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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. AOW's New Chair

Note: If you must have politics to discuss, please scroll down.

It's now time to get Mr. AOW out of the hospital bed, which takes up a lot of space in our living room. Furthermore, living in a hospital bed promotes the invalid mentality.

We purchased the chair pictured on the left on Monday, November 22, at "Black Friday" prices. Never have we spent so much on one piece of furniture!
In fact, the bargain-price cost of this chair, $1520 (not including tax, delivery, and fabric protection) surpasses the combined cost of all previous furniture! Note: We have rarely bought new furniture in our nearly four decades of marriage as I inherited a lot of antiques from previous generations.

The model we chose comes with both heat and massage.

Read more about our new chair HERE.

We did have a recliner that we purchased on the cheap a few years ago. But it once trapped Mr. AOW to the point that we had to break the chair to get him out of it. The front panel of the chair collapsed, and the handle for raising the foot rest broke off. I used the decrepit chair, with a set of vice grips as the handle, until the new one arrived. And, of course, we dared not ever let Mr. AOW get into that old recliner again!

Unfortunately, Mr. AOW's complete enjoyment of his new chair has been curtailed a bit as he came down with the cold from hell the day after the chair arrived. **sigh**


  1. Ultimately, it IS a bargain, AOW.

    Mr. AOW will now be able to shed himself of 'patient' status, and will continue to progress (I pray!).

    Two antidotes for the cold from hell: Homemade chicken soup and rest, lots of rest. Oh, and don't forget the Vitamin C and lots of liquids!

  2. RP Free Speech.
    I've now come down with the same cold from hell. **sigh**

    We've had a couple of bad moments with the chair in that Mr. AOW slumped down too far and needed assistance to get up. Of course, his feeling so ill doesn't help!

    Once I get rid of this hospital bed, I may well go out and buy another piece of Lazyboy furniture -- for myself! I might get a love seat/sleeper. Always good to have extra places for guests!

  3. That looks like a great piece of furniture! Mr. AOW's continued recovery is in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you feel better also. Emergen-C works real well for boosting the system. Zinc also helps for reducing the effects of a cold.

  4. Teresa,
    Thank you.

    I recognized my symptoms early and dosed myself on egg nog with brandy and Zyrtek. Because of my tendency to high blood pressure, my family doc advises me to take Zyrtek -- even for a cold.

    And this morning, I'm having hot tea with lemon and honey.

    I have lecture to give today on Crime and Punishment and have my horehound drops in my purse. I find horehound candy to be a good palliative.

  5. That's a nice chair. I hope Mr. AOW enjoys it for a long time.

  6. So glad the hospital bed is out-- that must be so nice! And I hope he enjoys the new chair.

  7. I hope you are feeling better, AOW, and it must be a huge mental relief to get that hospital bed out of your home!

    Those chairs really are quite nice. I hope it works out well for Mr. AOW. :)

  8. Brooke,
    My cold is worse as of this afternoon.

    I'm heading to bed to get some extra shut eye.

  9. With both Mr. AOW and I having this nasty head cold, we're going to hang onto the hospital bed for a while.

    I'll just have to "dress it up" as a sofa for Christmas. **sigh**

  10. Oh, too bad. :(

    Connor has generously brought home from school a cold virus. Sometimes, I wish he wouldn't share. ;)

  11. Now that's a handsome chair! Hope all goes well with the transition. It has to make one feel more "human" to be out of a bed & in real furniture!

    I agree w/ the others, take good care of yourself & get rest, rest, more rest...

  12. That's an expensive chair.

    Speaking of furniture costs, someone in the states mentioned to me that they had to wait a month or two for delivery of furniture. Apparently this is because they have to go and make the stuff that's been ordered and this is all due to a tax courtesy of president obongo on stuff sitting around in warehouses.

    Is that for real?

  13. MK,
    I don't know the answer to your question. The chair we got was in stock, so we didn't have to wait long for delivery.

  14. MK~ I don't know about the tax you're referring to...However, my husband is a furniture sales rep. (contract stuff - large orders for universities, not residential). Any time he does special orders (they don't hold "stock") - even if it's made in US, it takes 6-8 weeks. That's just a given, b/c each piece is built to specs. Hope this helps!

  15. The chair will be well worth the price in the long run. He will feel more like a normal healthy person. Oh dear, a nasty cold on top of everything else. I have been so blessed this season not having colds. (thank God)

    Right Truth

  16. Oooooooo, that looks REALLY nice! If my Dad had been able to live longer I would LOVE to have gotten that for him! It looks VERY comfortable and convenient, as well!

    I'd suggest it's a GREAT purchase!