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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Happy Birthday, America — Land That I Love!

(with thanks to Warren for sending me the link to this video)

Take time to learn this history lesson for this Independence Day 2020:


  1. [At that time] American patriots preferred to DIE standing up, than TO LIVE on their knees.

    How many American citizens TODAY are capable even of IMAGINING the imperative need to make such a sacrifice for IDEALS, PRINCIPLES and the sense of IDENTITY as a PEOPLE that matter MORE than than anyone's little life with its personal hopes, dreams and desires?

    I believe it was John Adams who said after the constitutional convention convened in 1786, "We have given you a republic –– IF YOU CAN KEEP IT."

    CAN we?

    WILL we?

    I pray that it might still be possible, but given the confused, degenerate mental climate today –– fostered and foisted on us over the past hundred years by Cultural Marxist TERMITES who've busily ERODED the foundations of the brilliant system of governance our Founding Fathers devised –– the answer ALAS! seems highly dubious.

    "Give me liberty or give me death."

    "Live FREE or DIE!"

    Those were not empty words or mere bravado in the eighteenth-century. Why do you suppose they sound fatuous, pretentious, hollow and bombastic to the hardened cynics who mold Popular Opinion today?

    1. Whoever made the comment, it is clear now that we cannot, have not. Almost no one today knows that this nation IS, strike that, WAS a republic.

      I am not flying the flag this weekend. Having gone to sea in warships to defend this nation fifty years ago, I see nothing in its government or its people worthy of celebrating. I certainly would not risk my well being to defend the mess that this nation has become.

    2. Jayhawk,
      I am not flying the flag this weekend.

      I haven't yet reached that point.

    3. Our flag is the symbol of our country. I love my country; I cannot abide its government.

    4. I understand how you feel, Jayhawk, and I fully agree with Mustang, but if we abandon hope, abandon our ideals and principles, and abandon FAITH in Almighty GOD we will have betrayed very things we have loved and lived for.

      This, of course, hands VICTORY to our ENEMIES –– ON A SILVER PLATTER!

      Since we all must die anyway, wouldn't it be better to die SOONER FIGHTING for what we believe in than to SURRENDER VOLUNTARILY in order to live out the remiander of our days in PENAL SErvitUDE to soulless, godless BASTARD enemy?

    5. Mustang,
      Our flag is the symbol of our country. I love my country; I cannot abide its government.

      My view as well.

  2. We Americans could benefit immensely from the great insights and timeless wisdom enshrined in the poetry of the Edwardian Englishman Rudyard Kipling:

    We need, of course, to be able to see patterns, understand figurative language, and draw parallels instead of stupidly trying always to take things literally, which ALAS! seems to be the fashion in this sadly MISeducated day and age.

    Nevertheless, please try, as you read the following to answer this question: "Who are the 'Little Folk' Kipling holds in such low esteem?"

    ________ A Pict Song ________

    Rome never looks where she treads.
    Always her heavy hooves fall,
    On our stomachs, our hearts or our heads;
    And Rome never heeds when we bawl.
    Her sentries pass on — that is all,
    And we gather behind them in hordes,
    And plot to reconquer the Wall,
    With only our tongues for our swords.

    We are the Little Folk — we!
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone and you’ll see
    How we can drag down the State!
    We are the worm in the wood!
    We are the rot at the root!
    We are the taint in the blood!
    We are the thorn in the foot!

    Mistletoe killing an oak —
    Rats gnawing cables in two —
    Moths making holes in a cloak —
    How they must love what they do!
    Yes — and we Little Folk too,
    We are busy as they —
    Working our works out of view —
    Watch, and you’ll see it some day!

    No indeed! We are not strong,
    But we know Peoples that are.
    Yes, and we’ll guide them along,
    To smash and destroy you in War!
    We shall be slaves just the same?
    Yes, we have always been slaves,
    But you — you will die of the shame,
    And then we shall dance on your graves!

    We are the Little Folk — we!
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone and you’ll see
    How we can drag down the State!
    We are the worm in the wood!
    We are the rot at the root!
    We are the taint in the blood!
    We are the thorn in the foot!

