in the household until Amber arrived on September 13, 2012.

Click directly on the image to enlarge it:

Cameo, true to her Siamese heritage, has been our alpha cat since her arrival in 2001. She is top cat and knows it! Nevertheless, she mothers Amber. Cameo has even allowed Amber to take over the bedroom as personal den and shares food with "her baby."


  1. Stogie,
    Isn't she though?

    When Cameo was born -- I saw her when she was only one week old. She and the rest of the litter looked identical! Cameo was the only one with a white spot, which became more obvious as she grew a bit.

    All the kittens in the litter were gray and looked so plain, and my cousin, whose Siamese mix had the seven kittens, feared that nobody would adopt them. Then, along came 9/11, and the idea of more deaths, albeit deaths of kittens, was so abhorrent that friends and family took in the kittens -- even if we didn't really want another cat. In the case of the AOW household, we already had three cats and didn't really want four. Still, we brought her home on September 15, 2001.

    At about 5 months of age, she came into her triple-coat, plushy fur.

  2. I "heart" Cameo! My little Erica (and she is really little topping out at high 5 lbs and occasionally hits 6) sends meows to Cameo.

  3. Sly puss!

    It's obvious she's in complete control of your household.

    Now, if only we could get Cameo to take over the White House, our country might still have a fighting chance to recover!

    Great cats make great households. ;-)

    ~ FT

  4. Jason,
    I have more pictures of Cameo to retrieve from the camera.

    She is photogenic -- and poses for me. The other two cats are not nearly as cooperative.

  5. FT,
    Now, if only we could get Cameo to take over the White House, our country might still have a fighting chance to recover!


  6. Adrienne,
    Your Erica is such a dainty thing!

    Most often, Mr. AOW and I have had cats with stocky builds. Our glorious Honey Bunny (aka "Pooter"), not an ounce overweight, tipped the scales at 17 pounds. Our vet at the time said that she was the most robust female kitty that he'd ever seen in all his decades of practice. My mother said that Honey Bunny was "as big as a mountain lion." She wasn't, of course, but in comparison to other cats, she SEEMED that way.

  7. Great pic! It captures the typical cat arrogance and attitude of superiority.

  8. She really is beautiful. That picture caught her in an especially regal pose.

    Right Truth

  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! She knows it, too. Look at that face. Yup!

    She's sexy and she knows it, lol!

  10. My Saimese considers herself a Princess and so that is her name. It takes two or three tabbies to offset the royal persona of one Saimese.

    Heaven forbid you get two Saimese together - they will gang up on the other cats!


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