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Monday, February 6, 2023

Canceling The Word "The"!

Theatre of the Absurd
...The plays focus largely on ideas of existentialism and express what happens when human existence lacks meaning or purpose and communication breaks down. The structure of the plays is typically a round shape, with the finishing point the same as the starting point. Logical construction and argument give way to irrational and illogical speech and to the ultimate conclusion—silence....
Please enjoy the satiric video below:

If space aliens are watching us from above, they must be laughing themselves silly at the Third Planet's "Wokeness."


  1. Gosh, if these people are so sensitive about the indiscriminate use of pronouns and the word “the,” just think how sensitive they might be after someone shoved a bayonet up their arse. Although, in all honesty, I can understand why someone could be upset by the use of the phrase ‘the French.’

  2. From a comment I made at Silverfiddles...

    Political Correctness (PC) is (essentially) an artificial communications algorithm that generates liberal progressive JARGON. It's not even an "ideology", for an ideology would require thinking/ thought.

    You'll notice that the AP "algorithm" caught the Tweeter's use of the combined phrase "the French". This is a "jargon algorithm" being used to catch and correct liberal/pc jargon.

    more from SF's:

    Instead of talking of an "ideology", which again reflects the notions in coupling with thinking, ChatGPT (and liberals like Les) reproduces jargon, including the jargon of authenticity as we saw at the beginning, and importantly the jargon of liberalism or tolerance as we (also) saw at the beginning, through data processing. So through language, both "thinking" in the form of ideology, and "algorithms" in the form of reproducing jargon, provide Society precisely with that kind of jargon, which by the way is useful for society because it provides orientation, It provides, so to speak, commonly understood content. Language is by its nature highly jargon driven, and both intelligent and artificial communication reproduce such jargon or, as it used to be called with reference to intelligent rather than artificial communication, "ideology". - Hans-Georg Moeller

    Only, this kind of PC jargon correction shows that it is not doing what it's supposed to, "provide Society precisely with that kind of jargon, which by the way is useful for society because it provides orientation," The algorithm's orientation it provides is only "useful" to multicultural-capitalism and serves to "disorient" its' consumer-public from their own/ proper culture in the name of the "tolerance" necessary for multicultural capitalism to survive.

  3. His argument that precluding "the" is a liberal policy against making people members of a group rather than individuals is directly contrary to the Democrat platform of "identity politics." Democrats are not, of course, liberals, but they pretend to be on that side.

    1. I'm sure that they'll make an unwritten rule that allows them to use the "the" when referring to "the group" (identity or not) "affirmatively"...for such is the "essence" of liberalism's multicultural intolerant tolerance.

    2. aka -"Speak no evil". Part of the liberal/ progress triad.

      Come to think of it, as an "unwritten rule" references to any group opposed to liberalism will likely be allowed to escape usage/application of the rule as well. The rule will be a kind of "i before e except after c" (with specific exceptions) :(

  4. ...for the same reason people aren't allowed to speak about the real reason behind the high black crime rate"... it reflects badly upon Democrats politically and many members of the black community, personally.

  5. So "PEOPLE with mental illnesses is okay"..good , it applies to those who make up these idiot rules. Plus, I like that, in five years, they'll be hollering that we shouldn't use "PEOPLE" because that's so limiting!! INSANE

    1. Z,
      So "PEOPLE with mental illnesses is okay"..good , it applies to those who make up these idiot rules.

      Hahaha! Well said, my friend!

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