    ~ Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

    1. Franco,
      I find that poem interesting but flawed.

      The United States has not been a conqueror like that of Rome.

    2. I don't believe Kipling was writing about "Rome" per se at all. I believe he was using what happened to that once-great phenomenon as a SYMBOL for the destructive, self-dfeating aspects of Human Nature that always seem eventually to come to the fore and ruin much of whatever good has been accomplished by turning against it, instead of building on it.

      I asked what readers thoght Kipling meant by "The Little Folk?"

      I can assure you he wasn't referring to dwarfs and midgets or any sort of PHYSICAL stature.

      Jez one claimed the poem was about the unhappy relationship Britain had with a tribal minority called The Picts.

      Again, I beieve Kipling was only using the Picts as a SYMBOL of something much larger and more significant about ALL of mankind.

    3. Franco,

      In any case, the Picts were notorious fighters and would not submit to the Romans.

    4. And barbarians, which is also human nature under most veneers.

    5. I STILL would like to know what YOU –– or ANYONE here present –– thinks Kipling meant when he referred repeatedly to "The LITTLE FOLK?"

      It's crucial to an nderstanding of the poem.

      It's NOT about ROME, and it's NOT about PICTS, but something much broader and more consequential.

    6. Franco,
      The "counter-revolutionists" --that is, those who despise or are excluded from a nation's culture. Others might refer to them as the parasites.

    7. Aristocratic Alexander Hamilton referred to them as "The Vulgar Populace." He clearly didn't trust the masses of uneducated, illiterate, low class, ill-bred "peasants" to make crucial public policy decisions for themselves.

      Frankly I tend to agree with him.

      The Constitution, as originally written, was much farther removed from Direct Democracy that subsquent amendments later allowed.

      Andrew Jackson was our first president drawn from decidedly "common" stock. The vision of the Founding Fathers began to fade in the Jacksonisn era. By the time Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated the concept of federalism and sovereign states with specific inviolable rights was pretty much destroyed.

      In truth America, as founded, has been disintegrating and going downhill ever since th Civil War.

    8. I ask this question as humbly as possible, my history has more holes in it than substance especially the 18th and 19th centuries (I can bluff my way through English history reasonably well prior to *our* civil war), but what was so great about America in 1860?

    9. To Jez:

      A [very] short answer:

      Please read Democracy in America by Alxeis de Tocqueville. That might be a good place to start. Then, get back to me.

  3. Big problem with that narrative. The narrator does not know what he is talking about. He refers to the "colonies" and the purpose of the fighting was so that "the colonies would no longer be under British rule."

    Problem with that is that the Star Spangled Banner was written during the War of 1812. The "colonies" were actually the United States of America and had mot been under British rule for several decades.

    1. Most of us were never taught that, Jayhawk. Good on you for historical accuracy, BUT in the War of 1812 weren't the British trying to RECLAIM their former dominance?

      If so, the SPIRIT of the narrator's rhetoric is exactly right, even if it does bely the actual facts of our "legal status" at the time.

      By the way, unless my ears have deceived me, the narrator for all his excellent points about the nature of Courage and Patriotism did not give Fort McHenry its proper name. I think he called it Fort Henry. (:-o

      So, perhaps that does call into questiin the accuracy of his impassiined remarks, but what he said does, indeed, make a good story at the very least.

      Frankly, I am of the opinion that our blighted, benighted society is much in need of a good, heavy dose of PRO-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA.

      We've certainly been subjected to more-than-enough of its polar opposite for many decades –– most of my adult life in tact.

      You said you were seventy-SIX. Well, I'm seventy-NINE, so we've both experienced the depressing spectale of watching the good Old USA being constantly ERODED from beneath our feet for six full decades.

      Let's not give up, give in or capitulate to any of it. It's better to DIE FIGHTING –– even in VAIN –– than to end up moldering away in some state-run nursing facility being wheeled around by indifferent pesonnel who'd treat you like a THING instead of a person.

