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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What "Comrade In Distress" Looks Like

Because a stroke on September 15, 2009, deprived Mr. AOW of the ability to walk any more than a few steps, we have wheelchair ramps at our house: one from the street to the front door and one from the aforementioned ramp to the Little House (Mr. AOW's man cave since 1982).

Graphic by Stogie

We paid not a single dime for these two ramps because Mr. AOW's fellow veterans from the VFW and the American Legion built those ramps according to the guidelines of Comrade in Distress.

Recently, we needed another kind of ramp built so as to access The Red Shed, our big tool shed, which has always needed a ramp so that tool boxes and lawn equipment could be moved from therein. The original ramp, the one that Mr. AOW himself built in 1978, caved in years ago, so I had it replaced about eight years ago. The quality of wood used in that first replacement ramp was poor; as a result, it rotted out and became not only usable but also hazardous — a matter brought to my attention a few weeks ago when our realtor wanted to enter the Red Shed. His foot went right through that rickety ramp!

So, Mr. AOW called his Comrade in Arms Mike S., who came over as soon as the spring monsoons ended.  Mike is a Vietnam War Era veteran.  In other words, not a young man.

And not a rich man, either.  He had a work accident several years ago and broke his back.  As a self-employed person, he was ineligible for workers' compensation.  He manages to get by on Social Security Disability and his savings. He therefore works odd jobs to make ends meet.

Mike worked all day long to replace that Red Shed ramp.  When it came time to settle up that evening, I asked Mike, "How much do I owe you for your labor?"

Mike: Twenty dollars.

Twenty dollars!

This is what Comrade in Distress looks like.

God bless our veterans who help their Comrades in Distress!


  1. A wonderful, heartwarming story!

    Good people helping other good people in need. It doesn't get any better than that.

    "The Lord helps those who help themselves," yes, but I believe He also helps those who willingly and lovingly help each other.

    And isn't that what we're REALLY here for? –– what we're REALLY meant to do?

    I've always thought so.

    Thanks for sharing this uplifting real life story, AOW.

    1. FT,
      I figured that it was time for me to publish something uplifting instead of the usual stitch and bitch.

      I had something else queued up for today, then had time to write this short blog post and published it instead.

      What I had queued up was about the real meaning of "Allahu akbar!" and would really have hit home today -- particularly in light of what just happened in Belgium (emphasis mine):

      A man has shot dead two police officers and a nearby driver in the eastern Belgian city of Li├Ęge.

      The gunman took a female cleaner hostage at a school before being killed by police. Two other police officers were also injured.

      The man's motive is not yet clear but terror prosecutors are looking after the case.

      Police sources quoted in local media said the man was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("God is greatest" in Arabic).

      "There are elements that point in the direction that this is a terrorist act," Eric Van Der Sypt, spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, told the AFP news agency.

      Belgian broadcaster RTBF said the gunman had only been released from prison on Monday. It said that he may have been radicalised while in jail....

    2. I can’t say that I have much sympathy for the Belgians. First, they’ve inflicted a lot of pain on people in the past ... and as they say in some circles, whatever goes around... Second, I lack empathy for any people who sit back and do nothing about the riptide that is Islam; I include the USA and all western nations plagued with political correctness derangement syndrome ... a self-inflicted wound to the soul of man.

      On a happier note, I’m glad to see that the ranks are closing in to help Mr. AOW and yourself. It is a feel good moment.

    3. Thank goodness we don't have a problem with random gun violence in the U.S, right Sam?

    4. Only when lib-tards get their hands on guns, Ducky.

    5. Ain't that the truth.
      Except for all those NRA mass shooters, oops, that's right. There are none.

    6. Yeah Ed, the last mass shooters had their guns returned by their parents after they were confiscated by police or the little dears use daddy's toys which must have been thoroughly secured.

      The point is that by definition mass shootings are done by gun owners. The NRA makes sure the loons have easy access to their toys.

      What's the difference between the Belgian shooter and the loon who recently walked into a restaurant and shot two cops.

      Difference? The latter you simply want to ignore. The former you want to use to feed your bigotry.

    7. lol! If you could select which group had their guns confiscated, NRA members or Democrats, which one would result in the larger number of lives saved?

    8. ps - I suggest you ask the resident of Chicago and Baltimore.

    9. It never ceases to amaze –– and depress –– me to observe the immense Power of Negativity at work. Here we had a beautiful, encouraging, uplifiting real life story –– a Great LIFE LESSON in actuality, and what happens? The merest mention of a depraved, degenerate alternative IMMEDIATELY inspires a BARRAGE of ferocious foul fatuity from the Poor in Spirit and the Merchants of Malice, Malignancy and Mendacity.

      In this way are wars lost, countries impoverished, and people kept face down and pushed ever deeper into the dirt, dung, and gravel.

    10. In other words I'm terribly sorry that AOW in her response to my Paean of Praise chose to tell us of the dismal alternative she HAD planned to post originally, but REJECTED in favor of the story of Blessed Mike and the Rotted Ramp.

      My (always) unasked for advice?

      NEVER give the Enemies of Decency and Freedom a chance to Spew their Venom.

      Or, as Jesus told us:

      "Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

      I imagine that friend Mike needs no further largesse from the government, as Commie Canardo suggests, because Mike must be a man with a clear conscience, and thus well able to sleep
      peacefully at night –– a blessing frequently denied lesser men.

    11. It may have all begun at the invitation of the blog owner, FT ... when she wrote, “What I had queued up was ...” but you are probably right about that: all human conflicts begin with and impoverished countries caused by individuals expressing an opinion. We should probably stop doing that. Or not.

      In other words, what a shame you felt it necessary to criticize the hostess at Always on Watch.

    12. My POINT in making the comment was that I made a CHOICE for the positive.


    13. And MY point was NOT to critiize my friend AOW, but to make note of the unfortunate penchant most blog participants have to IGNORE worthy sentiments, and positive, encouraging evidence, and dwell, instead, on negative, bilious, vituperative feelings and dismal, enervating, depressing thoughts and lamentable events.

      THINK about that.

  2. Let's hope that congress doesn't try to cut disability benefits to finance a tax giveaway to finance the recent round of stock buy backs.

    Mike more than likely deserves an increase in benefits.

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