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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Hiatus

I need to reduce my stress levels right now. Therefore:

I still to plan to co-host The Gathering Storm Radio Show every Friday at 3:00 P.M, EDT. I will also be making blog rounds on an intermittent basis.


  1. have been considering the same thing. We need to chill the stress levels and regroup and come out swinging.
    I hope you stick to this decision for a while. XXX

  2. I understand perfectly. It all becomes very stressful...

  3. Everyone needs a "RETREAT" once in a while. Periodic temporary withdrawals from the hurly burly and over-exposure to acrimony refresh the Spirit, restore the Soul, renew the Mind, and heal the Body.

    Enjoyment of good books, good music, good food, good company, the beauties of Nature, and the delights of hearth and home are better for us than jewels, designer clothes, expensive gadgets, and luxury cruises to nowhere.

    ENJOY your BREAK You certainly deserve it.

    I may soon do the same depending in what comes in over the transom, of course.


  4. Be healthy and well.

    And thanks for the information on the Gathering Storm program. Glad to know it exists, and will be listening.

  5. Darn! The playground is closed!



  6. Ogggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Try some of this?

    1. Good one! My daughter learned it on the ukelele awhile back. She has a beautiful voice, and it is a pleasure to hear her sing and play it.

    2. SF, Tommy plays 300 concerts a year worldwide. If you get the chance it's a fantastic show. tommyemmanual dot com/tours

  7. While I respect your decision, I understand that there is a pressure to post everyday.
    I would rather have a meaningful post less frequently with more discussion.

  8. A Beloved Poet-Friend in a Rare Sunny Summer Mood:

    I taste a Liquor never brewed
    From Tankards scooped in Pearl.
    Not al the Vats upon the Rhine
    Yield such an Alcohol.

    Inebriate of Air am I ––
    And Debauchee of Dew ––
    Reeling through endless summer days
    From Inns of molten blue.

    Not till the Landlord turns the Bee
    Out of the Foxglove's door
    Till Butterflies renounce their Drams
    I shall but drink the more ––

    Till Seraphs swing their snowy Hats ––
    And Saints to Windows run––
    To see the little Tippler
    Leaning against the Sun!

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    Dear, AOW,

    May your time off this summer capture some of the joyful exuberance Emily obviously felt the day she wrote those rapturous lines.

  9. I am occasionally peeking in on the blogs while I'm on hiatus.

    Today, Silverfiddle commented the following over at Western Hero:

    The law is whatever the Emperor says it is.

    Obama and his criminal gang are brazenly breaking the law and laughing about it. This is an extreme category of trolling, and it is driving people crazy, providing even more jolly laughs for Obama and his cronies, their lapdog stenographers in the press, and the Dimbulbocrats who worship him.

    The comments they solicit? There's a special dumpster behind the DHS lunch room...

    Have you ever seen such a lawless and belligerent administration?

    Obama took the Iran agreement to the UN and got Security Council approval on it, essentially rendering Congress impotent and irrelevant.

    I don't know why more Americans are not sickened by what the Chicago Criminal Machine is doing.

    I added the following, which I received via email from a dear friend:

    I have come to realize that what we write is just writing for fun. There is no remuneration. It probably has little impact. We are the peasants beyond the moat. We cannot change what Obama has done nor what he has planned.

    1. "Little impact." That is what kills it for me. Why waste my time preaching to the choir?

      Conservative talk radio, on the heels of Reagan, made us realize conservatives, although diverse, are the majority, and it has converted a few people.

      Social media, including blogging, has reassured millions of us that we are not alone, but it hasn't shifted anything.

      Leftwing progressives are 20-30% of the electorate, depending on how you slice it, but they have the pop culture, media, entertainment industry, government, press and academia with them, so they punch way above their weight.

      Anyway, there are betting things to do than obsess over it. At this point, I visit blogs to vent mostly, and I enjoy kibbutzing with my fellow Right Blogistanis. Beyond that, there isn't much use to the enterprise.

    2. SF,
      There was a time that blogging "made a difference."

      I'm not sure when that changed, but I recognize that it has changed.

      Remember that the blogger The Merry Widow, a fellow blogger, dropped everything in 2010 and headed here all the way from Florida to help me make Mr. AOW's transition from nursing home to home work out. I couldn't have done it without here!

      Beak also came to town a few times and helped us.

      Cyber friends became face-to-face friends.

      Those days seem to have vanished now.

      I still enjoy the camaraderie of Right Blogistanis, so I'm not willing to throw in the towel altogether. So, the scales have fallen from my eyes.

    3. Oh, and Tammy Swofford, too.

      Clicked "Publish" too soon. In a hurry! The grill awaits.

    4. I keep my toe in but that's about all. I just don't have the energy and time to educate the invincibly ignorant.

    5. Warren, please don't give up. Maybe we can't reform the world to suit our ideas of what it ought to be, but we CAN make positive statements supporting what-we-believe-to-be in the best interests of Truth.

      I do think exchanging insults is a waste of time and energy, but making POSITIVE ASSERTIONS on behalf of cherished ideals, appreciation of beauty, the value of faithfulness, loyalty, courage and doing one's duty, and recognition of those relative few who've made worthwhile contributions to Civilization CAN'T be a waste of time.

      Whether others agree or appreciate it or not is NOT the point.

      We must continue to do this for OURSELVES. This may seem odd, but I see it as a form of prayer.

      Take care, and God bless you.

    6. FT, sorry I haven't replied sooner but I hadn't even looked at my Email for a couple of days.

      I don't intend to give up but Due to personal issues, I "literally" don't have the energy or time that I used to have.

      "We must continue to do this for OURSELVES. This may seem odd, but I see it as a form of prayer."

      I don't find that odd at all. For several years I served as a vice-president, and in turn, president of a parish Society of St Vincent de Paul. All of our efforts wee done in the spirit of prayer for the spiritual benefit of the members of our society.

      Thank you for your concern and may Gog bless you also.

    7. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Warren.

      I think I may understand something of your present situation, and why you may be low on energy. God bless you for your steadfast love and faithfulness in a time of great trial.

      I didn't mean to criticize you, but wanted only to show some solidarity.

      What we think, even in little ways, has power. It can either help or hurt, which is why I believe it's important to do our best to maintain a positive, constructive attitude –– especially when things look grim and threatening.

      Take heart with all you must do, and remember "He who endures to the end will find Salvation."

      Nice to hear from you!

  10. I and others learn too much here for it to be in vain.

    1. Ed,
      I will be back blogging no later than the first week of August. God willing.

    2. And Finntann continues to blog away at Western Hero, God bless him.

  11. Rest up, friend. Hope to see you back soon.

    1. Cube,
      I posted today. Scroll up and/or refresh the page.

      I'm back on a limited basis.


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