    2. Jayhawk & Franco,
      This information was posted at the video:

      I was asked by someone to put a video together for this audio and upload it, so here it is. I was never expecting it to get so many views.

      Yes I'm aware some info is sketchy and wording isn't exactly right. Please stop sending complaints. Like I said before, I'm doing a favor for someone here. You can look up the accurate story if want the precise info.

      Here's a link to one of many sources for info on the true story: https://tinyurl.com/yb6laets

      Hope you enjoy the message of this video though. God Bless America

      P.S: Really sorry about the typos in the anthem

    3. Franco,
      I am of the opinion that our blighted, benighted society is much in need of a good, heavy dose of PRO-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA.

      We've certainly been subjected to more-than-enough of its polar opposite for many decades –– most of my adult life in tact.


    4. "... in the War of 1812 weren't the British trying to RECLAIM their former dominance?"

      They had no such ambition. In fact, we declared war on them first, because they were stopping our ships to search them for sailors who may have deserted from their navy. That was, at least the primary declared cause. There were others.

      I am constantly surprised and saddened that so many people today involve themselves heavily in politics and yet know very little of the actual history of this nation and how its governance evolved.

    5. Perhaps so, our educational system has been failing us for many decades, but I stoutly maintain that IDEAS are more important than FACTS.

      Einstein said the same thing in these words:

      "IMAGINATION is more important than KNOWLEDGE."

      Knowledge may be power, but not in a place where people are ill-equipped to appreciateits value.

  4. _____________ DEFINING the ENEMY ______________


    When we insult, deride, hector, badger, lampoon and defame The Enemy, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal we can muster.

    HOWEVER, when The ENEMY attempts to insult, bully, badger or LIE about US, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal we can muster. };^)>

    The Enemy is either The Great Deceiver, Himself, or One of his Ardent Disciples. Therefore, The Enemy deserves NO Consideration, and must be shown NO Indulgence, given NO Quarter, NO Mercy, and NO Tolerance, WHATSOEVER.

    Never –– EVER –– forget what The Enemy did to Czar Nicholas and His family in the basement of "The House of Special Purpose."

    The ENEMY still eagerly makes EXCUSES for the Savage Bolshevik Beasts and now for ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER and all marauding CRIMINAL elements.

    The ENEMY is The BEAST –– the Servant, the Handmaiden, the Henchman, the Toady, the SLAVE and ARSEKISSER to everything VILE.

    The Enemy is AWAYS on the attack –– no matter what.

    The Enemy NEVER approves, affirms, finds Satisfaction, or takes Delight in ANYTHING.

    The Enemy never Laughs, because “IT” is incapable of appreciating the HUMOROUS side of life.

    The Enemy can only MOCK, SCORN, JEER, DERIDE, COMPLAIN and ACCUSE.

    The Enemy cannot be treated diplomatically; "IT" must be DESTROYED.
 If not, it is certain to destroy "US."

    [Just be sure you identify "IT" correctly, and know who "IT" is before you start pumping bullets into "IT."] };^]>

    The ENEMY is ever the one to sneer the loudest at every opportunity to denounce, magnify, distort, and condemn even the slightest flaw in OTHERS. Its high and mighty insolence and perpetually sneering, condescending posture betrays a pathological penchant for placing its imaginarily august SELF high above US "The Common Crowd," doesn't it?

    The Enemy's Sado-masochistic relationship with the rest of humanity reveals him to be a pathetic, very LITTLE person. Most Scoffers, Scorners, Debunkers, Deriders, Contrarians, Refutationists and other Devotees of Negativism are.

    People of this despicable ilk should be welcome to our PITY, but should never hope to win our RESPECT.

  5. ____ The Fourth of July ____

    Bashing the Navy blue of sky
    ___ fierce color whirls and thrusts itself
    ______ in senseless patterns!
    Loud noises crack and shrill
    ___ in mockery of cannon shot.
    ___ the “Little Folk”sit and stare
    Forgetting each other
    ___ in vapid contentment.

