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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pelosi And "The Dreamers"

At a recent press conference, San Fran Nan was shouted down by the very people for whom she is advocating. The footage below makes me think of a substitute teacher who has lost control of a rowdy middle-school class:

According to The Hill and, in some ways, reminiscent of the flawed 1986 amnesty [which failed by almost any measure]:
...The protesters who interrupted the conference were calling for a “clean” DREAM Act — one that didn’t make concessions to Republicans on border security — and protections for a larger group of immigrants in the U.S. illegally than that bill would confer....
Read the rest at Pelosi shouted down by protesters during DREAM Act conference.

At last, she was chased out of her own press conference:

Additional reading, from the Washington Post's Nancy Pelosi confronted by immigration rights protesters about her DACA talks with Trump, which contains this little gem...
In this case, Pelosi had to stand by, with cameras rolling, as they continued shouting. Her own official Facebook page had been live-streaming the event and her aides encouraged out-of-town reporters to watch it, but the feed cut out as the protesters persisted. A Pelosi aide said later that “Internet problems in the room” were to blame.
Pelosi was correct about one statement she made during this press conference chaos: this batch of "Dreamers" didn't help their cause. And, yes, America is watching.


  1. I wonder if these morons represent a preponderance of the, reported, 800,000 Dreamers? If so I say DEAL-OFF, pack your bags as we begin building the "wall"!

    1. Jon,
      If there are not a representation of the the majority of the "Dreamers," then the majority had better make that clear.

      I think that they are not the majority, but nonetheless this activist group is largely controlling the conversation. Really, they need to do as you said: pack bags and scram.

    2. The words we use to describe these people are important; are they activists, or do they more closely resemble brown-shirts?

    3. Brownshirts. The left has grown unhinged, intolerant and violent.

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  2. Democrats are firebugs caught in their own conflagration. Pelosi and her Democrat party ilk are button-down, stodgy multi-millionaires fanning revolutionary flames and spouting crap they don't believe so the soft-heads will think they're "down with the struggle."

    How many working class Hispanics does San Fran Nan routinely hang out with?

    This is all rubbish.

    I am also fed up with being screamed at and lectured by people who have no right to be here. They are in no position to demand anything from me or any other American citizen.

    I hate the word-crafted propaganda term, "DREAMER."

    You want to talk about dreamers? How about dreamers who were born here, who came here legally? You don't think my kids are dreamers?

    My daughter spent a summer serving the rich and famous at Martha's Vineyard so she could get up a financial stake to get out on her own and follow her culinary dreams.

    My son is going to college full time and working 20+ hours a week to try to keep his student load debt down as he works toward his dream of working for NASA.

    Their younger siblings have all kinds of dreams they are working towards, so the leftwing propagandists can take their market-tested "Dreamer" BS and stick it where the sun don't shine.

    1. SF,
      Yes, the very term DREAMERS is word-crafted propaganda. In the first posted video, we see activist DREAMERS exercising their sense of entitlement as they make their demands and basically threaten one of the staunchest advocates. What a rude lot they are! Frankly, I can't imagine them adhering to the guidelines of DACA.

      Your son and daughter are American citizens who have their dreams, and many others of that generation and citizenship have their dreams, too.

      Today's progressive lexicon is skewed to the Left, and too many don't see that. Sheesh.

    2. I'd like to see a group of Americans (or Hondurans )down in Mexico try getting in the face of Mexican politicians like that...

      I don't think they'd get too far.

    3. SF,
      I'd like to see a group of Americans (or Hondurans )down in Mexico try getting in the face of Mexican politicians like that...

      We all know how that would end.

  3. Silver... your anger is understood. So what is your solution for these folks? Are you saying we should round them up and deport them? Cause if not, everyday they are here they cost US taxpayers $$$ if they are not allowed some regular type of status.

    1. Dave,
      What is your definition of regular type of status?

      The definition thereof seems to vary and to be a sticking point.

    2. @Dave,

      "So what is your solution for these folks?"

      Do you have a solution? If so what is it?

    3. Dave,

      I have no problem with normalizing the status of those who are productive, but when I see crap like this, it does not make me want to stand up and defend them (although this is just a noisy leftwing subset--the one person calling the chant and the others repeating reveals them to be trained leftwing activists)

      I really do believe there are forces who want to rip this nation apart. The provocation are deliberate in order to set up the US versus Them dynamic.

      At this point, I don't give a damn. You want me to cry tears over returning someone to Mexico?

      Mexico? A stable nation with a rich culture, universities, thriving cities, natural resources and businesses?

      Mexico? The envy of much of the rest of Latin America?

      And while we're at it, why does every woman abused by her husband, every child threated by gangs, and every discriminated-against LGBTQI EIEIO have entitlement to plop down in the United States of America?

      Our government--by letting in productive hard-working people willing to work for pennies on the dollar--has decimated the unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled trades job market in this country and this has gone on for so long, we've raised an entire generation uninterested in such work and unable to get into it if they were interested.

