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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Worth 1000 Words

With a hat tip to Geeez:

My lightly edited comment to Z's post:

We are living in AmeriKa. Yes, we are.

I don’t expect Congress to do a single thing to rein in Obama on this. NOT ONE THING!

We’ll soon find out if my prediction is correct.

I’d like to be wrong — but I don’t have any evidence that I'm wrong.

How has this Congress reined in Obama? By that measure, the 2014 Election did not matter!


  1. I propose two alternatives. Call it the Beamish Plan.

    1) We give Iran nuclear bombs, one in every Iranian city, express delivered via ICBM, until they don't want any more.


    2) We modify the Obama deal to read that inspectors are to have 24 / 7 unfettered access to anywhere they want to inspect, delays or refusal to grant access to any site lasting more than a Planck second will result in the immediate bombing of all nuclear sites in Iran, and the first place we want to inspect is Ayatolah Ali Khameini's ass.

  2. The Dhimmicrats will fall in line behind Khalif Barack Hussein, and the GOOPers, led by the whisky-sodden Boehner, will cave like wet cardboard.

    The inspection regime is weak, and who in their right mind believes any of the weak sisters who signed that agreement (excepting Russia who in on Iran's side) will stand up on their hind legs and do anything to punish Iran if the mullahs violate the agreement?

    Giving Iran nukes isn't the most damaging part of this. Removing sanctions and handing them billions is.

    Iran can now roll in and prop up Bashar Assad (a Russian ally as well--see how Obama got played?)

    Iran can continue supplying the Hezbos in Lebanon, increasing their grip there.

    Iran can now resupply hamas, and more missiles will be raining down on Israel.

    Most importantly, a nuke today should not be thought of as an offensive weapon. Unlike Emperor Barak and his sophmore girls club foreign policy team, the Iranian Mullahs are strategic thinkers.

    No one should be worried about Iran nuking the US, Europe or even Israel. It is the threat of that prospect that will empower and protect them. Look at all the crap we take from the pot bellied pigs in North Korea... all because they have nukes.

    Iran's nuke will enable them to create conventional terroristic havoc all over their neighborhood while shielding them from serious retaliation.

    My prediction:

    In less than five years, dark rumors will float that Iran has nuclear weapons. The Iranians will officially laugh and deny it, while backchanneling the message that "oh hell yeah we got nukes."

    Rise of the crazies: At that same time, bellicose crazies will rise in Iran: Generals, politicians, etc launching flamboyand bombast against Israel, the US, etc. The mullahs will still be firmly in charge, but they will give the impression that the crazies are out of control, further deterring any nation from punishing them in any way.

    1. SF,
      Remind me of how many billions in reparations we're going to be shelling out to Iran?

    2. I don't know about reparations. Do you mean frozen assets?

      A quick Yahoogling says a total of $100 billion in Iranian assets are currently frozen. $50 billion of that held by the US.

      I'm sure President Obama will rush to get that money to his new friends, the turds in turbans.

    3. SF,
      I was using the word "reparations" as snark.

    4. SF,
      I'm sure President Obama will rush to get that money to his new friends, the turds in turbans.

      I'm of the same opinion.

      I cannot imagine that the billions will actually be used to help the people of Iran.

  3. From what I understand, negotiating for the release of the four Americans languishing in Iranian prisons was not even part of the deal which was struck.

    Whatever happened to the standard of "no man left behind" -- a standard applied to trading five Taliban commanders for Bowe Bergdahl?

    1. Obama's new stategy for ISIS in the ME is, "No Taliban left behind!"

    2. FJ,
      That's his strategy, all right. It's all about "fundamental change."

  4. Iranians are celebrating on the streets. Americans who are hearing the details of this deal aren't. 'nuff said.

    1. Z,
      I guess that they are celebrating. Did not Iran get basically everything that the mullahs wanted?

    2. I have only one of the many pics of their celebrating in Teheran's streest at my post....there are many more on line. Yes, they are celebrating. Of course, that's mostly having the sanctions lifted; AND PRIDE.
      What Americans will never understand that PRIDE is everything in that region. They won. They know that. They got most of what they wanted; including keeping four Americans in prison.
      How much would it have been to let them OUT? That's not about what they did to get them into prison!...that's PRIDE that's not letting them be released. It's why Mexico kept our Marine last year, remember? "We're keeping your people" Oh, yes, Iran is very happy.

      Sorry Obama was so disgusted at Major Garrett's question...Garrett was right to ask.

  5. and thanks for the mention, AOW.


  6. Will this treaty lower the threat of nuclear proliferation in the region?
    As you'd expect the opinions vary but I don't see it making the situation worse.

    It's a tough road. The Israelis and the Saudis, terrific allies, one runs a prison colony and the other exports Wahhabism, are being told that they don't control our policy in the region. That alone is a benefit.

    So without sanctions maybe the middle class in Iran (they're the ones celebrating) prospers and the mullahs have to be pragmatic and loosen their grip a bit.

    I don't know and neither do any of you.
    I still don't see this as a step backward from the current state.

    1. I'm wondering if 25+ years of negative to zero population growth in Iran solves this problem itself. Pretty soon the average Iranian will either be too old to fight or too young to reach the gun shelf.

      Let ISIS exhaust them.

    2. Nice try with the 'prison colony' comment, but like the typical leftist, you're wrong and trafficking in blatant lies.

      Palestinians control their territories, not the Israelies. Palestinians keep people in refugee camps and richer muslims do nothing to help them, all to keep the propaganda going. It's sick, and its completely under the control of the Palestinians. If they wanted to make a nice country, with a little monetary help from their rich coreligionists, they could.

      Also, nowhere else in the ME besides Israel are ordinary muslims safer, freer, or richer.


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