    Sedentary buttocks spread and sag
    ___ in canvas deck chairs.
    Ice cream-sticky,
    ___ chocolate-covered children
    ______ gape and giggle ––
    _________ whine and whimper.

    Rolled in a rough blanket
    ___ adolescent lovers
    ______ mockingly tempt fate,
    And cling to the destruction
    ___ of their sweetness.

    CRACK! and the sky fills
    ___ with cruel white light.
    Now, God can see
    ___ each family group
    ______ spread in shabby rows
    Neatly spelling out “DEATH,”
    punctuated with beer cans.

    The flag has now flown
    ___ and dropped its burning stars
    ______ one by one to the ground.
    No one listens as the band plays
    ___ the national anthem ––
    ______ out of tune.

    ~ Al Terego

    1. The United States is not perfect and does not have a spotless history.


      It is still the City on the Hill.

    2. Maybe, but what good is that, if the CITY is engulfed in FLAMES set by illegal insurgent, Communist MOBS whom the CITY refused to neutralize before they became a grave danger to all the DECENT citizens of the republic?


    National Parks Are Latest Target of Systemic Racism Claim in America

    Breitbart Politics

    by Penny Starr

    Elements of the left are claiming now that America’s national parks are built on systemic racism.

    “The outdoors and public lands suffer from the same systemic racism that the rest of our society does,” Joel Pannell, associate director of the Sierra Club, said in an ABC report, titled “America’s Great White Outdoors.”

    The report called the parks “stubborn bastions of self-segregation.”

    “If we don’t address this, and we don’t see how all these things are interrelated, then we’re going to risk losing everything,” Pannell said.

    “You’re not going to have public lands to enjoy.”The report is part of a wave of sometimes violent protests taking place across the nation after . . .




    1. Franco,
      I fully expect Mount Rushmore to be defaced or destroyed completely. **sigh**

  7. It’s all starting to add up....talking of getting rid of the police? Smells like New World Order is in the works.
    Here's the TRUTH of what's happening in the world!!!! Create a VIRUS to scare people. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline. Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in.
    THEN... ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in Antifa to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Loot. Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. We are all being baited by adversarial governments who want to destroy America - China, Iran, Russia. And, in an election year, have Democrats blame all of it on the President.
    Can’t take America in a war, destroy it from within.
    We are being conditioned, manipulated, and programmed by multiple agendas as never before.....time to DO OUR OWN RESEARCH and MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS rather than eating everything being spoon-fed to us! SOCIAL MEDIA is going to kill us!
    And STOP BLAMING Jews, and The Irish, and the Spanish, the Chinese, Japanese, etc like Franco does!

    1. I agree with nearly everything you wrote, –– except for your ill-founded, irresponsible, inaccurate and frankly stupid crack at me.

      One of AOW's mottoes "The TRUTH is NOT HATE SPEECH" I firmly believe, and have no fear of acting accordingly.

      YOU, apparently, have swallowed the anti-American, UNCONSTITUTIONAL absurdity of Poitical Correcteness which gave rise to anti-Hate Speech laws, which SHOULD by all that's holy be declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a RESPONSIBLE, apolitical Supreme Court –– something we,Alas! do not have.

      It's perfectly permissibe to LIE, but when opacity, mendacity, stupidity and ill will are directed specifically at ME, you can be sure i will NOT take CRAP like that LYING DOWN.

      PS: In case you havn't figured it out yet I never have, and never will be, out to try to win any POPULARITY CONTESTS. At nearly eighty years of age, I'm too damned OLD to bother playing games with knaves and nitwits.

    2. Franco, get a load of this: Copenhagen's Little Mermaid labelled "racist fish"!


      COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark woke up on Friday to the words “racist fish” scrawled across the base of the “Little Mermaid”, the bronze statue honouring Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale that perches on a rock in the sea off a pier in Copenhagen.

      Police said it had not yet identified the perpetrators. The 107-year-old sculpture, which is visited by one million tourists each year, has been vandalised before, including by anti-whaling campaigners and pro-democracy activists, twice suffering decapitation....

