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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Caturday Weekend

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Our beloved alpha kitty, Minxy (b. September 8, 2017), a gift from a former piano student, who was fostering a mama cat and her five kittens during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma:

Minxy is a force to be reckoned with! We, including Amber, are grateful that she is so good-natured.

More of my kitty photos HERE.


  1. Lovely, AOW! Every picture is a reflection of the love and good care you and Mr. AOW have bestpwed on these fortunate kitties, and a clear indication too of how much delight they have given you in return.

    There's no doubt in my mind that caring for a cat, a dog, –– or any animal that can benefit from our attention ––, brings out the best in us.

    They are a lot like children, but the great advantage the animals have over immature human beings is their never having to grow up, go to school and eventually learn to take responsibility for themselves.

    Instead, they spend their little lives taking very good care of us. by making sure we are never lonely or bored. A great Gift from God, if you ask me.

    1. Franco,
      Yes, our pets are gifts from God. We must cherish them -- and spoil them.

      Amber is easy to spoil. After being pushed from pillar to post for months, she finally found her forever home. Here!

  2. I see some personality in those cats.

    1. Kid,
      Yes, indeed!

      Amber is easy going and wants to please. And she's obedient, too! In all my years of living with cats, I have never seen an obedient one.

      We are heartbroken that Amber has a dental disease involving tooth resorption. Pretty soon, she'll be toothless! Poor girl! She's not old enough to be having all that tooth loss.

    2. Sorry to hear that AOW. Well, she will be able to lick up soft foods anyway. At one point, one of ours was not eating well because of tooth or jaw problems and we fed him tuna and chicken juice and baby food. He liked the ham and turkey a lot. Probably got most of what he needed from the baby food.

  3. Always nice to have a reminder about the important things in life....


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