      We Americans give hundreds of billions to charities and a lot of that money goes to our neighbors to the south because we are caring people, but our charity has been grossly abused, largely abetted by our own government.

      What would I do? At this point, I wouldn't care if our government cut them off from all aid and work and told them to go home. If the "Dreamers" are all so damned smart and productive, they will be a great boon to the nations they came from.

    4. SF,
      If the "Dreamers" are all so damned smart and productive, they will be a great boon to the nations they came from.

      They could perhaps partially fix many of the problems from which their parents fled!

    5. Especially AOW, if they understood the culture or spoke the language. Many of these kids have no CQ for Mexico and are not fluent.

    6. JonBerg... there are no solutions in our current either/or world. If one side must win everything, we can't solve this...

    7. Dave Miller,
      "Many" is not all nor I suspect even a significant proportion. They are gaming the system. The solution is that they go back to their own country and apply for a visa just like many who are now or will become American citizens have done.

      I resent their entitlement attitude and the wasting of my tax dollars as I work into what should be my retirement years so I can keep body and soul together. And then I continue paying taxes on my hard earned money so the government can give it away to what I consider free loaders.

      From what I understand, these so-called "dreamers" were not protesting the "dreamer" thing, they were demanding that all Illegal Mexican aliens be naturalized.

      I'm not having any of it!

    8. At trial, the dreamers would be charged with violating immigration law, and if the judge in this case were lucid, he would have no other choice but to find these people guilty. The next question then becomes, what of their sentence? Perhaps their lawyers would then argue, in matters of extenuation and mitigation, that while true the defendants violated US law, they had no other choice because as minor children, they were brought here by their parents. As part of this argument, a lawyer could always add the rather remarkable circumstance that, even though both of their illegal immigrant parents speak no English whatsoever, these poor children have forgotten how to speak the language of Mexico. On this basis, the lawyer might argue, we should offer these poor darlings compassion in sentencing.

      In spite of the foolish proposition about anyone forgetting the language of their birth, this would be a good argument, would it not? A rational judge might then conclude that these indeed were unhappy circumstances, but the law is the law, and the children will have to be deported. They will not, thank goodness, have to serve time in a federal penitentiary. However, the judge in this case might then prepare a letter to immigration authorities recommending that, because of x y and z circumstances, the children, one, both, or all, having distinguished themselves as students in high school, having been accepted by institutions of higher learning for study in such fields as neurology, engineering, or aero-space science, having worked part-time throughout university to pay for their own education (no free-riders in this group), having participated in ROTC as a demonstration of their loyalty to the United States and willingness to serve the greater good ... then these dreamers should, at some future time, be granted accelerated, lawful, quota-immigration to return to the United States.

      There are so many variables, of course ... such as for the entire period of their stay in the United States, they have been a burden to the American taxpayer, have had brushes with the law, have not distinguished themselves as students, are essentially illiterate in their own language, could not get into college unless it was through breaking and entering, and were captured on camera tearing down the American flag to raise in its place the Mexican standard.

      Well, but they are only children ... right? And they have dreams. And aren’t their dreams more important than the dreams held by American children, who have every right to their dreams? If you are Dave Miller, then yes ... the illegal aliens from Mexico are more entitled to their dreams because, well, Dave Miller hasn’t had a coherent moment in over ten years, vigorously pursues the leftist agenda, and nothing would make Old Dave happier than to see America fail.

      Right, Dave?

  4. Dreamers ... people who entered this country illegally, who receive renewable two-year deferments from deportation, who are eligible to work in the United States. The program encompasses 800,000 who have received substantial wage entitlements while American workers between the ages of 16-20 continue to experience a 14% unemployment rate. Among blacks of the same age, 30%. Where is the justice in denying employment to those who are entitled to work in favor of those who are not?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. What "wage entitlements"?

      Maybe their employment rate is higher because they don't have any jive non-violent drug offenses on their record because they know better than to risk a drug bust.
      You really are arguing changing our ridiculous draconian drug laws.

    3. Nostradumbass, maybe you should try reading Sam's comment again. Then again, maybe you should lay off the drugs yourself.

    4. Well Sam, you've got a lot there. First, I'm not aware of any other Dave Miller, although I will allow for that possibility.

      Second, where has anything I've ever written advocated that I wanted America to fail? A difference of opinion and preferring a different path does not mean you wish for the worse. At least that has always been Z's argument as it relates to clean air and water. She has always called liberals out when they've said conservatives want to have bad water simply because of a different approach. That's exactly what you did with me. I have a different approach, so I must hate America. It simply is not true.

      As for the allegedly high unemployment number, I'm not buying it. Even President Trump has now called that idea wrong. So either he too is in on the conspiracy, or you're wrong. it can't be both ways.

      I don't know where I mentioned people forgetting the language of their birth. There's plenty of people from Spanish speaking families who never acquired the language skills to be fluent. Spend time in that community and you'll see ample evidence of that.

      Regarding the "dreamers" being a burden to the American tax payer, that seems to be in dispute. For every study you cite to buttress your argument, I can cite another with an opposing view. Maybe it would be better to agree that good people can disagree and look for a realistic solution.

