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Sunday, January 24, 2021

You Are Here

Silverfiddle Rant!
I'm not a conservative anymore, nor am I a liberal.  These words are meaningless now, they are used only for tribal identity, and I'm done with tribes.

Donald Trump was a threat to the Establishment, so they spied on him and sabotaged him.  Props to our always-honest friend Jez for stating the obvious:

"Looks like intelligence agencies were monitoring the Trump '16 campaign, and continued to cast a weather eye on him thereafter. I don't have a problem with that, merely winning an election is no guarantee that you're not a criminal."

You and What Army?

Trump did himself no favors.  He kicked in the door to the clubhouse of the dirtiest, nastiest most dangerous gang in the world and announced he was going to kick everybody's ass, but he didn't have the tough people behind him to make it happen.  Also, he set himself on fire daily and routinely shipped truckloads of ammo to people wanting to destroy him.  

Team Trump was full of outsiders and that made them a danger to institutions and special interests, if not to the US itself thanks to their having no experience steering the ship of state through very dangerous waters.  I'm sure that's how the saboteurs, ratfinks, bedbugs and moles justified their actions.

Challenging China was itself enough to rally his enemies.  Too many people and businesses make too many billions selling out our nation and our workers to China. There is an interlocking global cartel of billionaires, powerful people, governments and bureaucrats, and their one focus is protecting the franchise.  The US citizens in that cartel don't give a shit about Democrat or Republican.  They don't give a shit about the United States of America and her people, either, unless it increases their bank accounts or gives them more power over others. 

Global War on MAGA

John Brennan and Stan McChrystal are aiming insurgency and terrorism rhetoric at Trump supporters, and they need to back it down.  Such talk is reckless and irresponsible, and its fueling  even more irresponsible propaganda emanating from Establishment revanchists and their clueless leftwing handmaidens, hoping to drive a new Patriot Act to bring the War on Terror home to the US.  

I understand the old adage that to Hammerin' Stan, every problem looks like an insurgency nail, but for all his and his fellow Establishmentarians' wisdom, Afghanistan is a lost cause and Iraq--instead of being the Germany of the Middle East--barely limps along.  

All Stan and his fellow generals accomplished--at the behest of their Establishment masters--was wrecking nations, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and enflaming even more hatred against the US.  Thanks for all your brilliance, Stan, but please don't bring your shitshow here to America.  

A Time for Choosing

It's time to reject the old order.  The "experts" have brought us nothing but failure.  Winning WW II and  paying off the enormous debt of that war was the Establishment's last achievement.  Government has since developed an auto-immune disorder and is attacking We The People. The Establishment hollowed out American factory towns, selling it all lock, stock and barrel to China, leaving working people with no jobs and destroyed communities, all in the name of GOP "free market capitalism."  

The Establishment starts wars it can't win, or even finish.  We need to stop listening to Democrats and Republicans preaching us into wars, and we need to stop listening to hubristic generals selling us winning strategies that always end up losing. 

Everybody over 50 needs to get the hell out of the way.  I would take Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard over a GOP Establishmentarian any day.  So, my penultimate piece of advice is to throw your support behind whoever vows--Trump-like--to dismantle the DC Criminal Cartel but--unlike Trump--actually has the rhetorical skills and a top-notch team of smart bureaucratic infighters to get it done.  No more marginal revolutions.

My final piece of advice?  Pray.

Tune in Tuesday...


  1. Very well stated SF, from the top [where the political labels have absolutely no relationship with their former definitions], down to the bottom, where new ideas and approaches are the only means to save whats left of our Republic [grifter's and charlatans need not apply].

    Our foreign policy is a shitshow. In Yemen, Huthi's are now an FTO. Why? We're only still in Iraq, because we're whoring out our blood and treasure to protect Syrian oil fields....from the Syrians. We may have finally realized that the Taliban aren't the existential threat to the U.S. that 20 years of bi-partisan fearmongering have made them out to be, and we can finally let them duke it out with the corrupt satraps in Kabul.

    A revolution of sorts is exactly what we need....though one based on truths rather than fiction.....and thoughtful reason rather than base, selfish emotion.