      Barbarians everywhere!

    3. This is the result of our foolishly trying to "UNDERSAND" Marxism, and therefore TOLERATE it.

      To parody Alexander Pope:

      Marx is a creature of such fearful mien
      As to be hated needs to be seen.
      Yet seen too oft, –– familiar with his face ––
      First we endure, –– then pity, –– then embrace.

      Pope was writing about VICE not Marx, of course, but the underlying meaning is the same.

      We must learn to divine PRINCIPLES from what we read, instead of skimming along merrily content to find something to dislike instead of searching for the broad IMPLICATIONS present –– but not spelt out –– in most works of literary art.

  8. I just came across this piece of News!
    The NFL plans to play Black the
    national anthem ( I didn’t even know there was such a thing) before Week 1 at all the games!
    Good Bye to the NFL on my house!

    1. No sport left untouched by this nonsense.... Nascar was the last bastion of non-political nonsense but that didn't last,..... Have a wonderful Independence day AOW...

    2. What the hell is the Black National Anthem???

    3. It's regarded by blacks and their more vocal advocates as The Negro National Anthem

      Lift Every Voice and Sing

      WIKIPEDIA calls it "a 1900 song written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson and set to music by his brother Rosamond Johnson"

      Here's a link to a performance:


      As a church orgnist I was called upon numerous times to play the accompaniment for black cingregations and in the churches I served.

      We were encouraged by many pastors to do this to show empathy for and solidarity with the Negro Community in places i served. in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic regions.

      FYI: I diDn't learn of the EXISTENCE Lift Every voice and Sing till the 1980's, since it had never been part of the musical tradition of the mainstream Churches I served for over forty years until The Church started to preach "The Social Gospel," in the late SICK-sties, and thus became politically active.

      Often in my experience sermins tended o b more and more about Race Reations, Social Problems, and America's (destructive) Role in World Affairs.

      Sadly, we heard less and less about Jesus as we were fed more and more pleftist political political AGITPROP too much of the time –– the kind of crap we get from poor Dave Miller all the time.

    4. NASCAR never appealed to me as I’m not interested in a bunch of stupid cars going around in circles in high speed.I never liked that "sport" In fact I would even say that I hated the sport. However, with their recent blunders centering around a noose hoax, they are dead to me. Speaking of dying sports. the NFL is really stepping in it with their recent actions. I have no problem with “Lift Every Voice and Sing” but it is not the US’s National Anthem! Only the Star Spangled Banner should be played (or in the case of the 3 other major sports, the Canadian National Anthem “Oh Canada” should be played if a Canadian team is involved).

    5. The NFL is not the United States. It is a corporate entity. They can play "Tiptoe through the Tulips" for all I care.


      “Black National Anthem” to be Sung at NFL Games This Year — Was Written by Black Republican Who Denounced Democrats for Lynching Blacks

      James Weldon Johnson was an American civil rights activist, school principal and writer. According to Grand Ole Partisan, in 1900, he wrote the poem Lift Up Your Voice and Sing . . .

    7. The words to the poem. Note the last verse, and I wonder how many know it (as opposed to the more "militant" first verse):

      God of our weary years,
      God of our silent tears,
      Thou who hast brought us thus far on the way;
      Thou who hast by Thy might,
      Led us into the light,
      Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
      Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
      Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;
      Shadowed beneath Thy hand,
      May we forever stand,
      True to our God,
      True to our native land

    8. I'm glad you are wi]lling to familiarize yourself with the text, AOW. Everyone is so quick to deride and reject anything they are not already familiar with these days before they know anything about it.

      James Weldon Johnson's poem is a fine exmple of hortatory verse well worth considering.

      I don't believe he or the original publishers from 1900 ever calld it "THE NEGRO NATIONAL ANTHEM."

      That appellation was probably foisted on the work by members of the majority. Whether out of empathy or derision I don't know.

