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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Special thanks to Warren, who did all the work to get this site up and running.

My previous sites, here and here, are still up on the web, but I will not be responding to any comments there as of 10:00 A.M., November 29, 2010.

I've transferred from Always On Watch 2 a few of my recent posts.


  1. HI AOW.
    Fixed the URL in my blogroll.
    Have a great week!

  2. But of course, the question arises - why the move?

  3. Steve,
    I got sick of the Echo comments system. I didn't like the way it worked AND the new pricing.

  4. AOW, I felt the same way about the ECHO commenting system. I terminated it, though it meant losing many great debates, comments and observations from readers.

    I DO NOT recommend the Echo commenting system to anyone!

    Their increase in price from $10 a year to $10 a month was outrageous.

    I updated your link at my site.

  5. Duck,
    Warren deserves all the credit for working on this site all day on Sunday, November 28.

  6. Nice new site!

    Info is updated. I cannot believe that price increase! Highway robbery!

  7. updated already girl..I like this comment field much bettah!

  8. Anything that gets off that Echo.

    I tried to track down a possible add-on to Firefox which made it a real pain to post but couldn't find it. Had to type a message, submit and close the window to avoid multiple posts.

    Don't see why one would want to use it.

  9. I'll update my blogroll shortly. Thanks.

  10. Good luck with your new website. I've already updated my blogroll.

  11. It's a fresh look, AOW!

    I guess you've begun the NEW YEAR a bit early--nothing wrong with that!

    My thanks extend to 'Warren' too!

  12. I'm hoping that going back to Blogger comments will be easier for my visitors. The Echo system was a pain to deal with from day one!

  13. Echo is a piece of crap. Will they keep billing you for what's on your old blog? You should get in touch with them and tell them you are no longer using them and then shut down your comments section there if possible. That way if they try to bill you you'll have it on record that you let them know and took steps to disable the system.

    I don't know why anybody would pay ten dollars a year for that piece of crap, they are out of their minds to try to get away with charging ten dollars a year.

  14. Pagan Temple,
    Echo isn't supposed to bill automatically -- according to an email sent out early this year.

    I do plan on contacting Echo to express my displeasure. I was satisfied with Haloscan, and when the switchover came, I had no idea that Echo would take away so many of Haloscan's good qualities.

    I'm not sure how to shut down Echo comments but will look into that matter.

  15. I hated Haloscan, and hated Echo even more.

    Now I feel like I can comment at will again.

    And I will :)

  16. Updated...

    Echo and Haloscan were problems... but to me so is Blogger..
    I switched to WordPress 4 years ago and have never had any problem -- and so much easier to manage my account..
    This commenting is much easier than previously.

    Praying for y'all.

    In Jesus eternally, Jack

  17. Beamish,
    Now I feel like I can comment at will again.

    Yes, yes, yes.

    I knew that Echo was causing people not to comment.

    And what's the point of blogging without discussions?

  18. Jack!
    Good to hear from you again!

    I started with Blogger. Once I got this customized look (courtesy of Warren, I decided that I would put up with Blogger's little quirks.

  19. DUcky "Better?"

    AOW...you're updated on my roll..thanks...I hope the workings of this will be easier for you.
    God bless our WARREN, huh? :-)
    WIthout Elbro, I couldn't run the blog as easy as I do, believe me

  20. Z, you give me way too much credit. You're doing very well and I hardly ever have to help you.

  21. Qué hermoso blog, y qué linda Computadora !!!
    Buena suerte y escribir mucho !...

    La feliz Alejandro

    Mira aquí:-

  22. You are so brave, I would love to go out on my own (no TypePad extension) but I'm to technically challenged.

    I HATE that ECHO or whatever it is commenting system. Several bloggers have it now

    Right Truth

  23. I can't believe people pay for such things...
    Anyways, you're updated...

  24. Elvoisdiablo,
    Good to see you here!

    I should never have signed up for Echo/JS-Kit last year. At the time, I was busy and didn't want to bother Warren, who was also busy.

    Ah, well. We all do stupid things.

  25. Not that I get ANY traffic anymore - with good reason - but I updated you today too.

    Hope all's well.

    God Bless!


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