      How would America be worse off if we allowed this group to stay, barred them from citizenship for 20 years, as a probationary time, and gave them the right to work, pay taxes and, in a sense, pay more of their share?

      Then after 20 years, if they've been productive members of society and have a clean record, they could move to citizenship.

      The reality is we are not sending them back, no matter how much some people here in the US may desire that. The quicker we accept that and move to solving the issue, the better off we'll be.

  5. Here's a question:

    Say we legalize the "dreamers." OK, what about the illegal immigrant parents who brought them in?

    It would be inhumane to normalize their children but leave them hanging. What about the "dreamers'" Uncle Charlie and Grandma Gertie who are here illegally?

    What if President Trump followed the precedent set by President Obama when Obama suspended much of our immigration enforcement?

    What if President Trump decided to suspend routine protections and due process and had ICE just start dumping people over the border and putting them on planes?

    Cities and states don't have to follow federal immigration law?

    OK, then red states don't have to follow gun laws, abortion laws and gay marriage laws.

    See where leftwing lawlessness and social agitation is taking us?


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. BOOOO!!! to you too!

      What do we do with ILLEGAL immigrants?

      Nihil Obstat Novo Ordo Seclorum!

    2. The Cuddly Curmudgeon said

      Alas! the unmoderated blog sooner or later becomes a magnet for trolls, churls, fools, vermin, and other forms of human detritus.

      The Blogosphere’s a MERRY HELL
      'Cause we can't block each URL.

      Imagine all the joy residual
      If we could stop an indvidual ––

      One whom we would deem offensive.
      'Twould be end the need to act defensive.

      Insults are a waste of time;
      Without them blogging would be sublime.

      And with these words I will conclude:
      We should have power to exclude

      Anyone too coy, who annoys or cloys
      And takes from blogging all our joys.

      ~ Gollywumpus

    3. Not unmoderated, I assure you.

      We administrators are here.

    4. FT,
      I thought this thread was SUPPOSED to be about witnessing Nanny Pelousy being hoist on her own petard.


      But the topic of who these obnoxious screamers are almost has to be a part of the conversation.

      Above, Mustang mentioned brown-shirts. That fits!


      Torches and pitchforks!

      Boiling oil!

      Razor-edged pendulums!

      Away from our soil!

      Red hot pokers!

      Auto da Fe!

      Round them up!

      Send them away!


    6. C'mon kid, they're just tryin' to have a little fun. Can't we have fun anymore. Everything is so damn serious nowdays. We need to lighten up!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Why not Annex Mexico? Nobody would have to dneak into the US because they would be the US ;)

    1. I appreciate your irreverent sarcasm, but that would guarantee permanent Socialist Democrat rule.

      Right now, it looks like Mexico is slowly annexing us.

    2. TC said:
      "Why not Annex Mexico?"

      Why bother, we've already got California.

  9. Why not Annex Mexico? Nobody would have to dneak into the US because they would be the US ;)

  10. This is what happens when you feed raccoons.

  11. "Mexico? A stable nation with a rich culture, universities, thriving cities, natural resources and businesses?"

    YES so why do we have to accept their rejects? The last time that I looked Mexico's economic growth rate was exceeding ours.

    1. I also just read how groups of Haitians blocked from US entry are integrating into Mexican society and going to work there.

  12. Let the Dreamers go and make Mexico great again.

  13. Until the Government proves it can enforce the borders, We shouldn't allow them to issue visas, entry permits or grants of citizenship.

    1. Speaking of incompetence, if Bernie Sander's "Single Payer" health care system were such a good idea, why shouldn't we have a "Single Payer" Hollywood-Entertainment Complex (ala Gov't run "Net-Flix"?) or a Single Payer" defense industrial complex. Oh wait, we've already HAVE the latter ($700b). Never mind!

    2. The cost of movie tickets is getting ridiculous. At least you can use your Aps to have burgers delivered to your seat, though!

  14. Replies
    1. That's what "establishment" Dems get for rigging the vote against Bernie in the primaries last go around. :)

    2. The parties are re-aligning. I've got a feeling that the DNC isn't going to be around for much longer.

    3. Pretty soon we'll be split between the "social justice" party (cultural) and "equal justice" party (political). I know which one I think will come to dominate. :)

    4. Flectere si nequeo superos Acheronta movebo! - Virgil, "Aeneid"

  15. I'm all for setting a hugh fine for all employers who hire illegals but the illegals will still stay because of all the freebies we give them. Trump needs to enforce the law and announce illegals will not be allowed in schools and will not get welfare. He can also stop them from getting free health care though that is trickier since laws conflict on that issue.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This One, BW, Liberal Man, now Joe Joseph, you self-righteous, arrogant, stupid little shit; the reason you are banned here is that you are a stupid ideologue and troll that spams this blog and others with mentally deficient c&p comments. You have been banned here for about ten years now but your apparent OCD won't let you move on.

      Do yourself a favor and get medical help or at lest cut back on the crack.


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