      At any rate, since African Negroes arrived here under conditions uniquely different from all other groups who came to these shores, and had a more difficult, often crueler and and more humiliating experience than the others who came here by CHOICE, it seems perfectly logical to me that Negroes, who were treated as inferiors –– not much better than CATTLE –– from the word go, would come to regqrd themselves as a separate "nation" WITHIN the confines of the United States, founded by WHITE men as a WHITE, predominantly CHRISTIAN country.

      But that was THEN. It is not true NOW, and those today who wickedly persist on fanning back to life the flames of fires long dead do so CyNIALLY for the SOLE purpose of DeStABILIZING the West in orer to rush in, and take ADVANTAGE of the chaos THEY are busily creating and wrest Power and Control from the LEGITIMATE, duly elected body of government officials.

      so once again the NEGRO Community is being sorry abused and expoited by whites who are using the issues that plague the Black community as a political football. A PRACTICE I, personally, find DISGUSTING and REPREHENSIBLE.

    9. There is no way to fix the past. The best than anyone can do is "go forward from here" (as Warren says).

      I am strongly opposed to a second National Anthem. No more balkanization!

    10. Since it was raised with DEROGATION and not the slightest hint of CUROSITY, I think it only fir hat the COMPLETE text shoul be published here for everyone's due consideration:

      Lift Every Voice and Sing

      Lift every voice and sing,
      Till earth and heaven ring,
      Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
      Let our rejoicing rise
      High as the list'ning skies,
      Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.

      Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
      Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

      Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
      Let us march on till victory is won.


      Stony the road we trod,
      Bitter the chast'ning rod,
      Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
      Yet with a steady beat,
      Have not our weary feet
      Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

      We have come over a way that with tears has been watered.
      We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered,

      Out from the gloomy past,
      Till now we stand at last
      Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.


      God of our weary years,
      God of our silent tears,
      Thou who hast brought us thus far on the way;
      Thou who hast by Thy might,
      Led us into the light,
      Keep us forever in the path, we pray.

      Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
      Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;

      Shadowed beneath Thy hand,
      May we forever stand,
      True to our God,
      True to our native land.

      ~ James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938)

    11. As far as I know, NO ONE has ever seriously suggested tatJohnson's piece should be officilly placed on a equal footing with The Star Spangled Banner.

    12. This is what prompted the discussion here in this thread:

      "Lift Every Voice and Sing" will be played or performed live before every Week 1 NFL game, as the league considers ways to recognize victims of systemic racism.

      The song known as the Black national anthem will play at the start of every season opener game, coming before "The Star Spangled Banner," a source familiar with the league's discussions told NPR....

  9. This 4th of July is kinda like celebrating the birthday of a frail, ancient family patriarch we fear may not be around much longer.

    1. ...and for whom we still have some lingering fondness but no longer any functional respect.

    2. SF,
      This 4th of July is kinda like celebrating the birthday of a frail, ancient family patriarch we fear may not be around much longer.

      That's the way I feel. Nevertheless, I hung our American flag from our porch today.

    3. Gods TRUTH and ages-old, well-articulated, bedrock PRINCIPLES never get "old and frail." unfortunately, those who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining strong resolve and devotion to TRUTH and PRINCIPLE do get tired, lose faith, abandon resolve, and so Great Things are weakened from NEGLECT and DERELICTION of DUTY.

      But the the TRUTH which is GOD, Himself, is ETERNAL, and can never be killed will endure DESPITE the advance of corrosive cynicism, and demonic belligerence.

      After all SATAN who never sleeps, and never admits defeat, is still very much alive. Can't you tell?

  10. Democrats are the true champions of racism. I cannot comprehend why anyone of Japanese Heritage would vote any Democrat when Democrat FDR committed the ultimate act of racism against them in 1942. FDR even stripped them of their citizenship and declared them enemy aliens

  11. Replies
    1. I explained it above, DD. An interesting foornote to history.

    2. Do we now have a white National Anthem and a black National Anthem? Sheesh.

      A nation should have ONE national anthem. Unity!

    3. PLEASE read what I wrote above about Life Every Voice and Sing. And then read the complete text, itself.

      That should dispel a lot of potentially harmful misconceptions.

