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Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday Funnies: Norm McDonald

Silverfiddle Rant!

Comedian and everyman philosopher Norm Macdonald has passed on.  

I loved his impressions on SNL.  Latterly, he had a show for one season on Netflix called "Norm MacDonald has a show," and it was brilliant.

For your viewing pleasure, The Best of Turd Ferguson.  His Burt Reynolds is spot on...


  1. Rip norm. Not famous over here, but I liked him. To be precise, I like him now; as as a kid in the 90s I did not approve! (Mind you I think I only had 2nd hand reports of his jokes, not really enough to form a fair opinion on). He had a knack for breaking taboos, homing in on the things we all know but are scared to say. I wonder what the equivalent of "oj is a murderer" is in today's world?

  2. My favorite is the SNL Weekend Update where he "quoted" Johnnie Cochran that the defense could prove that OJ was not on drugs at the time of the murders by testing the blood found at the crime scene

  3. Wonderful stuff!

    And quite the blast from the past.

    Thanks, SF.


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