    For that, we need a populace who can employ critical thought [much like our Founders]. THERE, we are most certainly lacking.

    1. Thank you. It's helpful to remember that smart people were pointing out back in 2001 that the Taliban were no threat to the US, but all voices of reason (and even unreasoned dissent) were smothered by Bush-Cheney, and the Democrats and the press voices some token pushback, ended up going along for the ride, on the Iraq invasion as well.

      We need fresh thinking.

    2. ...protecting Kurdish oil fields... from the Syrians. Pick a side, CI. We can't continue pretending to be one "everyone's side" forever.

    3. ps - If we are on the Kurd's side, it's time to cut-off Turkey and Iraq.

    4. It's not for me to pick a side. I don't direct national policy.

    5. So who sets it, DoS or the President? And if the DoS disagrees, is it acceptable to form a "Resistance" movement and exercise Lawfare?

    6. Cuz that's exactly what all those Bush-Cheney-Obama Deep State genius' did.

  2. The problem with the boomer presidents is that they're all draft dodgers. I don't blame anyone for that, it's not even a character flaw IMO (my criticism is reserved for the system that enabled privileged classes to dodge so much more easily than the sons of less favoured families). However, it does mean that they all shared a certain naive perspective when it came to warfare. Was just listening to an interview with film director Oliver Stone who enlisted with the army to fight in Vietnam, and he made interesting points about how his experiences in combat had informed his politics.

  3. I agree regarding the perfidy of political parties, but I disagree with the concept of "taking Yang or Gabbard." Undoing where we are will not be done in the voting booth. We are not past that point. We can no longer vote them out. It will be done by "the blood of patriots and tyrants" or it will not be done.

  4. We can not be discouraged, we must fight on and win again. Trump made America great again, and we as conservatives in our own and for our country, we must keep America Great!
    We The People are the ones who make our country what it is. Not those in Washington. Yes, they make policy, but we make then. And we must make them understand that we do not want Obama’s style of “Hope and Change”. Trump represented our hopes and dreams for what our country should be like. That’s why he won in 2016. The “silent” majority must NOT remained silent. So how can you “do your bit” to make this country better? Here are some ways big and small, and by no means is this the only list!

    Stand up for your constitutional rights, whether it be 1st amendment, 2nd amendment or any other amendment that’s important to you!
    Have the courage to find your voice as a conservative and express your opinion,, And don’t let anyone stifle you!

    Let other conservatives know they’re not alone. Whether it be supporting them, online, or in person, we all must support each other, especially those who feel isolated in heavily Left leaning environments where they may be suppressed.
    Don’t stand for anyone suppressing your freedoms. Or attack your values, and freedoms. .. Don’t just turn a blind eye when your neighbor’s business is looted, or if it becomes unsafe for your children to play outside.: Resist. Resist when your safety is at stake.

    Lastly, We will not always get our way. We will have some losses. We certainly did for 8 years of Obama! And yet, we still remained. We persisted. We voted. We elected who we wanted as our leader. We are not snowflakes who crumble and turn into a mess when we lose in a fit or rage or panic. We are balanced people who realize that we’re in it for the long haul, and no one term in office, election or set back defines the conservative movement. We will persist as long as we have passionate people willing to stand up for traditional values, pride in our country and fair and equitable societies. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Conservatism transcends any one individual, any one leader or movement. We cannot sink into the fallacy of believing that conservative ideas and values die or cease to remain important when one person leaves an office or a movement loses some steam. Persistence and perseverance is what will ensure our values are taught and our voices continue to he heard. Although we “lost” last November, it’s actually a win in that it should make us all the more motivated to step up and do the heavy lifting of upholding our great nation and our communities. Note too how close the race was: About half of the country voted Trump! The number is real. . These people are your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers etc… They too are with you, and together, we all can make America what we want, GREAT AGAIN.!

  5. Ducky was always quick to point out the influence of money in our system and Silver, you too brought up its importance as it relates to China.