      Whitman said: "Be CURIOUS, not JUDGMENTAL."

      I feel compelled to add in light of today's supercharged fractious mental climate:

      "Be CURIOUS, not COMBATIVE."

  12. __________ TO INDEPENDENCE __________

    The fountains in the sky in brilliance burst
    Over throngs who thrill as patterns spread
    In radiant arms of glowing hues disbursed
    Natant in the blackness overhead.
    Deafening as any cannonade
    Explosions follow soon the hiss and squeal ––
    Preliminaries to the star brigade
    Erupting floridly, yet quite unreal.
    Naumachia was naught compare to this
    Delirium. Decorum’s cast aside.
    Enraptured like Narcissus we know bliss,
    Non sequitur to what’s seen nationwide.
    Could joy we take in heaven’s fireworks
    Earthbound hold us, while the Devil smirks?

    ~ FreeThinke

    Be STRONG! ...

    Be PROUD! ...

    Be FAITHFUL! ...


  13. Some 4th of July trivia:

    Do You Know The Names For The Different Types Of Fireworks?

    The link has animated graphics which make the verbal content of the essay clear and easy to follow.

    Brief excerpt:

    a crossette is an aerial effect that spits stars outward. These stars travel a short distance before breaking into smaller stars and crisscrossing each other in a gridlike pattern, which resemble little crosses. Crossette is a diminutive form of the French crosse (“crutch, crook, staff”).

    Read the entire essay HERE.


  14. Franco Aragosta said:
    “I explained it above, DD. An interesting foornote to history.”

    I know, I was just being Sarcastic!

  15. Happy Independence Day! And many more!

  16. Happy Independence Day! Aut vincam aut periam.

    1. Health update - I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's.

    2. @ Ducky,

      Dammit. Bad enough for anyone, but for photographers and musicians, that is a particularly mean curse.

      I wish you well, and please keep us updated. Have you investigated Dragon Naturally Speaking or other such voice to text options?

    3. Duck,
      I'm so sorry! I wish you all the best as you battle Parkinson's.

      And please keep in mind what Jayhawk said below:

      Parkinson's is a highly variable disease. Do not let doomsayers lead you down a path of despair.

    4. I'm sorry too, Ducky. Believe me I am!

      I read Jayphawk's encouraging remarks just below, and hope you will avail yourself of the termendous amount of medical expertise concentrated in the Greater Boston area. You probbly couln't be in a better location to cope with a major medical challenge.

      Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP. Keep looking for alternative therapies. Hopefully you will find one tat works well for your particular case.

      I hope Trump' s RIGHT TO TRY executive order will prove beneficial to you.


      "IT AIN'T OVER TILL IT'S OVER." };^)>

  17. @ Ducky
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005. Progression has been very limited, partly due to advances in medications, but partly just by good fortune. Parkinson's is a highly variable disease. Do not let doomsayers lead you down a path of despair.

    Check for the best doctor. Neurology is actually a rather broad field, and it is essential that you be treated by one who specializes in movement disorders.

    As I've mentioned here, I have some trouble typing. My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys, as they don't always go where I aim them. But I focus more on what I can do than on what I can't. I can't move fast, but I can move. Life is a journey - it doesn't matter how soon you get there.

  18. Best to you Ducky and thanks to Jayhawk for such fine advice.

    1. Seconded. Best wishes to Ducky and Jayhawk too.


    _____ FAIL, COLUMBIA _____


Fail, Columbia, crappy land
    Fail, ye zeroes, hellbound band
    Who fought to kill the Founder's Cause
    To hear the Devil's loud applause,
    And when the storm of words was done
    Enjoyed the wreck your efforts won.

    Let sick dependence
    Be your boast
    Ever mindful what you've lost
    Ever scornful you have won the prize:
    Independence vanquished lies.

    Disunited let us be
    Lauding our slavery
    As a band of gangsters joined
    Endless conflict we shall find.

    ~ Joseph Hoaxington



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