    But righting that ship will be a monumental task. When someone talks about getting money out of politics, that is typically understood as limiting the abilities of campaigns and politicians to access and spend money for their elections.

    But I think the issue runs deeper than that,

    How do we for instance, limit the influence of corporate monopolies and everyday publically held businesses that people of all stripes claim to hate when everyone is so personally invested in those companies through their 401Ks, IRA, personal investments, etc?

    I'm thinking of the current punching bags like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. But let's be honest... it includes Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Macy's, Carl's Jr and the Krogers of the world too.

    It seems to me if we were to graph our struggles with DC and where we find ourselves, they just might run parallel to the ability of America to invest in business. Businesses that have a fiduciary responsibility not to the public good, but rather to stock holders who demand ever rising profits.

    Think about... Joe Sixpack working a union job in Philly has a portfolio that includes a National Department Store chain. He goes there to buy clothes with his wife and there are never enough salespeople around and the merchandise comes mostly from China. So he bitches and complains. Until his statement comes in at the end of the quarter and he sees his dividend and increase in his pocketbook.

    Because of those decisions the company made that he hates.

    We can put the best president anyone can name or even a newbie like Yang or Gabbard there if you want. But perhaps it's the system. A system we all condemn, but out of our love of $$$, gladly accept.

    1. To "get the money out of politics" the people who are taking the money will have to vote to ban the money they are taking. Good luck with that.

    2. Jayhawk... while yes, the politicians are part of the problem, the everyday guy who owns stock is too. The power of the dollar is simply to much for most people to forgo so they look the other way on policies that destroy people, the environment and businesses, as long as their personal fortunes grow.

      And that's as much true for Senator Whoever as it is for the guy who lives at 423 Elm Street in any American city.

    3. As Uncle Joe would say, c'mon man. Joe the Plumber selling his stock in General Electric is not going to change the bribery policies of that corporation in the slightest.

      Politicians are the entirety of the problem. If they would stop taking bribes and vote for policies which serve the people who elected them, then how the corporations spent their money would have little or no effect on governance.

    4. Rev, When was the last time a shareholder called a corporation to ask to use their aircraft to fly the family to Aspen. When was the last time a shareholder was invited to speak at a company event and paid thousands for a boring speech. Those things are "legal" but most would regard them as buying influence. Our politicians are for sale every day and the idea of them policing themselves is laughable just like them voting in term limits.


  6. Buyers Remorse.
    Reality can be pretty harsh when it sets in, can’t it?
    Yup—they’re just starting to figure out what us Trump voters were saying this whole time, aren’t they?
    Democratic voters are saying “I always knew that people would regret voting for Biden, I didn’t think it’d be Day One”.

  7. When trump started out he was a breath of fresh air but the problem was the political elite, which includes the press, was very afraid of being exposed as the crooks they are. He exposed pharma and they retaliated by announcing a vaccine four days after the election. Trump had to big an ego to attack from inside instead he attacked from outside and no one is strong enough to go against the media because that is where people get their opinions.

    He was his own downfall and I have no sympathy for his results. Now we have the biden crime family lead by a senile guy who has never done a thing in 45 years except say this is a big Fn deal when his mentor captured our healthcare system which cost everyone and benefited no one.

    All the clamor about how great joey is and what he has accomplished in his first week. If you call giving away billions of taxpayer dollars and receiving not a damn thing in return, he has been successful. Next comes bowing to china, iran, NKO, russia because he wants to look like a good guy.

    BTW, Where's hunter and who is he selling daddy's influence to this week.

  8. The Mental Midget Chris Wallace called Biden’s Inaugural Speech the Greatest that he had ever heard!
    It was SO Great that it put Bill Clinton to Sleep!

  9. We have Republicans crying that Biden won't build a pipeline through America's midwest for Canada to pump the dirtiest most inefficiently refined tar sand oil in the world to a terminal to take whatever doesn't leak and spill all over our farmlands and clean water supplies to a terminal full of ships eager to take it to the worse polluters on the planet in China to be converted into slave-labor produced environmental damage and your next Christmas presents. So Canada can make money.

    America first my whole set of ass cheeks.